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Jul '24
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A Letter from Our CEO

Thomas Golden

We’ve reached the height of summer, and with it have come long days at the pool, family trips to the beach, and any excuse to find a way to cool off. July is statistically the warmest month of the year, with average highs reaching the 90s. With that, we want to remind you of our commitment to cost and energy savings with our Demand Response programs.

Peak Time Perks and Beat the Peak are two programs designed to help you manage your energy usage during peak times, such as scorching summer afternoons. Beat The Peak, a free program, sends you notifications about extreme temperature forecasts, prompting you to adjust your thermostat for energy savings. Peak Time Perks, available to members with a Google Nest, Honeywell Home or Ecobee smart thermostat, allows us to adjust your thermostat during peak times, further optimizing your energy usage. If these programs pique your interest, we invite you to click the link below.

This month, we also celebrate our nation’s founding. Our country is representative of so many values. To me, the ones that always seem the most important are courage, steadfastness, ambition, and a sense of community. We are fortunate to live in a place as free and full of opportunity as we are, thanks to the men and women who help to defend our liberties. I want to extend my deep gratitude to members of the military reading this or family members and friends who have served.

July is always a bit of the calm before the storm as we prepare for the upcoming hurricane season. Rest assured that we work hard to prevent outages and restore power, but in the meantime, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the summer fun and the freedoms that our country allows.

Thomas Golden, CEO

Scam Alert Be sure to Pay Securely

Scammers can trick you into paying your bill through websites or phone numbers that are not associated with EnergyUnited. Please know that EnergyUnited will NEVER text you to send a payment to a phone number or website. The only secure and approved ways to pay your bill are listed below.

1. My EnergyHub: Pay with the app or online at

2. Automatic Bank Draft: Set up an automatic bank draft on My EnergyHub or via the automated phone system.

3. Automated Phone System: Call 833-284-5048.

4. Third Party Pay Centers: Use Western Union or Vanilla Direct at one of our third party pay centers. Note: A barcode will be available on your bill or through the My EnergyHub app with the Pay By Cash option. We will not send you a code via text message.

5. Payment Kiosks or Night Deposit Boxes: Use one of four Payment kiosk locations.

6. U.S. Mail: Mail your payment to P.O. Box 1831 Statesville, NC 28687-1831.

If you’re not sure you are speaking with an EnergyUnited representative, please hang up and call 1-800-522-3793 or visit

Happy Fourth
Of July

July 4th brings up a number of feelings for many different folks, with pride and patriotism at the forefront. But it also calls into reflection those who have fought to defend our freedoms and homeland.

This month we’re asking for our members’ help in highlighting our veterans and those who continue to serve. Whether it’s you or someone close to you in your life, please submit a photograph and a short write-up that we will feature for Veteran’s Day in November.

Please send information no later than August 15 to

EVERY DAY EMPOWERED: Supporting your Energy needs

We pride ourselves on providing safe and reliable energy across our 19 counties, but did you know that we also offer a number of other energy services? Read on to learn more about how EnergyUnited can best support you and your family all year long.

Generator services

We work very hard to ensure you have safe, reliable and quality power without interruption. But whether it’s nature or an accident — there are some things even we can’t prevent.

Our generators help keep you empowered no matter what. It’s a great technology for individuals who may be caring for a family member with medical needs or have a home with young children. If you are interested in purchasing a generator, we encourage you to reach out to our Energy Services team to learn more.
Call 1-800-522-3793.

Surge Guard Protection

Our surge guard services help defend your home and belongings against high-voltage power surges. This revolutionary system offers protection at the meter, preventing external power surges from making their way inside your home and possibly damaging your electrical appliances.

To learn more about generators and surge guards

click here

Homeserve Support

We’ve partnered with HomeServe* to offer members like you optional coverage to help protect against the costs of unexpected home repairs. Homes are meant to be lived in, not worried about. See why more than 4.8 million customers trust HomeServe.

*HomeServe is an independent company separate from EnergyUnited. Visit

Energizing Laurelbrook

EnergyUnited is proud to serve as Your Local Connection to safe, reliable power. We are working with local partners to support the development of Laurelbrook, a large new neighborhood by Prestige Development in Catawba County.

Laurelbrook includes two major phases. The first phase will bring 824 new homes to the community. Later this year, land clearing will begin for the second phase, which will add 920 homes. EnergyUnited has installed 60% of the power lines needed for the first phase.
Laurelbrook will offer many home style choices with some specially designed for seniors. The neighborhood will also offer amenity centers where people can have fun and spend time together.

We are excited to support this new neighborhood. As Your Local Connection, we know how important it is to have safe and reliable power.

We live and work in this area too, so we care about the community. By providing dependable energy, we help neighborhoods grow and thrive. With EnergyUnited, families in Laurelbrook can feel confident that their homes will always have the power they need.


