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Capital Credits from EnergyUnited



Because EnergyUnited is a not-for-profit utility, when we make money beyond our operating costs, we return that money to our members in the form of “capital credits.”

Capital credits are allocated to each individual member based on how much the individual paid the cooperative during a particular period. Every member who has an account with EnergyUnited is a member of the cooperative. The amount of an individual capital credits refund depends on the length of time the member has been served by EnergyUnited and the amount the member has purchased from the cooperative.

In December 2021, EnergyUnited returned $3.5 million in capital credits to members who received service in 1991, 2001, 2002, 2008 or 2019. These credits were refunded as bill credits, which expedited the delivery process.

Because the formula for distribution is based on prior years of operation, inactive members who are entitled to capital credits have moved and it is difficult to locate them. If the U.S. Postal Service returns a capital credits check to us, we make every effort to locate the person entitled to the check.

Unclaimed Capital Credits

Please review the latest list of unclaimed capital credits below. If you see your name or the names of family, friends or associates, please have them contact EnergyUnited at 1-800-522-3793. We appreciate your assistance in helping us ensure that everyone receives their capital credit benefit.


EnergyUnited Unclaimed Capital Credits
A L Miller Const, Lexington
AAA Blinds Factory, Statesville
AT&T Wireless, Columbus, OH
ATT Wireless Services, Columbus, OH
Abdian, Charles, Southern Pines
Abernathy, Dan A, Denver
Abernathy, Timothy, Stanley
Absher, Freeman E, North Tazewell, VA
Absher, Regina, Harmony
Ackerman, Margaret L, Belmont
Acuna, Adrian, Charlotte
Adams, David A, Newton
Adams, Dennis L, Statesville
Adams, James W, Denver
Adams, Jewel M, Kernersville
Adams, Mark R, Stony Point
Adams, Rodney D, Clemmons
Adams, Tonia, Lexington
Adkins, Donald E, Wilmington
Adkins, Lester, Taylorsville
Adkins, Ray, Lexington
Adkins, Robert, Colfax
Adkins, Roger Dean, North Augusta, SC
Advantage Components, Hollywood, FL
Agnew, Linda Sloan, Statesville
Aguilar, Yani M, Statesville
Aiken, John R, Sherrills Ford
Akers, Donnie G, Draper, VA
Akers, Emily, Lexington
Albert, Lisa, Mayodan
Alexander, Bruce H, Statesville
Alhum, Charles, North Myrtle Beach, SC
Allen Builders, Advance
Allen, Dewey D, Mocksville
Allen, Jeffrey R, North Wilkesboro
Allen, John, Four Oaks
Allen, Melissa J, Welcome
Allgood, Richard A, Statesville
Allred, Branson, Greensboro
Almond, David, Statesville
Amanda L Peace, High Point
Amos, Betty, Madison
Andaas, Gary, Cornelius
Anderson, Barbara E, Wilkesboro
Anderson, Jimmy Carl, North Wilkesboro
Andrews, Jerrel G, Thomasville
Angell, Phillip M, Harrisburg
Angstman, Curtis, Huntersville
Angulo, Nixon Alejandro, Cornelius
Anthony, E Gene, Blairsville, GA
Anthony, Todd, Cleveland
Anulies, John, Dahlonega, GA
Arcuri, Daniel L, Mooresville
Ares, Kevin M, Gardner, MA
Arkwright, Kelly A, Lexington
Armold, Donald, Denver
Arnold, Cinda K, Mocksville
Arnold, Kellie L, Advance
Arreaga, Miguel A, Statesville
Arrendale Assoc, Cornelius
Arrington, Hannah, Lynchburg, VA
Arwood, Frances B, Raysal, WV
Asher, Tamara J, Statesville
Ashley, Dean S, Statesville
Ashley, Kenneth, Hamptonville
Austin, Eugene R, Troutman
Author Squad LLC, Spartanburg, SC
Auville, Kim A, Troutman
Averett, Katie, Lexington, SC
Avery, Bethany R, Kernersville
Avery, Russell C, Cornelius
Ayers, Charles E, Lexington
Ayers, Shannon, Cornelius
Bacot, Yolanda T, Lexington
Badin Lake General Store, New London
Badin Lake Marina,LLC, New London
Baffa, Winifred S, Leland
Bailey, Charles, Mooresville
Bailey, Robert H, Charlotte
Bailey, Thomas A, Sandy Ridge
Bailey, Vicky, Powhatan, WV
Baity, Shirley G, Advance
Baker, David W, Lexington
Baker, Eric R, Statesville
Baker, Janice T, Lexington
Baker, Larry, Davidson
Baker, Lee W, Hampstead
Baker, Lisa G, Lexington
Baker, Randy R, Lexington
Baker, Tommy A, Taylorsville
Baldwin, Henry W, Harmony
Balkcum, Frank, Harmony
Ballard, Robert S, Lexington
Bangert, Mary K, Troutman
Banks Brown Bldrs, Troutman
Banner Drug, Statesville
Barefoot, Karen, Fort Mill, SC
Barker, Janet R, Statesville
Barker, Lisa A, Harmony
Barker, Patti Ann, Stanley
Barkley, Donna S, Statesville
Barkley, Jack J, Turnersburg
Barnes, Gary A, Charlotte
Barnes, Mary, Belmont
Barnes, Mary, Lexington
Barnes, Ned W, Harmony
Barnes, Norma O, Lexington
Barnette, Timothy W, Drexel
Barney, Melissa L, Mocksville
Barnhardt, Ann W, Mocksville
Barrera, Luis, Thomasville
Barringer, Cheryl W, Mooresville
Barringer, Cheryl W, Mooresville
Barry, William A, Davidson
Bartlett, Tim, Newton
Barton, Erick G, Lexington
Basener, Georgiamae, Southmont
Batten, James Elton, Lexington
Batton, Randy, High Point
Bauckham, Frederick, Statesville
Bauguess, Tricia K, Lexington
Baulieu, David W, Huntersville
Bautista, Terri-Ann, Huntersville
Baxley, Paul Spencer, Archdale
Bayless, Keith T, Evanston, IL
Baynes, John Martin, Greensboro
Beal, David, Madison
Beamon, Mashelle Lynn, Mocksville
Bean, Shane D, Lexington
Beane, Olafia L, Lexington
Beane, Ronald E, Mocksville
Beard, Regina M, Thomasville
Beare, Kimberly Fox, Marshville
Beasley, Jerry, Pelham
Beason, Joe, Asheboro
Beauchamp, Betty A, Mocksville
Bebber, Randy C, Statesville
Beck, Alvin, Cary
Beck, Brasco H, Lexington
Beck, Garland B, Lexington
Beck, Martha H, Lexington
Beck, William M, Lexington
Beeding, Jerry Lee, Advance
Beeler, Linda P, Cornelius
Beeson, William Earl, Thomasville
Bell, Dan, Winston-Salem
Bell, Nathan Chris, Lexington
Bell, Peter, Mount Holly
Benfield, David G, Statesville
Benfield, Jeannette E, Conover
Benfield, Melanie Kay, Olin
Benge, Vickie L, Statesville
Bennett, Masol S, Charlotte
Bennett, Steven J, Stoneville
Bennett, W Quigley, Salisbury, MD
Benson Barbeque, Lexington
Bentley, Raymond C, Kernersville
Benton, Stacy L, Davidson
Berkley Const, Davidson
Berry, Dee Ann, Denver
Berry, John, Pawleys Island, SC
Bescher, Faye O, Denton
Bessey, Brian, Lexington
Bethea, Shirley B, Advance
Bethel Dev Assoc, Hickory
Biddle, Gary W, Charlotte
Biggers, Tricia R, Huntersville
Biggs, Melvin D, Lexington
Bingham, Lisa, Asheboro
Bingham, Ruth, Asheboro
Bishop, Ralph Brian, Crouse
Bishop, Tina M, Statesville
Bivins, John, Mocksville
Black, Robert B, Jacksonville, FL
Black, Sharon B, Huntersville
Blackburn, Barrett M, Denver
Blackburn, Crystal Yvonne, Dublin, VA
Blackburn, Scott R, Davidson
Blackburn, Tony, Kernersville
Blackman, Dilbert, Charlotte
Blackwell, June A, Harmony
Blackwell, Oscar, Mocksville
Blackwood, Rhonda W, Iron Station
Blades, Casey, Huntersville
Blair, Billy C, Huntersville
Blair, David A, Mooresville
Blair, John, Rogers, AR
Blake D Johnson Estate, Statesville
Blalock, Susan R, Oak Island
Blankenbeckler, Larry, Winston-Salem
Blankenship, Billy Gene, Thomasville
Blankenship, Cyndie, Taylorsville
Blankenship, Donna K, Wilkesboro
Blankenship, Polly, Eckman, WV
Blankenship, Richard, Statesville
Blankenship, Russell, Hiddenite
Blanton, Mildred, Union Grove
Blanton, William Michael, Clemmons
Blocker, John E, Cornelius
Blount, Jacquelyn J, Schaumburg, IL
Blowers, Joe, Granite Falls
Blowers, Terra, Fleetwood
Blue Stone Hoa, Davidson
Boardley, Thomas, Huntersville
Bocker, Andrew P, Davidson
Bolick, Jackie, Taylorsville
Bolling, Jason, Lexington
Bolton, Jeffrey L, Sherrills Ford
Bonaminio, Gina, Stony Point
Bondurant, John B, Greensboro
Bookbinder, Matthew, Eagle River, AK
Boothe, Charles E, Lexington
Borchardt, William, Lenoir
Bost, Jewell, Statesville
Bostic, Kevin S, Welcome
Boulward, Grover Cleveland, Denton
Bovard, Lawrence Eugene, Denver
Bowles, Merrill E, Taylorsville
Bowling, Robin Leah, Statesville
Bowman, Susan A, Taylorsville
Boyd, Don J, Little Rock, AR
Boyd, Russell E, Evans, GA
Boyer, Kent D, Carolina Shores
Boyles, David Randall, Union Grove
Brabb, James M, Nimitz, WV
Brackett, Ray, Davidson
Bradley, Alvin, Stanfield
Bradley, Thomas, Linwood
Bradley, Walter T, Lynchburg, VA
Bradshaw, Lorene, Belews Creek
Brady, Clarine, Wallburg
Bragg, Ginger, Huntersville
Brainard, Barry, Lake Bluff, IL
Branch, Colin, Cornelius
Branch, Lucinda, Stanley
Brand, Dana E, Statesville
Brandon, Ruby, Yadkinville
Brannon, Gavin Shane, Yadkinville
Branson, Merton H, Clemmons
Brantley Real Estate, Winston-Salem
Braswell, William, Taylorsville
Brave Construction, Lexington
Brawley, Hoyle W, Troutman
Brennan, William P, Huntersville
Brewer, Kathryn B, Charlotte
Brewer, Mary J, Madison
Brewer, Sandra, Welcome
Brewer-Jones, Heather M, Cornelius
Brigman, Daniel K, Denton
Brine, Charles, Cornelius
Brinkley, Greg F, Supply
Brinkley, Richard Scott, Thomasville
Bristow, Ruby M, Asheboro
Britt Development, Archdale
Britt, Leslie Morris, Clemmons
Broach, Aaron, Mc Coll, SC
Broadway, Earl P, Lexington
Brock, Cindylou, North Wilkesboro
Brock, Linda, North Wilkesboro
Brock, Nellie F, Lexington
Broeaux, Donald C, Huntersville
Broel, G M, Huntersville
Broffman Realty, Huntersville
Brolin, Erma, Cornelius
Brooks, David, Statesville
Brooks, Kathy H, Cleveland
Brooks, Krystle L, Statesville
Brooks, Michael, Huntersville
Brooks, Scott, Harmony
Broome, Gordon H, Toccoa, GA
Broome, Tony E, Vale
Brophy, Thomas A, Indian Land, SC
Brower, Mynette H, Trinity
Brown, Albert C, Hickory
Brown, Banks, Statesville
Brown, Barbara M, Taylorsville
Brown, Carol, Linwood
Brown, Christine F, Statesville
Brown, Harold E, Linwood
Brown, J A, Huntersville
Brown, J R, Charlotte
Brown, James Howard, Walnut Cove
Brown, Kay T, Trinity
Brown, Sandra, Hiddenite
Brown, Sylvester, Huntersville
Brown, Tamara, Thomasville
Brown, Wanda, Eden
Brown, William L, Wilkesboro
Browning, Bobby D, Mocksville
Brumfield, Drema, Hamptonville
Bryant, Lynn, Denver
Buffalo Storage, Statesville
Buffington, Bruce W, Mooresville
Buffone, Christopher M, Lexington
Buie, C L, Denton
Bulla, Robert, Asheboro
Bullington, Amy, Lexington
Bullins, Phyllis, Advance
Bullins, Ronald G, Lawsonville
Bullins, Terri N, Madison
Bunn, Bobby G, Woodlawn, VA
Bunn, Bobby G, Woodlawn, VA
Bunting, Barton R, Cleveland
Bunting, Mary, Statesville
Burgan, Brenda A, Mocksville
Burgess, William B, Huntersville
