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Peak Time Perks Q&A

What are the requirements for the program?

Must be an active EnergyUnited member with a qualifying controllable thermostat installed, in EnergyUnited’s service area.

What types of thermostats qualify for the program?

Currently only ecobee, Nest or Honeywell thermostat are part of the program.

Manufacturer Device Model #
ecobee ecobee3 EB-STATE3
ecobee ecobee3 lite EB-STATE3LT
ecobee ecobee3 EB-STATE4
ecobee ecobee3 Smart thermostat with Voice Control EB-STATE5
Nest 1st GEN T100577
Nest 2nd GEN T200577
Nest 3rd GEN T3007ES
Nest E T4000ES
Honeywell Home Round® Smart Thermostat RCH9310WF5003/U
Honeywell Home T5+ Smart Thermostat RCHT8612WF2005/U
Honeywell Home T9 Smart Thermostat RCHT9610WFSW2003/U
Honeywell Home WiFi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat RTH6580WF1001/U1
Honeywell Home Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat RTH8580WF1007/W1
Honeywell Home WiFi Smart Color Thermostat RTH9585WF1004/U
Honeywell Home T6 Pro Smart Thermostat TH6220WF2006/U
Honeywell Home T6 Pro Z-Wave Thermostat TH6320ZW2003/U
Honeywell Home VisionPRO® 8000 TH8320R1003/U
Honeywell Home WiFi 9000 Color Touchscreen Thermostat TH9320WF5003/U
Honeywell Home T10 Pro Smart Thermostat THX321WFS2001W/U
How do I sign up?

You can sign up by visiting EnergyUnited’s website at

Member will receive an email saying the application is in the approval process. 48 Business Hours.

Can I receive more than one credit for multiple thermostats, at one location/home?

Yes, you are eligible for a credit for one or more thermostats, on one account. All thermostats must be in EnergyUnited’s service area.

Can I receive more than one credit multiple accounts?

Yes, you are eligible for a credit for one or more accounts.

Will this require approval?

Yes, a Billing Specialist will approve or deny the request, by verifying applicant is an active EnergyUnited member and has a Nest or Honeywell Thermostat in EnergyUnited’s service area.

When will the Peak Time Perks annual bill credit apply to the account?

The annual bill credit will be added to the bill each June.

When EnergyUnited calls a Peak Time event will my thermostat be adjusted to a specific temperature or will it be lowered or raised by a specific number/degree?

Ex: My thermostat is set to 72. Will the temperature be set to 76 or will there be a specific setting, regardless of my current temperature? The thermostat will adjust 4 degrees up during the event with a pre-cooling of 2 degrees before the event.

*Nest devices have independent settings according customers patterns, but we schedule the time.

When we go into a Peak Event the thermostat setting will be adjusted 4 degrees.

Is there a maximum degree you will adjust my thermostat?

Four degrees would be the maximum.

How long will you control my temperature at one time?

An Event could last up to four hours.  Our typical event is between 3 and 4 hours.

Will my temperature adjust back to my preferred temperature after the event ends?

Yes, once the Event ends your thermostat will resume to the normal programming.

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