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Smart Grid for a Brighter Energy Future

July 2021

With a reliability rating of 99%, it’s clear we do a pretty great job of keeping you empowered. But even we can’t prevent many outages caused by Mother Nature. However, we now have the technology to understand exactly where and when a downed line occurs. The result? We are able to restore your power sooner…

Everyday Empowered – People Behind The Power

January 2021

Out of empowered moments, come great memories, and we feel very proud to be a part of them.

Everyday Empowered – Quirky

January 2021

Behind every virtual meeting, email sent, or cup of coffee: there’s us. What can we say? We’re just doing our part to keep your days a little more productive, and a whole lot more empowered.

Learn how EU keeps costs low

January 2021

CFO Alec Natt discusses EnergyUnited’s ongoing efforts to provide safe, reliable power at the lowest possible cost.

What are some of the ways that EnergyUnited is keeping member costs low? We are always challenging ourselves to find the least expensive ways to do things. One of the ways that manifests itself is by having a very lean employee base to minimize operational costs, which in turn keeps member rates low. At the…

People Behind the Power – Sustainability

November 2020

It’s not enough for us to keep Every Day Empowered, in fact, we like to keep the future empowered too. Learn more about our sustainability efforts here.

Strength, Unity & Stability in the Face of a Challenge

April 2020

COVID-19 Update From Our CEO

As our state, nation and world have taken extraordinary measures to stop the COVID-19 pandemic, I am proud of the unity, resolve and strength of the shared response in our community. We are in this together, and by working together we will overcome these challenges and find new ways to take care of each other…

Southern Distilling Company

April 2020

A Spotlight on one of EnergyUnited's Members

Though these are strange times, there are several things we know for certain: that members’ power will stay on, that customers’ propane tanks will stay filled, and that thanks to one of our local energy users, businesses both big and small will have access to hand sanitizer. Meet Southern Distilling Company, a Statesville based liquor…

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