Renewable Energy

EnergyUnited offers two programs for renewable energy

Would you like to learn more about Renewable Energy? Are you interested in installing your own generation system, but not sure how to start? Many EnergyUnited members have the same questions you do. For this reason, we are pleased to present this page dedicated not only to helping answer your renewable energy questions, but to help you get started on the path to generating your own energy.

EnergyUnited currently offers three options for interconnecting a small renewable energy generation system to our electric system:

1. Purchased Power program (SGPPS)

This is commonly called a Buy-All, Sell-All arrangement. There are two meters: one for your home measuring everything you use, and another measuring everything produced by your generation system. EnergyUnited pays you a wholesale rate for the energy you produce.

2. Net Metering (NM)

A Net Metering system uses only one meter. Your generation system connects into your main electrical panel and you use the energy yourself. Any excess you produce flows back to the EnergyUnited system and is credited to your account.  See the Net Metering rider for further details.

3. Own Use

This option is available only to residential members with generation systems larger than 10 kW.  This option allows you to interconnect a system into your home and use the energy you produce yourself.  You do not receive any credit for excess generation.  Residential systems above 10 kW are not eligible for Net Metering, so this option still allows you to connect and use energy from a generation system.

Use the links below to access a variety of information

  • FAQ – This list of Frequently Asked Questions covers basic information on Renewable Energy as well as details about how your system can connect to EnergyUnited.
  • Interconnection Process – This document outlines the basic steps necessary to connect a generation system to EnergyUnited. This is a must read before beginning a new project.
  • SGPPS Rate Schedule – This is the rate schedule for the Small Generation Purchased Power (Buy-All, Sell-All) Service.
  • Net Metering Rate – This is the rider (in addition to your normal electric rate) for participating in Net Metering.

*Net Metering-Residential
*Net Metering-Commercial
*Avoided Cost Rate

  • Forms and Standards – These are the technical documents and forms necessary to apply for interconnection with EnergyUnited.
  • EnergySage – While EnergyUnited does not install or sell renewable energy systems, EnergySage will get you a quote online from multiple, pre-screened local NC installers and help you compare offers so you get the best deal. It’s free to use and you don’t have to share your phone number.

If you have questions that we were unable to answer here or need additional information, use the contact link to send us a private message.

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