Burgin, Ron, Stanley
Burkard, April Lynn, Beaufort
Burks, Dorothy, Taylorsville
Burleson, Michael D, Eden
Burns, Charles W, Lexington
Burns, Richard L, Wilson
Burrell, Cathy D, Denver
Burrell, Roger C, Statesville
Burton, Michael W, Clemmons
Bustle, David W, Statesville
Butler, Jeff, Archdale
Butler, William S, Seaford, DE
Byerly, Eugene, Linwood
Byerly, Rhonda, Lexington
Byers, Bessie M, Troutman
Byers, Brian K, Concord
Byers, Melissa Logan, Moravian Falls
Byrd, Buffi G, Thomasville
Byrd, Richard G, Lexington
Byrd, Ronald V, Boothbay, ME
Byrd, Scott, Harmony
C D S H Foundation Inc, Lexington
C U Enterprise, Greensboro
Cabe, Jason, Claudville, VA
Cabe, Woody Lee, Thomasville
Cable, Wendy D, Lexington
Cagle, James N, Archdale
Cain, Lloyd F, Charlotte
Caldwell Banker, Advance
Caldwell, Joe K, Statesville
Caldwell, Thomas Eugene, Plumtree
Call Dial, Mandan, ND
Callahan, Jacqueline R, Advance
Calloway, Bradley, Mooresville
Campbell, Corinne, Olivia
Campbell, Milton H, Taylorsville
Campbell, Philip M, Statesville
Campbell, Thomas C, Mocksville
Campbell, Wade T, Statesville
Campbell, William T, Wilmington
Canipe, James A, Jonesville
Cannady, Marty, Lexington
Cannon, Alice W, Charlotte
Cannon, Charles A, N Sioux City, SD
Cannon, Charles D, Taylorsville
Cannon, Lester L, Salisbury
Cano, Cornelio Gutierrez, Taylorsville
Cantrell, Cindy, Denver
Caperton, Samuel J, Lewisburg, WV
Capps, Stanley Eugene, Germanton
Carder, Raymond, Lewisville
Carens, Amanda M, Huntersville
Carlton, Addell S, Thomasville
Carlton, Anna M, Lewisville
Carlton, Todd, Winston-Salem
Carney, Ralph J, Cornelius
Carocon Corp, Davidson
Carocon Corp, Davidson
Carolina Coatings In, Chillicothe, OH
Carolina Construction, Clemmons
Carpenter, Donna, Denver
Carpenter, J Kathy, Huntersville
Carpenter, Robert Joe, Polkton
Carrick, J Brent, China Grove
Carroll, James O, Walnut Cove
Carroll, Jody R, Madison
Carroll, Patrick R, Lee, ME
Carson, Dorothy B, Statesville
Carson, Gary L, Stanley
Carter, Billy L, Mooresville
Carter, Cynthia C, Alexis
Carter, James A, Welcome
Carter, James H, Mocksville
Carter, James T, Madison
Carter, Jerry, Kannapolis
Carter, Odean, Roaring River
Carter, Steve R, Lexington
Carter, Susan Leonard, Pleasant Garden
Carter, Tina, Hickory
Carter, Wilma Jackson, Troutman
Cartrette, Donna S, Lexington
Cartrette, Sam, Germanton
Case, Christie, Statesville
Case, Terry C, Mocksville
Cass, John, Union Grove
Cassell, Alan Craig, Toast
Castellano, Hector, Cornelius
Castine, Sue, Orange, MA
Castle, Kelley Louise, Spring Lake
Catania, Lisa P, Huntersville
Cates, Dawn Martin, Hickory
Cates, Kimberly, Archdale
Caudle, Jesse, Statesville
Caulder, Clyde, Lexington
Cavotec Inc, Mooresville
Caylor, Ben, Davidson
Cecil, R L, Archdale
Century 21 Realty, Denver
Century 21 Realty, Gastonia
Century 21, Winston-Salem
Chambers, Claude, New London
Chambers, Glenn V, Stokesdale
Chambers, Michael B, Lexington
Champion Window & Enclosure, Greensboro
Champion, Mary, Lexington
Chandler, G P, Satellite Beach, FL
Chandler, Rhonda R, Statesville
Chapman, Tony L, Mooresville
Charlotte Bldg Group, Charlotte
Chartwell Prop, Charlotte
Chase, Charles, Huntersville
Chase, Theresa M, Lexington
Cheek, Howard, Walnut Cove
Cheek, Louise R, High Point
Chestnut, Robert, Mooresville
Chickoree, Zerubabel S, Huntersville
Childers, Melissa June, Hickory
Childers, Molly H, Cornelius
Childers, William L, Denver
Childress, Nancy, Cornelius
Childress, Shelly, Winston-Salem
Choyce, Victor U, Walnut Cove
Chriscoe, Fredrick Marcus, Winston-Salem
Chrismon, James, Asheboro
Christie, Susan, Stanley
Christopher Bryan Company, Charlotte
Christy, James, Lexington
Chung, Chong H, Statesville
Church, Debra Barrett, Taylorsville
Church, Floyd G, Winston-Salem
Church, Larry D, Yadkinville
Church, Martha Kelsoe, Taylorsville
Church, Wayne A, Statesville
Cipolloni, Lorilyn, Charlotte
Clanton, Paul, Statesville
Clark Steel Fabrication, Walnut Cove
Clark, Conrad R, Winston-Salem
Clark, Marvin D, Astatula, FL
Clark, Paul T, Lexington
Clark, Terri B, Sherrills Ford
Clarke, M Fenn, Statesville
Clarke, Thomas E, Troutman
Claussen, Janet G, Taylorsville
Cleary, Donna, Linwood
Cleary, Kenneth Ray, Hays
Clemens, Todd, Boulder City, NV
Clement, Robert L, Mooresville
Cleveland, John, Kernersville
Cline, Cory N, Fayetteville
Cline, Oakley Buddy, Pinnacle
Cline, Todd J, Statesville
Clodfelter, Alan, Denton
Clodfelter, Charles R, Lexington
Clodfelter, Kimberly D, Lexington
Cloer, Tony W, Statesville
Clutts, G R, Greensboro
Cochran, Daryle, Huntersville
Cockerham, Ginger, Mocksville
Cockey, Gretchen, Saint Charles, IL
Coffee House #909, Wilkesboro
Coffey, Gary, Taylorsville
Cogdell Investors, Mandan, ND
Cohen, Donald M, Edmond, OK
Coldwell Banker, Winston-Salem
Coldwell Bankers, Statesville
Cole, Gloria, Huntersville
Cole, Greg, Charlotte
Cole, Ronald D, Mocksville
Coleman, Angela M, Lexington
Coleman, Oaksana H, Denton
Coleman, Richard E, Kingston, NH
Coley, Robert E, Elkin
Collier, Charles E, Bluefield, VA
Collin, Timothy, Lexington
Collins, James A, Mayodan
Collins, Johnny, Germanton
Collins, Paul A, Colfax
Collins, Ronald Ray, Madison
Collins, Steven L, Mayodan
Collins, Wendell, Walnut Cove
Colvert, Richard, Statesville
Combs, Lloyd, North Wilkesboro
Comdisco, Huntersville
Comer, Pam M, Taylorsville
Community Water Wks, Statesville
Compton, Timothy Ray, Mocksville
Conard Hatfield Estate, Yadkinville
Concordia Const, Salisbury
Conerly, Joe, Niceville, FL
Conner, Timothy Glen, Hickory
Connolly, Donnie R, Hiddenite
Consolidated Container Co LLC, Omaha, NE
Cook, Dawn, Denver
Cook, Don Christoph, Mocksville
Cook, Edward, Denton
Cook, Jack, Hamptonville
Cook, Johnsie H, Denton
Cook, Kimberly W, Hiddenite
Cook, Lois A, Lenoir
Cook, Michele, Denver
Cooper, Johnny E, Thomasville
Cooper, Larry G, Spurlockville, WV
Cope, R Bruce, Hamptonville
Copley, Jami M, Huntersville
Correll, Mary, Mocksville
Costain, James T, Olathe, KS
Cothren, Leslie W, Morganton
Cottone, Mark, Cornelius
Cottrell, Andrew W, Mooresville
Couch, Wanda F, Catawba
Courtney, Steven, Mocksville
Covington, Dawn M, Trinity
Covington, Rose N, Mooresville
Cowan, Mark R, Lexington
Cox, Lloyd M, Fort Myers, FL
Cox, Rebecca, Burlington
Cox, Tracie, Startex, SC
Coyer, Frederick J, Cornelius
Cozens, Patrick G, Davidson
Craig, James R, Mocksville
Craig, Latoya, Taylorsville
Craig, Michael, Walnut Cove
Craig, William A, Salisbury
Cranfield, Brian, Mocksville
Cranfill, Mabel H, Hamptonville
Cranford, Andrew C, Statesville
Cranford, Ernest L, Cooleemee
Cranford, Ramona M, Thomasville
Craver, B H, Lexington
Craver, David Darnell, Lexington
Crawford, Wesley, Statesville
Creasman, Charles W, Lexington
Creason, Cindy C, Cooleemee
Creason, Thomas E, Statesville
Cregar, Joyce A, Mocksville
Crisp, Becky Ann, Lexington
Crisp, Sandra B, Cornelius
Crosland, John, Charlotte
Crosland, John, Charlotte
Cross, Alan J, Lexington
Cross, Randy S, Lexington
Crotts, Dale, Lexington
Crotts, Vanessa, Lexington
Crouse, Debra L, Welcome
Crowe, James Edward, Thomasville
Crowson, Dorothy D, Statesville
Crowson, Dorothy D, Statesville
Cruikshanks, Zelma S, Harmony
Crump, Kae, Davidson
Crutchfield, Jacqueli, Newton
Cruz, Cruz Justo, Hiddenite
Culley, Kelly L, Hiddenite
Cummings, Hattie H, Lexington
Cummings, Logan, Conway, SC
Cummings, Margaret Ann, Reidsville
Cunningham, Alan C, Davidson
Curlee, Angela B, Statesville
Curry, Clarence, Winston-Salem
Curry, Niles P, Huntersville
Curry, Sherry E, Lexington
Custom Bldg Co, Statesville
D’Andrea, Kathryn G, Huntersville
Dalhoff, Jane, Davidson
Daniels, Arnold, Thomasville
Daniels, Donna, Huntersville
Daniels, Robert H, Concord
Daniels, William C, Harmony
Danner, Mackie, Mocksville
Dascoulias, Nicholas G, Mooresville
Daugherty, Patricia C, Statesville
Davenport, Eileen G, Cogan Station, PA
David Drye Co, Statesville
Davidson, Cindy, Cornelius
Davidson, Glenwood, Troutman
Davidson, James Ray, Statesville
Davis, Bobby J, Statesville
Davis, Dawn U, Trinity
Davis, Edison, Walnut Cove
Davis, Edison, Walnut Cove
Davis, Emma L, Cornelius
Davis, Evelyn, Huntsville, AL
Davis, Garland, Union Grove
Davis, Gary L, Lexington
Davis, George L, Lexington
Davis, James Edward, Linwood
Davis, Marsha, Mocksville
Davis, Pamela J, Thomasville
Davis, Randy A, Mocksville
Davis, Romona S, Salisbury
Davis, Ruth, Mooresville
Davis, Susan L, High Point
Davis, Tammy L, Cameron
Davis, Terry Lee, Southmont
Dawkins, Kara A, Stony Point
Day, Deborah, Lexington
Day, Roger L, Middlebourne, WV
Daye, Valerie, Cornelius
De Almeida Karen C, Charlotte
De-La Riva, Jose Luis, Taylorsville
Deal, Harold A, Statesville
Deal, Randy, Charlotte
Dean, Chris C, Greensboro
Dean, Freddie, Huntersville
Decker, Donna, Denton
Defoe, Eddie, Blaine, TN
Dejournett, Jean R, Eden
Deke, Gina C, Coal City, IL
Delinger, John L, Miles City, MT
Dellinger, Amy M, Stanley
Delosh, Muriel A, Trinity
Delsanto, Stacey F, Lexington
Denick, Aaron, American Fork, UT
Dennis, Joe, Albemarle
Dent, Lisa, Denver
Denver Mbl Hm Moving, Denver
Derry, Dorris, Tracy City, TN
Deschon, Amy Lee, Conover
Dickerson, Jeffrey D, Lenoir
Dickerson, Tod, Mclean, VA
Dickie, Lesley A, Huntersville
Dickson, Kelly, Kannapolis
Dieckhaus, James, Fenton, MO
Diggs, John David, Huntersville
Dillard, Clarence C, Cleveland
Dilldine, Douglas F, Belfry, KY
Disher, Dale, Yadkinville
Dixon, Bob, Taylorsville
Dixon, Cindy B, Mocksville
Dixon, Kathy, Harrisburg
Dixon, Sacquioa, Charlotte
Dixon, William T, Lexington
Dobbins, Brenda, Yadkinville
Dobbins, Mary Jane, Statesville
Doby, Lynn, Mocksville
Doby, Susan J, Denton
Doherty, Julie, Aiken, SC
Dolan, Eric, Winston-Salem
Dolan, Jeff, Huntersville
Don Surgeon Const Co Inc, North Wilkesboro
Donivant, James H, Fleetwood
Donnarumma, Tony, Linwood
Donovan, Billy Joe, Taylorsville
Donovan, William P, Thomasville
Dorminy, Linda J, King
Dorsett, Candy, Denton
Dorsett, Jeff S, New London
Doss, Bobby L, King
Doss, Sharon F, Denton
Dotoli, Ludine, Cornelius
Dotson, Barbara S, Asheboro
Douglas, Ira, Statesville
Douglas, Tim P, Huntersville
Douney, Kimberly J, Kernersville
Douthit, Tracy, Lexington
Dow, Scott, Huntersville
Downey, Kimberly J, Charleston, WV
Doyle, Bessie L, Statesville
Dozier, Paul, Huntersville
Drake, Ellen, Hesperia, MI
Drake, Everette F, Yadkinville
Drakulic, Diane, Huntersville
