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Capital Credits from EnergyUnited



Because EnergyUnited is a not-for-profit utility, when we make money beyond our operating costs, we return that money to our members in the form of “capital credits.”

Capital credits are allocated to each individual member based on how much the individual paid the cooperative during a particular period. Every member who has an account with EnergyUnited is a member of the cooperative. The amount of an individual capital credits refund depends on the length of time the member has been served by EnergyUnited and the amount the member has purchased from the cooperative.

In December 2018, EnergyUnited returned more than $3.5 million to members in capital credits, from years 1990, 2002 and 2003. Any inactive member or residential member that was scheduled to receive a capital credit of $15 or more was sent a check in the mail, but not everyone that was meant to receive a capital credit has claimed or deposited their check. Because the formula for distribution is based on prior years of operation, often members who are entitled to capital credits have moved and it is difficult to locate them. If the U.S. Postal Service returns a capital credits check to us, we make every effort to locate the person entitled to the check.

Unclaimed Capital Credits

Please review the list of unclaimed capital credits below. If you see your name or the names of family, friends or associates, please have them contact EnergyUnited at 1-800-522-3793. We appreciate your assistance in helping us ensure that everyone receives their capital credit benefit.

EnergyUnited Unclaimed Capital Credits – 2018
Abbott, Randy S, Cornelius
Abbott, Ricky J, Walnut Cove
Abdelaal, Magdi, Huntersville
Abernathy, B Scott, Hickory
Abernathy, Terry L, Huntersville
Abernethy, Robert S, Matthews
Absher, Eric S, Mocksville
Absher, Wade, Lexington
Absher, William Richard, Lexington
Abshire, Camellia S, Mocksville
Accetta, Michelle L, Huntersville
Ackerman, Robert, Denver
Acorn Development Company, Troutman
Acosta, Javier O, Madison
Action Sports Photography, Cornelius
Adachi, Masakazu, Cornelius
Adair, Todd, Cornelius
Adamczyk, Kimberly S, Stony Point
Adams, Brenda G, Statesville
Adams, Candy, Huntersville
Adams, Charles, Spartanburg, SC
Adams, Herman J, Statesville
Adams, J Patrick, Greensboro
Adams, Jennifer A, Walkertown
Adams, Kathy, Huntersville
Adams, Lisa K, Scotts
Adams, Lorene R, Claremont
Adams, Mike, Hendersonville, TN
Adams, Robert Sloan, Taylorsville
Adams, Stanley D, Mooresville
Adams, Terri Harrington, Chambersburg, PA
Adams, Timothy W, Statesville
Adcock, Craig F, Lexington
Addis, Dyke Farrell, Harmony
Aderholdt, Norman M, Maiden
Adkins, William Bryan, Sparta
Admirals Quarters, Charlotte
Advance Builders Inc, Cornelius
Advance Stores Co Inc, Buffalo, NY
Ahmad, Tanveer, Mocksville
Akers, Cheryl K, Statesville
Akins, Cindy P, Thomasville
Albanese, Richard, Danbury, CT
Albert, Michael J, Mooresville
Alberty, Patricia M, Mount Mourne
Albright, Donald/Melissa, Taylorsville
Albright, Rob, Thomasville
Aldridge, Andy, Madison
Aldridge, Larry W, Little River, SC
Aldridge, Thomas, Winston-Salem
Alexander, George R, Kernersville
Alexander, Ingrid R, Huntersville
Alexander, Jimmy C, Lexington
Alexander, Jones H, Neptune Beach, FL
Alexander, Kim C, Harmony
Alexander, Ricky, Statesville
Alexander, Robert J, Lincolnton
Alexander, Roger Eugene, Statesville
Alexander, Steven R, Smyrna, SC
Alexander, Thomas, Mooresville
Alexander, Thomas, Statesville
Alexander, Travis, Huntersville
Alford, Lisa M, Rocky Point
Alimorad, Farah, Huntersville
All Supply Inc, Huntersville
Allen Jr, Ben B, Taylorsville
Allen Jr, Peter, Phillipsburg, NJ
Allen Jr, Philip E, Huntersville
Allen Tate Co, Charlotte
Allen, Amanda C, Davidson
Allen, Brenda, Stony Point
Allen, Christie, Huntersville
Allen, Diane, Yadkinville
Allen, Eric L, Asheville
Allen, Franklin R, Denver
Allen, Glen D, Mocksville
Allen, Linda A, Mocksville
Allen, Michael R, Lexington
Allen, Robert S, Homer, GA
Allen, William P, Charlotte
Alley, Jennifer L, Charlotte
Allman Sr, Hal, Concord
Allred, Frances H, Orlando, FL
Allred, James, Davenport, FL
Allred, Starla Daniels, Thomasville
Allsup, Lou Ellen, Charlotte
Almasi, John L, Huntersville
Almond, Lisa S, Union Grove
Alred, Denna, Lexington
Alstom Power Inc, Littleton, CO
Amaral, Miguel P, Huntersville
Amazing Pottery, Davidson
America’S Home Place, Greensboro
American General Finance Inc, Statesville
Amick, Bryan M, Cornelius
Amos, Donald R, Alexis
Amstutz, Dennis Scott, Kannapolis
Andersen, Mark, Wilmington
Anderson, Gary, Davidson
Anderson, Jennifer, North Port, FL
Anderson, Latisha, Durham
Anderson, Louella G, Statesville
Anderson, Maria Solis, Statesville
Anderson, Michael S, Charlotte
Anderson, Otto, Davidson
Anderson, Paul W, Greensboro
Anderson, Zechariah D, Troutman
Andrade, Mardonio A, Walnut Cove
Andrews Jr, William, Huntersville
Andrews, John G, Charlotte
Andrews, Kenneth G, Oak Ridge
Andujar, Anthony C, Matthews
Angel, Eva A, Lexington
Angel, Herman F, Winston-Salem
Angel, Rachel R, Denver
Appely, George A, Cornelius
Apple, Calvin Ray, Sandy Ridge
Arbuckle, W Keith, Albemarle
Arce-Mondragon, Ranferi, Statesville
Archer, Kimberly K, Hickory
Archie, Mary L, Lexington
Ard, Sallie B, Maiden
Arehart, Mike C, New London
Arellano, Yvonne, Statesville
Armas, Alfredo, Crofton, MD
Armentrout, Gary B, Albuquerque, NM
Armentrout, Terry, Linwood
Arnett, Nella Tipton, Taylorsville
Arnette, Justin H, Thomasville
Arnold, Ann West, Hamptonville
Arnold, Dean A, Naples, FL
Arnold, Lori, Rosa, CA
Arnold, Veatrice S, Wilkesboro
Arp, Ambers, Mount Holly
Arrandt, Kierstin, Weddington
Arrieta, Hernan, Statesville
Arroyo, Teresa, Statesville
Asbury Church, Huntersville
Asbury, Ginger, Linwood
Asbury, Lace M, Bland, VA
Asbury, Lois A, Statesville
Ashburn, Linda E, Pinehall
Ashby, Roberta, Lexington
Ashe, Kecia P, Statesville
Ashley, Richard D, Huntersville
Ashley, Teresa A, Statesville
Askins, Craig S, Lexington
Aswad, Margo, Cornelius
Aten, Charlton M, Davidson
Atkin, Fleming W, Troutman
Atkins, Brian, Huntersville
Atkins, Crystal, Bland, VA
Atkins, Stella, Winston-Salem
Atlas Title Agency Of Nc Inc, Cornelius
Attaway, Charesse S, Stanley
Atwell, Carolyn, Cornelius
Atwell, Marjorie, Mocksville
Atwood, Mark Stanley, Hiddenite
Augustine, Walter Lee, Linwood
Aul, Ann H, Mooresville
Auspitz, Neal J, Mocksville
Austin, Amy D, Reidsville
Austin, Michael E, Lees Summit, MO
Avenia, Alexandrina, Lexington
Averbach, Eric, Cornelius
Averitte, Carol S, Huntersville
Avery, Richard D, Clearwater, FL
Avila, Lara & Juan Manuel, Statesville
Ayscue, Robert, Archdale
Babin, Elizabeth, Gastonia
Bach, John, Huntersville
Badin Lake General Store, New London
Badolato, Angela M, Winston-Salem
Bailey, Brenda Sue I, Thomasville
Bailey, Daphne C, Lexington
Bailey, Gary W, Lexington
Bailey, Lorna P, Statesville
Bailey, Richard E, Rock Creek, WV
Bailey, Suzanne C, Clemmons
Baka, Phillip J, Greensboro
Baker Jr, Nathan E, Lexington
Baker, Brenda, Alexis
Baker, Daniel, Huntersville
Baker, David, Huntersville
Baker, Kelley B, Huntersville
Baker, Kerry, Huntersville
Baker, Lisa Nadine, Lexington
Baker, Peggy B, Taylorsville
Baker, Shirley A, Mocksville
Baker, Traci W, Statesville
Baldwin, Jeffrey, Stanley
Baldwin, Richard, Winston-Salem
Ball, Homer, Statesville
Ballard, Mark A, Denver
Balok, Audrey, Huntersville
Baney, Glenda, Huntersville
Banghart, Carl E, Hickory
Banish, Sondra, Huntersville
Banks, Pauline, Kernersville
Bannister, Sandra, Cornelius
Bannister, Stacey W, Kannapolis
Barbee, Andrew B, Lexington
Barber Builders Inc, Charlotte
Barber, Gene Wesley, Huntersville
Barber, James, Madison
Barber, Mary Jean, Reidsville
Barber, Minnie P, Statesville
Barber, Paul G, Jonesville
Barbour, William T, Charlotte
Bare, Donald C, Advance
Barefoot, Tammy G, Denton
Barger, Christine, Salisbury
Barger, Robin L, Tyrone, PA
Barker, Allen, Yadkinville
Barker, Jennifer C, Linwood
Barker, Landon, Huntersville
Barlowe, Roger D, Hiddenite
Barnes, Beth, Madison
Barnes, Carrie, Mooresville
Barnes, Charlie F, Clemmons
Barnes, Gwen H, Lexington
Barnes, Jamie E, Winston-Salem
Barnes, Sherry L, Troutman
Barnett Jr, Harry, Troutman
Barnett, Charles Edgar, Harmony
Barnett, Eric S, Eden
Barnett, Glyn, Lexington
Barnett, Jeremy E, Charlotte
Barnett, M Fred, Southmont
Barnhart, Brenda J, Trinity
Barnhart, Travis C, Trinity
Baron, John, Davidson
Barr, Beverly, Davidson
Barrackman, Michael, Lexington
Barrett, Deborah, Iron Station
Barrett, Karen L, Center, NE
Barrier, C L, Thomasville
Barringer, Joel, Statesville
Barringer, Lloyd Edmone, Lexington
Barrowman, Marty T, Lexington
Barth, Laura, Gaffney, SC
Bartholomew, Steve, Colfax
Barton, Gretchen, Fairhope, AL
Barwick, Joseph G, Troutman
Barwick, Stacey K, Walterboro, SC
Basham, Brian G, Mocksville
Basinger, Erin G, Statesville
Basinger, Ronald L, Lexington
Bass Jr, John, Winston-Salem
Bass, Robin L, Statesville
Bass, Sandra, Hendersonville
Basso, Joseph J, Fort Myers, FL
Batcha, Todd, Rock Hill, SC
Bates, David W, Taylorsville
Bates, Richard Eugene, Denver
Batson, Angela C, Winston-Salem
Batson, Anita K, Advance
Battaglia, Richard W, Huntersville
Batten, Jeff, Denton
Baughn, Jennifer, Madison
Bauguess, Bernice L, North Wilkesboro
Bauguess, Marjoria, Lexington
Bauguess, Wendy, Statesville
Baxley Jr, David Franklin, Winston-Salem
Baxley, Danny R, Trinity
Baxter Jr, Edward L, Sherrills Ford
Baxter, Dorothy Ruth, Asheboro
Baxter, Gena P, Mount Holly
Bayne, Kevin D, Lexington
Baynes, Danny R, Clemmons
Baysinger, Glen T, Mocksville
Bazali, Mario V, Shelbyville, MI
Beach, Jimmy Lee, Hickory
Beacham, Tiffin A, Huntersville
Beachem, Michael T, Mooresville
Beam, D Steven, Charlotte
Beam, James A, Statesville
Beamer, Brandi J, Stony Point
Beard, Margaret P, Huntersville
Beard, Robert D, Catawba
Beasley, Charles R, Pinehurst
Beasley, Jeff W, Lexington
Beasley, Wallace S, Rock Hill, SC
Beatty, Margie H, Terrell
Beaumont, Robert G, Cornelius
Beaver, Gary A, Statesville
Beazley, Robert, Davidson
Beccari, Robert E, Lawrence, PA
Beck, Amy Suzanne, Lexington
Beck, Bobby O, Welcome
Beck, Bryan L, Lexington
Beck, Edward O, Lexington
Beck, Larence G, Salisbury
Beck, Vicki B, Lexington
Becker, Chris Stephen, Port Saint John, FL
Becker, Michael R, Madison, GA
Beers, Mark A, Cornelius
Begley, Thomas G, Beavercreek, OH
Behan, Joseph, Winston-Salem
Behrens, Phillip, Winston-Salem
Beighle, Richard Michael, Wilmington
Belcher, Donna A, Statesville
Belk, Ellen M, Denver
Bell, Janet, Monterey, TN
Bell, Jimmy Dean, Taylorsville
Bell, Pandora M, Lexington
Bell, Sheila R, Cleveland
Bell, Sven L, Asheboro
Belt, Steve R, Kings Mountain
Belt, Susan, Davidson
Belton Larry/Brenda, Greenville, SC
Benchmark Communication, Coudersport, PA
Benfield, Donald Lee, Hamptonville
Benfield, Helen, Taylorsville
Benfield, James J, Statesville
Benfield, Jason M, Statesville
Benfield, Marcus Ray, Hiddenite
Benfield, William J, Statesville
Benge, Clay M, Statesville
Benge, Cynthia Barney, Mocksville
Benge, Debbie L, Taylorsville
Benham, Chris D, Cornelius
Bennett Iv, Alfred B, Mocksville
Bennett Jr, Glenn A, Bluefield, WV
Bennett, Charles, Westborough, MA
Bennett, James Hayden, Beaumont, TX
Bennett, Joseph D, Mooresville
Bennett, Joseph R, Rockledge, FL
Bennett, Judy, Thomasville
Bennett, Matthew D, Lexington
Bennett, Richard A, Stanley
Bennett, Ronald Lee, Asheboro
Bennett, Susan H, Phenix City, AL
Benton, Charles, Eden
Benton, Julia M, Great Falls, SC
Benton, Robert B, Fayetteville, AR
Beratis, Peter, Hudson, FL
Berens, Robert, Mooresville
Berg, Phyllis, Oakland Township, MI
Berlin Tire, Duncan, SC
Berman, Sharon, Stanley
Bermudez, Marta G, North Wilkesboro
Bernesser, Vincent, Hickory
Bernthal, Steve, Huntersville
Berrier, Todd M, Winston-Salem
Berrry, Daniel, Mooresville
Berry, Leonard H, Marion
Berry, W Scott, Cornelius
Bertling, Joseph L, Mooresville
Bertram, Dieter, Huntersville
Berube, Irene L, Lexington
Bescher, Kelly, Huntersville
Bessette, Teresa P, Lexington
Best, Robey C, Cornelius
Bethlehem Com Vfd, Taylorsville
Betker, Steven H, Huntersville
Beverage, Dennis, Salem, VA
Bevis, Sandra J, Statesville
Biesecker, David G, Charlotte
Biesecker, Ernestine, Lexington
Biesecker, James C, Eagan, MN
Biffle, Greg, Statesville
Biggs, Dwayne, Mayodan
Bigham, William C, Asheville
Billie’S Bargains, Statesville
Billings, Alan K, Kannapolis
Billings, Sidney K, Mocksville
Bilodeau, Kevin J, Winston-Salem
Bindewald, Charles E, Duluth, GA
Bines, Isiah, Statesville
Binns, Bruce Wayne, Huntersville
Birchall, Corry, Cornelius
Bird, Kenichi, Huntersville
Bird, Koren, Concord
Birdwell, C David, Tybee Island, GA
Birmingham, Christopher, Huntersville
Bischoff, Scott C, Matthews
Bishop Jr, Marion, Greensboro
Bishop, Beth, Gastonia
Bishop, Larry D, Wilkesboro
Bishop, Steven, Jasper, IN
Biss, Jamie, Huntersville
Bivens, Gail J, High Point
Bizzell, W Gregory, Wake Forest
Bjorgo, James G, Dunedin, FL
Black, Belinda, Lexington
Blackstock, James Ray, Linwood
Blackwelder, Chris F, Union Grove
Blackwelder, Daniel C, Huntersville
Blackwell, Brenda S, Winston-Salem
Blackwell, Frank, Sherrills Ford
Blackwell, William R, Clemmons
Blake, Jeffery L, Mooresville
Blake, John F, Taylorsville
Blalock Jr, Roy Dean, Mocksville
Blanchette, Russell D, Lexington
Blandford, Robert A, Huntersville
Blankenship, Carl T, Conover
Blankenship, Denny, Stokesdale
Blankenship, Donald E, Richlands, VA
Blankenship, Jacqu’Ne, Florence, SC
Blankenship, Sherry, Lexington
Blankenship, Susan G, Statesville
Blankenship, William, Statesville
Blanton, Connie, Mooresville
Bless, Ann M, Mooresville
Blevins, Christopher, Statesville
Blevins, Gail, Cornelius
Blevins, Ricky R, Lexington
Blin, John, Wheeling, IL
Bloch, Ken, Cornelius
Blomquist, Donna L, Huntersville
Blythe, Barbara E, Charlotte
Blythe, David, Huntersville
Bodenhamer, D Clifton, Mocksville
Bodenheimer, Rickey C, Lexington
Bogen, Brenda J, Huntersville
Boger, Ashlyn J, Charlotte
Boger, Dustin S, Mocksville
Boggess, Jean Wickman, Thomasville
Boggs, Gregory E, Huntersville
Boggs, William D, Huntersville
Bohler, Charles, Lake Wylie, SC
Boitano, Aldo, Huntersville
Boles, Charles P, Lexington
Boles, Tina N, Cleveland
Bolick, Gary D, Taylorsville
Bolick, Sandra, Taylorsville
Bolick, Shirley D, Faith
Bolick, Timothy, Taylorsville
Boliek, Mary Angela, Statesville
Bollinger, Ramona, Cornelius
Bolton, Mary J, Archdale
Bombay, Marlene, Cornelius
Bond, Thomas, Huntersville
Bonham, Samantha, Walnut Cove
Bonner, Sherri, Huntersville
Bonoffski, Michael Patrick, Huntersville
Boone, Andreas, Cumberland, RI
Booth, Linda T, New London
Booth, Tara, Statesville
Boothroyd, William, Tuscon, AZ
Boots, Dana, Fort Mill, SC
Borg, Lori, Longmont, CO
Borow, Adam, Winston-Salem
Bortz, Philip G, Dallastown, PA
Bost Sr, Jason T, Statesville
Bost, David Lee, Stony Point
Bost, Joe G, Mooresville
Bost, Judy A, Statesville
Bost, Keith, Terrell
Bost, Regina W, West Columbia, SC
Bost, Tishua M, Vale
Bostic, Michael Joe, Terrell
Bottoms, Thomas H, Statesville
Bou, Ismael, Phillipsport, NY
Bouchelle, Alvin/Dia, Wilkesboro
Bounatsos, David P, Henderson, NV
Bournias, Chris, Cornelius
Bovender, Michael C, Winston-Salem
Bowden, Cheryl D, Lexington
Bowe, Dayton M, Huntersville
Bowell, Henry A, Mooresville
Bowen, Randy H, Kernersville
Bowers, Angela M, Statesville
Bowers, Bowman W, Winston-Salem
Bowers, Frank D, Concord
Bowers, Marsha D, Mocksville
Bowers, Raymond W, Statesville
Bowie, Virginia S, Statesville
Bowles, Harry H, Mount Gilead
Bowles, Vergie, Union Grove
Bowlin, Joseph V, Statesville
Bowman, Jeffrey, Taylorsville
Bowman, Jimmy, Taylorsville
Bowman, Kaye N, Hamptonville
Bowman, Lynette G, Stokesdale
Bowman, Samuel, Taylorsville
Bowman, Shemeka S, Lexington
Bowman, William E, Welcome
Box, Janice M, Hickory
Boyce, Ramona, Taylorsville
Boyd, Donald D, Advance
Boyd, James E, Cleveland
Boyd, Ronetta A, Statesville
Boyd, Thomas, Mooresville
Boyd, Varnie, Sandy Ridge
Boyer, Brad H, Mooresville
Boyer, Troy, Cornelius
Boyles, Vance, Pinnacle
Bozovich Jr, Skip, Hendersonville
Bracey, John, Shallotte
Braddy, John H, Belvedere, SC
Braden, Alison S, Braunfels, TX
Bradford, Teresa N, Mooresville
Bradley, Carolyn Jeanette, Linwood
Bradley, Melissa G, Catoosa, OK
Bradley, Michael P, Huntersville
Bradley, Regina C, Trinity
Bradley, Richard T, Bedford, MA