Empowering The Future

EnergyUnited is pleased to announce the 2024 Empowering the Future scholarship winners: Jacob Eroh (Left) of Pine Lake Preparatory and Emma Regan (Right) of Central Davidson High School. Both will receive $5,000 scholarships to cover qualifying educational expenses as they begin college classes this fall.

Congratulations, Jacob and Emma!

to our sports camp winners

Congratulations to Ella Taylor (top) of Tyro Middle School, who will attend the Wolfpack Women’s Basketball Camp at NC State University, and Jackson Ward (bottom) of North Iredell Middle School, who will attend the Carolina Basketball School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, both on full scholarships from EnergyUnited.

Way to go, Ella and Jackson! We hope you have an awesome time!

Updating our fleet

EnergyUnited is committed to educating and serving members as interest in electric vehicles (EVs) continues to grow. As of April 1, 2024, we have added four EVs — three Teslas and one Ford Lightning — to the fleet. This helps us better serve our communities while keeping the environment in mind.
Learn more about our fleet in our Cooperative Responsibility & Sustainability Report (CRSR) by clicking here

Understanding PEak time perks

We are committed to delivering reliable energy services at competitive prices. Peak Time Perks is a fantastic way for smart thermostat owners to manage energy.

How does the Peak Time Perks program manage peak periods?

1. We will send you a notification by email and/or text early in the morning, preparing you for the peak event. These events will typically take place in the afternoon between 2–3 p.m.

2. One hour before the event we will temporarily lower the setting on your thermostat so that you can feel more comfortable during the event.

3. During the event, we will adjust your thermostat no more than four degrees over your usual temperature, saving energy during peak periods. Remember: You always have control of your thermostat, so you can easily adjust the temperature during the event if needed.

If you have a computer you should download anti-malware software to keep you safe from viruses and scammers. Newer versions of Microsoft Windows have one built in called Microsoft Defender, but if you are a Mac or other PC user, you can purchase one on the open market like McAfee or Norton. If you are putting anti-malware on your computer, please make sure it stays updated. You will receive a pop-up alert when it’s time to update that and you should click “yes” (rather than X-ing out of it). Again, it’s worth taking the extra few minutes to update than leave yourself vulnerable to cyber threats.

Interested? Enroll your ecobee, Nest or Honeywell Home smart thermostat

click here

Important rate

This spring, EnergyUnited completed a cost-of-service study to ensure the cooperative’s rates are fair and equitable for all members. Based on the findings from this study, EnergyUnited implemented a revised rate schedule, effective June 1, 2024.

Most of our residential members will notice a $3 increase in the basic facilities charge, and some who have a three-phase service will also see a proportionate percentage increase.

As a not-for-profit electric cooperative, our primary focus is ensuring you have access to safe, reliable and sustainable energy at the lowest possible cost. Every time we increase our costs, we know it impacts our members. We want to assure our members that EnergyUnited only increases costs to what is necessary to run our business. Take a look at the graph on the right to learn more about the rising costs of supplies and equipment from Q1 2020 to Q1 2024.

2024 credentials & ELECTIONS COMMITTEE

Since 1998, EnergyUnited has been owned and governed by members like you. Your vote in the EnergyUnited Board of Directors Election is your voice in the cooperative, a chance to weigh in on leaders who will represent you and your interests.


Kenneth Mason

Pricilla Holmes

Danny Cook


Kenneth Meredith

Jane Everhart

Dan Sexton


Arlene Arciero

Robert Gates

Matthew Stoops

*This list is subject to change.

For the latest copy of this list,

click here

*When the number of nominees does not exceed the number of Directors to be elected from a particular Director District, balloting may be dispensed with in respect to that Director District and the Board of Director’s President shall declare such nominees duly elected.

Advocating for
Your Co-op

As a not-for profit electric cooperative, EnergyUnited advocates for legislation that supports the cooperative’s efforts to deliver safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable power.

America’s Electric Cooperatives PAC allows electric co-ops to financially support federal candidates through personal dollars raised from co-op leaders and consumer-members. The PAC is nonpartisan and supports candidates who understand and support issues important to electric co-ops. This support can help elect candidates who then become policymakers.

By contributing to the PAC, you can help make a difference in shaping the future of America’s electric co-ops and the communities we serve.

Due to these efforts, candidates and elected officials trust us at a time when trust is a scarce commodity. They know electric co-ops are invested and engaged in the communities we serve. Through our continued collective advocacy, our reputation in Washington will be enhanced for years to come.

To donate, click here

Contributions to the NRECA America’s Electric Cooperatives PAC are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. Contributions to America’s Electric Cooperatives PAC are voluntary and will be used for political purposes. You have the right to refuse to contribute without reprisal. Federal law prohibits contributions from foreign nationals who lack permanent resident status. Any contribution guidelines presented are merely suggestions. You are free to contribute more or less than the suggested amounts, or not at all. NRECA will not favor or disadvantage anyone by reason of the amount contributed or a decision not to contribute.

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