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Power Surge

Surge Guard ProtectionProviding peace of mind

Protect your home from power surges

EnergyUnited & TESCO’s Surge Guard Protection is a revolutionary system that offers protection at the meter, preventing external power surges from making their way inside your home and possibly damaging your electrical appliances. There are several types of Surge Guard Protection levels which you can read more about in the FAQ section below.

In the unlikely event that an external power surge damages the Surge Guard Protection system and your electronic appliances, the Surge Guard warranty from the manufacturer covers up to $5,000 per item and up to $50,000 per incident per household.*

Read the Surge Protection Warranty Here

Read the Technical Specifications Here

Read the List of Covered Items Here

Interested? Get in touch for a FREE installation (valued at $115) with a low equipment lease rate of $6.99 per month, added to your monthly electric bill.

Order by phone at 1-800-522-3793.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Type 1 Surge Protection?

The TESCO Surge Guard Protection device is at the forefront of type 1 surge protection technology. Type 1 refers to a surge protection device that is installed on your home’s meter, where 20% of surges occur. It’s the first line of defense, guarding your home from external surges from the grid that can occur as a result of downed lines, line maintenance, lightning strikes and other events that occur outside of your home.

What Are Type 2 and Type 3 Surge Protection?

Type 2 and 3 surge protection devices are for internal protection. While a Type 1 device provides essential protection from external surges, thus serving as a first line of defense, type 2 and 3 surge protection are also highly recommended for your home to safeguard against internal surges. Type 2 devices are installed on your main electrical panel, and type 3 devices include power strips (commonly used for electronics) and hardwired surge receptacles (used for large appliances). Since 80% of surges take place internally, type 2 and 3 safeguards are just as important as type 1 protection.

Why Should I Have a Meter-Based Type 1 Surge Protector Installed?

The absolute best protection for your home is to have all three types of surge safeguards in place. While type 2 and 3 devices can help guard against external surges that make their way into your home, meter-based TESCO Surge Guard Protection helps keep the external voltage from getting inside in the first place.

*Please note that the Surge Guard equipment does not prevent or warranty damages as the result of a direct lightning strike, electric service interruption, or internal power surge.

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