Bradley, Robert L, Lexington
Bradley, Roslyn D, Greensboro
Bradshaw, Barry F, Statesville
Bradshaw, Brian N, New Orleans, LA
Bradshaw, Heather Michelle, Denver
Bradshaw, J Phil, Kinston
Bradshaw, Ryan, Denton
Brady, Brian C, Statesville
Brady, Pam, Cornelius
Bragg, Catherine C, Davidson
Bragg, Dana Ray, Taylorsville
Brakman, Cindy, Fayetteville
Branch, H W, Salisbury
Branch, Jimmy D, Welcome
Branch, Mitzi F, Lexington
Brandl, Bruce J, Huntersville
Brandt, Jessica, Huntersville
Brannigan, Melissa, Huntersville
Brannon, Phillip, Lexington
Branson, Danny, Lexington
Branson, Eric, Linwood
Brantley, Susan Renee, Huntersville
Brashear, Ronnie D, Madison, MS
Braswell, Matthew Eugene, Taylorsville
Brattain Jr, Daniel W, Charlotte
Brawley Jr, Hal S, Charlotte
Brawley, Belinda, Forest City
Bray III, Frank T, Cornelius
Bray, Betty G, Ruffin
Breda, John A, Greensboro
Bremer, John G, Winston-Salem
Brendle Jr, George W, Wallburg
Brennan, Kristie, Cornelius
Brescia, Maria, Huntersville
Brewer, Jerry D, Statesville
Brewster, Sharon, Bluefield, VA
Brickley, Janet G, Mocksville
Brickman, Susan G, Cornelius
Briggs, Kenneth A, Cornelius
Bright, William T, Lexington
Briles, Joan S, Winston-Salem
Brindisi, Nancy, Mooresville
Brinkman, Stephen, Walterboro, SC
Briskin, Allan B, Davidson
Bristow, Sherry L, Mooresville
Britt, Eric S, Denton
Britt, K Greg, Winston-Salem
Britton, Jamie L, Hamptonville
Broadnax, Essie, Reidsville
Broadway, Movies, Statesville
Brocato, Lurlene, Charlotte
Brock Jr, Jess, Hulen, KY
Brock Jr, Walter D, Salisbury
Brock, Terry, Huntersville
Brookes, Linda R, Cleveland
Brooks, George R, Salisbury
Brooks, Glenn W, Statesville
Brooks, William, Fort Mill, SC
Brothers, Janelle V, Mooresville
Brower, Elsie, Asheboro
Brown Jr, Frank C, Denver
Brown Jr, Robert F, Lexington
Brown, Alec, Huntersville
Brown, Bambi R, Statesville
Brown, Barry S, Lexington
Brown, Beth R, Statesville
Brown, Bonita Veronica, Hinesville, GA
Brown, Christine A, Huntersville
Brown, David Allen, Winston-Salem
Brown, David W, Huntersville
Brown, David, Huntersville
Brown, Dorothy S, Cleveland
Brown, Elizabeth W, Cornelius
Brown, Ethel Wright, Denton
Brown, Frank C, Denver
Brown, Gerald T, Olin
Brown, Jess M, Cleveland
Brown, Joel Aaron, Huntersville
Brown, John M, Taylorsville
Brown, Johnny W, Alexis
Brown, Joseph M, Roaring River
Brown, Katha, Walnut Cove
Brown, Kevin S, Huntersville
Brown, Lori B, Statesville
Brown, Mark R, Statesville
Brown, Michael, Shelbyville, KY
Brown, Nancy L, Walnut Cove
Brown, Pamela R, Huntersville
Brown, Patricia M, Walkertown
Brown, Patricia W, Taylorsville
Brown, Paula, Charlotte
Brown, Randy C, Elkin
Brown, Randy, Yadkinville
Brown, Sandy J, Statesville
Brown, Sandy, Kernersville
Brown, Sirena D, Huntersville
Brown, Syble N, Union Grove
Brown, Tammy G, Kernersville
Brown, Todd, Lexington
Brown, Vickie L, Lexington
Browne, Tammy, Huntersville
Broyhill, James H, Moravian Falls
Bruce, Raymond D, Statesville
Bruce, Robert, Mooresville
Bruce, Shawn Michael, Huntersville
Brummett, Charles E, Oak Island
Brunk, Michael W, Lexington
Bruno, Marilyn A, Bluffton, SC
Bruno, Robin D, Hallandale, FL
Bryan, Judith K, Southmont
Bryan, Timothy D, Lexington
Bryant, Brian L, Tupelo, MS
Bryant, Christie D, Taylorsville
Bryant, Lynn, Stanley
Bryant, Matthew David, Germantown, MD
Bryant, Pamela W, Charlotte
Bryant, Thomas K, Thomasville
Bryant, Wanda Welborn, Stony Point
Bryant, Wayne, Taylorsville
Bryden, Robert L, Mooresville
Bryga, Thomas P, Lexington
Buchanan, Daniel S, Winston-Salem
Buchanan, James, Huntersville
Buchanan, Michael T, Boomer
Bucio, Javier, Huntersville
Buck’S Pizza, Mocksville
Buffalo’S Bar & Grill, Of Palms, SC
Buhrmaster, Deborah, Cornelius
Buie, Kenneth W, Denton
Buie, Marie M, Trinity
Builders Transport Inc, Green Bay, WI
Bulkley, Micheal J, Statesville
Bull, Cynthia G, Vale
Bullins, Charlie, Lawsonville
Bullins, Leisa G, Madison
Bullins, Melanie Anne, Lawsonville
Bumgarner, Allison, Statesville
Bumgarner, Bill, Lexington
Bumgarner, James B, Woodleaf
Bumgarner, Sandra, Statesville
Bunch, Nicole J, Mocksville
Bundy, Thomas E, Statesville
Bunting, Janice A, Fort Myers, FL
Burbeck, Tony R, Charlotte
Burbridge, Yolanda, Huntersville
Burcham, Jerry L, Clemmons
Burdick, Alan D, Huntersville
Burgess Estate, Renda Mays, Taylorsville
Burgess, Diane, Union Grove
Burgess, G Mark, Greensboro
Burgess, William B, Concord
Burgner, Rex, Altamonte Springs, FL
Burke, Andrene A, Charlotte
Burkey, Susanna R, Winston-Salem
Burkhart, Jerry E, Lexington
Burleson, Danny L, Thomasville
Burnett, Elizabeth, Madison
Burnett, Ricky Dean, Novi, MI
Burnette, Janet, Mount Holly
Burns, Kelly, Huntersville
Burns, Libby, Pfafftown
Burns, Melinda, Apo, AE
Burr, Jerry, Asheboro
Burr, Jonathan T, Union Grove
Burril, Jamie, Huntersville
Burris Jr, R P, Clemmons
Burris, Joel E, Davidson
Burris, L J, High Point
Burroughs, Tina, Charlotte
Burrow, Diana B, Denton
Burrow, Shawn R, Madison
Burson, Dixon, Reidsville
Burt, James G, Cornelius
Burton, Miracle J, Ocala, FL
Burton, Robert Lee, Southmont
Burton, Rosalind, Mocksville
Busbin, Cindy, Woodstock, GA
Bush, Floyd, Denver
Bush, Gladys M, Winston-Salem
Bush, Mary C, Statesville
Bussart, Shirley, Statesville
Busser, Mary, Kannapolis
Bustle, Ashley B, Harmony
Bustle, Bobby, Statesville
Butner, Todd, Trinity
Buzako, Vivian L, Huntersville
Byars Jr, Van W, Lexington
Byerly, Audra, Clemmons
Byerly, Calvin, Salisbury
Byerly, Donald Ray, Lexington
Byerly, Kevin L, Lexington
Byerly, Thomas, Winston-Salem
Byerly, Von, Salisbury
Bynorth, Gordon D, Linwood
Byrd Estate, Evelyn D, Taylorsville
Byrd, Edwin B, Cornelius
Byrd, Robin R, Huntersville
Byrne Jr, Louis J, Statesville
C & M Equipment, Concord
C E Roseman, Concord
Cable Vision Of Archdale, High Point
Cable, Marissa L, Statesville
Cabrera, Arcadia, Goodyear, AZ
Cabrera, Efrain R, Clemmons
Cadia, John, Glendale, AZ
Cadolino Leopold/Ann, Concord
Cafaro, Dawn, Huntersville
Cagle, Donnie Ray, Denton
Cagle, Sarah Raynell, Lexington
Cahoon, Brad T, Huntersville
Cain, Frank, Graham
Caldas, Max J, Huntersville
Caldwell, Connie, Thomasville
Caldwell, Joe, Huntersville
Calhoun Iv, Andrew, Santa Monica, CA
Calkins Custom Co, Cornelius
Call, Julia, Wilkesboro
Callahan, Brian D, Yadkinville
Callahan, Stancil Terry, High Point
Calle, Tina R, Greensboro
Calloway, Rebekah, Lexington
Calovich, John, Chappaqua, NY
Camarillo, Deborah, Winston-Salem
Cameli, Peter V, Denver
Cameron Jr, Ivan B, Newnan, GA
Cameron, Gary L, Asheboro
Cameron, Randy, Huntersville
Camp, Monty K, Cottageville, SC
Campana, Thomas, Huntersville
Campbell, Brenda B, Statesville
Campbell, Charles G, Lexington
Campbell, David G, Statesville
Campbell, Jerry, Lexington
Campbell, Lloyd M, Taylorsville
Campbell, Mark D, Charlotte
Campbell, Mary F, Lexington
Campbell, Mebane U, Statesville
Campbell, Michael T, Harmony
Campbell, Patricia A, North Wilkesboro
Campbell, Rebecca J, Lexington
Campbell, Richard S, Matthews
Campbell, Susan S, Mooresville
Campbell, Timothy D, Statesville
Canady, W M, Greensboro
Cande, Steve T, Keller, TX
Cannon, Anthony, Statesville
Cannon, Donald E, Troutman
Cano, Consepcion Gutierrez, Taylorsville
Cano, Jesus Gutierrez, Taylorsville
Cantor, Todd J, Lake Wylie, SC
Capps, Carol H, Bastrop, TX
Cappuccetti, Liz, Kannapolis
Caraluzzo, Michael R, Lakehurst National Park, NJ
Carden, Gaye Lynn, Lexington
Cardenas, Penelope N, Woodside, NY
Cardwell, Margaret, Moravian Falls
Carl, Ralph C, Hendersonville
Carlson, Sarah, Huntersville
Carlton, Dewey, Lexington
Carlton, Terry R, Lexington
Carlyle, Erin Kay, Cornelius
Carlyle, Julia, Midlothian, VA
Carmichael, Perry, Statesville
Caroff, Holly, Mason, OH
Carol, Vivian, Cornelius
Carolina Boat Center Llc, Salisbury
Caron, Constance E, Mooresville
Carousel, Consignment, Mooresville
Carpenter, Brenda Bennington, Taylorsville
Carpenter, Connie K, Statesville
Carpenter, Norma M, Harmony
Carpenter, Rickie, Mooresville
Carpenter, Ryan, Cornelius
Carr, Christopher M, Marietta, GA
Carr, William E, Lexington
Carrick, Danelle C, Lexington
Carrick, Elva O, Lexington
Carrigan, Edna Jolly, Taylorsville
Carroll, Amy J, Statesville
Carroll, Jennifer Buh, Huntersville
Carroll, Ruth, Lexington
Carrow Jr, Christopher M, Huntersville
Carson, Luther W, Statesville
Carter III, Marrison G, Kodiak, AK
Carter, Catherine Hope, Statesville
Carter, Danielle F, Huntersville
Carter, Dorothy, Charlotte
Carter, Eric, Huntersville
Carter, Glenda, Burkesville, KY
Carter, James T, Eden
Carter, June, Sandy Ridge
Carter, Kimberly, Huntersville
Carter, Rachel W, Mocksville
Carter, Scott, Cornelius
Carter, Stacey B, Statesville
Carter, Thomas J, Mocksville
Cartrette, Tammy L, Lexington
Caruso, Mike, Statesville
Carver, David V, Stanley
Carver, Misty W, Cleveland
Casavecchia, David, Huntersville
Casavecchia, Gayle L, Huntersville
Cascaddon, Cynthia B, Statesville
Cashion Jr, L F, Mooresville
Cashion, Charles O, Davidson
Cason, James Daniel, Royal Palm Beach, FL
Casper, Stuart D, Hickory
Cassell, Joan A, Bassett, VA
Castillo, Eligio Vasquez, Charlotte
Castillo, Melinda B, Spruce Pine
Castro J Guadalupe Jantes, Statesville
Catalano, Denis, Cary
Cates, Kathy C, Cornelius
Cathey, Carolyn A, City, GA
Cathey, Kelly O, Spangle, WA
Caudill, Melissa A, Mooresville
Caudle, William Craig, Taylorsville
Causey, Rhonda, Angb, MI
Cavin, Jessie W, Charlotte
Central Carolina Bank, Denton
Century 21, China Grove
Certified Mgt Con, Winston-Salem
Cervantes, Guadalupe, Lexington
Cesena, Vincent Paul, Huntersville
Chadwell, John, Thomasville
Chamberlain, Inez B, Harmony
Chamberlain, Rachel E, Sayre, PA
Chambers, Elmore, Statesville
Chambers, Lynn A, Statesville
Chambers, Mary E, Statesville
Chambers, Michael S, Huntersville
Champion, William Lee, Huntersville
Chance, Tracee L, Davidson
Chandler, Agnes, Belews Creek
Chandler, Doris B, Statesville
Chandler, Thelma Pugh, High Point
Chaney, Deborah, Sandy Ridge
Chaney, Michele D, Huntersville
Chanthaboury, Soutta, Murfreesboro, TN
Chapman Jr, Henry, Eden
Chapman, Ann H, Alexandria, VA
Chapman, M B, Taylorsville
Chapman, Martha M, Charlotte
Chapman, Michael G, Denver
Chapman, William O, Randleman
Chapmon, Tony, Madison
Chappelow, Ellen, Winston-Salem
Charisma, Rock Hill, SC
Charland, Jennifer A, Huntersville
Charles, Norma H, Clemmons
Charlotte Running Company, Charlotte
Chartwell, Limited, Charlotte
Chase, Dennis L, Archdale
Chase, Shirley, Kannapolis
Chason Jr, A L, Charlotte
Chastain, Michael B, Clemmons
Chatham Sr, Jeffery, Union Grove
Chatham, James D, Taylorsville
Chavez, Emigdio, Santa Ana, CA
Chaz Inc D/B/A Chaz, Pineville
Cheek, David D, Walnut Cove
Cheek, John M, Salisbury
Cheeks, Erica N, Charlotte
Cheeks, Jackie D, Mocksville
Chellberg, Richard A, Linwood
Chenevey, Edward T, Statesville
Cherry Jr, W H, Statesville
Cherry, Mac, Statesville
Cheruvsattath, Ramsankar, Winter Garden, FL
Chewning, Lee, Mooresville
Chiera, Kaleena, Denver
Childers, Adam, Taylorsville
Childers, Catherine, Taylorsville
Childers, Crystal, Huntersville
Childers, Junior Lee, Taylorsville
Childers, Katie S, Taylorsville
Childress, David, Roanoke, VA
Childress, Floyd, Catawba
Childress, Gary L, Taylorsville
Childress, Janet M, Lexington
Chilton Jr, Robert H, Mount Airy
Chilton, Cherie V, Paris, TN
Chipps, Jon, Asheboro
Chisholm, Michelle, Albemarle
Chitty, Lena F, Fayetteville
Chouffani, Kimberly R, Statesville
Chrisley, Mary M, Wallburg
Christenbury, Brenda W, Denver
Christie, Kay, Statesville
Christner, Kenneth W, Bradenton, FL
Christopher, Alice C, Mooresville
Christy, Paul, Morganton
Church Tami S, Mooresville
Church, Tony, Huntersville
Churchill Debra C, Round Rock, TX
Churchill, Janice N, Charlotte
Ciluffo, Cynthia Dawn, Carlisle, PA
Cimino, Vincent J, Davidson
Cipolloni, John J, Huntersville
Citroen, Phillip, Mooresville
City Paws, Charlotte
Clair, Ronald J, Charlotte
Clanton, Stephen, Stony Point
Clanton, Wayne G, Hiddenite
Clark, Boyd E, Cooleemee
Clark, Charles C, Huntersville
Clark, Edward T, Arlington, VA
Clark, James M, Huntersville
Clark, Jennie F, Statesville
Clark, John P, Clemmons
Clark, John R, Statesville
Clark, Karen Klutz, Norwood
Clark, Lorenzo L, Charlotte
Clark, Rebecca, Sherrills Ford
Clark, Russell W, Huntersville
Clark-Smith Danielle, Hamptonville
Clarke, Kathleen, Statesville
Classic Coffee Concepts Inc, Charlotte
Claybrooks, Kathy, Walnut Cove
Clemensen, Darren, Winston-Salem
Clevenger, David, Taylorsville
Clifton, Christy Lynn, Walnut Cove
Cline, Bradley, Taylorsville
Cline, Clayton, Taylorsville
Cline, David Allan, Salisbury
Cline, Gentry B, Lexington
Cline, John D, Taylorsville
Cline, Kevin R, Mocksville
Cline, Patsy, Winston-Salem
Clodfelter Lisa M Peele, Lexington
Clodfelter, Chris, Lexington
Clodfelter, Faye D, Lexington
Cloninger, Dale Anthony, Iron Station
Cloud Sr, Haywood N, Winston-Salem
Club 28, Cornelius
Clubb, Ranny, Kernersville
Coachman, Robert, Ballston Lake, NY
Coan, Christin A, Wilmington
Coates, James A, Davidson
Coates, Jone G, Davidson
Coates, Tim H, Linwood
Coats, Dwight L, Huntersville
Coble, Amanda H, Mooresville
Cochran, Tammy R, Scotts
Cochrane, Amanda S, Huntersville
Cockram, Brian G, Radford, VA
Cockran, Thomas T, Trinity
Cody, Althea, Stanley
Cody, Geneva S, Lexington
Coe, Deborah P, Winston-Salem
Coe, Joel R, Trinity
Coffee, Jacqueline, High Point
Coffey, Brenda Lee, Lexington
Coffey, Brian W, Huntersville
Coffey, Charles W, Taylorsville
Cogdill, James Anthony, Cornelius
Cohan, Vivian, Concord
Cohen, Carla A, Huntersville
Cohen, Kathy A, Mocksville
Colbert, Tammy, Elkin
Colborne, Irene Mullins, North Wilkesboro
Coldwell Banker, Mooresville
Coldwell Banker-Flouhouse, Charlotte
Cole, C Peter, Anderson, SC
Cole, Charles William, Lawtey, FL
Cole, Pamela, Danville, KY
Cole, Robert Wayne, Mocksville
Coleman, Billei, Statesville
Coleman, James Arvill, Taylorsville
Coleman, Kelly M, Huntersville
Coleman, Samuel A, Huntersville
Coleman, Terry H, Statesville
Collectible, Brokerag, Huntersville
Collier Properties, Statesville
Collins, Angela M, Harmony
Collins, Charles A, King
Collins, Larry, Lexington
Collins, Lorraine C, Huntersville
Collins, William C, Mooresville
Colonial Structures, Winston-Salem
Colonna, Robert, Davidson
Coltrain, Sabine V, Ayden
Combs Jr, Donald Lee, Mocksville
Combs, Andy C, Charlotte
Combs, Cecil T, Statesville
Combs, David W, Statesville
Combs, Joseph Ward, Statesville
Combs, Lum, Wilkesboro
Comer, Tari, Huntersville
Conaway, Sandra K, Lexington
Condray, Gary E, Lexington
Cone, Carol, Archdale
Conelly, Mary Jane, Mount Holly
Conley, Richard D, Lexington
Conley, William A, Harmony
Conneely, Patrick M, Denver
Conner Home Sales, Morehead
Conner, Chris, Suwanee, GA
Conner, David D, Charlotte
Conner, Joseph C, Lexington
Conner, Melissa, Kannapolis
Connolly, Michael S, Wake Forest
Connolly, Robert J, Statesville
Connors, Sharon E, Huntersville
Conrad, Larry B, Lexington
Conrad, Lena R, Taylorsville
Conrad, Stephen F, Kernersville
Cook III, Billy A, Harrisburg
Cook, Anthony R, Charlotte
Cook, Cheryl B, Winston-Salem
Cook, Donna C, Huntersville
Cook, Garland W, Lexington
Cook, Jody F, Statesville
Cook, Michael B, Stokesdale
Cook, Michael D, Sherrills Ford
Cook, Oza Mae, Hamptonville
Cook, Pamela C, Statesville
Cook, Ray M, Davidson
Cooker, Ruth Anne, Lexington
Coons, Lindsay S, Saint John, IN
Cooper Jr, Clarence E, Charlotte
Cooper, Audie, North Wilkesboro
Cooper, Dolores, Kenansville
Cooper, Ed, Taylorsville
Cooper, Edd, Taylorsville
Cooper, Kerry E, Menasha, WI
Cooper, Penny J, Winston-Salem
Cooper, Roxanne Kelly, Cornelius
Cope, David A, Lexington
Copley, Stephanie R, Proctorville, OH
Coppley, Christopher Todd, Welcome
Copy Plus, Charlotte
Corbett, Alan, Statesville
Corbett, Celeste R, Hickory
Corbett, T Stephen, Nashville
Corey, David, Raleigh
Corey, Thomas, Cornelius
Corner, Tony C, Linwood
Corns, David, Madison
Cornwall, David P, Davidson
Cornwell, Larry B, Germanton
Correll, Christy W, Cleveland
Correll, Kenneth, Hendersonville
Corriher Sr, David L, Woodleaf
Corry Publishing Inc, Erie, PA
Cosentino, Frank, Statesville
Costner, Stella H, Moravian Falls
Cottrell, Edward L, Niles, MI
Cottrell, Jerry, Lumberport, WV
Counter Works Llc, Cornelius
Countess, Kyle B, Thomasville
Country Living Home Center, Statesville
Countryman Ballew Racing, Daytona Beach, FL
Courtemanche, Christy, Stanley
Cousino, Teri S., Fishers, IN
Covington, Randy, Thomasville
Cowden, Tammy L, Huntersville
