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Out of Power? We’ll Text You!

New, fast and convenient way to connect and interact with our members!

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Now it’s faster and easier than ever to receive outage updates from EnergyUnited. We recently launched a new service to help members stay connected and confirm restoration. This program was developed to be another convenient way to communicate with us!

Stay Connected!

When power outages occur, we are committed to keeping you informed throughout the restoration process. We’ll contact you with:

*Outage alerts for your area
*Estimated Restoration Times (ERT) and status updates
*Outage causes
*Notification when power is restored
*Ability to confirm your restoration


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are text outage alerts?

EnergyUnited offers text messaging to help keep members better informed during power outages. These alerts will send you notifications when an outage has occurred, estimated restoration time and when the outage has been restored.

Q. When will I receive a text outage alert?

You will receive a text as soon as your power goes out.

Q. Will I receive a text outage alert every time I lose power?

Not every time. During a large outage event, EnergyUnited will use text message alerts to share general outage information rather than information related to a specific service address.

Q. What information will a text outage alert provide?

The first text will acknowledge that EnergyUnited knows your power is out and/or let you know that a crew has been dispatched. An additional text will provide an ERT. The final text will notify you that your power has been restored.

During a major outage event, EnergyUnited will use text alerts to share general outage information rather than information related to a specific service address. Along with texts, EnergyUnited may share information through phone calls, e-blasts, website, Facebook and Twitter.

Q. How do I sign up for text outage alerts?

Members can enroll in this program via our secure account information portal. Log-in to the account information portal on our home page, and select Sign-Up for Text Outage Alerts menu option.

Q. Can I cancel/stop text outage alerts?

Yes. You can cancel or stop text outage alerts at any time by reply “STOP” to the EnergyUnited outage text. Or, you may un-enroll via the account information portal section of our website.

Q. If I cancel text outage alerts, will this become effective immediately?

Depending on how the cancellation is received, it may take up to 24 hours to become effective.

Q. If I cancel receiving text outage alerts, can I re-enroll in the program?

Yes, to re-enroll it is a two-step process. Step #1-Log into our secure account information portal on our website. Select Sign-Up for Text Outage Alerts from the list of menu options and complete the enrollment form. Step # 2– Text EUALERTS to the short code (81492). When both steps of the process are completed, you will begin to receive text outage alerts.

Q. Can I report an outage to EnergyUnited via a text message?

Not at this time. Currently our text outage notification program is used to send proactive communications out to our members. We hope to offer this functionality in the future. Once it is available, information will be provided on our website.


As always, you can report your outage by contacting us at 1-800-EUNITED (1-800-386-4833) or by reporting the outage via our website or mobile app. If you happen to know the cause of the outage, you can enter that information as well.

If you see evidence of a dangerous or hazardous situation, please immediately contact EnergyUnited at 1-800-522-3793.

Don’t wait. Sign up today! Text Outage Alerts is just another way EnergyUnited is committed to you, our valued member. It’s that easy!



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