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Hear from the people behind our power

Wade Mizelle

Wade has worked as a lineworker for EnergyUnited for the past year and a half. He first became interested in this line of work through a family friend, and the rest is history. The benefits of working for a co-op? “The camaraderie, no drama, and family-feel where you really feel like you and your work matters,” states Wade. Mr. Mizelle is proud to work in a role where he can move up the ladder and feel secure in his job’s worth. He explains, “No matter how advanced technology gets, or bustling the cities become, there’s no doubt that my job will always matter—and that feels good.”

Daryl Renegar

Daryl came into this profession out of his love for the great outdoors but perhaps stayed for the adrenaline rush. “The job itself has lived up to the reputation of offering different and exciting things. We go to areas devastated by storms and it’s hugely eye-opening. You see things that really make you appreciate the simplest of joys.” He continues, “The job is exciting since you’re working with and holding high voltage right in your hands. It’s a huge rush, it makes you feel special cause not everyone can do this.” Based on the risk involved, we asked Daryl who he thinks has the more challenging job: a lineman in the NFL or a lineman for EnergyUnited. He chuckles and then answers without hesitation, “We do!”

Andrew Lankford

Andrew has been an EnergyUnited Lineman for nearly six years. During any given workday, he can be found in the field making sure the power stays on throughout our service areas. “I love knowing that I’m one of the many people out here getting the lights back on. It’s gratifying to see how appreciative our members are for our work,” he says. As new linemen join his crew, Andrew also welcomes the opportunity to teach them the ropes as he continues to pick up new tips and tricks from the more seasoned crew. He explains, “You never stop learning. It’s great to work with such an experienced team and I like to pass that knowledge to the younger linemen the way the older crew members helped me. I love my group of guys – we really are like a family.”

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