Cowden, Tracy J, Cornelius
Cox Sr, Robert M, Huntersville
Cox, Carol P, Cartersville, GA
Cox, Charlotte B, Charlotte
Cox, Cindy, Mount Ulla
Cox, Clay, Taylorsville
Cox, David Wayne, Statesville
Cox, Lonnie Mack, Thomasville
Cox, Stephanie A, Huntersville
Cox, Tammy L, Troutman
Cox, Terry Eugene, Mocksville
Cox, Thomas, Iron Station
Coyne Mark M D, Denver
Cozzone, Anthony, Huntersville
Crabtree, Melanie N, Clemmons
Crafford, Lee Ann, Winston-Salem
Craft, Darrell K, Lexington
Crago, Michael, Huntersville
Craig, Darrell D, Aloha, OR
Craig, Daryl L, Youngstown, OH
Craig, Donald E, Thomasville
Craig, Tamera K, Cornelius
Crane, Tammy R, Southmont
Cranfill, Wanda C, Lexington
Cranford, Andy, Denton
Cranford, Craig B, Winston-Salem
Cranford, Jimmy W, Linwood
Cranford, Juanita, Charlotte
Crater Sr, William F, Winston-Salem
Crater, Melanie, Winston-Salem
Craven, Tony R, Kernersville
Craver, Cornelia L, Lexington
Craver, Franklin D, Winston-Salem
Craver, Hoy Lee, Denton
Craver, Jonathan, Madison
Crawford, Lisa L, Claremont
Crawford, Ray, Cornelius
Crawford, Roxie R, Athens, GA
Crawley, Terri, Huntersville
Crean, Matthew B, Stanley
Creason, Charles B, Walnut Cove
Creech, Deborah S, Stoneville
Crenshaw, Sherri W, Winston-Salem
Crews, Brenda G, Wilmington
Crews, John A, Lexington
Crim, L Kent, Lexington
Crook, Lori A, Lexington
Cross, Richard James, Newport
Crossroads Serv Cent, Hamptonville
Crotts, Lavada A, Mocksville
Crotts, Mark Craig, Lexington
Crouch, Chuckie L, Taylorsville
Crouse, Richard Allen, Welcome
Crow, Doris, Kannapolis
Crowe, Jo Ann H, Lexington
Crowell II, Ronald A, Lexington
Crown Wood Products, Indianapolis, IN
Crowson, Dorothy D, Statesville
Cruz, David W, Huntersville
Cuanas, Jose J, Harmony
Culler, Audrey G, Trinity
Culler, Lillie B, Mocksville
Culp, Donnie J, Mooresville
Culver, Carol Jane, Lexington
Cumberland, Candi T, Lexington
Cummings, Greg, Kernersville
Cummings, Shirley, Eden
Cummings, Todd, Mooresville
Cunningham, Cynthia D, Denver
Cunningham, Randolph, Charlotte
Cunningham, Sheila, Trinity
Curlee, Robert E, Winston-Salem
Curlee, Rodney, Cleveland
Curley, Marian D, Statesville
Curlie, Geraldine, Denver
Curry Jr, Paul F, Lexington
Curry, Cheryl D, Yadkinville
Curtis, Glenda S, Davidson
Custom Bldg Co, Statesville
Cutler, Michael M, Huntersville
Czopek, Richard, Huntersville
D R Horton, Charlotte
D’Amico, Kimberly A, Charlotte
Dackow, John E, Mocksville
Dailey, Suzanne, Harrisburg
Daily, John W, Advance
Dalgleish, Catherine C, Myrtle Beach, SC
Dalton Jr, Harvey Leonard, Cornelius
Dalton, Harley W, Cleveland
Dalton, Julie M, Sandy Ridge
Dalton, Kenny, Fayetteville
Dalton, Lacy J, Charlotte
Dalton, Robert D, Mocksville
Daminski, Robert, Cornelius
Dancy, Arnold Roscoe, Pulear
Dancy, Deborah E, Taylorsville
Daniel Jr, Roscoe E, Randleman
Daniel, Robert K, Denton
Daniels Jr, Donald N, Salisbury
Daniels, James H, Statesville
Daniels, Kim H, Lexington
Daniels, Michelle, Lexington
Daniels, Timothy, Huntersville
Danner, Harvey Lee, Catawba
Danoski, Jennifer, Huntersville
Darlington, Dawn Denise, Statesville
Darnell, Christine B, Mocksville
Darnell, John Michael, Winston-Salem
Darrow, Carolyn D, Banks, AL
Daugherty, Ralph W, Statesville
Davenport, Camron, Englewood, FL
Davidson, Dexter L, Taylorsville
Davidson, Tonya P, Lexington
Davie Lmb & Logging, Mocksville
Davis Sr, Ronnie E, Kernersville
Davis, Albert E, Cleveland
Davis, Angela D, Harmony
Davis, Billy C, Charlotte
Davis, Cassandra S, Lexington
Davis, Donnie, Statesville
Davis, Doris S, Salisbury
Davis, Edith, Kernersville
Davis, Eric D, Denver
Davis, Irvigton L, Mooresville
Davis, James Allen, Stokesdale
Davis, Jonathan E, Cornelius
Davis, Jonathan, Huntersville
Davis, Kenneth W, Huntersville
Davis, Madelyn, Mocksville
Davis, Mark Patrick, Huntersville
Davis, Michael Rodney, Statesville
Davis, Michael, Taylorsville
Davis, Mildred L, Troutman
Davis, Ned, Spartanburg, SC
Davis, Pamela Sue, Lexington
Davis, R L, Olin
Davis, Ralph, Lexington
Davis, Ray Edwin, Linwood
Davis, Rick, Matthews
Davis, Robert, Stoneville
Davis, Sally L, Cedar Bluff, VA
Davis, Susie W, Lexington
Davis, Tammy Talbert, Denton
Davis, Teresa G, Statesville
Davis, Thomas A, Stokesdale
Davis, Thomas, Asheboro
Davis, Virginia P, Statesville
Davis, William E, Lexington
Dawson, Betty, Bartley, WV
Dawson, Gerald E, Davidson
Day, David, Denver
Day, Judy L, Wentworth
Day, Sharon, Linwood
Daya, Manoj, Cornelius
Daye, Fred L, Statesville
Deal Jr, George J, Taylorsville
Deal, Bradley K, Stony Point
Deal, Catherine, Huntersville
Deal, Chad N, Cornelius
Deal, Erin, Maiden
Deal, Sheron A, Thomasville
Deans, Horace L, Portsmouth, VA
Deans, Ronald F, Olin
Deardorff, Harolye, Catawba
Dearmitt, Thomas, Kearney, MO
Deas, Bobby R, Greenville, SC
Deason, Michael J, Lexington
Deaton, Clyde David, Greensboro
Debarr, Jeff, Knoxville, TN
Debiasi, Stephen L, Wilmington
Debnam, Katie, Huntersville
Debord, Devin, Salisbury
Debruin, James, Denver
Decker, Daniel, Wellsboro, PA
Decker, Eric L, Cleveland
Deegan, Arliegh E, Lexington
Deel, James A, Lexington
Deem, Deryl W, Huntersville
Dees, Craig, Troutman
Deese Jr, Wade H, Charlotte
Deese Jr, Wade H, Mooresville
Deese, Carol R, Statesville
Deese, Douglas, Stanley
Deese, James L, Thomasville
Degrace, Bernel J, Denver
Dehart, Jerry Darrell, Eden
Dehart, Melvin, Mocksville
Delabra, Daniel, Statesville
Delawder, Shelia, Lexington
Delgardo, Maria O, Corona, NY
Dellinger, Larry G, Huntersville
Dellinger, Michael, Huntersville
Dellinger, Rita E, Sherrills Ford
Dellinger, Tracy E, Winston-Salem
Delozier, Sr, Glen E, Charlotte
Demarco III, Anthony, Lexington
Demby, Lee, Huntersville
Demis, Deborah Lynn, Gibsonville
Dendy, Denia A, Davidson
Dennis, Asprid, Mooresville
Dennis, Craig Wayne, Thomasville
Denny, Scott, Taylorsville
Denny, Scott, Taylorsville
Denny, William W, Kent City, MI
Depalo, Dominick, Mooresville
Depriest, Lisa C, Reidsville
Deschamps, Fatima, Winston-Salem
Deshields, Christopher R, Garden City, SC
Desio, John, Mocksville
Deskins, Danny Ray, Black Mountain
Devane, Joseph, Pittsburgh, PA
Devaney, Joseph Gerald, Bogart, GA
Devault, Monica M, Lexington
Devine, Mark, Davidson
Dewberry, Kristi, Charlotte
Dewey, Donald C, Catawba
Dial, Margaret M, Mount Mourne
Dial, Michele, Lexington
Diamond, Sally S, Ellicott City, MD
Diaz, Nelson, Huntersville
Dickens, Jerry Gene, Thomasville
Dickerman, Raymond Porter, Cornelius
Dickerson, Amy L, Cornelius
Dickerson, Jean, Eden
Digital Home Audio/Video, Cornelius
Dillard, Labe A, Statesville
Dillard, Ranald, Denton
Dillard, Tommy A, West Jefferson
Dillon, John E, Pfafftown
Dimmick, Emerson, Mooresville
Dimond, Lynn, Manchester, NH
Dingess, Stacey, Chapmanville, WV
Dingmann, Christine A, Huntersville
Dinkins, Debra A, Winston-Salem
Dion, Ron E, Charlotte
Dishman, Reggie L, Hickory
Divers, Ories, Mooresville
Dix, Rose F, Lexington
Dixon, Michael, Huntersville
Dixon, Scott M, Huntersville
Dixon, Tina, Williamsburg, KY
Dlugokecki, Junetta L, Mooresville
Dobson, Vaudie, Boomer
Doby, Donna D, Statesville
Doby, J D, Winston-Salem
Dodson, Earl, Winston-Salem
Dodson, Michael M, Lexington
Dollar, Lisa O, Taylorsville
Dollyhigh, Coleen H, Mount Airy
Dombrowski, Stanley P, Derry, PA
Don Galloway Homes, Charlotte
Don Galloway Homes, Charlotte
Don Scott And Company, High Point
Donaldson, John A, Redmond, OR
Donate, Diega A, Statesville
Dorff, Eric J, Taylorsville
Doss, Judy D, Ennice
Dotheowski, Mary, Charlotte
Dotson, Jimmy D, Statesville
Doub Jr, Shelby Wilburn, Clemmons
Doucette, Keith B, Statesville
Dougherty, James D, Yadkinville
Dougherty, Monica, Davidson
Douglas, Barry S, Alexis
Douglas, Cindy J, Ronda
Douthit, James H, Statesville
Dow, Kenneth H, Charlotte
Dowell, Gary, Huntersville
Downs, Kimberly, Charlotte
Dozier, Lavon J, Statesville
Drakakides, Toni, Maiden
Drake, Theresa D, Walkertown
Drane, Donny W, Pinnacle
Draper, Timothy Allen, Granite Quarry
Draper, Vicki T, Lexington
Drayton, Mike A, Mocksville
Drinka Kevin/Debbie, Groveland, FL
Druary, Fred, Lexington
Drum Jr, Kenneth H, Statesville
Drum, Kim L, Cleveland
Drum, Lisa, Cornelius
Drum, Peggy S, Troutman
Dubman, Elaine P, Huntersville
Dubose Model Home Co, Houston, TX
Dudley, Arlie D, Statesville
Dudley, Peggy Smith, Winston-Salem
Duff, Steven S, Stanwood, MI
Dugger, Wesley, Stony Point
Duggins, Alice S, Winston-Salem
Duggins, Darren A, Stanley
Duggins, Josephine E, Madison
Duke, Edward T, Yadkinville
Duke, Judy D, Banner Elk
Dula, Steve P, Charlotte
Dulaney, Randy, Winston-Salem
Dulin, William R, Salisbury
Dunaway, Norman L, Gastonia
Dunbar, Hope S, Denton
Duncan, Betty I, Mocksville
Duncan, Linda G, Lexington
Duncan, Rosalie, North Wilkesboro
Duncan, Scott A, Braselton, GA
Dunlap, Carol T, Taylorsville
Dunn, Herbert T, Lexington
Dunn, Jeannine A, Huntersville
Dunn, Lucy S, Mocksville
Durham, Edward, Saint Louis, MO
Durham, Sandra, Palm Desert, CA
Durham, Thomas L, Kernersville
Durmire, James S, Lenoir
Dustman, Georgeann D, Statesville
Dutcher, Bobbie J, Trinity
Duty, Ira E, Troutman
Duval, Amanda N, Lexington
Duvall, Tonya T, Kernersville
Dye, Brian S, Jacksonville
Dysart, Rhonda R, Sherrills Ford
Dziedzic, Beverly K, Marietta, GA
Eades, Sheila Akers, Statesville
Eads, Louise T, Trinity
Earle, Richard, Huntersville
Earnhardt, James W, Denver
Earnhardt, Lisa J, Weston, FL
Earnhardt, Lou, Statesville
Earnhardt, Patricia L, Thomasville
Earp, Michael E, Catawba
Earp, Sheila, Taylorsville
Eastland Glass & Fab, Mocksville
Eaton, Cynthia S, Davidson
Eaton, David S, Lexington
Eaton, James William, Winston-Salem
Eaton, Johnny O, Lexington
Ecckles, Marlene, Statesville
Echerd, Cherie F, Taylorsville
Eckerd Drug #3638, Warwick, RI
Eckroth, Shawn M, Huntersville
Eclectic Boutique, Cornelius
Eddy, Denise, Mocksville
Edgemon, Sandra, Norcross, GA
Edgerly, Rick, Spicewood, TX
Edgerton, Doug E, Lexington
Edgerton, Linda L, Huntersville
Edinger, Melissa B, Huntersville
Edwards Road Baptist Church, Concord
Edwards, Bobby, North Wilkesboro
Edwards, Bonnie L, Lexington
Edwards, Glenn E, Hickory
Edwards, Hazel Mcgee, Roaring River
Edwards, Leonard H, Greenville, SC
Edwards, Rita W, Aiken, SC
Edwards, Stewart, Troutman
Edwards, Timothy J, Welcome
Edwards, Tyann S, Statesville
Edwards, Wanda F, Statesville
Efaw, Susan D, Advance
Ehlert, Lawrence J, Denver
Eigner, Esther, Lexington
Ekholm, Jolene, Huntersville
Eklund, Paul R, Huntersville
Elam, Barbara J, Lexington
Elam, R E, Sarasota, FL
Eldreth, Erma Lee, Statesville
Eldridge, Evelyn, Winston-Salem
Elkins, Stephen, Statesville
Ellegate, John, Grand Island, NY
Ellenburg, Michele D, Salisbury
Eller, Anne B, Statesville
Eller, Cathy, Taylorsville
Eller, Debbie G, Thomasville
Eller, Michelle, North Wilkesboro
Eller, Thomas Eugene, North Wilkesboro
Ellerbrock, Robert T, Lexington
Ellington, Pearline D, Statesville
Elliott, Annette, Charlotte
Elliott, Joshua M, Mooresville
Elliott, Kimberly E, Cornelius
Ellis, James R, Beaver, WV
Ellis, Jerry B, Mooresville
Ellis, Mike, Cornelius
Ellison, Joe M, Huntersville
Ellison, Zona, Denton
Elmo, Lohr, Lexington
Ely, Christopher J, Huntersville
Emanuel, Elaine M, Cornelius
Embler, Sarah, Taylorsville
Embry, Mitchell S, Thomasville
Emerson, John, Charlotte
Emiliano, Pedro, Stoneville
Emmett, Bradley K, Cornelius
Emory, Christopher S, Harmony
Emory, Curtis S, Lexington
Emory, Tammy, Lexington
Engel, William, Davidson
England, Scotty H, Statesville
Engleking, John R, Huntersville
Erickson, Rosa D, Granite Falls
Ervin, Dianne C, Troutman
Erwin, Clint M, Cleveland
Erwin, Rickey D, Stanley
Esmg-Pinetree, Kernersville
Espinola, Cathy Jo, Cordova, TN
Esposito, Steve P, Weddington
Esra, Linda C, Mocksville
Estrada, Genaro, Huntersville
Etherington, David, Davidson
Eubanks, Kevin D, Lexington
Evans, Cinda K, Kernersville
Evans, Daniel, Huntersville
Evans, Mary, Huntersville
Evans, Matthew W, Victor, NY
Evans, Terri P, Cornelius
Everhart, Amy D, Lexington
Everhart, Amy, Lexington
Everhart, C Wayne, Clemmons
Everhart, Crystal Ann, Linwood
Everhart, Freddie Scott, Lexington
Everhart, Jason M, Lexington
Everhart, Jeff W, Asheboro
Everhart, John T, Denton
Everhart, Ricky D, Winston-Salem
Everhart, Tracy D, Lexington
Everton, Michael E, Lynchburg, VA
Ewing, Linda, Charlotte
Express Blind Service, Cornelius
Ezelius, Perolof, Davidson
Fadis Jr, Strata Lee, Huntersville
Fahs, Kenneth, Denver
Faircloth, James L, Statesville
Faix, Andrew C, Concord
Falandys, Kay C, Cornelius
Fann, Latisha L, Lexington
Farley, Jill, Taylorsville
Farmer, Phaedra, Huntersville
Farmer, Tammy R, Sandy Ridge
Farnham II, Vernon C, Winston-Salem
Farr, Roslyn, Huntersville
Farris, David, Huntersville
Fat Cat’S Pizza, Lexington
Faulkenberry, David, Huntersville
Faulkenberry, Jennifer, Cornelius
Faulkner, Bruce, Lake Lure
Faulkner, James C, Clemmons
Faulks, Jerri A, Stanley
Faulstich, G J, Pawleys Island, SC
Favre, Frank, Mocksville
Fayne, Zachary F, Lexington
Federchuck, Leah Jeanne, Walnut Cove
Feiss, Mark L, Huntersville
Feliz, Brenda G, Sacramento, CA
Felts, Rhonda C, Mocksville
Fennell, Kenneth, Lexington
Fentress, Mary, Huntersville
Ferguson Fibers Inc, Linwood
Ferguson, Aletha C, Maiden
Ferguson, Anthony, Kernersville
Ferguson, Danny, Walnut Cove
Ferguson, Eric G, Taylorsville
Ferguson, Rosalee, Lexington
Ferrell III, E Vernon, Winston-Salem
Ferrell, Ashley D, Gastonia
Ferris, Michael D, Lexington
Ferrone, Philip J, Huntersville
Fesko, Robert J, Charlotte
Fesperman II, John F, Mooresville
Fiedler, William James, Asheboro
Fields, Donald Ray, Mocksville
Fields, Thomas W, Slidell, LA
Figler, John M, Mooresville
Figueroa, Anastacio L, Statesville
File, James H, Statesville
Filey, Alfred, Rome, NY
Finch, Lori Kay, Charlotte
Fincher, Gale, Lexington
Findeiss, Janice, Fernandina Beach, FL
Findley Syblena Chil, Taylorsville
Finger, Robert G, Huntersville
Fink, Joseph A, Huntersville
Finklea, Kathy W, Richmond, VA
Finlayson, Paula, Richmond, TX
Finley, Garth A, Huntersville
Finnerty, John T, Troutman
Finney, Albert T, Mount Airy
Finney, Virginia L, Yadkinville
Fiora, Stephanie M, Huntersville
First Charlotte Bank, Charlotte
First Commerce Bank, Charlotte
Fish, Susan, Mount Mourne
Fisher, Gary F, Denver
Fisher, Gerald F, Hickory
Fitts Jr, Robert C, Huntersville
Fitzgerald, Tanna S, Stoneville
Fitzgerald, Thomas, Cornelius
Fitzpatrick, Kathleen D, Chesapeake City, MD
Fizer, Tim A, Huntersville
Flaherty, Patrick M, Huntersville
Fleming, Jill, Cornelius
Fleming, Julie R, Wilmington
Fleshman, Johnny, Stoneville
Fletcher, Martha R, Winston-Salem
Flinchum, Ida, Germanton
Flinn, Keith, Savannah, GA
Floyd, Jeffrey L, Winfield, KS
Floyd, Kelly G, Wilmington
Floyd, Randy, Statesville
Floyd, Thurman L, Asheboro
Flynn, Amie M, Asheville
Flynn, Thomas, Allen, TX
Flynt, Darrell Thomas, Kernersville
Fogerty, Raymond H, Lexington
Fogle, Jennifer A, Cornelius
Fogleman, David, Denton
Fohr, Daniel Lee, Sherrills Ford
Foley, Betty S, Eden
Foley, Erin A, Charlotte
Follrod, Chad C, Statesville
Foltz, Jimmie R, Advance
Folwell, Phyllis Dunlap, Lexington
Foote, William J, Charlotte
Ford Trimble & Assoc, Cornelius
Ford, Catherine C, Richmond, VA
Forest Products Inc, Statesville
Foriska, Daniel C, Sherrills Ford
Forness, Vicki, Conover
Forrest, Jimmy Dwayne, Lexington
Forshee, Lucille, Lexington
Forte, Leavy, Charlotte
Fortner, Cecil K, Taylorsville
Foster Jr, Edward Lee, Taylorsville
Foster Terry/Lorena, Taylorsville
Foster, Brenda K, Trinity
Foster, Brenda, Mooresville
Foster, Doris Marie, Millers Creek
Foster, George, Cooleemee
Foster, Kathy Whitley, Taylorsville
Foster, Richard E, Thomasville
Foster, Richard R, Lexington
Foster, Richard S, Charlotte
Foster, Tony, Linwood
Foster, Yolanda T, Huntersville
Fowler, Judge W, Huntersville
Fowler, Richard K, Huntersville
Fox, Joe, Sherrills Ford
Fox, N Katherine, Taylorsville
Fox, Patrice S, Taylorsville
Fox, Ralph C, Taylorsville
Fox, Robert L, Stanley
Fox, Stephen Allen, Taylorsville
Fox, Truman T, Asheboro
Frabell, William C, Cleveland
Frady, Kevin Lee, Troutman
Francis, Jeff, Lincolnton
Francis, Jesse, Todd
Francisco, David Lee, Denton
Frankman, Nancy, Calverton, NY
Franks, Mary R, Mooresville
Franssen, Harry, Port Orange, FL
Frantzen, David, Cornelius
Franz, Jeffrey A, Huntersville
Franzese, Cristofer R, Huntersville
Franzo, Earl, Franklin
Fraquelli, Luis, Conover
Fraser, Don D, Clemmons
Frazier, Janet, Huntersville
Frazier, Jennifer, Winter Haven, FL
Frazier, W E, Nicholasville, KY
