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We understand that the financial realities may feel a bit harsher for some than others, and we want to help. We hope that this list of resources can help you and your family through this time. As always, our Member Support Team is available to answer any follow-up questions and concerns you may have.

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Saving Tips

Looking for a few ways to save some money? These small changes can amount to some pretty big savings. Read more about all the shifts you could be making in your life to positively impact your bill.

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Knowledge is Power

Understanding your usage patterns can help you make behavioral changes to cut down on excessive energy consumption. By utilizing the My EnergyHub tool you’ll get a better sense of your energy use.

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Appliance Efficiency

Participation in our rebate program for heat pumps can add up to significant savings. In addition, installing LED bulbs and ensuring new appliances are energy efficient can also save you energy and $.

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Financial Assistance Programs

For those really struggling with bill payments, relief comes in the form of LIEAP and CIP programs. LIEAP (Low-Income Energy Assistance Program) is a federally funded program that provides for a one-time vendor payment (one payment per member) to help eligible households pay their heating bills. CIP (Crisis Intervention Program) helps with both heating and cooling bills. We encourage all feeling the pressure to utilize these programs.

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Nothing represents EnergyUnited’s core value of community commitment more than the members and employees who help serve through the EnergyUnited Foundation. Since its beginning in 1996, the EnergyUnited Foundation has granted over $7.5 million to more than 5,000 individuals, households and nonprofit organizations in need of financial assistance.

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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

For those who have the financial stability to round up their bill, this spare change goes directly to the EnergyUnited Foundation, which helps individuals and nonprofit organizations who may be going through a tough time. The funds collected through Operation Round-Up ultimately help thousands of members in need. Click to participate in Operation Round-Up.

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What is the effective date of the new rates and when will I see this reflected on my bill?

The new rates will be effective January 1, 2023

EnergyUnited's Board of Directors and Executive Staff continuously monitor the financial stability of the organization to determine if or when a rate increase is necessary. To establish the new rate structure, an independent, experienced firm is hired to review and recommend changes to our rates.


What is a Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment?

The Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment, or WPCA is used to adjust the amount charged to members when the price of fuels to generate electricity spike or fall over time. The wholesale cost of electricity greatly impacts the retail price because more than two-thirds of the total cost of electricity to a customer is the cost of electricity purchased at the wholesale level by EnergyUnited. This is a pass-through expense which does not increase EnergyUnited's margin or base electric rates and are determined monthly through information provided us by our power supplier.


What is a Basic Facilities Charge?

The Basic Facilities Charge is used to ensure all operational costs incurred for providing electricity to your homes, are met. These days, every service we use has a monthly charge to cover the cost of providing that service, such as electricity, cell phones, and internet. These fees are a monthly minimum charge. When you need electricity, you only need to turn on the switch and you have lights or push a button on your TV remote and your TV comes on. What you don't see is behind the scenes your local cooperative investing in the equipment, facilities, and people needed to ensure the power is available when you turn on that light or push the button to turn on that TV. The Basic Facilities Charge simply allows the cooperative to recover costs and is not assessed for profit. Our basic facilities charge for members on our Residential Service Rate (R) increased from $40 to $45 per month from 2022 to 2023.


Does everyone pay the same basic facilities charge regardless of their rate?

No. The basic facilities charges and cost per kWh are determined by the service needs of the different rate classifications. In addition to partially covering the cost of maintaining our facilities and operating expenses, the basic facilities charge must cover the cost of any service needs above the standard. For example, the service needs of a residence are much different than the service needs of a commercial account. Therefore, to accommodate the differences in service requirements, the commercial account must pay a higher basic facilities charge. Currently, the residential basic facilities charge of $45 is lower than our larger businesses, who pay considerably more. Learn more about our 2023 RESIDENTIAL RATE SCHEDULE.


Will EnergyUnited make any type of payment arrangements with customers who are unable to pay due to economic situations?

EnergyUnited understands and is sympathetic to the economic strain on our members. For this reason, we have a payment arrangement policy in place in accordance with our Service Rules and Regulations which allows members to request payment extensions once every three months.


What is EnergyUnited doing to keep costs down?

EnergyUnited strives to operate efficiently while adhering to our commitment of providing affordable, high quality and reliable electric service. We continuously evaluate our operations to keep your rates as low as possible by:

  1. Constantly evaluating and managing our power supply contracts. For each dollar collected, 70% goes to the cost of purchasing electricity to meet the needs of our members.
  2. Implementing beneficial technology to help control costs, provide operational efficiencies, and increase reliability such as the outage management system or advanced metering
  3. Competitively bid all contracts to ensure quality service at the best possible price
  4. On-going evaluation of our day-to-day operations for opportunities to improve and gain efficiencies.


Each year capital credits are returned to the members; can EnergyUnited keep those monies instead of increasing rates?

EnergyUnited is a not-for-profit electric cooperative. As such, the not-for-profit nature of the cooperative states that any net profits made by the cooperative must be distributed to the membership in the form of capital credit refunds.


Do you offer special rates for senior citizens or others on a fixed income?

No, in accordance with the basic principle of a cooperative, each member is treated equitably and fairly. Therefore, everyone must pay their fair share so that no rate classification or member classification is subsidizing another.

Although we do not offer a special or discounted rate, we do have the EnergyUnited Foundation which helps those in need within our service area. Through an application and approval process, grants may be used to pay for items such as shelter, bills, emergencies, and other humane needs. In addition, the Foundation offers a Heating Assistance program to help during winter months and an Energy Assistance program to help during the summer months.

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