Draughn, Diane W, Denton
Driver, Letha C, Thomasville
Driver, Ruby Lucille, Mocksville
Drose, Arden, Charlotte
Drum, Jackie, Maiden
Drury, Larry A, Huntersville
Dry, Nick, Murrells Inlet, SC
Dubois, Teresa M, Lexington
Duchinski, John, Statesville
Duck, Veronica K, Climax
Duckett, Curtis R, Winston-Salem
Duckworth, Gary Dwayne, Denton
Dudley, Bonnie K, Ticonderoga, NY
Dudzic, Denise M, Cornelius
Dugger, Dairel O, Statesville
Duggins, Vann, Winston-Salem
Dula, Dawn M, Morganton
Dulskis, Margo A, Huntersville
Dumont, Kristy, Davidson
Duncan, Charles W, Lexington
Duncan, Deon D, Salisbury
Duncan, Jill L, Huntersville
Dunlap, Lewis F, Madison
Dunnagan, Allen, Clemmons
Dunning Const, High Point
Dunsmore, Stuart, Stanley
Durham, Eugene H, Kernersville
Durham, James Scott, Lexington
Dustan, Brad, Kernersville
Dyckman, Tamara A, Cornelius
Dyer, Ronald William, Soperton, GA
Dyson, Greg D, Linwood
Dyson, Kurt David, Taylorsville
Dyson, Mike B, Calabash
Dyson, Wade H, Charlotte
E B Guffey And Assoc, Cornelius
Easley, William F, China Grove
East Iredell Lion, Statesville
East, Rufus, Walnut Cove
Easter, Rita L, Mount Airy
Easter, Teresa Marie, New London
Eastwood, Albert E, Hickory
Eaton, Gloria J, Mocksville
Echols, Crystal, Stoneville
Eckelson, Ronda Rae, Mocksville
Eckles, Barbara J, Statesville
Eckles, Dennis W, Statesville
Edgison, Gene, Pleasant Garden
Edwards, Amos, Statesville
Edwards, Anita F, Galax, VA
Edwards, Barry R, Myrtle Beach, SC
Edwards, Buren H, Topton
Edwards, Don H, Huntersville
Edwards, James Kirk, Mocksville
Edwards, Palmer J, Statesville
Electric Beach Tanni, Taylorsville
Ellenburg, Billy J, Statesville
Ellenburg, Tonja L, Lexington
Eller, Carla Yvette, Walnut Cove
Elliott, Kermit, Denton
Elliott, Matthew Earl, Asheboro
Ellis, Bobby E, Taylorsville
Ellis, Darrell P, Lexington
Ellis, James F, Madison
Ellis, Lee R, Chattanooga, TN
Ellis, Paul V, Myrtle Beach, SC
Ellis, Terry, Thomasville
Ellison, Brodie L, Mooresville
Emerson, Lee T, Sherrills Ford
England, Jerry E, Hensley, WV
Engle, David J, Mocksville
English, James W, Concord
Ennis, Eric L, Cornelius
Epperson, James, Madisonville, TN
Epperson, Miriam M, Trinity
Ernies Tool Time, LLC, Linwood
Ervin, Andrew, Lexington
Esparza, Linda S, Taylorsville
Estep, Alvie Grant, Stony Point
Estep, Owen M, Statesville
Eubanks, Falan, Pageland, SC
Evans, Barbara J, Verdunville, WV
Evans, George, Mocksville
Evans, Johnny, Varney, WV
Everett, Brian, Laurel Springs
Everhardt, Andrew B, Mocksville
Everhart, Ann, Lexington
Everhart, James F, Lexington
Everhart, Jay, Lexington
Everhart, Kelin, Lexington
Everhart, Melvin Shane, Greensboro
Everhart, Stephen, Lexington
Everhart, Timothy G, Lexington
Ewing, Mickey, Midway, WV
Fair, James R, Oliver Springs, TN
Fairchild, John, Winston-Salem
Fansedow, Mary Anna, Edgewater, FL
Farley, Raymond L, Statesville
Farmer, Everette C, Statesville
Farra, Jackie L, Asheboro
Faulkner, Aleene M, Cornelius
Faulkner, Paul, Mount Holly
Faye Marie Hunter Estate, Yadkinville
Fedor, John, Cooleemee
Fehniger, Steven, Farmington Hills, MI
Feimster, Carol A, Scotts
Feimster, Robert L, Moravian Falls
Feltwater, John, Blades, DE
Ferguson, Gary, Clemmons
Ferguson, Johnny, Charlotte
Ferguson, Rick L, Stony Point
Fernandez, Zina, Queen Creek, AZ
Ferrell, Barbara, Pell City, AL
Ferrell, Mabel Lee, Concord
Ferrell, Richard, Huntersville
Ferrell, Wayne, Huntersville
Ferrell, William L, Statesville
Ferron, Helen J, Statesville
Fields, Lori M, Mount Ulla
Finance Household, Chesapeake, VA
Financial Tay’Ville, Taylorsville
First Charlotte Prop, Charlotte
First Home Federal, Greensboro
Fischbein Co, Statesville
Fisher, Donnie, Lexington
Fisher, Robert F, Huntersville
Fisher, Yolanda Burke, Huntersville
Fishler, Janice H, Winston-Salem
Fitzwater, Samuel G, Statesville
Flahardy, Ronald W, Lexington
Flaherty, Julie R, Davidson
Fletcher, Greg, Pfafftown
Flippin, Bruce F, Debary, FL
Florence, Lonie, Madison
Florentino Sanchez-De La Cru, Mocksville
Flouhouse Mcclave Rl, Charlotte
Flournoy, Richard W, Greensboro
Flowe, Jason M, Holly Springs
Floyd, Darcy, Sabula, IA
Flynt, Margaret B, Madison
Foam Tech Inc, Lexington
Foland Frances & Steven, Harmony
Foley, Roger E, Thomasville
Foreman, Loretta Lynn, Kannapolis
Foreman, Robert B, Charlotte
Forester, Holly, Mooresville
Forrest, David, Pinnacle
Forrest, Donald R, Statesville
Forrest, Tracie, Cornelius
Foster, Claude, Mocksville
Foster, G K, Clemmons
Foster, James L, Statesville
Foster, Patty G, Welcome
Foster, Thomas, Mocksville
Fourshee, Robert E, Terrell
Fowler, Anthony, Orlando, FL
Fowler, James A, Huntersville
Fowler, Robert K, Archdale
Fox, Angelia S, Taylorsville
Fox, Anthony P, Huntersville
Fox, Joie, Taylorsville
Fox, Paul, Taylorsville
Francis Farms Inc, Statesville
Francis, Michael, Statesville
Franklin, Cynthia, Winston-Salem
Franklin, Kimberly C, Austin, TX
Franks, Jennifer Renea, Lexington
Franks, Wendy D, Lexington
Frazier, Chris D, Mooresville
Frazier, Judy K, Huntersville
Frazier, Patricia, Huntersville
Freel, Daniel, Huntersville
Freeland, Diane M, Statesville
Freeman, Antonya L, Troutman
Freeman, William F, Winston-Salem
Freeze, Larry E, Kernersville
French, Anthony, Statesville
French, Esther, Greenville, SC
French, Roy C, Stanley
Freuchtel, David, Cornelius
Frost, Clifford, Huntersville
Frye, David Chad, Kannapolis
Fuhs, Joseph, Advance
Fulcher, Vanessa C, Mayodan
Fulp, Susan, Walnut Cove
Fulton, Chris L, Lexington
Fulton, Nancy L, Winston-Salem
Funderburk, Dana H, Cooleemee
Funk, Jack, Denver
Futrell, Carol Z, Statesville
G E Capital, Chesterfield, MO
Gafford, Donna Kaye, Altavista, VA
Gaide, Christopher, Advance
Gaines, Paul A, Statesville
Gaither, James Richard, Linwood
Gaither, Ralph S, Statesville
Gales, Angus W, Thomasville
Gallagher, Kathy, Union Grove
Galliher, Terry, Harmony
Galloway, Mark, Ennice
Gann, Wendy R, Madison
Gant, David H, Fancy Gap, VA
Gantt, Brian K, Statesville
Garcia, Edwin Rene, Taylorsville
Garcia, Eliu, Hamptonville
Garcia, Luis E, Concord
Garcia, Mario Maldonado, Huntersville
Garcia, Mary R, Statesville
Gardner, Jacquelyn Brooke, Huntersville
Garica, Jose Abel, Statesville
Garner, James Douglas, New London
Garren, Scott E, Lexington
Garretson, Margaret, Mocksville
Garrett, D D, Grand Rapids, MI
Garris, Jennifer L, Lexington
Garrison, W E, Spruce Pine
Gary Wood Const Inc, Matthews
Garza, Edwardo, Charlotte
Gayles, Jackie, Wilkesboro
Gebe, Bobby, Lexington
Gebrail, Alfi H, Cornelius
Gehani, Sherry L, Atlanta, GA
Geiselman, Donald, Burfordville, MO
Geisler, Mike, Spencer
Gentry, Deborah B, Statesville
German Family Restau, Yadkinville
Germany, Melissa, Clearwater, FL
Gibson, Cindy, Sandy Ridge
Gibson, Joy M, Vale
Gibson, Mark A, Asheboro
Gibson, Mary Ann, Lexington
Gibson, William G, Greensboro
Giddings, Robin, Kernersville
Giess, James E, Huntersville
Giffin, David L, Hiddenite
Gilbert, Maurice J, Greenback, TN
Gilbert, Wanda M, Statesville
Gilleland, Max L, Catawba
Gilliam, Merle T, Kannapolis
Gilyard, Peter T, Clemmons
Giorgio’S, Mooresville
Givens, Johnna E, Centerville, TN
Glasscock, Jeffrey, Lexington
Glover, Steven, Taylorsville
Gobble, Ken, Lewisville
Godin, Leon J, Worcester, MA
Goding, Toni M, Bangor, ME
Godwin, Kimberly F, Greensboro
Goebel, Anthony H, Clemmons
Goforth, Linda F, Statesville
Goforth, Richard, Taylorsville
Goforth, Timothy W, North Wilkesboro
Goins, Buren, Denver
Goins, Tina A, Thomasville
Golden, Patrick T, Charlotte
Goldner, Danny, Cooleemee
Gonzalez, George J, Lexington
Good, Diana, Troutman
Goodman, Eddie Lee, Concord
Goodman, Shirley M, Stony Point
Goodman, William H, Walnut Cove
Goodrum, Thomas, Cumming, GA
Goodson, Ethelene M, Franklin
Goodson, Jill A, Tavernier, FL
Goodwin, Earl B, Hiddenite
Goolsby, Neil, Concord
Goolsby, Tabbitha, Walnut Cove
Gorden, Patricia H, Hamptonville
Gorski, Daniel C, Reidsville
Gottlieb, Ira, Belle Mead, NJ
Goudy, Richard K, Winston-Salem
Goulding, James, Greensboro
Grabow, Joseph K, Pendleton, IN
Graham, A Z, Charlotte
Graham, Alma C, King
Grannaman, Mary A, Mocksville
Grant, Donna M, Mount Ulla
Grant, John W, West Jefferson
Grant, Norman, Statesville
Graves, R Dwayne, Mocksville
Gray, David B, Cleveland, TN
Gray, Harold E, Statesville
Gray, Leon H, Statesville
Greathouse, Belinda, Kannapolis
Greco, Carlo J, Mount Gilead
Greco, Tina M, Winston-Salem
Greene, Brenda E, Barium Springs
Greene, Delmer L, Lexington
Greene, William Anthony, Star
Greer, Jill S, Statesville
Greger, Robert, Huntersville
Gregory, Glenda Lee, Hamptonville
Griff, Steve, Catawba
Griffey, H L, Mocksville
Griffie, Randy Hobert, Thomasville
Griffin, Jesse James, Lumber Bridge
Griffin, Mary M, Crossville, TN
Griffin, Mike, Cornelius
Griffin, Pamela, Wilkesboro
Griffith, Charlotte G, Charlotte
Griffith, Gregg, Ellicott City, MD
Grigg, Scott, Cornelius
Grindstaff, Pauline Willis, Catawba
Grissom, Ginger, Salisbury
Grogan, Frank R, Eden
Groome, Tate, Cornelius
Grooms, Lonnie, Lexington
Grooms, Ronnie, Lexington
Grover, Calvin, Huntersville
Guarino, Teresa R, Lexington
Guilliams, Joyce, Sherrills Ford
Guinn, Earl, Rockingham
Gundel, Norman, Cornelius
Gupton, Rhonda, Mocksville
Guthrie, Debbie N, Statesville
Guy, Ralph L, Thomasville
Gwaltney, Tammy M, Taylorsville
Hager, Kenneth F, Stanley
Hagerman, Stanley E, Hamptonville
Hagler, Kendra, Troutman
Hairyes, Richard A, Stony Point
Hale, Benjamin, Blowing Rock
Hall Herman/Sharla, Dobson
Hall, Bettina H, Yadkinville
Hall, Ed Franklin, Lexington
Hall, Kay S, Statesville
Hall, Lanny P, Lexington
Hall, Sherri G, Lexington
Hall, Steven O, Winston-Salem
Hall, Sylvia D, Advance
Hall, Tyler A, Greensboro
Hall, Wayne, Knoxville, TN
Hallman, Virginia L, Vale
Halstead, Sarah T, Mooresville
Hamby, April, Taylorsville
Hamby, Jimmy D, Sherrills Ford
Hamby, Wm/Ellen, Taylorsville
Hamer-Holloway, Lynn, Cornelius
Hamilton, Angela S, Troutman
Hamilton, Judy G, Huntersville
Hamilton, Lana K, Jolo, WV
Hamilton, Melanie, Statesville
Hamilton, R Barry, Trinity
Hamlet, Bernice, Lexington
Hamm, Julie W, Kannapolis
Hamm, Paul W, Northfield, OH
Hamm, Robin L, Advance
Hamm, Tammy, Advance
Hammond, Robert S, Huntersville
Hammonds, David Larue, Thomasville
Hancock, Danny M, High Point
Hancock, Geraldine A, Statesville
Hancock, Lauren, Cornelius
Hancock, Robert E, Asheboro
Hanes, Robert E, Lexington
Hanes, Robin W, Advance