Frear, Bob, Redington Beach, FL
Frederick, Karen J, Huntersville
Fredman, Harold G, Lexington
Free Grace Mission, Lexington
Freedle, David Russell, Thomasville
Freedle, Ronnie B, High Point
Freeland, Diane M, Harmony
Freeman, Brenda, Winston-Salem
Freeman, David E, Lexington
Freeman, Dorothy, Concord
Freeman, Fred C, Southmont
Freeman, Jay M, Cleveland
Freeman, Kenneth, Clemmons
Freeman, Marty, Hamptonville
Freeman, Randle, Winston-Salem
Freeze, Randy Dale, Kannapolis
Freeze, Thomas E, Statesville
French, Kathe J, Mount Holly
Freshour, Linda, North Myrtle Beach, SC
Friddle, Richard, Summerfield
Friedrich, Beverly B, Huntersville
Friend, Lori C, Statesville
Frisby, Deborah C, Wayne, PA
Fritts Oil Co, Lexington
Fritts, Danny, Linwood
Fritts, Jean Rogers, Lexington
Fritts, Patsy S, Gainesville, FL
Fry, Pamela C, Lexington
Fry, Steve J, Collierville, TN
Fryar III, James H, Mooresville
Frye Jr, Vernon, Stony Point
Frye, Elizabeth T, Olin
Frye, Kenneth W, Stanley
Fucini II, Thomas H, High Point
Fugate, Jordan, Lexington
Fugger, Petra I, High Point
Fulbright, Charles G, Taylorsville
Fulgham, Bobby C, Medina, TN
Fulk, Randy A, King
Fullen Jr, J B, Huntersville
Fuller Jr, Arnold R, Cornelius
Fuller, Michael, Johnstown, PA
Fuller, Mike W, Lexington
Fulp, Margaret, Walnut Cove
Fulton, Sunshine M, Kernersville
Funk, Jerry M, Galax, VA
Funk, Lib E, Thomasville
Furr Sr, Gary M, Southport
Furr, William L, Concord
Fussell, Barry, Cornelius
G & G Brokerage, Statesville
G E Plastic, El Paso, TX
Gabay, Robert S, Indianapolis, IN
Gabriel, Donnetta L, Statesville
Gaddy, James Q, Mocksville
Gaddy, Martha T, Statesville
Gaetaniello, Thomas E, Labelle, FL
Gage, Maxine L, Charlotte
Gagne, Tara, Cornelius
Gaines, Laura A, Mooresville
Gaither, Cory N, Statesville
Gaither, Gregory D, Lexington
Gallagher, Sean, Cornelius
Galliher, C Gregg, Kure Beach
Galliher, Lawrence, Harmony
Gallimore Jr, Marvin, Stony Point
Gallimore, Bradley Wayne, North Wilkesboro
Gallimore, Ned, Lexington
Gallimore, Thomas Phillip, Lexington
Gallimore, Tony W, Denton
Galloway, Peter, Cornelius
Galvis, Jorge I, Statesville
Gange, Cathy I, Belmont
Gann, Dwight, Madison
Gann, Mona L, Bassett, VA
Gantt, Annette A, Clemmons
Gantt, Gary F, Statesville
Gantt, Karen E, Jacksonville, FL
Gao Sheng Jie, Huntersville
Garay, Shellie Bailey, Cornelius
Garbarino, Steven, Maiden
Garcia, Merling Javier, Salisbury
Garcia, Pancho, Kannapolis
Gardner, Barbara, Trinity
Gardner, Pat T, Huntersville
Garner, Dresa, Mocksville
Garner, Grace, Denton
Garner, Larry, Mocksville
Garners Lamp & Light, Statesville
Garrett Allen, Anita L, Lexington
Garrett, Amber D, Statesville
Garrett, Janice S, Statesville
Garvin, Edward, Huntersville
Gaspard, Timothy J, Baton Rouge, LA
Gaston, Ruth D, Davidson
Gates, James Michael, Winston-Salem
Gathings, Vince, Winston-Salem
Gauldin, Patrick W, Monroe
Gavin, Pamela A, Charlotte
Gazda, Anita Jo, Huntersville
Gebhardt, Ann D, Huntersville
Gehr, Chris M, Linwood
Gen Medical Assoc Pa, Statesville
Gentile, Michael, Cornelius
Gentle, Harold L, Lexington
Gentle, Nancy P, Taylorsville
George, Sherrie W, Clemmons
Gerace, John, Huntersville
Geren, Angela, Thomasville
German, Rick, Cornelius
Gervasi, Ethel, Huntersville
Gesser, Michael A, Mcgregor, TX
Ghorshi, Shirley S, Huntersville
Giaccone, John, Harrisburg
Giardini, Rose, Cornelius
Gibbs, Ladonna, Kernersville
Gibson Sr, James B, Asheboro
Gibson Sr, James T, Madison
Gibson, Ashley C, Taylorsville
Gibson, Cecil B, Denver
Gibson, Jeanette R, Greensboro
Gibson, Jessie B, Bear, DE
Gibson, John Charles, Charlotte
Gibson, Junius, Huntersville
Gibson, Patricia, Huntersville
Gibson, Whit F, Mooresville
Giganti, Sondra L, King
Gil, Margaret, Cornelius
Gilberg, Andrea Y, Statesville
Gilbert Jr, Larry B, Taylorsville
Gilbert, Chris, Huntersville
Gilbert, Kevin S, Mocksville
Gilbert, Lisa G, Manitou Beach, MI
Gilbert, Walter Lionel, Rutherfordton
Gilead Arp Church, Cornelius
Giles, Jon, Cornelius
Gililland, L M, Muldoon, TX
Gillespie, J T, Taylorsville
Gillespie, Mark D, Huntersville
Gilliland, Jerry D, Mooresville
Gilmour, Christine, Huntersville
Giorgi-Vigo, Alexander, Cornelius
Glance, Calvin, Winston-Salem
Glasener, Robert A, Charlotte
Glass, Gary Lynn, Asheboro
Gledhill, Stephen R, Cornelius
Glenn, Debra, Mooresville
Glenn, Peter B, Cornelius
Glenn, Reid, Denver
Glotfelty, Jennifer, Charlotte
Glover, David, Huntersville
Gm Helms Cons Inc, Mooresville
Goad, Scott B, Oak Ridge
Gobble Family Par’Sh, Mocksville
Gobble, Joe, Mocksville
Gobble, Vernie L, Statesville
Gobel, Elsie, High Point
Gobin, Jeanette Kaiser, Myrtle Beach, SC
Goble, Kelly T, Harmony
Godbey, Franklin, Lexington
Godfrey, Dessie, Cleveland
Godfrey, Robert S, Mocksville
Godsey, Nora B, Woodstock, GA
Godshall, Clara D, Cornelius
Goercke, Eric R, West End
Goforth, Tammie, Winston-Salem
Goins, Richard D, Thomasville
Goins, Ronda G, Lexington
Goins, Scott, Davidson
Goins, Van S, Thomasville
Goldston, Selena M, Cornelius
Gomez, Norma A, Kernersville
Gonzalez, Franklin, Cornelius
Good-Will Prop, Charlotte
Goodin, Paul Gregory, Cantonment, FL
Goodison, John P, Mount Holly
Goodman Sr, Larry, Lexington
Goodman, Susan, Littleton, CO
Goodson, Sidney Noah, Catawba
Goodwin, Sue C, Statesville
Gordon, Amber, Chester, VT
Gordon, Jerry W, Thomasville
Gordon, Mark, Lexington
Gordon, Mindy, Mocksville
Gordon, Richard E, Mooresville
Gortz, Timothy E, Roswell, NM
Gould-Hill Jaime, Winston-Salem
Grabowski, Thomas P, Davidson
Grady, Chandra J, Statesville
Graham III, James Montie, Cornelius
Graham Jr, Clarence, Statesville
Graham, Ivery Lee, Huntersville
Graham, Lena L, Huntersville
Graham, Stanley D, Mooresville
Grainda, Joseph M, Huntersville
Grandstand Com Inc, Cornelius
Grannaman, Randy, Statesville
Grant Properties, Statesville
Grant, Eric, Hiddenite
Grant, Philip Ray, Lexington
Gravanda, Cheryl, Huntersville
Gravatt, Kazann, Mocksville
Graves, Maureen, Charlotte
Gray, Ebony C, Statesville
Gray, Kevin D, Winter Park, FL
Gray, Peggy Wilson, Stoneville
Gray, Rosemary, Southmont
Gray, Vicky, Mooresville
Gray, Vicky, Mooresville
Grayson, Gary O, Greensboro
Grayson, Michael Thomas, Huntersville
Greathouse-Jones Const Co, Hickory
Green, Denise W, Lexington
Green, G L, High Point
Green, Karla Lou, Charlotte
Green, Opal L, New Smyrna Beach, FL
Greene, Dollie M, Yadkinville
Greene, James B, Cornelius
Greene, Janet C, Mocksville
Greene, Jeff, Huntersville
Greene, Kelli M, Mount Ulla
Greene, Michael R, Statesville
Greer, Erin, Cornelius
Greer, Mary Jane, Denton
Gregory, Anne, Lexington
Gregory, James B, Lexington
Gregory, Leonard, Statesville
Gregory, Monte D, Huntersville
Gregory, Pauline P, Statesville
Gregory, Robert L, Trinity
Gregory, Royal, Hamptonville
Gregory, Tina S, Lexington
Greiwe, Robert G, Duluth, GA
Grevelding, Jeanette, Skaneateles, NY
Grice, Jeffrey Lee, Lexington
Grice, Pauline A, Denton
Grier, R D, Statesville
Griffin, B Jan, Charlotte
Griffin, Dwayne, Mooresville
Griffin, Irene, Huntersville
Griffin, Jack R, Cornelius
Griffin, Stacie, Greensboro
Griffith, Judy L, Woodleaf
Grigg, David, Stanley
Griggs, Kay, Kannapolis
Griggs, Mitchell C, Evergreen, CO
Grimes, Bobby, Statesville
Grimm, Nancy A, Shinnston, WV
Grimmett, J R, Lexington
Grimmett, Jennifer L, Cedar Bluff, VA
Grissom, J Edward, Salisbury
Groome, Kaye Whitman, Lexington
Grose, Inez M, Mooresville
Gross, Marcus J, Troutman
Grosse, Julie A, Huntersville
Grosso, Vincent M, Stokesdale
Grosvenor, Julie, Kannapolis
Grubb Jr, Bobby L, High Point
Grubb, Amelia E, Denton
Grubb, Jerry, Lexington
Grubb, Terry, Madison
Grubbs, Emily Weaver, Lexington
Grubbs, Priscilla, Huntersville
Grubbs, Sylvia Jean, Lexington
Guest, Karen, Cornelius
Guest, Nichol, Statesville
Guignard, Lewis B, Davidson
Guill, Rafe A, Granite Falls
Guill, Robbins A, Evans, GA
Guilliams, Tamara, Cornelius
Guimaraes, Vasco, Huntersville
Guinn, Wanda Gale, Thomasville
Gulledge Sr, Rodney P, Mooresville
Gulnac Jr, Gerald E, Hiddenite
Gunter, George R, Advance
Gunter, Mona L, Statesville
Gunters Grocery, Harmony
Gurley, Bryan L, Lexington
Gurski, Grant J, Charlotte
Guthrie, Candace, Lexington
Guthrie, Larry, Mocksville
Guy, Roger, Charlotte
Guy, Terry L, Lexington
Guyton, Daniel P, Akron, OH
Gwaltney, Daniel, Hiddenite
Gwaltney, Mark E, Taylorsville
Gwinn, Don, Stuart, OK
Haan, Kathy K, Davidson
Hackett, Brann, Cornelius
Hackman, Judy K, Davidson
Hageman, Bonnie W, Statesville
Hager, Brenda S, Harmony
Hager, Glenn H, Statesville
Hager, Lonnie, Huntersville
Hager, Ruth A, Cleveland
Hager, William F, Huntersville
Hagerman, Perry, Thomasville
Haggerty Jr, Owen L, Huntersville
Hagler, Michael, Cornelius
Hahn, Ronnie J, New London
Hahne, Kurt L, Huntersville
Hahs, Amanda J, Asheboro
Haigs Casual Inter, Matthews
Hairston, Sallie, Walnut Cove
Haislip, Thomas W, Charlotte
Hajnos, Nancy B, Huntersville
Hale, Ronnie L, Thomasville
Hall, Brian, Denton
Hall, Clara C, High Point
Hall, Elsie S, Greensboro
Hall, John S, Randleman
Hall, Juanita M, Winston-Salem
Hall, Paul S, Thomasville
Hall, Richard H, Virginia Beach, VA
Hall, Richard T, Taylorsville
Hall, Richard W, Cornelius
Hall, Sheila Karen, Mooresville
Hall, Stephanie L, Charlotte
Hall, Timmy Monroe, Denton
Halpern, Debra R, Cornelius
Halstead, Sonja C, Statesville
Hamby, Jon M, Winston-Salem
Hamby, Tracey, Bassett, VA
Hamilton, Ben, Thomasville
Hamilton, Franklin C, Matthews
Hamilton, Joseph G, Mocksville
Hamiter, William L, Statesville
Hamlin Jr, Robert G, Davidson
Hammer, Charles J, Statesville
Hammett, Thomas, Cornelius
Hammond, Eleanor, Winston-Salem
Hammond, Hollis, Huntersville
Hammond, Nancy L, Concord
Hampton, Joyce, Huntersville
Hamrick, Debbie A, Stony Point
Hamrick, Tracy A, Stanley
Hancock, Brian Paul, Huntersville
Hancock, Laura, Denton
Hancock, Mark A, Angola, IN
Hancock, Robert Lane, Statesville
Hancock, Sam Ray, Kernersville
Hand, Tony Bryan, Taylorsville
Handel, Richard E, Waco, TX
Handy, Christopher S, Sherrills Ford
Hanes, Brent, Conway, SC
Hanes, Lois W, Little River, SC
Haney, Lorraine A, Stony Point
Hankins, Virginia S, Welcome
Hanna, Christopher J, Fort Mill, SC
Hannah, George Wayne, Lexington
Hannan, Matthew K, Cornelius
Hansen, Bruce A, Lowell
Hanson, April L, Statesville
Hanson, Lulu, Hamptonville
Hanson, Michele Brim, Granite Falls
Hanson-Barr, Tracey, Allen, TX
Hard Alee Inc, Cornelius
Harder, Britt, Greensboro
Hardie, James G, Clemmons
Harding, Mary H, Hiddenite
Harding, Thomas E, Cornelius
Hardison, William B, Thomasville
Hardoin, Matt, Marianna, FL
Hardy, Susan, Cornelius
Hardy, Theodore A, Charlotte
Hargett, Charles F, Columbia, SC
Harkins, Sharon S, Mocksville
Harkness, William D, Lexington
Harlan, T, Greensboro
Harlan, Todd W, Cornelius
Harmacinski, Ilse, Cornelius
Harmon, Angelica L, New London
Harmon, Darrell, Taylorsville
Harned, R J, Morehead City
Harp, Rachel, Charlotte
Harper, Linda K, Winston-Salem
Harrell, David F, Winston-Salem
Harrell, John, Taylorsville
Harrell, Joseph E, Huntersville
Harrington, Debra J, Huntersville
Harrington, Harold D, Morgantown, WV
Harrington, Jennifer L, Orlando, FL
Harrington, Jerry E, Tecumseh, MI
Harrington, Lee, Huntersville
Harrington, Perry R, Holly Ridge
Harrington, Rachael G, Mount Pleasant, SC
Harrington, Sandra M, Statesville
Harrinton, Sarah W, Taylorsville
Harris, Aubrey I, Lewisville
Harris, Bobbie B, Statesville
Harris, David S, Denton
Harris, Debra H, Taylorsville
Harris, Judy M, Statesville
Harris, June Gwyn, Moravian Falls
Harris, Lawrence E, Winston-Salem
Harris, Mabel B, Statesville
Harris, Mark D, Mocksville
Harris, Melvin T, Hickory
Harris, Michael W, Lexington
Harris, Nancy G, Lexington
Harris, Nathan T, Stony Point
Harris, R Clayton, Huntersville
Harris, Richard Todd, Taylorsville
Harris, Sandy M, Lexington
Harris, Shelia, Lexington
Harris, Sherrill F, Winston-Salem
Harris, Steven, Cornelius
Harrison, Carolyn, Lexington
Harrison, Charles W, Lexington
Harrison, Daniel, Huntersville
Harrison, David R, Mooresville
Harrison, Jeffrey, Advance
Harron, Robert J, Huntersville
Hartley, Ashley, Sioux Falls, SD
Hartley, Craig, High Point
Hartley, Donnie D, Huntersville
Hartness, James Ray, Statesville
Harvey, Abigail, Sherrills Ford
Hash, Lee, Yadkinville
Hassett, June, Denver
Hastings, Lisa D, Statesville
Hatch, Lisa, Cornelius
Hatfield, Andria L, Statesville
Hatton, Herman, Taylorsville
Hatton, Willard, Taylorsville
Hawkins, Donald R, Lexington
Hawkins, Zeno, Greenville, SC
Hawks, Mark A, Statesville
Hayden, Chris J, Coral Springs, FL
Hayden, James Ira, Statesville
Hayes, Darren J, Huntersville
Hayes, David Michael, Taylorsville
Hayes, Fred, Asheboro
Hayes, Michael Allen, Lexington
Hayes, Steve W, Greensboro
Hayes, Swanie B, Statesville
Hayes, Thomas L, Concord
Hayes, Wanda, Welcome
Hayes, Zackery P, Huntersville
Haynes, Charles M, Clemmons
Haynes, Jackie H, Lexington
Haynes, Meredith, Taylorsville
Haynes, Patrick L, Advance
Hazelwood, Dennis C, Madison
Head, Darrell, Hiddenite
Head, Richard A, Salisbury
Head, Wanda K, Stony Point
Healy, Robert M, Romeoville, IL
Hearn, Danny, Mooresville
Hearn, Jennifer, Mount Holly
Heath, Ray, Huntersville
Heaton, Gary A, Mooresville
Hebbard, Rosemary, Union Grove
Hedrick, Billie Jo, Taylorsville
Hedrick, Bobby Ray, Lexington
Hedrick, D W, Lexington
Hedrick, Edward B, Denton
Hedrick, Robert Lee, Denton
Hedrick, Tammy J, Statesville
Hedrick, William Lindsey, Davidson
Heesch, Harold, Huntersville
Hefner, Brian K, Cornelius
Hefner, Eadie E, Raleigh
Hefner, Terri, Charlotte
Hege, Angela, Lexington
Hegedus, Michael, Asheville
Hegler, Julian E, Murrells Inlet
Heimann, Linda, Huntersville
Heldman, Clarence E, Mooresville
Helium, Hi’S, Lexington
Hellard III, Raymond, Advance
Heller, Eric, Cornelius
Helmandollar, Stacy L, Wake Forest
Helmic, Robin S, Statesville
Helmick, Renee E, Alpharetta, GA
Helmintoller, Hilda A, Salisbury
Helms Virginia Lee S, Granite Falls
Helms, Brenda S, Clemmons
Helms, Debbie Widener, Boomer
Helms, Mark J, Winston-Salem
Helms, Michael, Lexington
Helms, Patricia Gayle, Cornelius
Hemric, Crystal B, Kernersville
Henderlite, Mary E, Spring, TX
Henderson, Donna M, Statesville
Henderson, James W, King
Henderson, James W, Pfafftown
Henderson, Leroy, Huntersville
Henderson, Nathan P, Chapel Hill
Henderson, Wade L, Statesville
Hendrix, Carroll L, Archdale
Hendrix, George, Winston-Salem
Hendrix, Ricky G, Advance
Henley, Jeff W, Asheboro
Henline, Neil, Davidson
Hennessey, Michael, Huntersville
Hensley, Judy A, Marshall
Hensley, Ray D, Lexington
Hepler, Carol K, Statesville
Hepler, Dorothy V, Harmony
Hepler, Jared A, Mocksville
Hepler, William C, Statesville
Herman, Lisa K, Taylorsville
Herman, Paige L, Huntersville
Hernandez, Anthony J, Charlotte
Hernandez, Pedro M, North Wilkesboro
Hernandez, Rigoberto, Statesville
Hernandez, Rocio, Morganton
Herndon, Donald R, Charlotte
Herrera, Johnny P, Huntersville
Herrin, Kathryn, Winston-Salem
Herron, Michael, Greensboro
Hersey, Christopher, Charlotte
Hersom, Dawna, Huntersville
Hertzog, Herbert, Wake Forest
Heruska, William, Colonia, NJ
Heslin, Thomas F, Huntersville
Hess, John R, Huntersville
Hesse, Jean E, Statesville
Hester, Dawn R, Union Grove
Hester, Michael A, Kernersville
Hester, Michael J, Charlotte
Hewett, Joseph M, Stanley
Hewitt, John R, Winston-Salem
Hiatt, Robert J, Mocksville
Hickman, Gloria J, Statesville
Hicks Jr, James D, Lake Oswego, OR
Hicks, Hoyt O, Thomasville
Hicks, Johnny L, Lexington
Hicks, Mary, Crosby, MS
Hicks, Rodney H, Thomasville
Hicks, Wendy D, Franklinville
Hicks, William L, Huntersville
Higbea, Angela, Huntersville
Higdon, Timmy, Denver
Higginbotham, Raymond, Huntersville
Higgins, Marty, Winston-Salem
Higgins, Scott Hawley, Mooresville
Higgs, Matthew W, Madison
Hight, Kimberly Ellen, Taylorsville
Hilbert, Mark A, Charlotte
Hilderbran, Stephanie, Charlotte
Hill Jr, Lonzy Lee, Lexington
Hill, Anthony Brent, Asheboro
Hill, Barbara M, New London
Hill, Carol C, Huntersville
Hill, Chuck, Denver
Hill, David Wayne, Wilkesboro
Hill, Donna, Trinity
Hill, Gary W, Woodleaf
Hill, Helen M, Thomasville
Hill, Juanita, Germanton
Hill, Judy Martin, Lexington
Hill, Matthew, Mocksville
Hill, Stephen William, Mocksville
Hill, Sybil A, Pendleton, SC
Hill, Sybil Torres, Madison
Hill, Tommy W, Mount Airy
Hilliard, Michelle H, Lexington
Hilton Jr, Keith E, Denver
Hilton, Donald, Salisbury
Hilton, James E, Mocksville
Himel, Marc, Winter Springs, FL
Hincher, James D, Germanton
