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It Pays To Be a Member of EnergyUnited. Because EnergyUnited is a not-for-profit utility, when we make money beyond our operating costs, we return that money to our members in the form of “capital credits.” Capital credits are allocated to each member based on how much the individual paid the cooperative during a particular period. The amount of an individual capital credits refund depends on the length of time the member has been served by EnergyUnited and the amount the member has purchased from the cooperative.

In December 2013, EnergyUnited returned more than $3 million in capital credits. Any member that was scheduled to receive a capital credit of $15 or more was sent a check in the mail, but not everyone that was meant to receive a capital credit has claimed or deposited their check. Because the formula for distribution is based on prior years of operation, often customers who are entitled to capital credits have moved and it is difficult to locate them. If the U.S. Postal Service returns a capital check to us, we make every effort to locate the person entitled to the check. Please review the list of unclaimed capital credits here. If you see your name or the names of family, friends or associates, please have them contact EnergyUnited at 800-522-3793.

EnergyUnited, one of America’s most respected utility services companies, is the second largest provider of residential electricity in North Carolina and among the 20 largest electric cooperatives in the United States. Our more than a quarter-million consumers in parts of 19 North Carolina counties are in the fast-growing Piedmont section of North Carolina, including parts of Charlotte, Greensboro and Winston-Salem. Headquartered in Statesville, N.C., with offices in seven cities and towns, EnergyUnited's service area stretches the entire depth of the state, from the Virginia border to Mecklenburg County. To become a member of our growing co-op family, sign up for electric service today. If you’re already a member and have questions about your service, our member guide is a wonderful resource, or contact us today.

EnergyUnited was formed in 1998 when electrical cooperative members overwhelmingly voted to consolidate Crescent and Davidson Electric Membership Corporations. These two established cooperatives served members for 60 years. Because it is a cooperative, EnergyUnited's members own the company, elect its board of directors, and vote on policies at annual meetings. The cooperative is not in business to make a profit, but to provide a needed service at the lowest possible cost to its members.

Electric cooperatives are owned and controlled by the customers they serve. They are formed to provide at-cost, reliable electric service to their members. At EnergyUnited, we are guided by our cooperative principles. Whether it’s providing a speaker for an elementary class safety demonstration, or sending high-schoolers on a week-long trip to Washington, DC, we are committed to the communities we serve.

Our latest news releases, and current annual report, are available for download or viewing. Also, the EnergyUnited Storm Center will let you know of any possible outages that may be affecting you.

EnergyUnited Propane continues to live up to the great service tradition established by EnergyUnited. With its 13 retail outlets, EnergyUnited Propane serves customers in 63 North Carolina counties and 11 counties in South Carolina. Sign up today to become a member of this growing community! EnergyUnited Propane also handles commercial and industrial propane applications.

If you are looking for a fuel that will provide not only immediate heat, but also steady, clean, efficient heat at an affordable price, look no further than propane. Considered a “green” energy source, propane can help homeowners cut emissions and protect the environment, all while enjoying a substantial savings over other fuel sources.

EnergyUnited Propane also handles commercial and industrial propane applications. With the reliability of EnergyUnited Propane’s Gas Service, your business will always have an abundance of energy for heating and functional needs. Many of our commercial clients use propane in much the same way our homeowners do: for heating and cooling air, heating water, cooking, refrigeration, barbecuing, and lighting.

EnergyUnited Propane provides propane appliances such as gas grills and gas logs as well. EnergyUnited Propane is committed to bringing its customers an uninterrupted supply of propane at a competitive price backed by professional, dependable customer service you can depend on, 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.

As an EnergyUnited residential customer, you can have peace of mind with Triple Surge Guard – a three-in-one service designed to protect your home appliances and electronics against high voltage power surges. Keep your home up and running during power outages with our Home Standby Generators.

EnergyUnited Services is here to help your business succeed as well. Whether you need an Emergency Standby Generator to keep your business running at all times, or an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) to protect your equipment from surges, we’re here for you.

As an EnergyUnited business customer you can improve efficiency and strengthen your business with the commercial and industrial services we offer including facility monitoring, bill management, and energy information management, among others.

Through our partnerships with local Chambers and EDCs throughout our region, we can assist in relocating your business to one of the fastest-growing areas of the country. From site analysis to demographics to power generation, we are here to work with you. By assisting in the expansion of existing businesses, and by attracting new ones to our area, EnergyUnited is helping create job opportunities, strengthen the local economy and improve our area’s quality of life. So if you’re looking for a solid partner in economic development, contact EnergyUnited today.

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