Hannam, Donald S, Denver
Hansard, Hobart B, Winston-Salem
Hanson, Timothy B, Mooresville
Hanvy, Debra B, Mooresville
Harbison, Richard W, Mooresville
Hardin, Ritz R, Mocksville
Harding, James F, Stony Point
Hardister Charles & Son, Troy
Hardy, Carlen, Powder Springs, GA
Hardy, Cindy, Yadkinville
Harless, Michael S, Statesville
Harmatuk, Christopher, Denver
Harmon, Jennifer L, Taylorsville
Harmon, Jerry W, Statesville
Harmon, Regina, Cornelius
Harper, Brad L, Asheboro
Harrelson, Betty R, Charlotte
Harrington, Larry R, Rockwell
Harrington, Lee Olin, Taylorsville
Harris, Amber, Trinity
Harris, Amy D, Denver
Harris, Beverly G, Ridgeway, SC
Harris, Dennis James, Lexington
Harris, Jennifer A, Statesville
Harris, Johnnie, Denton
Harris, Paul Thomas, Lexington
Harris, Randy, King
Harris, Rebecca F, Olin
Harris, Tesha B, Statesville
Harris, Victoria B, Statesville
Harrison, Patricia L, Statesville
Hart, Marvin F, Hamptonville
Hart, Norma R, Forest City
Hartle, Don E, Clemmons
Hartman, Keith, Walnut Cove
Hartsoe, Esther B, Charlotte
Harvell, Ronald L, Lexington
Harvey, Dana M, Winston-Salem
Harville, Jana M, Gainesville, GA
Harwell, Heather, Fairhope, AL
Harwell, Jeremy Ross, Lexington
Hassell, Charles M, Greensboro
Hastings, Jodie L, Statesville
Hatcher, James Rickey, Pell City, AL
Hatley, Gary E, Mocksville
Hawkins, Randy M, Van Wyck, SC
Hay, Alexander, Hiddenite
Hayashi, Minoru, Wilmington
Hayes Properties, Taylorsville
Hayes, David M, Stanley
Hayes, Jeff, Clemmons
Hayes, Kenneth, Pfafftown
Hays, Sam, Clemmons
Haywood, Alton, Denton
Hazen, John W, Concord
Head, Robby C, Mocksville
Heartlnad Realty, Yadkinville
Hedgecock, Hubert, High Point
Hedrick, Christine G, Denton
Hedrick, David D, Lexington
Hedrick, Melissa, Lexington
Hedrick, Melvin, Statesville
Hedrick, Sammy Dee, Lexington
Hedrick, Willard M, Catawba
Heffron, Robert N, Davidson
Hege, Crystal, Lexington
Hege, Larry E, Welcome
Heitmann, Dennis L, Denver
Helffrich, Terre, Yadkinville
Helms Builders, Stanfield
Helms, Gary Albert, Denver
Helms, Sylvia F, Roaring River
Henderson, Debra C, Salisbury
Henderson, Gilvon R, Lexington
Henderson, Rebecca, Troutman
Henderson, Renea, Seagrove
Henderson, Rose, Denver
Henderson, Sharon, Saint Pauls
Hendren, Debra J, High Point
Hendren, John E, Turnersburg
Hendrix, C Odell, Mocksville
Henley, April, Cornelius
Henline, Todd, Denver, CO
Hennings, Steven Lloyd, New London
Hennis, Charlie M, Madison
Herman, Martha Nell, Taylorsville
Hernandez, Robert A, Walnut Cove
Herron, Rocky, Stony Point
Herron, Travis, Denver
Hershberger, Aaron, Cary
Hess, David A, Lexington
Hiatt, Jeffrey Scott, Lexington
Hibbett, Paul H, Thomasville
Hickory Tree Dev Co, Mocksville
Hicks, Hal W, High Point
Hicks, Jonathan, Sherrills Ford
Hicks, Kathleen C, Trinity
Higginbotham, John T, Creswell
Higginson, David, Belmont
Higinson, Donna S, Calabash
Hildebran, Michael H, Sherrills Ford
Hilderbrand, Cheryl L, Statesville
Hill, Barbara A, Lexington
Hill, Brett J, Cornelius
Hill, Gary L, Lexington
Hill, Geneva A, Lexington
Hill, Ginger, High Point
Hill, Jessica C, Lexington
Hill, Judy, Denver
Hill, Karen Young, Mount Airy
Hill, Marie Linger, Yadkinville
Hill, Michael S, Cornelius
Hill, Paul Elmer, Lexington
Hilton, Douglas W, Thomasville
Hilton, Ronald W, High Point
Hinson, Vicki S, Huntersville
Hiott, Edward C, Stanley
Hoagland, Clifford J, New Richmond, OH
Hoang, Huong, Charlotte
Hodge, Eddie, Reidsville
Hodges, Jimmy, Concord
Hodgson, Lisa M, Cleveland
Hogg, C Walt, Huntersville
Hoke, C B, Davidson
Holbrook, Fred, Asheville
Holcomb, Darrell L, Hamptonville
Holcomb, Donald F, Winston-Salem
Holder, Marlene S, Statesville
Holder, William F, Statesville
Holladay, Meredith, Clemmons
Holland, Clady F, Walnut Cove
Holland, James A, Statesville
Holland, Penny G, Statesville
Holland, William P, Harmony
Hollifield, Mary Ann, Thomasville
Holloway, Kevin, Mocksville
Holmes, Samuel J, Hockingport, OH
Holmes, Wanda D, Thomasville
Holroyd, Gregory E, Cornelius
Holton, Betty S, Statesville
Holton, Larry, Statesville
Home Services, Statesville
Honeycutt, Barbara, Cornelius
Honeycutt, Dorry Mack, Statesville
Honeycutt, Jay R, Denton
Honeycutt-Con Bobby, Mooresville
Hooper, Jepty M, Denver
Hoots, Tonya Luanne, Statesville
Hope Bros, Statesville
Hope Bros, Statesville
Hope Bros, Statesville
Hope Brothers, Statesville
Hope Brothers, Statesville
Hope Brothers, Statesville
Hopkins, Brian K, Statesville
Hord, Patricia J, Bloomfield, KY
Horn, Larry R, Advance
Horn, Sharon, Conover
Horne, Anita, Mocksville
Horne, Regina G, Denton
Horton, Brenda, Hickory
House, Joann, Cooleemee
Houston, Jerry, Hildebran
Houston, William E, Mooresville
Howard Realty, Mocksville
Howard, Gregory D, Wilmington
Howard, Pamela, Huntersville
Howell, Angela S, Winston-Salem
Howell, April Louise, Mocksville
Howell, Beverly J, Winston-Salem
Howell, Bradley, Slippery Rock, PA
Howell, Sarah Elizabeth, Lexington
Hubbard, Danny R, Statesville
Hubbard, Harold T, Davidson
Huber, Michael J, Elkin
Hudler, Julia A, ,
Hudspeth, Lonnie J, Yadkinville
Huelsemann, Horst, Punta Gorda, FL
Huff, Raymond, Lexington
Huffman, Hal F, Hickory
Huffman, Rodney C, Salisbury
Huffman, V M, High Point
Hughes, Angela, Knightdale
Hughes, Charlie E, Thomasville
Hughes, Demetrice A, Shallotte
Huie, Tammy R, Statesville
Hulin, Nellie, Thomasville
Hulstein, Kevin, Mount Ulla
Hun’Vlle Jehovahs Wt, Huntersville
Hundley, Kevin, Cornelius
Hundley, Leah Hope, Wallburg
Huneycutt, Wiley J, Westfield
Hunsucker, Michael, Cornelius
Hunt, Darrell Ray, High Point
Hunt, Ellen, Lexington
Hunt, Jackie Lee, ,
Hunt, Theresa Stacy, Lexington
Hunter & Bejeck, Statesville
Hunter & Bejeck, Statesville
Hunter & Bejeck, Statesville
Hunter, Karen, Cornelius
Hunter, Rebecca J, Statesville
Hunter, Roberta, Lexington
Hunter, Sharon, Mocksville
Huntersville Motors, Huntersville
Hupp, Donna M, Statesville
Hurd, Bobby L, Abingdon, VA
Hurley, James Arthur, New London
Hutchens, Charles Ken, Lexington
Hutchens, Dennis A, Statesville
Hutchins, Dennis, Millers Creek
Hutchins, Patricia, East Bend
Hutchins, Terry B, Madison
Hutton, Tony K, Mooresville
Hux, Susan M, Hickory
Hwang, Simon, Huntersville
Hylton, Robert Lee, Cornelius
Ibison, Bob I, Cornelius
Icenhour, Elizabeth, Taylorsville
Icenhour, Pleas M, Hiddenite
Idol, Linda S, Huntersville
Idom, Weldom, Belews Creek
Ingalls, Jay, Mooresville
Ingalls, Michael, Mebane
Ingram, W H, Lexington
Inman, Johnny Lee, Walnut Cove
Innes Truck&Trailer, Denver
Inness, Robert M, Lowell
Ireland, Darrell, Hamptonville
Ireland, Fred Summers, Union Grove
Ireland, Jerry W, Yadkinville
Ireland, Jimmy Allen, Statesville
Ireland, Shawna C, Statesville
Ireland, William M, Claremont
Irvin, Nicholas W, Yadkinville
Irwin, James J, Hickory
Irwin, Raymond E, Morenci, AZ
Isaac, John Henry, Stony Point
Isaac, Rose M, Turnersburg
Isenhour, Beverly P, Statesville
Isenhour, William K, Taylorsville
Isgar, Ross F, Denton
Isom, Chris Franklin, Asheboro
Isom, Freda M, Statesville
J W Fuiell Estate, Charlotte
Jackson Bell Const, Wilkesboro
Jackson, Kay P, Statesville
Jackson, Melissa, Iron Station
Jacobs, Julie, Troutman
Jacobs, Larry, Sanford
Jacobs, Tonia, Salisbury
Jaffe, Kathleen S, Trumansburg, NY
James, C Patrick, Huntersville
James, Darrell W, Canton
Janssen, Marcel G, Hickory
Jarrett, Joni Carol, Madison
Jaynes, Jody G, Statesville
Jeffords, Martin, Charlotte
Jennings, Lawrence E, Lexington
Jericho Church Of Christ, Mocksville
Jernigan, Johnnie C, Lexington
Jerry Barnette-Bldrs, Mooresville
Jimenez, Jose, Clemmons
John Scott Butcher, Advance
Johns, Shelly, Mooresville
Johnson, B Jack, Charlotte
Johnson, Curtis L, Stoneville
Johnson, Danny, Statesville
Johnson, David L, Huntersville
Johnson, Ivan A, Mooresville
Johnson, Jack T, Olin
Johnson, James Garret, Hamptonville
Johnson, P F, Lexington
Johnson, Pansy W, Reidsville
Johnson, Richard, Roaring River
Johnson, Rita Hayes, Tampa, FL
Johnson, Shirley M, Statesville
Johnston, Marilyn Sue, Lexington
Johnston, Nathan L, Huntersville
Jolly, Judie M, Statesville
Jonas, Paul S, Denver
Jonas, William B, Rocky Mount
Jones & Horton Development, Harrisburg
Jones, Angela M, Mocksville
Jones, Ansel, Stanley
Jones, Arlene Rushing, North Wilkesboro
Jones, Barbara J, Lexington
Jones, Brandon L, Statesville
Jones, Debbie Diane, Harmony
Jones, Elsie S, Mocksville
Jones, Joseph D, Roaring River
Jones, Kelly M, Lexington
Jones, Kimberly L, Statesville
Jones, Lisa, Walnut Cove
Jones, Philip H, Mocksville
Jones, Raymond L, Lexington
Jones, Rebecca L, Lexington
Jones, Stephanie, Fieldale, VA
Jones, Torrace A, Kannapolis
Jones, W B, Mocksville
Jordan, Ann S, Lexington
Jordan, Carl David, Cooleemee
Jordan, James S, Statesville
Jordan, Madrid C, Union Grove
Jordon, Caroline E, Winston-Salem
Joyce, Bessie F, Mayodan
Joyce, Jess, Lawsonville
Joyce, Mike, Madison
Joyce, Virginia A, Walnut Cove
Joyce, William, Madison
Joyner, Crystal Michelle, Thomasville
Joyner, Gerald S, Huntersville
Joyner, Wilmoth S, Clemmons
Jump, Sherry, Thomasville
Jumper, Sharon D, Huntersville
Justen, Albert A, Lillian, AL
Kallam, April, Madison
Kantner, Denise A, Charlotte
Karn, Susan K, Cornelius
Keel, Diane, Advance
Keene, Scottie Alan, Taylorsville
Keene, Scottie Alan, Taylorsville
Keeser, Carol, Winston-Salem
Keever, Sybil F, Statesville
Keiger, Charles, Harmony
Keightley, Patricia G, Huntersville
Keller, Gretchen, Vincennes, IN
Keller, Tabitha L, Statesville
Kelly, John J, Huntersville
Kelly, Roy Richard, Hickory
Kelsey, Jacqueline Holloway, Smithfield
Kelso, Cara, Cornelius
Kendall, Nicole W, Statesville
Kennedy, Darrell, Asheboro
Kennedy, J C, Linwood
Kennedy, Jerry L, Troutman
Kennedy, Judy W, Lenoir
Kennedy, Lynda, Lexington
Kennedy, Mickey, Trinity
Kennedy, Peggy K, Thomasville
Kennerly Dev Co, Davidson
Kenneth Tucker-Bldr, Maiden
Kent, Stephen G, Mooresville
Kerby, Matthew, Stanley
Kerley, Arnold W, Jonesborough, TN
Kerr, Frances M, Statesville
Kidd, Steven L, Huntersville
Kidd, Teresa A, Welcome
Kieffer, Donald, Yadkinville
Kiger, David F, Lexington
Killian, Kathy, Mooresville
Kimbrell, Charles Scott, Thomasville
Kimmer, Joy M, Statesville
King Sash Door Inc, Winston-Salem
King, Debra D, Linwood
King, Jack D, Statesville
King, Jerry Markus, Woodleaf
King, Kenneth, Cornelius
King, Kristen, Winston-Salem
King, Thomas J, Advance