Hinchey, Jim/Mary, Franklin, TN
Hindman, Brandon, Huntersville
Hine Jr, John D, Cornelius
Hines, Keith B, Asheboro
Hines, Sandra S, Statesville
Hinkle, Dana L, Mocksville
Hinkle, John M, Huntersville
Hinkle, Scott Lee, Lexington
Hinson, Kim E, Jacksonville
Hinson, Steven Ricky, Roaring River
Hinton, Alfred, Cornelius
Hiott, John R, Statesville
Hipp, Jerry T, Cornelius
Hippensteel, Scott P, Huntersville
Hitt, Steven E, Morganton
Hmiel, Shane R, Huntersville
Hobbs, Anthony L, Greensboro
Hobbs, James, Winston-Salem
Hodge, William T, Winston-Salem
Hodges III, Maurice K, Lexington
Hodges, Frances, Davidson
Hodgetts, Wendy, Carlsbad, CA
Hodgin, Kate S, Thomasville
Hoffer, Robert, Denver
Hoffman, Christopher, Cornelius
Hogan, John R, Concord
Hoke, James H, Hoschton, GA
Holbert, Wendy, Mooresville
Holbrook, Connie H, Huntersville
Holcomb, Darrell L, Union Grove
Holcomb, Edrena A, Yadkinville
Holden, E Todd, Hiddenite
Holdsclaw, Brad, Hiddenite
Holdsclaw, Virgil, Sherrills Ford
Holinka, Lisa, Huntersville
Holiway, Mary S, Lawrenceburg, IN
Holland, Bobby L, Lexington
Holland, Darlyn L, Olin
Holland, Mark J, Southmont
Holland, Ricky D, Statesville
Hollar, Michael D, Statesville
Hollen, Douglas A, Oviedo, FL
Holler, David, Huntersville
Holley, Lindsey C, Walnut Cove
Holley, Yvonne, Hamptonville
Holliday, Norma G, Taylorsville
Hollinger, Kurt, Chandler, AZ
Hollo, Mark W, Taylorsville
Holloway, Brandi D, Lexington
Holloway, Robert O, Charlotte
Holloway, William A, Spring Lake
Holman, Melissa Kay, Hays
Holmes, Harry, Charlotte
Holmes, Produs Leon, Winston-Salem
Holmes, Thomas Stephen C, Wilmington
Holsten, Edgar M, Hickory
Holt, Drema G, Statesville
Holt, Sylvester, Lexington
Holton, Selene M, Statesville
Home Buyers Of Nc Inc, Conover
Homelife Comm Group Of Char, Charlotte
Hommel, Hans G, Huntersville
Honeycutt, Cheryl L, Cornelius
Honeycutt, Keith, Albemarle
Hooker, Darlene, Danbury
Hooker, Dennis H, Madison
Hoover, Grace F, Dunedin, FL
Hoover, Karl B, Cornelius
Hoover, Robert R, Charlotte
Hope, Ken, Cornelius
Hope, Mary Lea Miller, Statesville
Hopkins, Brian, Denver
Hopper, Mary P, Madison
Hopper, Nellie L, Walnut Cove
Horn, Judy B, Lexington
Horne, Anne S, Maiden
Horne, Janice, Mocksville
Horne, Lucille M, Union Grove
Horne, Philip D, Fort Stewart, GA
Horne, Wanda J, Mocksville
Horton, Billy Lee, Stony Point
Horton, Ron, Charlotte
Hoskins, Gary, Southmont
Hot Shot Video Arc, Wylie, SC
Houchins, Gavin, Mooresville
Houpe, Michael W, Cornelius
Houpe, Nellie, Elizabethton, TN
House, William R, Statesville
Houser, Brian L, Denver
Houston, Betty A, Mooresville
Houston, Nancy A, Statesville
Howard, Kimberly R, Mount Pleasant, SC
Howard, Sandra F, Clemmons
Howat, David Scott, Mesa, AZ
Howell Estate, Louella P, Taylorsville
Hoyle Jr, Boyce A, Denver
Hubbard, Alan L, Kernersville
Hubbard, Lucille, Sanford
Hubbard, Michael L, Granite Falls
Hubbard, Scott, Sherrills Ford
Hubert Witlock Bldrs Inc, Charlotte
Hubert, Laura C, Albuquerque, NM
Hubner, Robert J, Charlotte
Hudson, Melanie S, Lake Lure
Hudson, Richard E, Huntersville
Hudson, Sharon Y, Huntersville
Hueser, Stephen, Fort Mill, SC
Huffman Carl/Carolyn, Taylorsville
Huffman, Clyde H, Dryfork, WV
Huffstetler Wm/Donna, Hickory
Huggins Jr, Roger Lee, Thomasville
Huggins, Carey, Morehead City
Huggins, Kelly Anne, Stanley
Hughes, Darin C, Mooresville
Hughes, Donna M, Taylorsville
Hughes, Kenneth, Cornelius
Hughes, Stefannie, Davidson
Hughes, Tex R, Lexington
Hulett, Deborah P, Boerne, TX
Hulin, Terry, Linwood
Hull, Tony W, Lexington
Humble, Evelyn, Mooresville
Humphreys, Jennifer, Fort Wayne, IN
Humphries, Robert Tim, Denver
Hunsucker, James V, Asheboro
Hunt, Alice, Lexington
Hunt, Amanda, Cornelius
Hunt, Joseph B, Cornelius
Hunt, Melissa M, Lexington
Hunt, Mildred Ann, Trinity
Hunt, Paul M, Cornelius
Hunt, Rodney P, Linwood
Hunt, Ruth J, Lexington
Hunt, Treva D, Charlotte
Hunter & Bejeck, Statesville
Hunter Realty, Statesville
Hunter, Janice, Huntersville
Hunter, Timothy Wayne, Mount Airy
Hurlbut, Chad Ashley, Taylorsville
Hurley, Christopher J, Cornelius
Hurley, Gregory W, Charlotte
Hurley, Janet M, Lakeland, FL
Hurley, Steven/Pam, Hiddenite
Hurt, Charles W, Mooresville
Huskins, Farrah, Cornelius
Huskins, Stella O, High Point
Hussey, Philip T, Smithfield, RI
Hustrulid, Virginia Bradshaw, Colfax
Hutchens, William S, Statesville
Hutchings, Richard J, Kitty Hawk
Hutchinson, Raymond, Huntersville
Hutchinson, Sherry D, Taylorsville
Hyatt, Anita, Mount Holly
Hyatt, Bill, Cornelius
Hynes, Mary Ann, Mesa, AZ
Hysinger, James S, Lexington
Icenhour, James O, Ely, MN
Incredible, Edible, Mooresville
India, Prudence, Cornelius
Infantino, Marlene C, Mocksville
Ingersoll-Rand, El Paso, TX
Ingram, J H, Readyville, TN
Ingram, Matthew Chad, Winston-Salem
Inks, Robert M, Stanley
Inman, Joel D, Linwood
Inman, Mary P, Clemmons
Ireland Jr, William R, Statesville
Ireland, Barbara S, Barium Springs
Ireland, Darren R, Mocksville
Ireland, Sherri C, Taylorsville
Isaac Jr, John Henry, Statesville
Isaacs, Cyndie S, Mocksville
Isaacs, Tracy M, Kannapolis
Isbell, Marcia A, Tucson, AZ
Isenhour, Kelly, Taylorsville
Isenhour, Mamie M, Salisbury
Isgett, Jennifer A, Mocksville
Isgett, Leona R, Huntersville
Isley, Mariann Coyne, Huntersville
Ivester, Michelle, Denver
Ivey, David, Taylorsville
Ivey, Deborah, Clemmons
Ivey, Virgil Lee, Taylorsville
Izbicki, Lea N, Huntersville
J B Waddell Gen Contractors, Charlotte
J K Hogan Const Co, Cornelius
Jackson, Anita Jordan, Lexington
Jackson, Bruce, Boone
Jackson, Donald M, Taylorsville
Jackson, Doris C, Walkertown
Jackson, Dwayne, Cornelius
Jackson, Ernest, Huntersville
Jackson, Gloria Turner, Orrum
Jackson, James Mccoy, Hiddenite
Jackson, Jerry C, Huntersville
Jackson, Joesph, Lewisville
Jackson, Karen S, San Diego, CA
Jackson, Katrina R, Charlotte
Jackson, Michelle Y, Statesville
Jackson, Pamela Rhodes, Huntersville
Jackson, Patsy, Statesville
Jackson, Phillip, Cornelius
Jackson, Sherry S, Davidson
Jacobs, Alicia Clare, Kannapolis
Jacobs, Desmond, Advance
Jacobs, Mardy, Lexington
Jacobs, Terry W, Lexington
Jain, Manoje, Asheville
James, Henry T, Salisbury
James, Judy L, Winston-Salem
James, Kara J, Denver
James, Kenneth D, Germanton
James, Martin V, New London
James, Ruth S, Statesville
James, S Chad, Lexington
James, Tracey, Charlotte
James, William B, Statesville
Janos, Susan, Clermont, FL
Jardon, Hugo, Cornelius
Jarman, Roberta L, Charlotte
Jarmon, Kelly Denise, Fletcher
Jarrell, Mark A, Taylorsville
Jarrell, Terry J, Mooresville
Jarvis, Anice, Rockwell
Jarvis, Benny Travis, Harmony
Jarvis, Lilard D, Whitsett
Jarvis, Sandra L, Hiddenite
Jarvis, Tina M, Lexington
Jarvis, Tonya Ayers, Harmony
Jasinski, Aimee L, Charlotte
Jefferson, James H, Cornelius
Jeffery, Roger L, Statesville
Jeffords, Jeff, Charlotte
Jeffrey, Daniel K, Statesville
Jeffries, Horace E, Sandston, VA
Jenkins, Amanda L, Huntersville
Jenkins, Dan, Huntersville
Jenkins, Jeffrey W, Statesville
Jenkins, John F, Terrell
Jenkins, Richard L, Huntersville
Jenkins, Robert Burton, Lexington
Jenkins, Sheila H, Mocksville
Jenner, Bruce C, Cornelius
Jennings, James M, Huntersville
Jesensky, Matthew P, Aliquippa, PA
Jeter, Charles, Huntersville
Jetta Merchandise, Cornelius
Jewell, Carol S, Statesville
Jimenez, Shawn, Lexington
Jobe, John M, Winston-Salem
John Wieland Homes, Charlotte
Johnson, Amy, Wilmington
Johnson, Andrea Lee, Huntersville
Johnson, Andrea Lynn, Huntersville
Johnson, Andrew, Stanley
Johnson, Andrew, Taylorsville
Johnson, Andy, Olin
Johnson, Ben E, Gastonia
Johnson, Bethany E, Troutman
Johnson, Curtis V, Advance
Johnson, Danny W, Hiddenite
Johnson, Donna B, Olin
Johnson, Frank, Dublin, VA
Johnson, Freddie, Mooresville
Johnson, Grace, Lexington
Johnson, Gregory V, Schaumburg, IL
Johnson, Hubert M, Salisbury
Johnson, James Lynn, Union Grove
Johnson, Jean F, Laurinburg
Johnson, Jeff, Conover
Johnson, Jeff, Kernersville
Johnson, Jeffrey B, Huntersville
Johnson, Judy M, Harmony
Johnson, Julie T, Barium Springs
Johnson, Kim, Trinity
Johnson, Kristy Bowman, Barium Springs
Johnson, Kristy H, Statesville
Johnson, Lars P, Huntersville
Johnson, Linda E, Cresson, PA
Johnson, Mckinley J, Huntersville
Johnson, Michael Peter, Carrboro
Johnson, Mildred, Winston-Salem
Johnson, Pamela D, Harmony
Johnson, Robin, Harmony
Johnson, Roger Wayne, Trinity
Johnson, Susan R, Lexington
Johnson, Tracy D, Lexington
Johnson, Travis B, Washington, DC
Johnston, Amy, Mooresville
Johnston, Carolyn S, Statesville
Johnston, Mark, Huntersville
Johnston, Pamela, Troutman
Johnston, William C, Winston-Salem
Johnstone, Kathleen C, Matthews
Joines Vinna Canter, Taylorsville
Jolly, Remona B, Taylorsville
Jolly, Russell E, High Point
Jones II, David E, Charlotte
Jones Sr, Billy Ray, Mocksville
Jones, Alan, Huntersville
Jones, Alex B, Charlotte
Jones, Bruce M, Davidson
Jones, Carey P, Walnut Cove
Jones, Dean, Winston-Salem
Jones, Edward W, Trinity
Jones, Francine S, Denver
Jones, Gene, Greenville
Jones, Gwendolyn R, Huntersville
Jones, Jacqueline F, Davidson
Jones, Jerry W, Lexington
Jones, John H, Mooresville
Jones, Kyong, Corona, CA
Jones, Leslie C, Charlotte
Jones, Lisa D, Faus Mills, VA
Jones, Lynnette M, Perrysburg, OH
Jones, Paulette S, Taylorsville
Jones, Pauline M, Statesville
Jones, Robert, Trinity
Jones, Russell A, Lexington
Jones, Stanley Brian, Gastonia
Jones, Wayne R, Charlotte
Jordan, Ava, Wallburg
Jordan, Cassandra, Lexington
Jordan, Catherine, Denver
Jordan, Harold G, Sandy Ridge
Jordan, Latonya E, Huntersville
Jordan, Sharon, Charlotte
Jose, Palacio, Charlotte
Josebeck, Maryann, Verona, PA
Joung, Myong Am, Dunlap, TN
Joyce Richard/Rachel, Mocksville
Joyce, Barbara C, Madison
Joyce, Bessie F, Mayodan
Joyce, Dennis R, Stoneville
Joyce, John C, Mayodan
Joyce, Megan E, Lawrence, KS
Joyner, Celeste R, Winston-Salem
Joyner, Tena Cranfill, Roaring River
Juarez, Pedro Chavez, Charlotte
Judd, Lisa M, Glen Allen, VA
Julian, Shane, Kansas City, MO
Juliana, Laurie, Charlotte
Jumper, Sharon D, Cornelius
Jungels, R Scott, Birmingham, AL
Juraschek, John F, Morganton
Justice, John C, Marion
Justice, Matthew, Lexington
Kabasakalian, Lisa, Cornelius
Kaefer, Donald, Kernersville
Kahanamoku, David, Warrensville
Kaiser Jr, Harry T, Stanley
Kajima International, Tyrone, GA
Kampfer, Jason, Greensboro
Karani, Ron R, Cornelius
Kasai, Masaru, Statesville
Kasdorf, Raymond, Statesville
Kates, Claudia, Winston-Salem
Kaufmann, Janet L, Denver
Kavanaugh Jr, Kenneth R, Denver
Kay, Cameron I, Delray Beach, FL
Kay, John Robert, Charlotte
Kaylor, Joseph E, Cornelius
Kearley, Johnny Ray, Newton
Kearney, Steven J, Huntersville
Kearschner, Barbara, Saint Peters, MO
Keaton, Linda S, Bolivia
Keen, Roy D, Statesville
Keesee, Nick, Huntersville
Keever, Evelyn, Taylorsville
Keever, Jack, Taylorsville
Keiger, Charles G, Statesville
Keith, William T, Walnut Cove
Kellam, Nancy L, Madison
Kellam, Nicholas N, Mayodan
Keller, Arthur J, Taylorsville
Keller, Betty P, Statesville
Keller, Christine W, Catawba
Keller, Douglas, Statesville
Keller, James W, Taylorsville
Keller, Jeanette W, Clarkesville, GA
Keller, Lester G, Mooresville
Kelley, Jackie, Statesville
Kelley, Kristine Joyce, Taylorsville
Kellogg, Francis, Denver
Kelly, Bobby G, Paw Creek
Kelly, Elaine C, Statesville
Kelly, John J, Huntersville
Kelly, Melvin, Davidson
Kendall, Harold, Merritt Island, FL
Kendra, Robert J, Daytona Beach, FL
Kennedy, Dennis W, Wallburg
Kennedy, Jonathan P, Mooresville
Kennedy, Michael S, Statesville
Kennedy, Nick J, Cornelius
Kennedy, Robin D, High Point
Kennedy, Terry L, Tazewell, VA
Kennedy, William David, Mount Ulla
Kennel, Lorene D, Linwood
Kennerly, Dev, Davidson
Kenseth, Matthew R, Mooresville
Kent, Roy, Lexington
Kenworthy, David, Hickory
Kerley, Scotty James, Taylorsville
Kerley, Troy, Taylorsville
Kernstine, Gina B, Lexington
Kerr Jr, Reid P, Kernersville
Kerr, Howard L, Hope Mills
Kerr, Sherry, Huntersville
Kersey, Joann B, Lexington
Kesler, Toni M, Cleveland
Ketner, Catherine, Salisbury
Ketner, James Larry, Huntersville
Key, Debra Ann, Cornelius
Keyes, Daniel, Oak Ridge
Keystone Builders Inc, Richmond, VA
Keystone Builders Inc, Richmond, VA
Keystone Builders Inc, Richmond, VA
Keystone Builders, Richmond, VA
Keziah Sr, David, Kannapolis
Keziah, Dolly, Huntersville
Keziah, Gloria, Cornelius
Khaiha, Trung, Saint Petersburg, FL
Khatartars, Mahmoud, North Wilkesboro
Kiem, Hieu, Cornelius
Kierstead, Charles, Southport
Kiger, Dennis E, King
Kilburn, Jeremy M, Charlotte
Killian Michael/C H, Taylorsville
Killian, Barbara, Taylorsville
Kimbrell, Margaret M, Denton
Kimmer, Ruth C, Mocksville
Kimmer, Terry L, Mocksville
Kimpel, Andrew, Montoursville, PA
Kinard, Marilynn, Huntersville
Kindley, Kathy S, Asheboro
King Sr, Larry E, Cornelius
King, Ashley Morgan, Huntersville
King, Audrey A, Huntersville
King, Brent, Huntersville
King, David, Mount Holly
King, Jay R, Huntersville
King, Jeffrey S, Charlotte
King, Kathy E, King
King, Larry, Gastonia
King, Ruth A, Lexington
Kinley, O’Neil, Mount Holly
Kinney, Joan, Lady Lake, FL
Kinsella, Jan M, Mooresville
Kirby, Joseph, Thomasville
Kirby, Kay, Charlotte
Kirk, Annette S, Marshall
Kirk, George Ray, Landis
Kirk, Scott D, Winston-Salem
Kirkman, Faye J, Randleman
Kirkus, Terry, Lexington
Kiser, Angela B, Lexington
Kiser, Edwanna J, Harmony
Kiser, Sandy, Statesville
Kissiah Jr, Michael, Charlotte
Kistler, Patsy Sherrill, Mooresville
Kitchens, Brian, Huntersville
Kite, Lisa, Kernersville
Kizer, James Robert, Winston-Salem
Klamer, William J, Thomasville
Klatt, Marty, Ravensdale, WA
Klein, Deysy, Huntersville
Klenck, Michael, Cornelius
Klinger, Terry, Huntersville
Klink, Judith, Cornelius
Klum, Laurie H, Statesville
Knapp, K B, Salisbury
Knight Publishing Co, Charlotte
Knight, Beverly R, Reidsville
Knight, Dale M, Statesville
Knight, David K, Harmony
Knight, Ronald V, Flatwoods, WV
Knight, Sandra S, Harmony
Knott, Mark S, Winston-Salem
Knox, Eula S, Charlotte
Knox, Floyd L, Huntersville
Knox, Jeffrey, Sherrills Ford
Kobisher, Isareal, Huntersville
Koch, Peter, Uzwil,
Kocsis, Lisa, Cornelius
Kodiak Const, Charlotte
Koehler, Dean, Mooresville
Koehlke, Tiffany L, Winston-Salem
Kolooner, Thomas P, Charlotte
Kongvongxay, Viengxay, Statesville
Konig, Christopher S, Temecula, CA
Koogler, Anthony Lynn, Godwin
Koonts, Lonnie B, Lexington
Koonts, Phillip L, Lexington
Koonts, Tiffany, Lexington
Kortesis, James A, Terrell
Kovack, Michelle Lee, Charlotte
Kozee, Amy, Lexington
Kramer, Hazel, Huntersville
Kramer, John Robert, Huntersville
Krapovicky, Eric J, Terrell
Krewson, Janet L, Cornelius
Kricher, Fred, Cornelius
Krick, Phillip, Denver
Krieger, Lynette F, Vicksburg, MI
Krisel, Stephen, Huntersville
Krist, Anda, Taylorsville
Kruse, Allan D, Lexington
Kuczek, Ann M, Wheeling, IL
Kuettel, Pierre, Huntersville
Kummer, Beverly, Huntersville
Kurtanich, Joyce A, Huntersville
Kuss, Shelley, Charlotte
Kyker, Charles C, Clemmons
Kyle, Lorian, Huntersville
Kyre, Mark S, Winston-Salem
L & J Electronics, Troutman
Labarr, Thomas Arthur, Trinity
Lackey Elvin R/ Mitzi S, Cornelius
Lackey, Brian N, Taylorsville
Lackey, Conrad Dean, Taylorsville
Lackey, Daniel C, Lexington
Lackey, Donnell J, Lexington
Lackey, William R, Winston-Salem
Ladenburger, John E, Newport
Laderer, Harry C, Huntersville
Lafferty, Hilda M, Welch, WV
Lail, Janie Johnson, Taylorsville
Laird, Melissa C, Lexington
Lake Norman Co, Charlotte
Lake, Elizabeth H, Archdale
Lakeland Luxury Inc, Mooresville
Lamarr, Lisa T, Brown Summit
Lambe, Thelma, Lexington
Lambert, Michelle L, Cooleemee
Lambert, Ophelia B, Cornelius
Lambert, Robin, Stony Point
Lambert, Wendy, Concord
Lamberth, Kelly T, Statesville
Lambeth, Terry L, Greensboro
Lambeth, Willis H, Thomasville
Lamonica, Joseph A, Cornelius
Lamoureux, Dora C, Statesville
Lampmon, Allen J, Spout Springs, VA
Lancaster, Addie G, Huntersville
Lancaster, Candace, Statesville
Lancaster, Chad O, Statesville
Lancaster, Dennis R, Statesville
Lancaster, Eddie O, Barium Springs
Lancaster, Rhyta S, Huntersville
Lancaster, Russell, Statesville
Land, Dale, Taylorsville
Land, Edith, Taylorsville
Land, Roger, Statesville
Landreth, Dennis, Kernersville
Lane, Ashla, O Fallon, IL
Lane, Debra M, Asheboro
Lane, Frances Kay, Lewisville
Lane, Jimmy E, Lexington
Lane, Tammy B, Mount Holly
Laney, Johnny, Statesville
Lang, Selwyn T, Mooresville
Lange, Natalie D, Charlotte
Langley, D Beth, Charlotte
Lanier, John I, Statesville
Lanier, Lawrence J, Little River, SC
