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Chris works for EnergyUnited as a Service Desk Analyst. Chris spends much of his day handling the unpredictable nature of this position. He and his team answer all calls that come through to the help desk and helps users with the issues that they encounter during their day. He also gets to prepare end-user and network equipment for EnergyUnited. “I get exposed to a lot of different technologies, it’s so much more than answering phones. I love helping people”, Chris says, “In IT, you really get to learn a lot”, Chris says. “The challenges that present themselves and troubleshooting issues, really makes for an exciting career to be in.” He also thinks EnergyUnited is a great place to work. “The atmosphere, the people, they’re all so easy to work with and everyone is eager to lend a hand whenever you need assistance!” He says, “If you don’t know something, they’ll be glad to teach you. There are so many opportunities to learn here and expand on the knowledge you possess!”


Rob started working for EnergyUnited as a Manager of Infrastructure and Cybersecurity in 2015. Rob begins his morning by checking on help desk tickets and conducting one on one’s with his team while making sure the infrastructure of the company in good working condition. Rob and the Infrastructure team ensure all networks are working as they should, that end-user devices are up and running, problems are addressed in a timely manner and that they are defended against cyber security attacks “every second of every day.” With the way times and technology are changing, Rob is able to work from home as a Hybrid employee working from his home office most of the time and the office on an as-needed basis. “In a technology driven company, we get to incorporate cutting edge technology and that’s really exciting,” he says. “Some really exciting things about working for the EnergyUnited Information Technology department include, working for a Cooperative (It’s a completely different, family-oriented environment), working with Operational Technology, and working with an effective help desk that was made possible by having the right leadership in place.”


Jordan works as an Application Developer Analyst and started with EnergyUnited in January of 2019. For almost three years he’s been a vital part to making things run smoothly in the Information Technology department. Jordan’s mornings start by checking all the systems that the coop has and makes sure that everything is running as it should. “We get to stay busy by moving from project to project, not just trying to fix something that’s broken over and over again, and it’s really refreshing not to be doing that all the time.” Some challenges that Jordan and his team faces every day include gathering the right requirements so they can provide the end-user with exactly what they are needing, pinpointing exactly what is needed from them by aligning themselves with the needs of the business, and working with end-users that have varying degrees of technical aptitude. Jordan says you really need to have the patience to do this kind of work. He really enjoys that the management at EnergyUnited is more hands off and gives you the ability to be self-sufficient and not micromanaged. Jordan enjoys that even while working remotely we have an outlet to communicate virtually with our teammates, called Microsoft Teams, which allows us to ask questions and join in on meetings with the click of a button. With this program, “Collaboration has improved since going to remote work.” Jordan shares that “the Energy industry can be a demanding one at times, but the benefits greatly make up for that!” In Applications, you never know what’s coming down the pipe. New activities are given almost daily that we get to figure out how to do, coming up with some things completely from scratch. He shares what a joy it is to be able to do that! “If you’re the type of person who is inquisitive, this is the place for you, there is no shortage of things you can learn here at EnergyUnited!”

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