King, William, Lexington
Kinley, Ann, Charlotte
Kinney, Jimmy, Lexington
Kinney, Venie B, Denton
Kinney, Vickie, Lexington
Kirby Usa Inc, Statesville
Kirk, Julienne, Mooresville
Kirk, Michael D, High Point
Kiselick, Bill S, Raleigh
Kistler, John C, Statesville
Kite William/Barbara, Charlotte
Klass, Linda Ann, Denton
Klein, Deysy, Huntersville
Knapp, Margaret K, Salisbury
Knostman, Richard B, San Antonio, TX
Knowlton, Corilda, Mooresville
Knox, Giles A, Statesville
Knox, John B, Mooresville
Knox, Johnson Lee, Mooresville
Knox, Linda W, Winston-Salem
Knox-Wade, Ramona, Charlotte
Kobylarz, Kazimiera, Statesville
Koch, Michael F, Davidson
Koch, Steve, Broomfield, CO
Kohli, Joshua M, Highlands Ranch, CO
Komas, Bill, Mooresville
Koon, James C, Advance
Koonts, Timothy D, Lexington
Koontz, Harvey F, Hamptonville
Kovach Scott/Angela, Mocksville
Kozar, Louis C, Davidson
Kriner, Kim C, Longs, SC
Krom, Lori, Cornelius
Krueger, George W, Mooresville
Krum, Ann, Huntersville
Kruse, Dean A, Germanton
Kuehneman, Ronald L, Statesville
Kunath, Peter D, Statesville
Labonte, Bobby A, Trinity
Lackey, Donald D, Stony Point
Lahaye, Christian, Huntersville
Lake Norman Brewing, Charlotte
Lake Norman Co, Charlotte
Lake Norman Co, Charlotte
Lake Norman Electronics, Winchester, VA
Lake Nrm Stationers, Davidson
Lake Properties Ltd, Davidson
Lake Side Automotive, Cornelius
Lakey, Roy L, Thomasville
Lambe, Yolanda, Mocksville
Lambert, Donald, Oakwood, VA
Lambert, Janet L, Statesville
Lambert, Toni L, Union Grove
Lambert, Virginia, Mocksville
Lambeth, Carl, Lexington
Lambeth, Shelby, Lexington
Landau, Judy A, Statesville
Landers, Jill Elizabeth, Huntersville
Landmark Assoc, Statesville
Landmark Fin Serv, Charlotte
Landry, Shari L, Lexington
Lane, Jessica L, Winston-Salem
Langner, Dena, Huntersville
Langston, Leroy, Madison
Lanier, Garry, Statesville
Lanier, Lisa, Huntersville
Lao, Yang, Conover
Lara, Gilbert G, Lexington
Larry Schronce Ford, Hickory
Laskowski, Phil, Salisbury
Lassiter, Danny O, Thomasville
Latham, Henry J, Denton
Lathrop, Jeffery S, Advance
Laurance, Johnny G, Roseboro
Lauten, Tiffany L, Niceville, FL
Law, Scott, Taylorsville
Lawing, Angela, Cornelius
Laws, Harold, Thomasville
Laws, Lydia C, Lexington
Laws, Zeb, Thomasville
Lawter, Larry J, Advance
Lazenby, Barbara A, Statesville
Leach, Everette, Mocksville
Lear, Sampson L, Statesville
Leazer, Brenda, Mocksville
Lechnar, Carol, Gibraltar, MI
Ledbetter, Jackie A, Lexington
Lee, David Martin, Taylorsville
Lee, Donald R, Troutman
Lee, Mary, Ash
Lee, Sandra, Cornelius
Lee, Tara, Cornelius
Lee, William Robert, Atlantic Beach
Leitner, Leo G, Davidson
Lemasters, Michael Edwin, Winston-Salem
Lemley, Billy Joe, Lexington
Lemmings, Patricia, Linwood
Lemmond, Roger D, Cornelius
Lemon, Lee, Morganton
Lemons, Bobby R, Lexington
Leonard, David Watson, Mocksville
Leonard, Ira M, Lexington
Leonard, Mary Ann, Mocksville
Leonard, Mary Fulp, Lexington
Leonard, Vicki L, Lexington
Leonard, Winfred, Lexington
Leslie, Yuvon T, Denver
Lessard, Mike J, Kernersville
Lester, David W, Statesville
Lester, Deanne Marie, Lexington
Lester, Ritchie, Lexington
Letterman, Dallas, Hiddenite
Levan, Danny R, Troutman
Leverette, Edward, Lexington
Levesque, William T, New London
Leviner, Wanda K, Martinez, GA
Lewis, Alan E, Statesville
Lewis, Alan E, Statesville
Lewis, David A, Taylorsville
Lewis, Michelle, Charlotte
Lewis, Rhoda M, Statesville
Lewis, Rodney, Statesville
Lewis-Rall Susan, Cornelius
Lexington Realty Inc, Lexington
Lillard, Katie M, Winston-Salem
Limpert, Paul N, Denver
Lindegren, Jason E, Lexington
Lindley, W D, Clemmons
Lindsay, Barbara Ruth, Lexington
Lindsay, Kaye, Lexington
Lindsay, Moore, Huntersville
Lindsay, Taswell, Charlotte
Lineback, Linda, Boomer
Lineberry, Crystal R, Lexington
Linkous, Leona P, Lexington
Linville, Mike Hugh, Lexington
Linyard, Dottie M, Statesville
Lira, Ginger R, Welcome
Little, Amy, Statesville
Little, John Wayne, Lexington
Livengood, Robert L, Lexington
Lizzio, Frank J, Burlington, KY
Lloyd, Robert C, Asheboro
Lockhart, Anthony, Welcome
Locklear, James Earl, Fairmont
Loebs, Susan M, Denver
Loflin’S Body Shop, Denton
Loflin, Barbara, Mocksville
Loflin, Lee, Denton
Lohmire, Bob F, Mooresville
Long, Bradford Gray, Pinnacle
Long, Brenna C, Yadkinville
Long, Donna J, Walhalla, SC
Long, Jason, Davidson
Long, Wanda J, Mooresville
Lookabill, Billie C, Lawrenceville, GA
Loper, Sandra J, Clemmons
Lopez, Irma, Winston-Salem
Lopp, John, Lexington
Lounsberry, Becky L, Mocksville
Louya, Tammy S, Lexington
Lovell, Stanley Roger, Dawsonville, GA
Lovern, Christian, Roanoke, VA
Lovett, Charles C, Lexington
Lovette, Cora P, Statesville
Lovette, Michael D, North Wilkesboro
Lowder, Donna, Thomasville
Lowe, Ellen Walker, Hamptonville
Lowe, Gary L, Millers Creek
Lowe, Monte L, Clemmons
Lowery, Jamie Lynn, Huntersville
Lowry, T Kirk, Charlotte
Lucas, Bobbie J, Advance
Luckey, Rose Mary, Mooresville
Luhrs, Tara H, Thaxton, VA
Luley, Michael, Wiggins, MS
Luther, Martin, Huntersville
Lutz, Victoria A, Dunwoody, GA
Lyles, George W, Las Vegas, NV
Lyon, David M, Huntersville
Lyons, Peggy W, Brunswick, GA
Mabe, Bill L, Pinnacle
Mabe, Cathy C, Madison
Mabe, Richard, Advance
Macemore, Randy, Yadkinville
Macias, Janet K, Lexington
Maddox, Lincolnton
Maddox, Mike L, Huntersville
Maddox, Suzanne, Charlotte
Mahaffey Bros, Statesville
Mahathey, Tracey P, Madison
Maher, Deborah, Cornelius
Mahler, John, Burlington
Mahugh, Jason T, Riner, VA
Major, Barry E, Statesville
Makas, Lisa R, Winston-Salem
Maldunado, Teresa Bailey, Lexington
Malloy, Robert E, North Myrtle Beach, SC
Maness, Ivey G, Asheboro
Mange, Stephen, Davidson
Manning, Bruce, Lexington
Manuel, Jerry Paul, Statesville
Manuel, John, Bristol, VA
Manzi, Raymond, High Point
Maple Leaf Health Cr, Houston, TX
Marble, Pamela J, Linwood
Marcum, Lacey C, Thomasville
Mare, Clarice, Kernersville
Mari, Antonia, Statesville
Mariano, Steven M, Charlotte
Marion, Thomas, Lewisville
Marks, Charles E, Matthews
Marler, Robert, Indianapolis, IN
Marlow, Joyce F, Statesville
Marsh, Randal, Winston-Salem
Marshall, Phillip, Mayodan
Martin Ruth Ann B, Burlington
Martin, Annie H, Charlotte
Martin, Charlene R, Mocksville
Martin, Clio Delaine, Walnut Cove
Martin, Daryl, Sandy Ridge
Martin, Leo, Huntersville
Martin, Linda K, Catawba
Martin, Nannie M, Thomasville
Martin, Robert W, Cornelius
Martin, Ronnie R, Statesville
Martinez, Amador Frank, Hialeah, FL
Martinez, Rogelio Dej, Stony Point
Mason, Charles Wayne, Statesville
Mason, Fred, Statesville
Mason, Jeffrey S, Yadkinville
Massengill, D Craig, Clemmons
Massey, Bruce, Taylorsville
Massey, Larry, Stony Point
Masson, John U, Indianapolis, IN
Masters, Kelly, Davidson
Mathis, Ovid, Boonville
Mathis, Tami Leigh, Mint Hill
Mathis, Tony, North Wilkesboro
Matlock, Steve, Taylorsville
Matney, Albert, Statesville
Matson, Lloyd E, Statesville
Mauffray, Glenn R, Iron Station
Maurer, Roger D, Winston-Salem
Maxwell, John, Huntersville
May, Sandra L, Stanley
Mayberry, Lonnie G, Troutman
Mays, David A, Statesville
McAllister, S F, Mocksville
McBride, Frances Jean, Cooleemee
McBride, Franklin G, Mocksville
McBride, Verdie, Mayodan
McCabe, Brian J, Huntersville
McCall Insurance Agency Inc, Cornelius
McCall, Mark/Angela, Mocksville
McCann, Darnell, Mocksville
McCloskey, Tiffany, Amarillo, TX
McCorkle, Gerald W, Newport
McCourt, F Robert, Charlotte
McCoy, Brenda A, Statesville
McCoy, Eric K, Cornelius
McCoy, Leonard, Olin
McCracken, Donald, Pfafftown
McCracken, Doyle, Shallotte
McCurdy, Wayne, Mocksville
McCuthen, Lisa, Clemmons
McDade, Jeffrey H, Kannapolis
McDaniel, Angelia B, Matthews
McDaniel, Douglas L, Lexington
McDaniel, Ellen K, Statesville
McDaniels, Margaret L, Lexington
McDonald, Ronald, Orlando, FL
McDowell, Pamela, Thomasville
McDowell, Walter, Linwood
McElveen, Tracy, Statesville
McEvers, Dave M, Statesville
McFalls, Martha A, Statesville
McGhee, Betty, Maiden
McGinnis, William, Charlotte
McGowan, Michael, Mooresville
McGuire, J C, Boomer
McHargue, Jeffrey, Troutman
McHargue, Sherry L, Statesville
McKay, Joseph, Mount Holly
McKee, Bradford A, Brandon, FL
McKenzie Place Homeowners, Davidson
McLain, Donald, Hiddenite
McLamb, James R, Harmony
McLaughlin, Carrie P, Statesville
McLaurin, Sharon K, High Point
McLay, Carol, Cornelius
McLelland, Steve M, Mooresville
McLeod, John R, Sandy Ridge
McMahan, Carmon J, Harmony
McMahon, Joe, Denver
McManaway, Paul D, Davidson
McManus, Fred, Warrensville
McManus, Margaret, Cornelius
McManus, Mary Ellen, Davidson
McMillan, Marie I, Statesville
McMillion, Harold, Randleman
McMinn, Geary, Salisbury
McMullen, Kathryn A, Trenton, MI
McNemar, Don, Palm Harbor, FL
McPherson, John D, Stony Point
McQueen, Randal, Utica, OH
McRae, Richard Russell, Salisbury
McSorley, Jerry, Old Greenwich, CT
Meadlock, Maegan C, Taylorsville
Meadlock, Michael J, Cocoa Beach, FL
Meares, Thomas W, Sherrills Ford
Mears, Rusty M, Salisbury
Mecham, Ross L, Winston-Salem
Medcath Inc, Charlotte
Medford, Christopher G, Trinity
Medrano, Jose, Huntersville
Mehder, Maryanita, Clover, SC
Mehl, Dennis C, Statesville
Mejia, Rosa, Huntersville
Meleiski, Mark J, Terrell
Melodick, Jacqueline, Turnersburg
Melton, George B, Kannapolis
Melton, Theo S, Lexington
Melville, Michael J, Charlotte
Melvin, Ronald W, Cleveland
Mendoza, Martin C, Statesville
Menscer, Cynthia A, Troutman
Mercer, Eric D, Decatur, IL
Merrell, Lindsey, Mocksville
Mesa Industries, Omaha, NE
Messer, Jennifer L, Kermit, WV
Messer, Nancy D, Statesville
Messer, Scott L, Statesville
Messina, Brian, Raleigh
Meter, Richard A, Huntersville
Metzger, Lois A, Montoursville, PA
Meyers, Chenery A, Statesville
Michael Waltrip Racing Holdings LLC, Cornelius
Michael, Barry D, Winston-Salem
Michael, Elizabeth S, Trinity
Michael, James, Maiden
Michael, Timothy, Statesville
Mick, M Elaine, High Point
Mickler, Keith B, Woodstock, GA
Mikesell, Cynthia, Kernersville
Milano, Lou, Huntersville
Milem, James, China Grove
Miller, Alan A, Advance
Miller, Carol A, Orange Beach, AL
Miller, David Gerald, Roaring River
Miller, Debbie P, Statesville
Miller, Jimmy S, Lexington
Miller, Kary, Denver
Miller, Michael L, Madison
Miller, Michael S, Statesville
Miller, Ronald Scott, Lexington
Miller, Russell W, Mooresville
Miller, Sarah Lee, King
Mills, Bob H, Charlotte
Mills, James M, Lawsonville