Lanier, Vicki B, Mocksville
Lankford Jr, Billy R, Kernersville
Lankford Jr, Billy R, Lexington
Lankford, Janice, Rural Hall
Lanning, Deanna, Hollister
Lanning, J Chris, Huntersville
Lanning, Kirk L, Troutman
Lantis, James L, Huntersville
Lapolice-Johnson, Yvette L, Cleveland
Lara, Carlos Alvarado, Hiddenite
Larson, Daniel, Kennesau, GA
Larson, Janice A, Hickory
Larson, Todd, Manchester, NH
Lash Jr, John A, Huntersville
Lassiter, Laura D, Huntersville
Latham, Timothy R, Mocksville
Lathan, John D, Huntersville
Lathrop, Lillian, Retsos, NY
Laughery, Linda D, Denver
Laughlin, Martha S, Lexington
Lavallee, Heather E, Huntersville
Lavere, John, Phoenix, AZ
Lawrence Jr, David E, Seth, WV
Laws Robert/Theresa, Millers Creek
Laws, Arthur Junior, North Wilkesboro
Laws, Dwight W, Statesville
Laws, Earl, Linwood
Laws, Todd H, Statesville
Lawson, Chad, Troutman
Lawson, Keith, Kernersville
Lawson, Keri Susanne, Cornelius
Lawson, Michael, Greensboro
Lawton, Amy L, Mooresville
Laxton, Jeffrey, Lexington
Lay, Teresa A, Thomasville
Lazar, Robert, Cornelius
Lazich, Victor, Clarkesville, GA
Lazo, Maria Olimpia, Statesville
Lazzarini, Heider S, Lansdale, PA
Leabo, David, Stanley
Leach, Jay, Huntersville
Leach, Teresa J, Alexis
Leagans, Ruby C, Mocksville
Leahy, Janet M, Cornelius
Leaird, Keith B, Statesville
Lear, David, Huntersville
Leavitt, Stephen, Huntersville
Leblanc, Kristin, Huntersville
Ledbetter Properties, Charlotte
Ledbetter, James T, Mooresville
Ledford, Chuck G, Advance
Ledford, Doyt, Alexis
Lee Veneer Products Inc, Beaufort
Lee, Choongil, Cornelius
Lee, Clara H, Cornelius
Lee, Damon, Cornelius
Lee, Ge, Fresno, CA
Lee, Haemin, Los Angeles, CA
Lee, Hova, Taylorsville
Lee, James K, Olin
Lee, Ryan R, Christiansburg, VA
Leger, Edward E, Tannersville, VA
Legg, Jennifer, Huntersville
Leiby, Norman H, Concord, OH
Lejeune, Glenda M, Statesville
Lekovish, Jill, Huntersville
Lemmonds, Michael W, Myrtle Beach, SC
Lemon, Karen, Charlotte
Lemons, Pamela, Lexington
Lenentine, Roger, Huntersville
Lennington, Richard, Statesville
Leonard Jr, James, Thomasville
Leonard, Alice E, Salisbury
Leonard, Anthony O, Huntersville
Leonard, Doris C, Winston-Salem
Leonard, Garret D, Lexington
Leonard, Gary Ray, Mountain City, TN
Leonard, Jeffrey, Cornelius
Leonard, John David, Welcome
Leonard, Jonathan, Lexington
Leonard, Mitchell H, Linwood
Leonard, Robert B, Lexington
Leonard, Tom N, Huntersville
Leonard, William, Mocksville
Leonard-Barber, Faith, Cornelius
Lessons On The Lake, Cornelius
Lester, Brady R, Easley, SC
Lester, Mark, Charlotte
Lett, James R, Taylorsville
Levan, William P, Statesville
Levine, Robert, Bartlett, TN
Lewallen, Gary M, High Point
Lewis, Brian, Lexington, KY
Lewis, Graham L, Winston-Salem
Lewis, Harold D, Winston-Salem
Lewis, Rob, Arden
Lewis, Sandra C, Advance
Lewis, William B, Roanoke, VA
Lexington State Bank, Lexington
Liang, Ping, Mount Ulla
Libbey, Linda L, Statesville
Liberati, Tamara A, Sherrills Ford
Liendo, Martha, Chilhowie, VA
Liesman, Robert M, Charlotte
Lightsey, Francis L, Bostic
Ligon, Jason D, Pine Hall
Ligon, Lynda Sue, Lexington
Liles Jr-Const G W, Concord
Lilly, John H, Beaver, WV
Lilly, Stuart, Alameda, CA
Linch, Robert, Davidson
Lincoln Bank, Lincolnton
Lind, Will, Lexington
Lindeman, Bill, Cornelius
Linderman, Rebecca L, Kannapolis
Linebarger Jr, Walter, Sherrills Ford
Lineberger, John R, Sherrills Ford
Linger, Frances E, Clemmons
Link, David, Advance
Link, Sylvia F, Huntersville
Link, William W, Lexington
Linnane, James, Atlanta, GA
Linney, Carolyn R, Statesville
Linton, David M, Winston-Salem
Linville, Glenn R, Boonville
Lipinski, Theodore, Huntersville
Lipke Jr, John J, Statesville
Lipke, Scott J, Zelienople, PA
Lippard Jr, Danny M, Statesville
Lippard, Connor L, Statesville
Lisa’S Music, Cornelius
Lisi, Pasquale, Cornelius
Little, Eric, Cornelius
Little, Gerald S, Cleveland
Little, Helen L, Spring Lake
Little, Nancy, Stanley
Little, Robert A, Taylorsville
Liu, Difei, Omaha, NE
Livengood Jr, Carl R, Winston-Salem
Livengood, Daniel Thomas, Lexington
Livengood, Sammy Lee, Winston-Salem
Llanos, Leslie, Lexington
Lloyd, Billy J, Taylorsville
Lloyd, Tonya R, Johnson City, TN
Locke, Robert C, Everett, WA
Lockhart Jr, Mike, Statesville
Lockhart, Jill G, Huntersville
Lockhart, Shirley J, Comas, WV
Locklear, H Ray, Huntersville
Locklear, Teresa P, Catawba
Lockman, John D, Lincolnton
Lockman, Wesley, Statesville
Loebe Sr, George Thomas, Kernersville
Loehr, John, Stevens Point, WI
Loflin, Pearl Hunt, Denton
Loftin, Wade F, Damascus, AR
Loftis, Linda Kay, Mooresville
Logan, Debra Rogers, Lexington
Logan, Sylvia D, North Wilkesboro
Logan, Todd E, Kernersville
Loh, Fookloon, Huntersville
Lohr, Jerry E, Lexington
Loman, Margie K, Lexington
Loman, Tammy A, Lexington
London, Gerald R, Cleveland
Londono, Andres G, Raleigh
Long, Bill J, Louisville, KY
Long, Daniel, Huntersville
Long, Donald H, Yadkinville
Long, Doris K, Denver
Long, Edmund B, Taylorsville
Long, Glenn, Charlotte
Long, Robert Wayne, Wilkesboro
Looby, Lisa, Charlotte
Lopez, Michael E, Winston-Salem
Loucks, Kenneth J, Huntersville
Louya, Jackie W, Lexington
Love, David, Austin, TX
Lovelace, Kevin, Welcome
Lovett, James D, Huntersville
Lovette, Betsy H, Wilkesboro
Lowder, Krystal Hudson, Kannapolis
Lowdermilk, Roy A, Randleman
Lowe Jr, Thomas E, Mocksville
Lowe, Barbara J, Lexington
Lowe, Dorothy B, Maiden
Lowe, Kay A, Statesville
Lowe, Richard, Harmony
Lowe, Ricky, Alexis
Lowery Jr, John O, Salisbury
Lowery, David, Huntersville
Lowery, Leticia Y, Cornelius
Lowery, Martha, Mocksville
Loy, James, Davidson
Lucas, Barry, Winston-Salem
Luffman, Jeff W, Winston-Salem
Luihn, Victor A, Tampa, FL
Lumston, Rance R, Wilmington
Luna, Nancy, Cornelius
Lunsford, Brandon D, Huntersville
Lunsford, Michael, Statesville
Lunsford, Vicki G, Rural Hall
Lupo, Daisy B, Lexington
Lutchmansingh, Krishna J, Statesville
Lutheridge Farm, Mount Ulla
Lutz, Steven W, Charlotte
Luxenberg, Gary, Vista, CA
Luzzi, John D, Huntersville
Lyerly Jr, Joe, Salisbury
Lyerly, Lorenzo, Walkertown
Lynch, Jason C, Winston-Salem
Lynch, Thomas, Huntersville
Lyon, Michael E, Charlotte
Lyons, Barbara W, Mooresville
Lyons, Kelli D, Charlotte
Mabe, Andy, Walnut Cove
Mabe, Brandy, Walnut Cove
Mabe, Dana S, Winston-Salem
Mabe, Jessica Duncan, Madison
Mabe, Theresa, Germanton
Macdonald, James, Sherrills Ford
Machett, John M, Valhalla, NY
Machtel, Jan, East Lansing, MI
Mackiewicz, Ronald J, West Jefferson
Macmillan, Lisa A, Cornelius
Macphee, Jill, Huntersville
Macro Integration Services, Greensboro
Maddox, Edward, Winston-Salem
Madison, Linda, Orange Park, FL
Magdziarz, Debora J, Winston-Salem
Magnus, John C, Huntersville
Mahala, Tonya E, Lexington
Mahon, C W, Saint Augustine, FL
Mailliez, Andre, Greensboro
Making Connections, Cornelius
Maldonado, Donna, Doral, FL
Malec, Ron P, Mooresville
Mallory, Tanya, Huntersville
Manbeck, William C, Dover, DE
Mann, Wanda Lucille, Taylorsville
Manning, William H, Mooresville
Manns, Tony Lawson, Archdale
Mansour, Melissa J, Ferguson
Maranatha, Christian, Mocksville
Marc, Iacov, Mooresville
Marciniak, Thomas A, Huntersville
Marcum, George E, Mooresville
Marcum, Tony, Thomasville
Marcus, Leonard W, Mocksville
Marion, Susie, Kernersville
Maritato, Pat J, Leesburg, VA
Markham, Alison, Matthews
Marlette, Leslie W, Fuquay Varina
Marlin, Tiffany, Huntersville
Marlowe, Jason Lee, Hiddenite
Marquee Builders Llc, Huntersville
Marsh, Donald Edgar, Winston-Salem
Marsh, Edward, Savannah, GA
Marshall, Dale L, Huntersville
Marshall, Raymond A, King
Marshbanks, M J, Oak Island
Marshner, Bruce, Cornelius
Marson, Randy J, Davidson
Martek, H F, Weaverville
Martin III, Charlie L, Cornelius
Martin Jr, Roger E, Mocksville
Martin, Allen Lee, Hiddenite
Martin, Carmel, Huntersville
Martin, Cynthia J, Statesville
Martin, David G, Taylorsville
Martin, Dena Ann, Lexington
Martin, Gene E, Statesville
Martin, James A, Walnut Cove
Martin, Jan, Sherrills Ford
Martin, Jimmy L, Statesville
Martin, Joseph B, Clemmons
Martin, Karen, Winston-Salem
Martin, Keri J, Clemmons
Martin, Michael B, Kernersville
Martin, Michele, Charlotte
Martin, Peggy D, Otto
Martin, Rickey Allen, Lexington
Martin, Shaunah, Cornelius
Martin, Sheila M, Walnut Cove
Martin, Shirley, Lexington
Martin, Timothy Allen, Winston-Salem
Martin, Tracie, Clemmons
Martin, Wendell Randy, Stoneville
Martin, William H, Lexington
Martinez, Corinthia, Lexington
Martinez, Frances C, Cooleemee
Martinez, Gustavo A, Hampstead
Martinez, Melissa, Charlotte
Martini, Freida T, Hamptonville
Marulanda, Rigoberto, Newton
Marvin, Richard, Cornelius
Masci, Tanya, Charlotte
Mashburn, Roger Dale, Trinity
Maskell, John, Huntersville
Mason, Rachel C, Stony Point
Massaglia, Chris, Huntersville
Massingale, Ronald E, Charlotte
Matheson, Carey, Mooresville
Matney, James A, Thomasville
Matney, Mary Bryan, Lewisville
Matthews, Emily E, Huntersville
Matthews, Frank, Gastonia
Mattingly, Donna J, Huntersville
Mattison, James, Salisbury
Mattocks, Kay, Winston-Salem
Matuska, Carleen, Huntersville
Matuszak, Sherri, Cornelius
Mauldin, Jon S, Cornelius
Maultbay, Terry D, Sherman, TX
Maxwell, Samuel, Davidson
May, Deborah L, Sherrills Ford
May, Elizabeth Charley, Harmony
May, Paul H, Statesville
Mayak, Michael A, Huntersville
Mayberry, Ruby B, Statesville
Mayes, Stephanie A, New Albany, OH
Mayfield Estate, Lucille H, Cooleemee
Mayfield, Yvette, Huntersville
Mayhew, Christopher B, Davidson
Mayhew, Grady, Mooresville
Mazur, James E, Trinity
McAbee, David T, Lexington
McAlexander, Jeff, Lexington
McAlister, Roy Lee, Ellenboro
McAllister Jr, Paul M, Davidson
McAllister, Kenneth, Lexington
McAlpin, Christopher, Charlotte
McAlpin, Mike, Davidson
McAnally, Kelly E, Davidson
McArthur, Alan, Cornelius
McAuley, Alexander H, Statesville
McAuley, Michael J, Fox Island, WA
McBride, Neil A, Clemmons
McBryde, William D, Huntersville
McCall, Brian, Charlotte
McCarson, Dennis, Kannapolis
McCauley, Allyson, Winston-Salem
McCay, Jennifer L, Lexington
McClain, Tina B, Statesville
McClamrock, Joel P, Winston-Salem
McClamrock, Pam C, Mocksville
McClarran, James A, Holiday, FL
McClintock, Harold W, Salem, OR
McClory, Maria, Cedarburg, WI
McClung, Linda Diane, Statesville
McColgan, Thomas Joseph, Celebration, FL
McCollem, Robert, Kernersville
McCombs, Linda F, Statesville
McCorkle, Steve, Denver
McCormick, Ron L, Winston-Salem
McCoy, Charles B, Port Charlotte, FL
McCoy, Sherita L, Statesville
McCoy, Teddy Lee, Lexington
McCracken, Bonnie, Mocksville
McCranie, Patrick, Huntersville
McCrary II, John F, Statesville
McCrary, Gary C, Huntersville
McCright, Barbara, Southmont
McCuiston, Dan O, Troutman
McCullah, Kelly, Cornelius
McCurry, John Charles, Southmont
McCurry, Mary E, Cornelius
McCurry, Timothy B, Denver
McDade, Gerry G, Statesville
McDaniel, Joseph A, Charlotte
McDaniel, Linda C, Lexington
McDaniels, Melinda, Statesville
McDavid, James E, Huntersville
McDonald, Connie W, Newton
McDonald, Jerome, Greensboro
McDonald, Mildred K, Stoneville
McDonald, Rachel, Huntersville
McDowell, Darren L, Eureka, MO
McEachern, Conner, Huntersville
McElrath, Inez C, Thomasville
McElwee, Cindy Marie, Mocksville
McFaddin, William, Glen Allen, VA
McFarland, Susan, Flagler Beach, FL
McFarland, Trey, Etowah
McFrederick, Karl Edward, Mocksville
McGarrell, Patrick B, Concord
McGaughey, Maxine E, Greensboro
McGee, C Ann, Cornelius
McGee, Charles D, Coldwater, MS
McGee, Charles W, Wilkesboro
McGee, Grace M, Yadkinville
McGee, Karen, Lexington
McGee, Latoya, Statesville
McGee, Steven C, Winston-Salem
McGehee, Barrett G, Statesville
McGill, Tanya, Sherrills Ford
McGinnis, Arthur F, Raleigh
McGowan, Betty, Stoneville
McGowin, Carol A, Huntersville
McHargue, James, Cherryville
McHenry, Poketa C, Statesville
McIe, Wendy, Linwood
McIlmail, Glenn, Richmond, VA
McIlwaine Rd Nursery, Huntersville
McIntosh, Patricia, Statesville
McIntyre, Alan L, Charlotte
McKee, Patricia A, Mcdonough, GA
McKeithan, Jeff C, Pinnacle
McKillip, Steve, Cornelius
McKinley, John F, Kannapolis
McKinney, Joshua, Mooresville
McKinney, Melissa F, Charlotte
McKinnish, Garry E, Lexington
McKissick, Michael A, Cornelius
McKown, Bernice J, Hickory
McKoy, Ella, Alexis
McKoy, Ryan, Cornelius
McLain, Janet D, Anderson, SC
McLane, Debbie, Mount Holly
McLaughlin, Julia, Myrtle Beach, SC
McLelland, Paula W, Statesville
McLelland, William V, Statesville
McLemore, Mary, Mooresville
McLeod, Francine D, Denver
McLeod, Michael P, Huntersville
McMahon, Timothy G, Tucson, AZ
McMullen, Scott M, Statesville
McNeely, Joe A, Statesville
McNeely, Robert E T, Winston-Salem
McNeill, Brenda D, Eden
McNish, Brenda P, Troutman
McPherson, Roy, Greensboro
McQuay, Jill, Cornelius
McRee, Lynda M, Oak Island
McVea, William R, Statesville
McVey, Charles, Statesville
Mdc Homes, Charlotte
Meachman, Thomas J, Indian Land, SC
Meadows, Donald, Maysville
Meadows, Elden Todd, Honaker, VA
Meadows, Luther, Mooresville
Meadows, Patricia L, Mocksville
Meadows, Teresa, Lexington
Meaney, Michael J, Greensboro
Means, Tanya Diane, Charlotte
Mecham, Liisa L, Advance
Mecum, Bobby, Huntersville
Medich, Charlene F, Statesville
Medina, Bejamin E, Olin
Medina, Cristen, Ocala, FL
Medley, Linda, Stanley
Medlin, J C, Claremont
Meeker, James E, Advance
Meeks, Douglas W, Lexington
Meeler, Larry, Stanley
Meharry, Timothy R, Huntersville
Mello, Jennifer, Huntersville
Melsha, Karin Wilhelmson, Charlotte
Melton, Mark A, Cornelius
Melton, Valerie, Huntersville
Melvin, Wesley D, Brandywine, MD
Mendenhall, Michelle W, Clemmons
Mendez, Francisco, Cornelius
Mendez, Jose, Lexington
Meneses, Benito, Hiddenite
Menscer, Bradley F, Statesville
Menscer, Louise O, Woodleaf
Menscer, Randall S, Taylorsville
Merlin, Vickey S, High Point
Merrill, Tiffany M, Kannapolis
Merritt, W C, Pensacola, FL
Merriweather, Harold Jay, Charlotte
Merry, Wayne M, Denton
Merryman, Karen S, Lexington
Meserve Stan & Dianne, Mooresville
Meshaw, Bertha A, Cleveland
Mesimer, David, Concord
Messer, Jody, Statesville
Messina, Michael, Huntersville
Mette, Rosa C, Harmony
Metzger, Nancy C, Lenoir
Metzger, Robert A, Charlotte
Meyer, John, Statesville
Meyers Jr, William E, Mocksville
Meza, Efrain, Denver
Michael, Rodney Lee, Lexington
Micklich, Tony, Lexington
Midkiff, Roger Kent, Winston-Salem
Mikeal, Gary, Conover
Mikeys One Stop #4, China Grove
Milam, Richard Lee, Conover
Miles, Benjamin, Charlotte
Miller II, Thomas W, Greenville, SC
Miller, Beulah, Jonesville
Miller, Camdin E, Welcome
Miller, Daniel R, Lexington
Miller, David, Mooresville
Miller, Dayna, North Myrtle Beach, SC
Miller, Dianne, Mocksville
Miller, Freddie James, Virginia Beach, VA
Miller, Geraldine, Lexington
Miller, Leslie, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Miller, Lillie Elaine, Mocksville
Miller, Lindy A, Huntersville
Miller, Mary C, Scotts
Miller, Matthew A, Charlotte
Miller, Melissa S, Stony Point
Miller, Michael D, Lexington
Miller, Michael S, Statesville
Miller, Michelle, Huntersville
Miller, Mike L, Huntersville
Miller, Paul, Davidson
Miller, Reba Y, Lexington
Miller, Richard W, Thomasville
Miller, Roberta, Eustis, FL
Miller, Sandra L, Mooresville
Miller, Sean, Mocksville
Miller, Teresa L, Lexington
Miller, Wendy W, Lexington
Miller, Wilber Thomas, Cornelius
Miller, Zernie F, Troutman
Milliken, Harold R, Madison
Millis, Darren S, Mooresville
Mills, Craig A, Statesville
Mills, G Bruce, Thomasville
Mills, Jeffery, Greensboro
Mills, Jonalee, Statesville
Mills, Kay Cook, Charlotte
Millsaps Realty, Taylorsville
Millsaps, Jeff, Statesville
Millsaps, Muriel J, Siler City
Milstead, Joel R, Cornelius
Mims Jr, Johnny, Cornelius
Minger, David, Huntersville
Minter, James M, Ruffin
Minton, Major B, New London
Minyard, Anthony Scot, Taylorsville
Mirabelli, Catherine M, Statesville
Mischler, Bill, Lexington
Misenheimer, Anthony J, Statesville
Misenheimer, Dorothy, Statesville
Miskelly, David H, Boca Raton, FL
Misner, Russell E, Concord
Mitchell II, James T, Mooresville
Mitchell, Gene P, Clemmons
Mitchell, John Charles, Millers Creek
Mitchell, Margaret J, Statesville
Mitchell, Marie, Huntersville
Mitchell, Mildred S, Newport News, VA
Mitchell, W F, Olin
Mitchell, Wayne, Newark, DE
Mize, Carroll J, Lexington
Mize, Glenna Sue, Welcome
Mize, Jessica S, Huntersville
Mocksville Church Of God, Mocksville
Modlin, Mildred E, Mocksville
Moffitt, James H, Archdale
Monaco, Helen V, Mocksville
Monica Investments, Charlotte
Monk, Beverly M, Muncie, IN
