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It is very important to plan before planting trees near utility lines. Tall trees planted near a utility line may fall on the line and cause long-term power outages. Likewise, trees planted underneath utility lines may conduct electricity making them dangerous, and even potentially fatal.

Utility-friendly trees are trees that have a mature height of 20-feet or less. For a starting point of compatible tree species, you can view our tree planting list HERE.


Underground Padmount Transformers may be affected by vegetation that can cause outages, and Energy United requires at least 12-feet of clearance on the front side of transformers and 3-feet on all other sides (for access and ventilation purposes).

This amount of clearance will allow us the opportunity to quickly perform switching during storm events and make necessary repairs in a timely manner to prevent or reduce outage time.

We appreciate your cooperation in supporting our vegetation management plan. By working together, we can help control the cost of your electric service, reduce the possibilities of power interruptions to your neighborhood and still enjoy the positive qualities that shrubs and plants contribute to our daily lives.

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