Mills, Rosa L, Statesville
Milner, Edna Pauline, Linwood
Milstead, Keith L, Statesville
Minkley, William, Lexington
Minor, Daniel Wayne, Statesville
Minson, Mark A, Salisbury
Minyard, Emma M, Lexington
Mise, Scott A, Lexington
Mitchell, Bonnie D, Taylorsville
Mitchell, Claude J, Statesville
Mitchell, Mark, Kernersville
Mitchell, Randy L, Hamptonville
Mitchell, Sandra L, Terrell
Mitchell, Wanda R, Taylorsville
Mixon, Robert R, Hickory Grove, SC
Mixon, Wesley Lee, Linwood
Modgling, Tyra L, New Braunfels, TX
Moesgen, Oliver, Huntersville
Monahan, April R, Cornelius
Moncus, Scott Odell, Boonville
Money, Mitchell G, Lexington
Mongak, Elizabeth Ann, Charlotte
Monsrud, Patricia L, Allentown, PA
Monton, Deborah E, Ocala, FL
Moody, Karen Joyce, Charlotte
Mooe, Carmen H, Statesville
Mooe, Michelle Katherine, Union Grove
Moore, Bradley B, Winston-Salem
Moore, Clyde, Lexington
Moore, Dwight W, Kernersville
Moore, Garnet L, King
Moore, James E, Hampstead
Moore, Jerry F, Mocksville
Moore, Jim D, Denver
Moore, Johnny E, Olin
Moore, Kenneth Ray, Statesville
Moore, Ralph, Harmony
Moore, Renee Y, Wilkesboro
Moore, Steven C, Kernersville
Moore, T R, Lexington
Moorefield, Juanita A, Thomasville
Morehead, Brenda, Statesville
Morehouse, Shawn R, Greenwich, NY
Morgan, Kelly E, Lexington
Morris, Dell E, New London
Morris, John H, Cornelius
Morris, Patricia Lynn, Lexington
Morrison, Alec L, Morrisville, PA
Morrison, Sheryl D, Statesville
Morrow, Onlan M, Mooresville
Moseley, Timothy M, Huntersville
Moss, Kimberly D, Rockwell
Mousavi General Contr Inc., Winston-Salem
Mowrey, Randy P, Denver
Muenter, Leilani, Cornelius
Mullens, Catherine L, Mocksville
Mullis, Chell, Locust
Murphy, David R, Thomasville
Murray, Daniel J, Lexington
Murray, Jimmy S, Stoneville
Musser, James E, Statesville
Myer, James T, Lexington
Myers, Andrea, Lexington
Myers, Deborah A, Lexington
Myers, Donald, Woodleaf
Myers, Flora, Traphill
Myers, Gary H, Lexington
Myers, Kenneth C, Statesville
Myers, Ray O, Lexington
Myers, Tim R, Lexington
Myrick, Lydia W, Virginia Beach, VA
NC Dept Nat Resource, Raleigh
Nagel, Stephanie, Mocksville
Nance, Jeff C, Albemarle
Nance, Ricky Thomas, Thomasville
Nance, Robert, Yadkinville
Naramore, Michael, Cornelius
Nash, Harold E, Winston-Salem
Nash, Teresa R, Statesville
Neal, Jeffery A, Kernersville
Nealey, Bruce Leon, Lexington
Nealey, Jamie, Lexington
Nealy, Bruce W, Wallace
Neely, Frances S, Huntersville
Nelson, Billy, Denver
Nelson, Carolyn Y, Cornelius
Nelson, James C, Cornelius
Nelson, Jeffrey D, Hermosa Beach, CA
Nelson, John W, Converse, TX
Nelson, Louise S, Gastonia
Nesmith, Alisa, Clemmons
Newman, Richard, Statesville
Newsome, Mike, Graham
Newton, John, Concord
Newton, Shirley L, Davidson
Newton, Steve, Alexis
Nguyen, Huan T, Spring, TX
Nicholson, Joe C, Nora, VA
Nifong, Susan H, Cooleemee
Nimmons, Maurice H, Davidson
Nininger, R David, Elon
Nipper, William W, Huntersville
Nisly, Samuel E, Union Grove
Nixon, Chris J, Davidson
Nobles, Roger Dale, Lexington
Noel, Pamela S, Denver
Non Destructive Eval, Davidson
Norman Chirop Lake, Cornelius
Norman, Sharon H, Hamptonville
Norman, Steven Wayne, Troutman
Northcross Marquis Lp, Carrollton, TX
Notarianni, Peter H, Statesville
Nowalk, Randy, Huntersville
Nuckolls, Marshall T, Statesville
Nunley, Frances, Miles, VA
Nurney, Mary, Thomasville
Nye, Faye, Denver
O’Reilly, Sheila K, Trinity
Oak Island Flight Academy, Advance
Oakwood Corp Housing, Phoenix, AZ
Oder, William H, Williamston
Ogden, Louis E, Davidson
Olandez, Julian, Danbury
Olea, Salvador, Mocksville
Olejarczyk, Mariusz W, Bermuda Run
Olenick, James J, Taylorsville
Oliver, Cynthia D, Whiteville
Omni Vision Inc, North Wilkesboro
Orr, Robert Boyd, Huntersville
Orrell, Bruce, Winston-Salem
Ortel, Daniel J, Davidson
Ortiz, Bartolo Joseph, Greensboro
Ortiz, Robert, King
Osborne, David W, Lexington
Osborne, Mackenzie, Huntersville
Osborne, Mitchell J, West Jefferson
Osborne, Terry Shew, North Wilkesboro
Ottone, John J, Statesville
Overbee, Tonya Leigh, Gastonia
Overcash, Charles F, Kannapolis
Overcash, Lynn, Salisbury
Overkamp, Bonny B, Denver
Owen, Earnest E, Lexington
Owen, James V, Greensboro
Owen, Larry W, High Point
Owenby, Kevin L, Lexington
Owens, Barry, Walnut Cove
Owens, David Shane, Lexington
Owens, Mary L, Denton
Owens, Michael W, Fort Worth, TX
Owens, Susan F, Davidson
Owens, Tammy L, Lexington
PCS Sprint, Leesburg, FL
Pack, Edward, Summerville, SC
Pack, Raye A, Madison
Padgett, Arlen, Charlotte
Padgett, Nicole, Statesville
Page, Cynthia D, Statesville
Page, Paul, Walnut Cove
Pagenaud, Simon P, Cornelius
Paige, Tony, King
Palis, Molly, Colorado Springs, CO
Parker, Billy, Statesville
Parker, Carey W, North Wilkesboro
Parker, Cynthia P, Denver
Parker, Dean, Roaring River
Parker, Eva, Charlotte
Parker, Johnny R, Troutman
Parker, Kenneth M, Sherrills Ford
Parks, Eunice C, Troutman
Parrish, Peggy, Concord
Parry, Robert P, Huntersville
Partlow, Travis Lee, Mooresville
Paschall, Tammy L, Welcome
Patel, Arvindkumar S, Walnut Cove
Patel, Nagar, Huntersville
Patino, Carlos A, Statesville
Patino, Noe, Mooresville
Patterson, Dillon, Hiddenite
Patterson, Jacqueline L, Cornelius
Patterson, Jeffry L, Huntersville
Patterson, Paula C, Mocksville
Paul Enscore Building Co, Rural Hall
Pawlowski, Melissa, Denver
Pawlowski, Peter C, Charlotte
Payne’S Furniture Se, Scotts
Payne, Rita L, Lexington
Payne, Rosetta, Stokesdale
Payonk, Fred, Charlotte
Peacock, Annie K, Statesville
Peacock, Phil E, Lexington
Pearl, David B, Ronda
Pedroza, Francisco, Cleveland
Peeples, Sarah, Winston-Salem
Pelchat, Michael R, Thomasville
Pendergrass, George, Sherrills Ford
Pennell, Barry, Taylorsville
Pennell, Mary B, Taylorsville
Pennell, Ray Edward, Thomasville
Pennell, Winford, Gaffney, SC
Penninger, Alisa, Huntersville
Penninger, Sharon S, Lexington
Peoples, Lester, Robbinsville
Perdue, James J, Iaeger, WV
Perkins, Shando, Lexington
Perry, Betty L, Hickory
Perry, Bruce W, Lewisville
Perry, Janet, Taylorsville
Perry, Kimberly M, Statesville
Perry, Michael, Salisbury
Perry, Randall, Statesville
Peters, Dawn M, Asheboro
Peterson, Joe, Cornelius
Peterson, Sharon L, Troutman
Petty, Johnny L, Concord
Pfefferkorn, William G, Winston-Salem
Pfuhl, Phillip, Charlotte
Pharr, Gary L, Statesville
Phelps, Cecil, Salisbury
Phelps, Gary L, Mooresville
Phillips, Betty G, Linwood
Phillips, Bradley, Statesville
Phillips, Brandon, Winston-Salem
Phillips, David C, Claremont
Phillips, Harriet B, Winston-Salem
Phillips, Kendra, Moravian Falls
Phillips, Kent, Mooresville
Phillips, Milton R, Huntersville
Phillips, Nancy D, Huntersville
Phillips, Tobin, Iron Station
Phipps, Lawrence D, King
Picard, Robert, Asheboro
Pickett, Billy Ray, Welcome
Piedmont Properties, Southmont
Pierce, Cynthia A, Baton Rouge, LA
Pierce, Nellie D, Southmont
Pierson, Betty, Taylorsville
Pike, Shane T, Mooresville
Pike, Winford W, Mc Grady
Piper, Joyce, Davidson
Pipp, John W, Antioch, IL
Pittman, Rebecca, Kannapolis
Pittman, Sue G, Hickory
Pletcher, Charles Douglas, Lexington
Plunkett, Teresa, Winston-Salem
Plyler, Beulah M, Gastonia
Plyler, Douglas W, Lincolnton
Pneu-Mech Systems, Statesville
Poff, John W, Radford, VA
Poh, Aloysius, Belmont, MA
Poindexter, Emery B, Asheboro
Pokorny, Jonathan Richard, Mooresville
Pollard, Kenny L, Rocky Mount
Polzin, Paul M, Lexington
Pompey, Rudolph, Lexington
Pope, E Wayne, Statesville
Pope, Michael A, Clemmons
Pope, Sherry, Statesville
Porter, Lynne B, Lexington
Potts, James B, Taylorsville
Potts, Rodney L, Petersburg, VA
Powell, David, Cornelius
Powell, Mary E, Catawba
Powell, Nancy J, Statesville
Poynter, Vera R, Carolina Shores
Pratt, Donald K, Salem, WV
Pratt, Dorrell, Yadkinville
Pressley, David, Home
Price, Chuck, Taylorsville
Price, Henry L, Clarkesville, GA
Priddy, Daphne D, Madison
Priddy, Ernest, Germanton
Priddy, Vivian C, Madison
Priest, Keith E, Wallburg
Printz, Steve, Davidson
Pritt, Betty, Lexington
Proffitt, Todd J, Hamptonville
Propst, Harold E, Icard
Pruden, Michele, Lexington
Pruitt, Kevin L, Germanton
Pryor, James Gregory, Denton
Puck, David, Huntersville
Puckett, E H, Davidson
Purdy, Frank L, Lexington
Purdy, Julie L, Cornelius
Purkarthofer, Uta, Cornelius
Putnam, Mike, Monroe
Quantum Group Inc, Bloomfield, MI
Quate, Fred Marshall, Stokesdale
Queen, Connie M, Denver
Queen, Danny Keith, Georgetown, TX
Queen, Darryl E, Hamptonville
Queen, Frances J, Statesville
Queen, Kristy B, High Point
Quik Sack Food Mart, Statesville
Quinn, James T, Monroe
R S Seed Cleaners, Cleveland
Raines, Betty A, Troutman
Rainwater, Keith S, Winston-Salem
Rambo, Stevie R, Statesville
Ramirez, Carlos J, Huntersville
Ramirez, Lucio, Mocksville
Ramseur, James R, Statesville
Randall, David Lee, High Point
Randle, Dana, Huntersville
Randolph, Curley, Denver
Randy O Barney Const Co, Lexington
Ransom, Harry E, Huntersville
Ratchford, Brian L, Mooresville
Ratcliffe, Timothy A, Mebane
Rathemacher, Sue, Sherrills Ford
Ratkus, Brenda Lee, Pensacola, FL
Ratledge, Jerry, Mocksville
Ray, James R, Lexington
Ray, Mary T, Winston-Salem
Re-Max Partners, Greensboro
Re/Max Realty Consultants, Winston-Salem
Re/Max Realty, Winston-Salem
Reaves, Tom, Oak Ridge
Reavis, Billy Todd, Mocksville
Reavis, Jerry A G, Siler City
Reavis, Linda M, Salisbury
Reavis, Todd P, Mocksville
Reckers, Donald R, Spartanburg, SC
Rector, Nathan D, Taylorsville
Redding, Chris S, Charlotte
Reddington, Krista S, Huntersville
Redmon, Karen S, Thomasville
Redmon, Terry L, Cleveland
Reece, Joe Don, Winston-Salem
Reece, Robert J, Yadkinville
Reed, Kathryn A, Troutman
Reed, Robert, Denver
Reese, Richard G, Hickory
Reeves Del/J Coleman, North Wilkesboro
Rehability Corp, Wharton, TX
Rehorn, Ashley, Davidson
Reich, J Ralph, Winston-Salem
Reimer, Richard P, Denton
Reinhardt, Alfreda M, Claremont
Remax/Fidelity Natassmgtsolu, Greensboro
Remington, Heather N, Charlotte
Reopel, Shirley M, Westfield, MA
Replogle, Dean G, Lexington
Reynolds, Donna J, Davidson
Reynolds, Jerry W, Trinity
Rhodes, Billy Dean, Eden
Rhodes, Christopher, Hickory
Rhodes, Rodney W, Moyock
Rhyne, Jerry A, Oak Island
Rhyne, Sherri C, Denver
Ribelin, Kurt V, Woodleaf
Rice, Richard, Lincolnton
Richards, Robert, China Grove
Richards, Todd Russell, Clemmons
Richardson, John, Gainesville, FL
Richardson, Larry D, Winston-Salem
Richardson, Michael L, Alexis
Richardson, Sharon, Lexington
Richardson, Vicki L, Lexington
Richey, Kevin, Harrisburg
Riddle, Odell L, North Wilkesboro
Ridge, Harold Ray, High Point
Ring, David, Statesville
Riordan, Daniel, Huntersville
Rivas, Victoria L, Mechanicstown, OH
Rivenbark, Harry C, Winston-Salem
Roach, Doris, Lexington
Roberson, Michael G, Kernersville
Roberts, Kenneth F, Wilkesboro
Roberts, Linda T, Jefferson
Roberts, Ronnie L, Statesville
Roberts, Sandra Vanover, Lexington
Roberts, Susan R, Statesville
Roberts, Timothy, Huntersville
Robertson, Allie, Stony Point
Robertson, Glenda S, Kernersville
Robertson, Michael, Lexington
Robertson, Richard, Glen Allen, VA
Robertson, Warren J, New London
Robinette, Camelia D, Taylorsville
Robins, James R, Winston-Salem
Robinson, Bill, Lenoir
Robinson, Jody L, Harmony
Robinson, Joseph L, Conover
Robinson, Michelle S, Mount Mourne
Robinson, Ray W, Mooresville
Roby, James M, Stanley
Rodesiler, Michelle, Columbus, OH
Rodgerson, S M, Palm Harbor, FL
Rodriguez, Maria M, Kernersville
Rodriguez, Rafael R, Statesville
Roettger, Kenneth H, Huntersville
Rogers, Chrystal D, Cooleemee
Rogers, Gary W, Linwood
Rogers, James Darrin, Hickory
Rogers, Richard C, Statesville
Rogosky, Timothy P, Denver
Rollings, Tim, Mooresville
Romanoff, Richard H, Statesville
Romero, Anthony, Charlotte
Romney, Tinika D, Sherrills Ford
Rood, Susan R, Statesville
Rosado, Laura A, Stony Point
Rosamond, Ed, Granite Falls
Rose, Whaid G, Thornton, CO
Rosenhauer, James, Kernersville
Rothrock, James Conrad, New London
Rothstein, Stuart H, Mooresville
Roussell, Janene M, Inverness, FL
Rowland, Eric C, Lexington
Royal, William R, Wilkesboro
Rucker, Clara, Cleveland
Rudisill, Gary R, Lexington
Ruggeri, Luciano Louis, High Point
Rumburg, Jack L, Stanley
Rundquist, Roberta Jean, Salisbury
Runions, Brenda Faye, Denton
Runyan, Rodney T, Huntersville
Ruppe, Charles Henry, Taylorsville
Rush, Gaylon L, Charlotte
Russell, Carolyn, Moravian Falls
Russell, John Kevin, High Point
Russell, Randy E, Conover
Russo, Tony, Cornelius
Rutherford, Deborah D, Stony Point
Ryan Homes, Huntersville
Ryan Homes, Huntersville
Ryan Homes, Huntersville
Rybicky, Longina, Clifton, NJ
S2 Construction Corp, Charlotte
Safriet, Carla M, Statesville
Sakai, Takao, Irvine, CA
Saleem, Asem, Charlotte
Salter, Stefan B, Kernersville
Salyers, Clarence, Statesville
Sampson, Linda, Denton
Samsel, Gene L, Huntersville
Sanders, Frankie, Cornelius
Sandlin, David W, Thomasville
Sandra Village, Atlanta, GA
Sands, John W, Phoenix, AZ
Sands, Larry, ,
Sankowich, Susan, Orange, TX
Santerre, Louann, Huntersville
Santoli, Elizabeth, Mocksville
Santus, Cassandra L, Davidson
Sasher, Lona M, Spotsylvania, VA
Satterwhite, Stephen M, Huntersville
Saunders, John R, Charlotte
Savicki, Kim, Wade
Sawyer, Douglas, Troutman
Sawyer, Henry L, Statesville
Saye, Michael E, Huntersville
Sayles, Loretta, Huntersville
Scarberry, Jacqueline, Statesville
Scarlett, Bobby, Lexington
Schaberg, Billie, Huntersville
Schepens Designer Homes, Denver
Schimmeck, Donna, Clemmons
Schmidt, James R, Chilhowie, VA
Schuerman, Samantha, Hampstead
Scott, Annie R, Statesville
Scott, Keith, Lexington
Scott, Robert Lee, Mocksville
Scroger, Lynn A, Statesville
Scroggs, Stephanie, East Bend
Seagle, Michael, Denver
Seagrave, Timothy, Huntersville
Sealey, Frances B, Winston-Salem
Seamon, Lorie R, Mooresville
Sebastien, Atoya, Huntersville
Security Builders, Statesville
Segers, Christopher T, Pilot Mountain
Sehnke, Robert L, Troutman
Sells, Katherine, Trinity
Sells, Lindsay L, Linwood
Sells, Randy S, Statesville
Selvey, Robert B, Statesville
Sergent, Bill D, Charlotte
Setliff, Madeline R, Welcome
Sexton, Amy Michelle, Thomasville
Sexton, David G, Boone
Shaffer, D Brian, Lexington
Shaffer, Edwin N, Winston-Salem
Shank, Donald, Cornelius
Shank, Richard D, Troutman
Sharpe, Cathy R, Statesville
Sharpe, Harold, Stokesdale
Shaver, Robert M, Cooleemee
Shaw, Darren Ray, Lexington
Shears, Richard, Lexington
Sheehan, Tracy L, Slayden, TN
Sheets, Pamela S, Winston-Salem
Sheets, Stevie M, North Wilkesboro
Shell, Karen E, Lexington
Shemancik, Robin, Kernersville
Shepherd, Claude A, North Wilkesboro
Shepherd, Don, Charlotte
Shepherd, James H, Mount Vernon, WA
Sheppard, Gregory A, Davidson
Sheppard, John Neal, Madison
Sherlin, Alvin M, Shelby
Shermer, Janie, Clemmons
Sherrill Faw Co, Wilkesboro
Sherrill, Alice A, Taylorsville
Sherrill, Robert J, Cornelius
Sherwood, Christopher, Huntersville
Shever, Kent E, Hickory
Shew, Rocky, Taylorsville
Shew, Roger D, Roaring River
Shields, Patricia J, Colfax
Shields, Tammie F, Kernersville
Shimberg, Brian D, Huntersville
Shive, Charles M, Scotts
Shoaf, Carolyn, Lexington
Shoaf, Farren, Statesville
Shoemaker, Randall D, Taylorsville
Shoemaker, Tina M, Taylorsville
Shore, Jeff, Trinity
Shore, Larry G, Clemmons
Shoreline Property, Denver
Short, Richard C, Mocksville
Shoup, Sherry L, Statesville
Shrum, Ray, Newton
Shuler, Thomas A, Linwood
Shuler, Vance, Asheboro
Shumaker, Rickie Lee, Statesville
Shunkwiler, James L, Huntersville
Shutt, Edward, Clemmons
Shutt, Richard G, Mount Mourne
Sidden, Melissa C, Mocksville
Sides, Randy Lee, Charlotte
Sides, Robert J, Concord
Sigmon, C Nelson, Charlotte
Siler, Ray/Sandra, Lenoir
Silverthorne, William Robert, Oak Ridge
Simcox, Charles E, Huntersville
Simmons, Hazel Moose, Goldsboro
Simms, Josie, Lexington
Simpson, Jeremy, Hunt, WV
Simpson, Steven W, Huntersville
Singletary, J Lamar, Ocean Isle Beach
Sink, Angelia M, Winston-Salem
Sink, Lawrence C, Clemmons
Sinning, Sharon L, Thomasville
Sipes, C Edward, Julian
Sisk, Melanie, Huntersville
Sisk, Tommy G, Winston-Salem
Sisoukrath, Khamphouvee, Statesville
Sizemore, Garry B, Winston-Salem
Sizemore, Ruby H, Statesville
Skipper, Rita, Taylorsville
Slane, Jeceny, Taylorsville
Slemp, Lisa M, Lexington
Slone, Susan, Pikeville, KY
Sluder, Donald Lee, Statesville
Sluder, Lynn A, Winston-Salem
Smart, Dillon G, Conover
Smathers, Lenny T, Granite Falls
Smith Barbara Ann N, Thomasville
Smith, Anne, Cornelius
Smith, Barry Clayton, Asheboro
Smith, Betty N, Lexington
Smith, Bobby Thomas, Statesville
Smith, Carey F, Matthews
Smith, Clemmon R, Reidsville
Smith, Doris, Yadkinville
Smith, Dumont, Winston-Salem
Smith, Elizabeth Joyce, Lexington
Smith, Fred Monroe, Mocksville
Smith, Jay F, Beach Haven, NJ
Smith, Jeff B, Thomasville
Smith, Jeffery Ray, Carolina Beach
Smith, Kathy L, Mocksville
Smith, Kelly C, Thomasville
Smith, Ken W, Waverly, TN
Smith, Kenneth E, Stony Point
Smith, Kevin B, Chilhowie, VA
Smith, Kimberly C, Lexington
Smith, Kristy L, Pine Hall
Smith, Leory, Walnut Cove
Smith, Lisa, Walnut Cove
Smith, M Jack, Winston-Salem
Smith, Melton, Oakboro
Smith, Michael O, Huntersville
Smith, Michael, Cornelius
Smith, Reba H, Dallas
Smith, Rebecca, Madison
Smith, Richard K, Lexington
Smith, Richard M, Statesville
Smith, Robert A, Statesville
Smith, Tami G, Huntersville
Smith, Tonya, Linwood
Smith, Wanda, Linwood
Smith, William Anderson, Cleveland
Snead, Dionne F, Southmont
Sneed, Shirley R, Charlotte
Snider, Diane S, Lexington
Snider, Susan G, Welcome
Snyder, Russell W, Randleman
Sodemann, Mark C, Huntersville
Solseth, Edward, Jonas Ridge
Sopina, Mathew S, Denver
Sorensen, Gary, Sharpsburg, GA
Sorrell Greene & Asc, Mooresville
Southards, Chris E, Denton
Souther, Alvin, Wilkesboro
Souther, Keith M, Statesville
Souther, Roy E, Statesville
Southern, Curtis, Walnut Cove
Southern, Rocky, Stokesdale
Southern, Tina S, Advance
Southland Const Inc, Lexington
Sowers, Henry C, Lexington
Spangler, Michael, Walnut Cove
Speaks, Majorie W, Statesville
Spear, Andrew, Spring Hill, FL
Spears, Dale Lynn, Stony Point
Spears, Stephen W, Rogers Blv Oviedo, FL
Speedy Lohr’S Bbq Of Arcadia, Lexington
Spence, Mark D, Lexington
Spence, Tony E, Trinity
Sprayberry, Stephanie, Boiling Springs, SC
Squailia, William J, Statesville
St Clair, Nancy, Taylorsville
Stacey, Anthony, Mooresville
Stacey, Loval Shawn, Lexington
Stafford, Brian Todd, Lexington
Stafford, Guye F, Hickory
Stafford, Tammy M, Woodleaf
Stallings, Jennifer, Davidson
Stamper, Tony, Greensboro
Standish, Kelly J, Statesville
Stanford, Thomas, Mooresville
Stanley, Deane N, Charlotte
Stanley, James W, Midland, TX
Stanley, Michelle L, Davidson
Staples, Walter Ray, Lexington
Starnes, Karen, Walkertown
Statesville Pain Assoc, Statesville
Steadman, Donna, Carmel, IN
Steele, David C, Hickory
Steele, Deborah, Mocksville
Steele, Diane, Hickory
Steele, Jimmy L, Harmony
Steele, Kevin, Kannapolis
Stell, Lance K, Davidson
Stephens, Marvin L, Hudson, FL
Stephens, Mike, Kannapolis
Stepp, Sidney, Huntersville
Stevens, Mikayla, Statesville
Stevenson, Aric C, Statesville
Stevenson, Eura, Statesville
Stevenson, Linda B, Bluff, VA
Stevenson, Sandra S, Harmony
Stewart, Angela, Mocksville
Stewart, Barry Lee, Sherrills Ford
Stewart, Damon L, Stony Point
Stewart, Donna, Statesville
Stewart, Garry W, Troutman
Stiehl, Geraldine Ruth, Lexington
Stikeleather, Earl, Charlotte
Stiling, Thomas R, Raleigh
Stilwell, Michael W, Thomasville
Stilwell, Ronnie D, Belmont
Stimpson, Brenda L, Lexington
Stinson, Angela C, Troutman
Stinson, Jeanne L, Statesville
Stiver, Allen, Harrison, AR
Stockman, Laura S, Chapel Hill
Stogner, Brian K, Charlotte
Stokes, S D, Lexington
Stone, James Webster, Thomasville
Stone, Wendy Y, Lexington
Story, Jerry P, Denver
Story, Sherri Sanford, Huntersville
Stout, Jeff L, Hamptonville
Stout, Rosa Lee, Statesville
Stratton, Matthew, Summerville, SC
Strawser, Edna, Denver
Strickland, Anthony, Lexington
Strickland, Taryn Michelle, Lexington
Strickland, Timothy D, Denton
Stringfellow, Ervin W, Kannapolis
Stroud, Kathy H, Statesville
Stultz, Ada, Snow Camp
Stump, Amy, Stokesdale
Stump, Diane M, Grundy, VA
Stutts, Helen H, Troutman
Suguro, Yasunori, Statesville
Sullivan, Amanda M, Franklin, TN
Sumey, Michelle, Thomasville
Summerford, James, Davidson
Summit Properties, Charlotte
Sunglass, Island, Davidson
Surace, Richard F, Sherrills Ford
Surski, Richard, Conway, SC
Sutherland, Mark A, Huntersville
Sutherland, Neva D, Statesville
Sutton, Elsie, Statesville
Swaim, Lynda K, Kernersville
Swart, Ruth Ann, Mooresville
Swarts, Leanne, Kirkville, NY
Sweat, George C, Clemmons
Sweeney, John J, Huntersville
Swiger, Sheila, Lumberport, WV
Sykes, Candy C, Walnut Cove
Syntracorp LLC, Huntersville
T & F Bldrs, Taylorsville
Tacia, Matthew Robert, Clarkston, MI
Taft, Angela N, Huntersville
Talbert, Katherine F, Statesville
Talbot, Gloria K, Cornelius
Talent, Victor Darin, Denton
Talip, Frederick, Lexington, SC
Tarleton, Mike R, Linwood
Taylor, Lillie M, Danbury
Taylor, Lloyd E, Randleman
Taylor, Myra James, Winston-Salem
Tease, Michael J, Kamas, UT
Tefft, Carolyn A, Huntersville
Telaak, Donald J, Myrtle Beach, SC
Templeton, Michael G, Olin
Tenborg, Roberta L, Mooresville
Terzek, Ed, Denver
Thacker, Luella, Walnut Cove
Tharp, Warner B, Kernersville
The Associates Fin, Statesville
The Developing Edge, Statesville
The Pointe Golf Center, Lexington
The Ward Group LLC, Clemmons
Thomas, Elizabeth M, High Point
Thomas, Jack E, Talbott, TN
Thomas, Jeffrey Allen, Stoneville
Thomas, John W, Statesville
Thomas, Marilyn L, Huntersville
Thomas, Mark, Scotts
Thomas, Robert L, Spruce Pine
Thomas, Susan, Stanley
Thomas, Terry L, Troutman
Thomas, William R, Winston-Salem
Thomason, Patricia A, Lexington
Thomasson, Jill M, Hamptonville
Thompson, Dawn W, Apex
Thompson, William G, Franklinville
Thorn, Carl D, Charlotte
Thornburg, James R, Cornelius
Thornburg, Rick, Cornelius
Threadgill, Minnie, Kernersville
Tidwell, John W, Charlotte
Tiller, Gaile H, Lexington
Tiller, Samuel, Lexington
Tilley, Billy D, Lawsonville
Tilley, Ronald W, Stoneville
Time Warner Cable North, Lexington
Time Warner Cable Of Eden, Lexington
Time Warner Cable, Matthews
Time Warner Cable, Matthews
Tipler, Laura M, Statesville
Todd, Deborah S, Loves Park, IL
Tolbert, L Ward, Matthews
Tomlin, Robert G, Statesville
Toomer, Johnnie C, Cleveland
Toro, Juan, Cornelius
Towery, Angela, Mocksville
Townsend, Glenn, Iron Station
Tracy, John, Mooresville
Transou, William J, Clemmons
Travis, Carl Raymond, Huntersville
Travis, John H, Statesville
Trevisan, Richard F, De Leon Springs, FL
Trexler, Charles, Stanley
Triad Investments, Lexington
Triplett, Debbie Love, Morganton
Tripp, Donna B, Cornelius
Trivett, Brian K, Myrtle Beach, SC
Trivette, Bradley Gene, Lexington
Trivette, Sandra G, Hamptonville
Trogdon, Michael F, Oriental
Trotter, Keith, Thomasville
Troutman, Brian Keith, Linwood
Troxel, Georgia A, Thomasville
Troxel, Tim J, Lexington
Truitt, Jeannie, Asheboro
Tsuji, Naoki, Cornelius
Tucci, Maryjean, Cornelius
Tuck, June P, Madison
Tucker, Michael, Statesville
Tucker, Phillip C, Kernersville
Tuggle, B M, Stoneville
Tulbert, Michael R, Hamptonville
Tultex Corp, Martinsville, VA
Tumulty, Joseph, Ae,
Turman, Fred D, Winston-Salem
Turn Fifth, Taylorsville
Turner, Anita, Madison
Turner, Dustin Ryan, Cornelius
Turner, Herman, Thomasville
Turner, Jennifer, San Clemente, CA
Turner, Penny, Mocksville
Turner, Timothy, Harmony
Turnstone Bldrs, Clemmons
Tussey, Kenny, Lexington
Tutterow, Eugene, Union Grove
Twin Lakes Ava Inc, Advance
Tyndall, James E, Stanfield
Tysinger, Lloyd D, Lexington
U S Dept Of HUD, Statesville
U S Dept Of HUD, Winston-Salem
U S Racing, Davidson
Unangst, Kathleen M, Huntersville
Underwood, Amanda K, Huntersville
Underwood, Gilbert G, Lexington
Underwood, Tom L, Olin
Unifour Const, Conover
Upton, Carolyn, Cornelius
Upton, Charles E, Asheboro
Urias, Emilio Martinez, Lexington
Vaden, Doris C, Seymour, IN
Valentine, Laura, Rockwell
Van Dyke, Don, Greeley, CO
Van Natta, Lloyd F, Princeton, OR
Van Scoik, Brent W, Dublin, OH
Vance, Clayton O, Lexington
Vance, Herman L, Thomasville
Vance, Jerry R, Statesville
Vance, Patti S, Lexington
Vancleve, Derek, Davidson
Vanderburg, Charles B, Troutman
Vandergrift, Fay W, C,
Vandyke, Don O, Cleveland
Vandyke, James E, Troutman
Vanwormer, Kathy L, Harmony
Varley, Edward G, Statesville
Varner, Jennifer, Archdale
Varner, Steven T, Morrisville
Vass, George S, Summersville, WV
Vaughan, Amy C, Huntersville
Vaughn, Geneva K, Oklahoma City, OK
Vaughn, Sally H, Charlotte
Veach, Courtney F, Clayton
Vesano, Jack L, Charlotte
Vestal, Susan C, Thomasville
Vestal, Tony, Yadkinville
Vido, Mary L, Charlotte
Villages At Harborside, Davidson
Villeda, Thomas Martinez, Hiddenite
Vincell, Leonard L, Lexington
Vinson, Curtis, Statesville
Vito, Christy, Lexington
Volk, Denise M, Kernersville
Vowells, Robert M, Granite Falls
Vuncannon, Barbara Wilson, Denton
W B Construction, Statesville
Wagner, Claude I, Uniontown, OH
Wagner, Polly M, Taylorsville
Wagner, Travis, Winston-Salem
Wagoner, Ellen W, Mc Grady
Wagoner, Scotty, North Wilkesboro
Waite, Richard B, Huntersville
Wakefield, William C, Delta, AL
Walden, Peter Wynne, Palm City, FL
Walden, Phillip M, Dania Beach, FL
Walker, David Bryan, Stony Point
Walker, Jerry Eugene, Concord
Walker, Kim, Hamptonville
Walker, Vera S, Walnut Cove
Wall, David R, Pinehurst
Wall, Shelia Nobles, Southmont
Wallace, Colleen, Peachtree City, GA
Wallace, Wendy G, Denver
Waller, Donnie R, Thomasville
Waller, William N, Lexington
Walser, Dorothy B, Linwood
Walsh, Carol C, Winston-Salem
Walter, Faye T, Statesville
Walters, Cynthia K, Statesville
Walton, Michael D, Lexington
Walton, Sam, Mocksville
Ward, Charles E, Linwood
Ward, Charles R, Kernersville
Ward, Flora E, Lexington
Ward, Kenneth A, Harmony
Ward, Mary Ann, Trinity
Ward, Paul A, Toccoa, GA
Ward, William D, Statesville
Warner, Robert H, Statesville
Warren, David Adrian, Taylorsville
Warye, Paul H, Clemmons
Wasson, Kimberly, Statesville
Watson, Chris, Mooresville
Watson, Lucy, Taylorsville
Watson, Rebecca Vanho, Olin
Watts, Danny, Statesville
Waugh, J D, Troutman
Waymire, Nicholas, Noblesville, IN
Waynick, Jack, Mocksville
Weaver, O T, Lexington
Webb, Gary D, Denver
Webber, Patsy, Mount Holly
Weber, Sharon R, Aiken, SC
Webster, Frank, High Point
Weigand, Keith A, Lexington
Weinkiper, Andre, Taylorsville
Welborn, Ann, Stony Point
Welborn, Delores, Wilkesboro
Welch, Carolyn, Madison
Welch, Walter, Huntersville
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Des Moines, IA
Wells, Larry, Hamptonville
Wemyss, Eric, Huntersville
West Iredell Const, Statesville
West Iredell Const, Statesville
West, Brady L, Statesville
West, Brady L, Stony Point
West, David N, Lexington
West, Renee D, Cooleemee
Westbrook, Renee K, Clemmons
Westminster Co, Greensboro
Weston, Diana J, Providence, RI
Wheeler, Clarence S, Statesville
Wheeler, Thelma L, Stoneville
Wher-Rena Boats, Charlotte
Whisenhunt, Anthony, Mocksville
Whistlehunt, Michael, Bluefield, WV
Whitaker, Bryant Keith, Oak Island
Whitaker, Gwendolyn D, Mount Holly
Whitaker, Jeff L, Hamptonville
Whitaker, Terry, Mocksville
White, Betty K, Lexington
White, Harvey F, Hickory
White, Katherine J, Statesville
White, Mark A, Mooresville
White, Mellissa, Hazelwood
White, Ollie, Madison
White, Wesley, Danbury
White, William P, Lincolnton
Whiting, Eric E, Bellefontaine, OH
Whitley, Robin, Lexington
Whitley, W Darrell, Lexington
Whittaker, Kenneth H, Statesville
Whitworth, Gary, Davidson
Whitworth, Margaret V, Union Grove
Widener, Monica S, Winston-Salem
Widener, Timothy Lance, Morgantown, KY
Wike, Glen, Taylorsville
Wike, James Monroe, Taylorsville
Wilber, Donn K, Lexington
Wilder, Barry, Elberton, GA
Wildfong, Larry D, Kernersville
Wiles, Bennie R, Statesville
Wiles, Ruth, Statesville
Wilhelm, Linda C, Statesville
Wilkes, Michael L, Winston-Salem
Wilkes, Todd C, Lexington
Wilkie, Drena F, Linwood
Wilkins, Larry E, Boonville
Willette, Lynn, Winston-Salem
Williams, Arnold T, Davidson
Williams, C B, Lexington
Williams, Clauzell, Mocksville
Williams, Donald, Huntersville
Williams, Donise G, Germanton
Williams, Donnie R, Mooresville
Williams, J Gary, Mocksville
Williams, James D, North Wilkesboro
Williams, James L, Winston-Salem
Williams, Jean S, Mocksville
Williams, Jesse L, Elon College
Williams, Joe, Sophia
Williams, Karen T, Conover
Williams, Kellie, Kannapolis
Williams, Kenneth, Hickory
Williams, Micheal W, Statesville
Williams, Neal, Madison
Williams, Randolph G, Statesville
Williams, Reggie, Huntersville
Williams, Robert C, Newton
Williams, Shelia Lynn, Stoneville
Williams, Shelia, Yadkinville
Williams, Steve, Kannapolis
Williams, Timothy K, Woodleaf
Williamson, Joseph P, Ennice
Williamson, Stacey, Walnut Cove
Williard, Charles H, Winston-Salem
Willis, Timothy L, Mocksville
Wilson, Debra K, Lexington
Wilson, Gary F, Mooresville
Wilson, Jack L, Mount Airy
Wilson, Jennie, Davidson
Wilson, Lee, West Des Moines, IA
Wilson, Melvin, Germanton
Wilson, Robert, Sherrills Ford
Wilson, Ron E, Concord
Wimberley, Cory B, Stanley
Winchel, R Ross, Brentwood, TN
Winchester, Harry, Colfax
Windham, C Richard, Browns Summit
Winebarger, Shirley M, Stony Point
Winkler, Lori Shook, Taylorsville
Winters, Donna R, Hamptonville
Wisecarver, Wendy M, Mocksville
Wiseman, Dwayne, Morehead City
Wishon, Ralph, Welcome
Wisniowski, Eric M, Mooresville
Withers, Jene, Lincolnton
Witherspoon, Mary E, Auburn, GA
Witherspoon, Scarlett, Statesville
Wolf, Scott G, Statesville
Wolter, Karen K, Huntersville
Womack, Wanda, Fieldale, VA
Womble, Ralph G, Kernersville
Wood, Jerald, Denver
Wood, Jimmy, Clemmons
Wood, Neil, Walnut Cove
Wood, Randall Keith, King
Wood, Tammy, Stanley
Wood, Tonya L, Sandy Ridge
Woodcock, Donald, Denver
Woodcock, Janice, Denver
Woodgeard, Heidi, Archdale
Woodruff, Patricia, Winston-Salem
Woods, Lana J, Hertford
Woods, Scott, Charlotte
Woodward, Christopher, Huntersville
Woodys Restaurant&Ta, Cornelius
Wooten, Edward R, Davidson
Wooten, L R, Statesville
Wooten, William D, Statesville
Workman, Christopher, Mooresville
Worley, Patricia, Cornelius
Woschnik, Charles, Davidson
Wren, Karen S, Kernersville
Wright, David Banks, Hiddenite
Wright, Grover C, Sophia
Wright, Jason A, Mooresville
Wright, Joseph, Kings Mountain
Wright, Pamela, Revere, MA
Wright, Todd E, Statesville
Wright, William Edward, Thomasville
Wyatt, Edna, Mocksville
Wyatt, Terry, Belpre, OH
Wykle, Jay P, Oceana, WV
Wysor, Robert, Huntersville
Yang, Benjamin, Statesville
Yarborough, H G, Fountain Inn, SC
Yarborough, Steve, Randleman
Yarbrough, Marilyn B, Cooleemee
Yates, David Houston, High Point
Yates, Derrick W, Kannapolis
Yevcak, Heather, Huntersville
Yokley, Cathy, Lexington
Young, Carolyn D, Mooresville
Young, Donald N, Charlotte
Young, Margaret, Huntersville
Young, Mary D, Winston-Salem
Young, Windy S, Graham
Younger, Lori C, Charlotte
Youngs, Peter, Huntersville
Zafr, Mureed, Los Angeles, CA
Zimmerman, Michelle, Omaha, NE
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