Monk, Edward T, Statesville
Monnett, Ray S, Aberdeen
Monroe, Marc, Huntersville
Montagna, Eileen T, Denver
Montaigne, Robert F, Statesville
Montgomery, Hayden, Denver, CO
Moody, Dellie E, Lexington
Moon, Robin S, Winston-Salem
Moon, Sandra J, Huntersville
Mooney, Jerry W, Statesville
Mooney, Kevin, Huntersville
Moongate Farm, Madison
Moore Jr, Robert E, Lexington
Moore, Angie L, Lexington
Moore, Bobby G, Kernersville
Moore, Bonnie F, Statesville
Moore, Christopher D, Huntersville
Moore, Curtis Dale, Troutman
Moore, Dawn B, Winston-Salem
Moore, Donald O, Sebring, FL
Moore, Garland D, Eagle Springs
Moore, Gregory, Cornelius
Moore, Janet L, Stony Point
Moore, Jason Lee, Taylorsville
Moore, Jesse Alan, Fries, VA
Moore, Julius M, Lincolnton
Moore, Kara H, Longwood, FL
Moore, Kenneth Ray, Thomasville
Moore, Larry W, North Wilkesboro
Moore, Lisa D, Statesville
Moore, Lisa, Denver
Moore, Michael, Stokesdale
Moore, Philip J, Cornelius
Moore, Phillip Ray, Concord
Moore, Russell C, Okeechobee, FL
Moore, Ruth H, Statesville
Moore, Shannon B, Conover
Moore, Tony M, Greensboro
Moose, David T, Statesville
Moose, Elsie, Statesville
Moose, J W, Statesville
Moose, Jerry B, Cleveland
Moose, Jimmy, Taylorsville
Moose, Terri G, Mooresville
Mora, Jesus, Kannapolis
Moran, Tammie, Huntersville
Moree, Gracie H, Peoria, AZ
Morehead, Michael G, Mill, SC
Moreland Sr, Ronald L, Minerva, OH
Moretto, Marilyn, Statesville
Morgan, Betty M, Taylorsville
Morgan, Charles E, Sherrills Ford
Morgan, Chris, Lexington
Morgan, Dollie E, Lexington
Morgan, John L, Lexington
Morgan, Linda, Sandy Ridge
Morgan, Townsend L, Davidson
Morris Jr, Jerry Reid, Stanley
Morris, Helen F, Huntersville
Morris, James, Huntersville
Morris, M B, Lexington
Morris, Niell G, Huntersville
Morris, Penny O, Lexington
Morris, Penny, Waxhaw
Morris, Richard G, Cornelius
Morris, Sarah R, Stanley
Morris, Terry A, Denton
Morrison, Dixie, Huntersville
Morrison, Jennifer L, Westport, CT
Morrison, Kenny W, Statesville
Morrison, Kevin E, Statesville
Morrison, Ralph, Eden
Morrison, Todd J, Clemmons
Morrone, Thomas J, Cornelius
Morrow, Karen L, Statesville
Morse, Tara, Cary
Mortenson, Lee Arthur, Trinity
Mortimer, Tiffany Y, Lexington
Morton, Chris G, Moneta, VA
Moseley, Peggy Jones, Mooresville
Moser, Kevin L, Lexington
Moskowitz, Eric T, Cornelius
Mosley, Stacey H, Mooresville
Moss, Delores, Taylorsville
Moss, Harold Lloyd, Lexington
Moss, Leah R, Winston-Salem
Moss, Leslie, Denver
Moss, Lillian A, Statesville
Moss, Moina Gladys, Olin
Moss, Patricia Lee, Statesville
Motlow III, Theodore E, Asheville
Motsinger, Charles Edwin, Winston-Salem
Mott, Charles T, Mooresville
Mounts, Selina M, Mooresville
Moy, Terri L, Thomasville
Mozingo, Theresea, Huntersville
Mozol, Robert A, Douglassville, PA
Mt Creek Tavern 1876, Terrell
Muckenthaler, Rich W, Mooresville
Mueller, Michael J, Long Valley, NJ
Muha, Mark J, Tyrone, GA
Mullett, Matthew, Cleveland
Mullies, David F, Mocksville
Mullins, Douglas, Clemmons
Mullins, James A, Lexington
Mullis, Amanda N, Huntersville
Mulvaney, Melissa Lucy, Huntersville
Mumford Jr, Ervin H, Walkertown
Mumpower, Leander W, Taylorsville
Munday, Modell O, Advance
Muniz, Joseph A, Webster, TX
Munoz, Victor H, Statesville
Murata, Masayuki, Statesville
Murdock, Deborah M, Statesville
Murdock, Dennis W, Statesville
Murdock, Freddie E, Statesville
Murdock, Sabrina, Statesville
Murphy, Donald J, Columbia, SC
Murphy, James A, Dallas
Murphy, Karen E, Mocksville
Murphy, Keith R, Yadkinville
Murphy, Matthew, Mooresville
Murphy, Olivetta, Statesville
Murphy, Paul E, Stuarts Draft, VA
Murphy, Paul E, Stuarts Draft, VA
Murphy, Sherry, Huntersville
Murray, Tricia, Salisbury
Muscarelli, Edward C, Taylorsville
Musselman, Kurt A, Mocksville
Myer, Robert, Huntersville
Myers, Almedia W, Harmony
Myers, Bob L, Advance
Myers, Casey, Lexington
Myers, Cathy G, Statesville
Myers, Christy N, Huntersville
Myers, Darrell, Mocksville
Myers, Frederick Keith, Clemmons
Myers, Gene A, Tarpon Springs, FL
Myers, Heather Denise, Cornelius
Myers, Joel, Taylorsville
Myers, Mary W, Clemmons
Myers, Michael Brian, Clemmons
Myers, Rachel A, Lexington
Nail, Michael, Taylorsville
Nakamura, Masataka, Huntersville
Nam, Yookyung, Cornelius
Nance III, John M, Woodbury, MN
Nance, David L, Lexington
Nance, Troy, Roaring River
Nantz, Debra L, Troutman
Nantz, Joann, Cornelius
Nantz, Josephine P, Charlotte
Neal, Deanna L, Haymarket, VA
Neal, Kris T, Statesville
Neaves, Lavada D, Statesville
Nebergall, Elizabeth, Summerfield, FL
Neece, Dorothy I, Mocksville
Needham, Tyre C, Pinnacle
Neely Jr, John O, Lexington
Neely, Frances S, Cornelius
Nejima, Suzanne, Huntersville
Nelsen, Jon, Huntersville
Nelson, Ann G, Huntersville
Nelson, Annie F, Huntersville
Nelson, Cathy L, Lexington
Nelson, Devin, Thomasville
Nelson, Jason, Cornelius
Nelson, Pat, Garner
Nelson, Sandra L, Madison
Nemeh, Lisa, Kernersville
Nemeth, Judy, Davidson
Neumann, Robert J, Cornelius
Neville, Patrice M, Falls Church, VA
New Hope Farm, Cornelius
Newell, Derek, Madison
Newman, Beth, Hamptonville
Newman, Robert C, Cornelius
Newsom, Gary D, Mooresville
Newton, Frank B, Statesville
Newton, Gloria C, Newland
Ngeth, Srin, Lexington
Nguyen, Dung Tien, Robbinsdale, MN
Nguyen, Mai, Charlotte
Niblock, Concord
Nicholason, Sarah H, Statesville
Nicholls Michael/Ang, Advance
Nichols, Ann, Huntersville
Nichols, Corey E, Mocksville
Nichols, Daryl E, Statesville
Nichols, Hunter, Blowing Rock
Nichols, Stephen, Huntersville
Nichols, Upholstering, Welcome
Nichols, Wanda H, Lexington
Nierman Jr, Charles F, Stanley
Niese, Vanessa, Landis
Niggel, Timothy R, Wilmington
Nikodem, Barry, Huntersville
Nilsson, Tommy, Cornelius
Nixon, Nancy D, Charlotte
Noah, George A, Thomasville
Noble, Kelly H, Statesville
Noble, Tim, East Greenwich, RI
Nolan, Christine, Cornelius
Noor, Barbara B, Lexington
Nordan, Rebecca, Thomasville
Norick, Lance, Scottsdale, AZ
Noriega, Renea, Lakewood Ranch, FL
Norkett, Bobby, Huntersville
Norman Technologies, Huntersville
Norman, Jack D, Mooresville
Norman, Joseph T, Mocksville
Norman, Richard L, Wilkesboro
Norris Jr, Bill R, Mount Holly
North Carolina Asmo, Huntersville
Northern, Vickie R, Lexington
Nossel, Richard, Charlotte
Novak, James C, Denver
Nowack, Cheryl Ti, Lebanon, PA
Nowlin II, Mikel, Statesville
Nunley, Stephaine, Huntersville
Nunn, Clarence, Huntersville
Nutter, Donald, Sinks Grove, WV
Nylander, David, Lexington
O’Brien III, Andrew J, Statesville
O’Bryan, Charles B, Ackworth, IA
O’Byrne, Mabel, Huntersville
O’Connor, Carrie, Huntersville
O’Connor, James P, Holly Springs
O’Connor, Patrick, College Park, GA
O’Connor, Patrick, Denver
O’Neal, Jan, Mocksville
O’Neill, Genie M, Cornelius
O’Neill, John W, Charlotte
O’Neill, Julie A, Mooresville
O’Quinn, Timothy, Lexington
O’Rorke, Jason William, Taylorsville
O’Shea, Laura, Tampa, FL
Oakley, Mildred S, Sandy Ridge
Obermayer, Jim E, Huntersville
Ochs, Daniel J, Statesville
Ockerman, Jeffrey S, Birmingham, AL
Oconnor, Megan, Huntersville
Odom, Luther F, Denton
Oebbecke, Elisa, Huntersville
Oegerli, Kurt, Mooresville
Offer, Pat, Greensboro
Oldham, Rodney W, Sophia
Oldiges, James M, Huntersville
Oliver, Gertrude H, Lexington
Olmstead, Dawn, Huntersville
Olson, Bonnie J, Mooresville
Olson, Douglas Alan, Rosemount, MN
Oneal, Bobby Michael, Madison
Oneill, John, Indialantic, FL
Oosting, David L, Parkville, MD
Oroark, James R, Denver
Orr, James, Kernersville
Ortiz, Carlos Huerta, Statesville
Ortiz, Maria E, Huntersville
Osborne, Deborah A, Mooresville
Osborne, Elizabeth E, Lexington
Osborne, Juanita B, Statesville
Osborne, Patricia C, Statesville
Osborne, Paul, Dothan, AL
Osborne, Ricky, Moravian Falls
Ostwalt, Dent T, Barium Springs
Ostwalt, Paige M, Statesville
Ostwalt, Robin M, Statesville
Ottesen, Summer, Fletcher
Outen, Andy, Hamptonville
Overby, Timothy, Winston-Salem
Overcash, Deborah, Mooresville
Overcash, Monroe J, Scotts
Overturf, Tammy J, Statesville
Owen, Lillian D, Lexington
Owen, Vernon, Lexington
Owens, Dean, Denver
Owens, Holly Rogers, Denton
Owens, Jeffrey L, Asheboro
Owens, Joyce M, Linwood
Owens, Judy M, Lexington
Ownbey, Angela D, Cornelius
Oxendine, April, Charlotte
Oxentine, Chandra Lachay, Taylorsville
Oxman, Allan S, Charlotte
Ozment, Rosa, Cornelius
Pacini, Christopher, Garner
Pack, Sam H, Kernersville
Padgett, Diane, Statesville
Padgett, Leota A, Olin
Padgett, Mark T, Mooresville
Padgett, Robert R, Stanley
Padgett, Stacie D, Statesville
Padilla, Ivania, Statesville
Padilla, Luz E, Walnut Cove
Padjen, Mike, Wytheville, VA
Pagano, William, Huntersville
Page, Kenneth G, Huntersville
Page, Matthew D, Lexington
Page, Melvin J, Winston-Salem
Painter, Gia, Mooresville
Pak, Tong Suk, Burnside, KY
Palluel, Lee, Huntersville
Pappas, Gus, Winston-Salem
Pardue, Timothy R, Raleigh
Parent, Lisa A, Huntersville
Park, Gregory Scott, Catawba
Parker, Bryon, Sherrills Ford
Parker, Dean M, Bloomington, MN
Parker, Fannie Foster, Yadkinville
Parker, Jeannie, Denver
Parker, Kevin, Huntersville
Parker, Melita A, Lexington
Parker, Peter E, Winston-Salem
Parker, Wade E, Lenoir City, TN
Parkhurst, Jeffrey, Hickory
Parks, Maureen H, Southmont
Parks, Stacey, Yadkinville
Parrish Jr, Eddie G, Oak Ridge
Parrish, Betty, Trinity
Parrish, Donald, Cornelius
Parrish, Eric W, Clemmons
Parrish, Grace, Madison
Parrish, Regina A, Kernersville
Parson Harrington Co, Kernersville
Parsons Saw Mill, Walnut Cove
Parsons, Edna, Taylorsville
Parsons, Janet L, Lenoir
Partridge, Sarah J, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Patch, John, Huntersville
Pate, Sheila, Huntersville
Paterno, Alan, Salisbury
Patrick, Justin, Geneva, IL
Patterson, Cecilia W, Mooresville
Patterson, Leroy, Woodleaf
Patterson, Willard Arthur, Statesville
Patton, Claudia E, Welcome
Patton, Thomas W, Thomasville
Paudel, Amar, Lewisville
Paul’S Mobile Homes, Statesville
Pauley, Amanda, Winston-Salem
Paulish, Courtney, Pelham, AL
Paulson, William S, Statesville
Paunovich, Vukasin, Canton, CT
Pavelock, Richard M, Statesville
Pavlik, Chris, Atlanta, GA
Payne, Christy M, Thomasville
Payne, Scotty G & Kim, Taylorsville
Payne, Sonja R, Mocksville
Payne, Tonya D, Statesville
Pcm Construction, Cary
Peace, Richard, High Point
Peacock, Dorothy L, Mocksville
Peake, Murray W, Reading, PA
Pearce, Michael O, Lexington
Pearson, D H, Charlotte
Pearson, Randall, Taylorsville
Peckous, Larry W, Raleigh
Pedroza, Angela R, Statesville
Peeler, Angela, Waco
Peeler, Shannon, Denver
Peg’S Fashions, Cornelius
Pegram, Susan D, Huntersville
Pektas, Zeki, Cornelius
Pelchat, Jeffery L, Mooresville
Pelphrey, Jerry, Centerville, OH
Peltier, Heather M, Concord
Pena, Ana, Statesville
Pena, Antonio C, Cornelius
Pena, Regina, Lexington
Pender, David W, Cleveland
Pendry, Ronald, Kernersville
Peninsula, China Bistro, Cornelius
Pennell, Allie A, Taylorsville
Pennell, Christine B, Taylorsville
Pennell, Clifford A, Taylorsville
Pennell, Danielle Marie, Taylorsville
Pennell, Phillip D, Taylorsville
Pennell, Rose, Statesville
Pennell, Steve, Huntersville
Pennell, Wendell, Taylorsville
Penninger III, Charles F, Lexington
Pennington, Willie S, Statesville
Pepitone, Eowyn, Charlotte
Perdue, Johnnie F, Springfield, VA
Perez, Delores R, Thomasville
Perez-Scott, Rosendo, Taylorsville
Perkins, Sadie, Denver
Perone-Smith Brenda, Hiddenite
Perpetual Federal Savings, Lexington
Perrell, Billy, Yadkinville
Perrell, Martha P, Lexington
Perrer, Matthew, Oakwood, GA
Perrine, Ronald D, Cornelius
Perron, Susan F, Montrose, CO
Perry Bait Distrib, Troutman
Peter, Karen G, Huntersville
Peters, Craig R, Mooresville
Peters, Forrest E, High Point
Peters, Graham, Mooresville
Peterson, Amy, Denver
Peterson, Melissa, Charlotte
Peticca, Timothy P, Mooresville
Petroccia, Alice J, Cornelius
Petroccia, Robert, Cornelius
Petrovich, Steven P, Statesville
Petry, Heather, Huntersville
Pettit, Teri R, Mooresville
Petty, David B, Waynesboro, VA
Petway, Naeemah, Maple Heights, OH
Pham, Tuyen Van, Charlotte
Pharr, Brandon, Statesville
Pharr, Charles J, Greensboro
Pharr, Heather A, Statesville
Phiilips, Inez, Taylorsville
Phillips Jr, Jack H, Concord
Phillips, Charles E, Lexington
Phillips, Danny, Huntersville
Phillips, Janice Ann, Cleveland
Phillips, Julia V, Cornelius
Phillips, Marvin G, Trinity
Phillips, Michelle, Davidson
Phillips, Ronnie, Moravian Falls
Phillips, Sherry Lynn, High Point
Phillips, Steven W, Evans, WV
Phillips, Viola, Taylorsville
Philpott, Louise, Winston-Salem
Phlegar, Gregg S, Ahoskie
Phoenix, Cody Marie, Huntersville
Picard, Jacki, Huntersville
Piccolo, Jackie, Stallings
Picior, Joseph, Statesville
Pickett, Connie, Fresno, OH
Pickett, Jennifer R, Yadkinville
Pickett, Sandra, Marion, VA
Picklesimer, Duane, Church Hill, TN
Piedmont Screen Printers, Calabash
Pienta, Lisa M, Cornelius
Pierce II, Harral O, Charlotte
Pierce Jr, Charles, Cornelius
Pierce, Charles A, Lexington
Pierce, Samuel David, Charlotte
Pierce, Veronica B, Hiddenite
Pierro, Joe, Davidson
Pierson, Joseph E, Huntersville
Pietsch, Elizabeth Levalley, Huntersville
Piette, David, Huntersville
Pike, Katherine W, Huntersville
Pilothouse Dev Corp, Lexington
Pina, J Rosario, Olin
Pipes, Lila A, Moravian Falls
Pippin, William Scott, Charlotte
Pirtle, Joraski, Charlotte
Pitesa, Bill, Huntersville
Pittman, Michael W, Huntersville
Pitts Jr, Clarence Michael, Statesville
Place, Marcia, Hudson, MA
Plagens, Betty J, Mooresville
Pleasanton, Robert K, Thomasville
Pletchan, Robert, New Providence, NJ
Plott, Jack Allen, Mocksville
Plouffe, Christopher S, Sedona, AZ
Plummer, Carmen M, Huntersville
Plyler Properties, Cornelius
Poag, Tekla, Belmont
Pocock, Gwen M, Winston-Salem
Poe, Colleen, Rock Hill, SC
Poe, Eric J, Charlotte
Poeppelman, Julie T, Mooresville
Pogorelc, Thomas J, Huntersville
Pohlman, James H, Sherrills Ford
Poludniak, Susan, Exeter, NH
Pomp, Amber Lee, Brentwood, TN
Poole, Harry W, Davidson
Poole, Jeramy T, Statesville
Poole, Sally S, Taylorsville
Poole, Sherry C, Southmont
Pope, Brandi Ralain, Clemmons
Pope, Erma C, Lincolnton
Pope, Faye W, Harmony
Pope, Susan C, Mooresville
Popiel, Robert, Salisbury
Porches & Yards, Stony Point
Porter, Devony J, Arcadia, FL
Portner, Paul E, Huntersville
Portner, Paul M, Chesterfield, VA
Portz, Thomas, Huntersville
Poss, Deborah E, Huntersville
Post, Amanda M, Mooresville
Poteat, Larry R, Winston-Salem
Potter, Sara, Huntersville
Potts, Donnie L, Greenwood, IN
Potts, Jeffrey Dwight, Norcross, GA
Pouliot Jr, Louis, Terrell
Pounders, Mary A, Winston-Salem
Pounders, Willard G, Statesville
Powell, Ann Nichols, North Wilkesboro
Powell, Carolyn M, Belews Creek
Powell, Carolyn P, Ruffin
Powell, Henry S, Mooresville
Powell, Jane B, Apo, AE
Powell, Kristen E, Richmond, VA
Powell, Sally W, Hickory
Powell, Vicki, Huntersville
Powers, Jennifer, Huntersville
Powers, Shawn, Winston-Salem
Powley, Charles B, Roxboro
Pozzi, Sandra J, Charlotte
Prado, Anna Louise, Taylorsville
Prasankongsink, Soudone, Landis
Pratt, Ellen K, Huntersville
Prescott, Michael E, New London
Presnell, Angela, Taylorsville
Pressley Jr, Hugh B, Denver
Pressley, Glenda L, Hickory
Prestige Cable, Coudersport, PA
Prestige Cable, Coudersport, PA
Prestige Cable, Coudersport, PA
Preston, Dawn M, Rock Hill, SC
Preston, Jade L, Odenton, MD
Preston, Michael, Lexington
Prevette, Steve, Winston-Salem
Price, Angela D, Statesville
Price, Bobbie Jo, Statesville
Price, Sandee, Lexington
Price, Sandra H, Stanley
Prim, Edward A, Cornelius
Primax Construction Co Inc, Pinehurst
Primax Properties Inc, Charlotte
Primeau, Thomas M, Carpinteria, CA
Prince Jr, Johnny C, Huntersville
Prince, Troy, Cornelius
Pritchard, W Keith, Taylorsville
Pritchett, Dennis, Thomasville
Proffitt, Carl F, Statesville
Proffitt, Dennis Keit, Mocksville
Proffitt, Sherry D, Statesville
Prudential Relocatio, Charlotte
Pruitt, Bobby, Walnut Cove
Pruitt, Harold D, Laurel Springs
Przybylinski, James, Charlotte
Puckett, Ann, Charlotte
Pugh, Richard C, Thomasville
Pugliese, Stephanie, Huntersville
Punch, Julia Lynn, Baltimore, MD
Purcell, Melissa S, Bellaire, MI
Pusey, Edward J, Huntersville
Putnam, Richard M, Mount Holly
Putnam, Tabitha, Mooresville
Quarles, Penny V, Cleveland
Queen, Charles A, Gastonia
Queen, Donna C, Lexington
Queen, Herbert Roger, Cleveland
Queen, Mitchel D, Archdale
Queen, Sonny J, Lexington
Quereshi Md, Ayyaz, Mayodan
Quilty, Robert G, Huntersville
Quimby, Peter J, Wilson
Quinn, Betty E, Lexington
Quinn, Gregory Scott, Lexington
Quintanilla, Jose Elias, Statesville
Quinto, Michael E, Huntersville
Quiros, Edgar F, Winston-Salem
Raborn, Don, Huntersville
Rackley, Stephanie, Lexington
Radcliff, Bill G, Sherrills Ford
Radhuber, Heather, Huntersville
Rahe, Diana A, Mooresville
Rains, Bill D, Cleveland
Rake, C Fred, Lexington
Ramey, Art, Huntersville
Ramirez, Maria G, Huntersville
Ramseur, Derrick D, Statesville
Ramsey, Charles F, Jacksonville, AR
Ramsey, K W, Palm Harbor, FL
Ramsey, Tony, Linwood
Ramsue, L B, Cleveland
Randesi, Anthony J, Statesville
Rangel, Amado, Taylorsville
Ranger Construction Co, Charlotte
Rangi, Pritpal, Owosso, MI
Rangier, William W, Mount Holly
Ranker, Peter L, Mocksville
Ranuro, Vincent J, Tierra Verde, FL
Raper, Charles K, Springfield, TN
Rapp, Mitchell T, Hendersonville
Rasey, Nathan C, Lexington
Rash, Nathan M, Statesville
Ratcliffe, Judith L, Terrell
Ratledge Jr, John D, Mocksville
Ratledge, Ruby, Mocksville
Ratliff, Faith B, Denton
Ratliff, Randy Wayne, Taylorsville
Ratnofsky, Michael, Cornelius
Rattz, Ricky E, Lexington
Rawlings, Regnal H, Cornelius
Ray, Christopher S, Winston-Salem
Ray, Randy W, Greensboro
Ray, Rhodenna S, Denver
Rayburn, Julie L, Lincolnton
Reavis, Nancy B, Statesville
Reavis, Robin M, Cornelius
Recording Industry Assoc, Washington, DC
Recoulley, Monty, Wilmington
Rector, Linda C, Taylorsville
Redcliffe Apts @ Kenton Pl, Huntersville
Redden Jr, Kirby, Huntersville
Redding, Elizabeth L, Mooresville
Redding, George C, Troutman
Redmon, Bryan J, Lexington
Redmond, J G, Olin
Redmond, James C, Statesville
Reece, Patrick, Huntersville
Reece, Perry W, Winston-Salem
Reed Jr, Cody Lee, Franklinville
Reed, Lynn, Lexington
Reed, Norman, Huntersville
Reed, Robert E, Denver
Reed, Thessa Lonnie, Statesville
Reel, Charles R, Huntersville
Reese, William R, Statesville
Reeves, Megan B, Mocksville
Rega, Dawn Marie, Huntersville
Regina, Jane A, Boothbay Harbor, ME
Rehn, David, Cornelius
Reiman, Michael, Statesville
Reliford Smith, Cheryl, Huntersville
Remy, Christophe, Huntersville
Rennie, Steve, Annandale, NJ
Renshaw, Deborah, Cornelius
Revels Auto Trim Shop, Winston-Salem
Revitalize The Back, Huntersville
Rexrode, Gerald M, Moneta, VA
Reynold, Melissa A, North Wilkesboro
Reynolds, Christopher, Cornelius
Reynolds, Melanie, Huntersville
Reynolds, Renee, Mocksville
Reynolds, Richard C, Winston-Salem
Reynolds, Walter K, Lexington
Rhodes, J Bradley, Cornelius
Rhodes, Robert M, Statesville
Rhyne, Mary M, Lugoff, SC
Rice, Daina, Hickory
Rice, James R, Linwood
Rice, Matthew B, Kernersville
Richard, Kyle D, Cornelius
Richards, Tracey L, Davidson
Richardson Jr, Kevin W, Huntersville
Richardson, Billy, Denver
Richardson, Brenda G, Winston-Salem
Richardson, Charles A, Winston-Salem
Richardson, Debra, Lexington
Richardson, Dwight Lee, Thomasville
Richardson, John M, Taylorsville
Richardson, Michael, Stokesdale
Richardson, Norman Richard, Walnut Cove
Richardson, Shelden A, Statesville
Richardson, Susan S, Lexington
Richmond, Cory, Gastonia
Richmond, Tameika, Burlington
Richter, Lars, High Point
Riddle, Catherine L, Mocksville
Riddle, Ronald G, Lexington
Riedel, Decca R, Advance
Riesett, Thomas D, Linwood
Riffe, Jess, Hensley, WV
Riffe, Marcus D, Asheboro
Riffle, Marguerite, Mooresville
Rikard, Roger S, North Wilkesboro
Riley III, Davie E, Rocky Mount
Riley, Ken, Richardson, TX
Riley, Melissa, Huntersville
Rimmer, Kyle C, Stanley
Rinaldi, Martha, Huntersville
Ringley, Wayne, Denton
Riojas, Kenda, Wallburg
Riolet, Phillipe, Charlotte
Ritch, Elmer Steve, Moravian Falls
Ritchie, Evelyn, Mooresville
Ritchie, Evlyn S, Mooresville
Ritchie, W G, Greenwich, RI
Ritter II, Donald T, Cornelius
Rivas, Daniel, Catano, PR
Rivera, Doris, Greensboro
Rivera, James B, Huntersville
Rivers, Andrew, Winston-Salem
Rivers, Constance, Huntersville
Rivers, Correll, Statesville
Rives, Ardean M, Huntersville
Rizzi, Paul, Denver
Rizzi, Susan, Huntersville
Roach, Larry M, Lexington
Roark, Jesse, Stanley
Roat, Jodie, Cleveland
Robbins Development Const, Clemmons
Robbins, Frances A, High Point
Roberson, James Carol, Mocksville
Roberson, William M, Huntersville
Roberts Mobile Home, Stoneville
Roberts, Allen S, Winston-Salem
Roberts, David G, Murrells Inlet, SC
Roberts, David, Statesville
Roberts, Karen E, Huntersville
Roberts, Rita S, Mocksville
Roberts, Sterling E, Statesville
Roberts, Teddy Mervin, Taylorsville
Roberts, Teresa I, Sherrills Ford
Robertson, Debbie D, Lexington
Robertson, Harold B, High Point
Robertson, Laura, Lexington
Robertson, Yvonne R, Mooresville
Robeson, Derek C, Cleveland
Robideaux, Susan, Huntersville
Robinette, David M, Harmony
Robinette, Larry, Asheboro
Robinson, Harry C, Lexington
Robinson, James R, Matthews
Robinson, James T, Taylorsville
Robinson, Kyle S, Kannapolis
Robinson, Michelle S, Mooresville
Robinson, Paul, Huntersville
Robinson, Rex P, Walkertown
Robinson, Ronald L, Newton
Robison, Carol, Chesapeake, VA
Roche, Jim, Charlotte
Rodarte, Raquel C, Cornelius
Rodden, Joyce K, Fletcher
Rodgers, Arlie L, Stanley
Rodgers, Elaine L, Mocksville
Rodriguez, Andres Ascencio, Mocksville
Rodriguez, Derek, Davidson
Rodriguez, Matilde, Concord
Rodriguez, Tommy, Cleveland
Roe, David Scott, Boomer
Roeger, Adam, Huntersville
Rogers, Carol, Lexington
Rogers, Joan, Lexington
Rogers, Jody, Lexington
Rogers, Libby R, Lexington
Rogers, Lisa, Candler
Rogers, Louise C, Denton
Rogers, Richard C, Stony Point
Rogers, Scott S, Harmony
Rogers, Thomas C, Taylorsville
Rogerson, Robert Wayn, Stanley
Rojas, Misty, Huntersville
Rojas-Espinoza Fausto, Yadkinville
Rollefson, Michael, Huntersville
Rollf, Millicent H, Statesville
Rollins, Edward L, Cornelius
Rollins, Hettie W, Marion
Romagnolo, Dominique, Davidson
Romero, Amanda, Lexington
Romero, Susan, Cornelius
Romig, Robert C, Charlotte
Romolo, Mary Ann, Denver
Ronzello, Brandt, Huntersville
Roof, Lewis, Madison, WI
Roop, Douglas, Taylorsville
Roper, Warren R, Mesa, AZ
Rosa, Linda C, Salisbury
Rose’S Store #413, Henderson
Rose, Tammie Ann, Taylorsville
Roseboro, Linda A, Statesville
Roselli, Daisy, North Wilkesboro
Rosenbalm, James, Mooresville
Rosenbalm, Randy, Huntersville
Roslund, Eric, Huntersville
Ross, Alan Paul, Huntersville
Ross, Ann H, Charlotte
Ross, Joseph L, Mocksville
Ross, Karen L, Statesville
Ross, Tydonya T, Charlotte
Roth, Carol A, Huntersville
Rothrock, Devin W, Charlotte
Rothwell, Terry S, Santa Fe, NM
Roub, Toby J, Statesville
Rouse, James, Cedarburg, WI
Roux, Timothy, Huntersville
Rowe, Aaron W, Hickory
Rowe, Jessica Sue, Lexington
Rowland Jr, John, Gastonia
Rozelle, Emily, Denver
Rubens, Barry R, Huntersville
Rucker, Marian, Wahoo, NE
Rudisill, Rick, Stanley
Ruiz, Bernardino, Millers Creek
Rumbelow, Tracey L, Asheboro
Rumley, Paul, Walkertown
Rumple, Jeffrey Lynn, Mooresville
Runyan, Morris Lee, Huntersville
Rush, Brian K, Clarksville, TN
Rush, Tammy R, Lexington
Russell, Beverly S, Longs, SC
Russell, Brian, Mount Holly
Russell, Jami N, Huntersville
Rust, Terri M, Cornelius
Ruting, Wayne, Golden, CO
Rutland, William, Charlotte
Ruwe, Doug, Huntersville
Ruxton, Bree, Cornelius
Ryals, Janet, Madison
Ryan, Howard, Greensboro
Ryan, James G, Huntersville
Ryland Group, Cornelius
Ryland, Victoria, Rocky River, OH
Saarm, Melinda R, Mocksville
Sabol Victor/Diane, Woodleaf
Sada, Chimiko, Huntersville
Saeteurn, Nai Choi, Taylorsville
Safley, Cathy P, Cornelius
Sahoo, Sangram, Huntersville
Saidel, Howard M, Huntersville
Sain, J R, Claremont
Sale, Larry, North Wilkesboro
Salinas, Robin, Lexington
Sallee, Karen, Charlotte
Salsberry, Anthony, Winston-Salem
Saltrick, Erin, Charlotte
Sammons, Teresa, Mingo, IA
Samra, Nicholas A, Davidson
Sanders, Anna Marie, Lexington
Sanders, Charles E, Huntersville
Sanders, John, Huntersville
Sanders, Nancy J, West, VA
Sanders, Oneil, Mooresville
Sanders, Russell, Mooresville
Sanders, Stoney, Lexington
Sanderson, Betty J, Hiddenite
Sandy, James W, Statesville
Sandy, Tammy C, Mooresville
Sanminguel, Armando, Huntersville
Santner, Keith G, Jacksonville, FL
Santoro, Frank J, Huntersville
Sapp, Dave P, Reidsville
Sarno, Thomas R, Statesville
Satterfield, Earl Marie, Walnut Cove
Saunders Richard B J, Wadesboro
Saunders, Albert, Durand, MI
Saunders, Debbie, Lacoochee, FL
Saunders, Dewey, Cornelius
Saunders, Lynn, Hollywood, AL
Saunders, Mary, Hiddenite
Saussy Burbank, Charlotte
Saussy, Burbank, Charlotte
Sauvage, Thomas, Huntersville
Savage, Rebecca R, Davidson
Savona, Kevin, Huntersville
Sawyer, Jennifer, Huntersville
Sayers Jr, Hasewell Edgar, Lexington
Sayles, Mark, Hickory
Saylor, James D, Winston-Salem
Scally, Seth, Spring Valley, CA
Scarlett, Lisa M, Thomasville
Scearce, Lynn, Lexington
Schaaff, Walter, Chino Hills, CA
Schafer, Stuart M, Cornelius
Scheirer, Larry Paul, Mooresville
Schenone, Chunbei, Mooresville
Schick, Jeff J, Huntersville
Schinkel, Paul A, Statesville
Schneider, Kenneth M, Mooresville
Schnellinger, Karl, Huntersville
Schnitzlein, Cristy, Durham
Schober, Ellen, Davidson
Schreiber, Alison J, Charlotte
Schrody, Joseph T, Huntersville
Schroeder, Kellie, Huntersville
Schultz, John, New London
Schulze, Tammy, Advance
Schumerth, Bettie L, Lexington
Schwartz, Evelean H, Pinnacle
Schweitzer, Larry, Statesville
Schwirck, E S, Supply
Schwoerer, Troy A, Goodyear, AZ
Scirpo, Linda, Denver
Scoggins, Alan, Taylorsville
Scoggins, Carol, Linwood
Scoggins, Mark, Thomas, VI
Scotch Irish Snip Sh, Cleveland
Scott, Adrian Hugh, Sandy Ridge
Scott, Amanda T, Lexington
Scott, Buddy G, Troutman
Scott, Cameron E, Greensboro
Scott, Colin, Charlotte
Scott, Jeffery D, Lexington, KY
Scott, Larry R, Mocksville
Scott, Lynn N, Lexington, SC
Scott, Marc R, Asheboro
Scott, Marcy L, Hampton, GA
Scott, Michael Lee, Taylorsville
Scott, Steven D, Mocksville
Scott, Timothy, Bradenton, FL
Scotts Ch Phil Un Me, Statesville
Scroggs, Elmer L, Statesville
Sdr Florist, Cornelius
Seabrook, Ann, Huntersville
Seabrooke, Alan G, Huntersville
Seaford, Hilda B, Winston-Salem
Sealey, Wendy, Lexington
Seaman, Mary E, Mocksville
Seaman, Melissa D, Mooresville
Seamon, George E, Lexington
Seang, Salina S, Huntersville
Searle, Gregory, Huntersville
Sears Buddy/Donna L, Glen Burnie, MD
Sears, Randy, Winston-Salem
Seay Jr, Lonza, Myrtle Beach, SC
Seay, William J, Gastonia
Sebby, Julie, Kernersville
Sechrest, Kenneth R, Lexington
Sechrest, Timothy L, Lexington
Secor, Linda, Mocksville
Seefong, Darlene R, Woodleaf
Seely, Laura R, Summerfield
Sefiani, Jalil, Statesville
Seibel, Arthur F, Green Cove Springs, FL
Seifert, Timothy J, Davidson
Self, Lee, Huntersville
Sellers, Jeffrey W, Blue Ash, OH
Sells, Kim B, Salisbury
Serendipity Antiques & Inter, Cornelius
Serfass, Lonnie, Mocksville
Serhal, Sam, Taylorsville
Serrano, Agustin, Stoneville
Setliff, Donna H, Madison
Settle, Dawn F, Troutman
Settle, Pamela, Walnut Cove
Setzekorn, Jonathan D, Mooresville
Setzer, Bryant K, Statesville
Seuberling, Phillip, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Seufert, Sandra, Huntersville
Sevedge, Deloris, Statesville
Severance, Jenny, Mooresville
Sexton, Wendy C, Pelham
Seymour, Sandra L, Stony Point
Shah, Viresh, Apo, AP
Shamblen, Daniel P, Clemmons
Shanaman, Linda, Mooresville
Shankle, James Thomas, Huntersville
Shapiro, Phyllis, Corryton, TN
Sharp, Peggy J, Madison
Sharpe, Craig M, Statesville
Shattuck, Daniel P, Huntersville
Shaw, Debora J, Cleveland
Shaw, Debra G, Lexington
Shaw, Donna M, Lexington
Shaw, Sandra G, Lexington
Shaw, William L, Charlotte
Shea Homes Llc, Charlotte
Shea, John V, Lexington
Sheehan, D M, Mckinney, TX
Sheek, Laurie T, Denver
Sheets, Gregory W, Cornelius
Sheets, Shannon, Wilkesboro
Shelco Inc, Charlotte
Sheldon, Keith, Huntersville
Shelton, Mary K, Denton
Shelton, Thomas, Advance
Shepherd, Charleene B, Kannapolis
Shepherd, Jessica Sexton, Kernersville
Shepherd, Sybil B, Lakeview
Sheppard, Larry Y, High Point
Sherer, Sandra, Mooresville
Sherriff, Jennifer L, Statesville
Sherrill III, John F, Woodleaf
Sherrill, Carita Lefever, Statesville
Sherrill, Gail R, Statesville
Sherrill, Margaret, Lexington
Sherrill, Roger, Stanley
Sherwood, J Glenn, Stoneville
Sheth, Piyush, Edison, NJ
Shew, Nora, North Wilkesboro
Shirley, Brigette, Indianapolis, IN
Shirley, Robert P, Denver
Shives, Paula K, Davidson
Shoaf Jr, Jimmy, Lexington
Shoaf, Dennis E, Lexington
Shoaf, Donald A, Lexington
Shoaf, Treva S, New Bern
Shoe, Sarah E, Mooresville
Shoemaker, Jeff L, Concord
Shoemaker, M W, Thomasville
Shoff, Judy L, Concord
Shoffner, Dena Y, Mocksville
Shoffner, Kathy M, Mocksville
Shoffner, Mannie, Mocksville
Shoffner, Timothy Scott, Winston-Salem
Sholar, Jared M, Huntersville
Shook, Robin B, Huntersville
Shore, Deanna, Boonville
Shore, Jeffrey L, Lexington
Shore, Ronald G, Mocksville
Short, Martha C, Mocksville
Shough, Tava B, Fernandina Beach, FL
Shrewsbury, Lisa, Mooresville
Shrewsbury, Ricky L, Pinnacle
Shuler, Richard, Belmont
Shuler, Wilson L, Walkertown
Shumaker, Milton, Union Grove
Shumaker, Ricky L, Scotts
Shumate, B R, Wilkesboro
Shumate, Jill C, Wilkesboro
Shunkwiler, James L, Woodland Park, CO
Shupe, Joe M, Mooresville
Shuster, Adam, Denver
Sidden, Tim, Lexington
Siddons, Michael G, Mooresville
Sidway, Rachelle, Huntersville
Sidwell, Tracie, Mooresville
Siebenhar, Kris N, Denver
Sieg, Katherine E, Cornelius
Sigmon, Cynthia S, Statesville
Sigmon, Wayne Mccoy, Hamptonville
Silance, Bryant H, West Columbia, SC
Silberberg, Victoria, Edgewood, NM
Silva, Stephen E, Huntington Station, NY
Silvan Alberton Cano, Taylorsville
Silver, Cynthia A, Lexington
Silverman, Ken A, Huntersville
Simmons, George H, Mocksville
Simonsen, Alan E, Statesville
Simonson, Amy, Huntersville
Simonson, Heidi, Salisbury
Simpson, Linda, Taylorsville
Simpson, Rose M, Gastonia
Sims, Deborah P, Cornelius
Sims, Octavia G, Durham
Singe, Henry, Cornelius
Singh, Raj, Charlotte
Sink Jr, Terry Lee, Denton
Sink, John Shannon, Clemmons
Sink, Teresa Black, Lexington
Sinnott, David A, Stokesdale
Sipe III, Robert, Huntersville
Sipe, Ben H, Taylorsville
Sipe, Glenn, Huntersville
Sipe, William Anderson, Statesville
Sisler, Mark, Cornelius
Sisoukrath, Souphanseng, Winston-Salem
Sitton, Gary D, Huntersville
Six, Kimberly A, Statesville
Skaer II, D Philip, Houston, TX
Skaggs, Gary R, Cornelius
Skeens, Tambitha F, Statesville
Skibsted Robert/Donn, Winston-Salem
Skidmore, Diane, Iron Station
Skipper, Ralph, Stanley
Slack Jr, Garland C, Ocean Isle Beach
Slack, Clarence H, Archdale
Slater, Adam, Huntersville
Slaughter, Danny R, Huntersville
Slayton, Angela C, Madison
Sloan, Allen, Union Grove
Sloan, Brenda R, Orlando, FL
Sloan, Edna A, Union Grove
Sloan, Randy Lynn, Statesville
Sloma, Gary J, Lewiston, NY
Sloop, Barry S, Huntersville
Sluder, Bessie D, Statesville
Slusser, Marie, Charlotte
Small, Laura, Thomasville
Smallwood, Marty A, Cameron
Smallwood, Rhondalyn, Statesville
Smart, Derald, Satellite Beach, FL
Smith Sr, Tim, Denver
Smith Stone Prop Llc, Charlotte
Smith, Albert L, Lincolnton
Smith, Andrea D, Lexington
Smith, Anita L, Charlotte
Smith, Anna Belle, Iron Station
Smith, Carey, Charlotte
Smith, Carl R, Trinity
Smith, Charlynn E, Lexington
Smith, Christy Cline, Troutman
Smith, Colleen H, Winston-Salem
Smith, Colleen M, Statesville
Smith, David W, Lexington
Smith, Deloris K, Cornelius
Smith, Donald R, Winston-Salem
Smith, Dwayne M, Cleveland
Smith, Eileen G, Hickory
Smith, Eileen M, Columbia, MD
Smith, Eugene F, Salisbury
Smith, Evelyn S, Mount Pleasant
Smith, Floyd, Houston, TX
Smith, Frances T, Kannapolis
Smith, Gary T, Lexington
Smith, Gerald L, Charleston, SC
Smith, Godfrey, Prosperity, WV
Smith, Graham L, Lexington
Smith, Gretchen M, Cornelius
Smith, Harold E, Statesville
Smith, Inez P, Trinity
Smith, James Keith, Clemmons
Smith, James, Huntersville
Smith, Jeffrey B, Charleston, SC
Smith, Jerri L, Lexington
Smith, Jimmy Ray, Statesville
Smith, Jo Ann Elmore, Taylorsville
Smith, Joe, Moravian Falls
Smith, Johnny M, Taylorsville
Smith, Judith P, Winston-Salem
Smith, Karla J, Concord
Smith, Katherine M, Denver
Smith, Kathy A, Cornelius
Smith, Kathy A, Salisbury
Smith, Kenneth W, Mooresville
Smith, Lynn, Asheville
Smith, Mark E, Mocksville
Smith, Mark L, Taylorsville
Smith, Marnel, Huntersville
Smith, Marty Dean, Lexington
Smith, Melissa D, Lexington
Smith, Michael M, Greensboro
Smith, Michelle, Granite Falls
Smith, Nonnie C, Madison
Smith, Patricia, Knoxville, TN
Smith, Randy H, Lexington
Smith, Richard, Harmony
Smith, Robert L, Statesville
Smith, Scott F, Charlotte
Smith, Shawn K, Mocksville
Smith, Sheila D, