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Energy Efficiency Rebates

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling for your home and can lead to a lot of energy savings on their own. For a limited time, we’re offering a $150 rebate for a 15 SEER (seasonal efficiency ratio) or $300 rebate for a 16 SEER or higher. And if those two things weren’t good enough, you may qualify for federal tax credits as well. Go to and click “Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency” for details.

Energy Efficient Heat Pump Rebate Guidelines – This form provides an explanation of the criteria that must be met to qualify for the heat pump rebate and the additional information that should be included with the application.

Energy Efficient Heat Pump Rebate Request Form – Use this application form to request a heat pump rebate. Must be submitted within 60 days of unit installation. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing once all forms are received.

LED Lighting Rebate Program

Commercial and Industrial members who upgrade their light bulbs to more energy-efficient bulbs that meet the co-op’s standards will be eligible for “per unit” rebates. The rebate is based on how many watts, or units of energy, are saved with the new bulbs. For each watt saved, EnergyUnited will provide the member a rebate of $0.20. It may seem small but those cents add up. Replacing 20 465-watt bulbs with 20 high-bay fluorescent 221-watt bulbs would save 4,880 watts. That’s a total of $976.00!




Electric vehicles are more than a fad; they’re the future. In fact, many energy experts estimate that EVs will comprise about 35% of all auto sales by 2040, thanks to rapidly improving technology and production methods.

As interest continues to rise among our member base, EnergyUnited has implemented programs to help make the transition toward sustainable transport as smooth as possible.

Co-op members interested in going electric are eligible for our Residential Plug-In Vehicles Charging Station Rebate, which provides $500 to help offset the initial cost of a charging station installation. It’s our gift for helping us protect the environment.

Curious about how switching to an electric vehicle could impact your bottom line and carbon footprint alike?





I am getting a “required field – please enter here” error message.

Please make sure ALL fields are filled in on the form. The form will not submit unless all fields are completed.

Why are the documents I upload not submitting properly?

If your form is not submitting properly due to the documents you have uploaded, try clearing the cache as well as internet browsing history. We also recommend using the Google Chrome web browser.

Can all file types be uploaded?

No, only PDFs can be uploaded via this tool.

Is an inspection required for the heat pump rebate?

Yes, this is a requirement in the state of North Carolina.

Is there a size requirement on the heat pump in order to qualify for the rebate?

Yes, units must be at least 18,000 BTU to qualify.

Please note: The rebate is applicable only when installation of new 240V circuitry is installed by a licensed electrician.

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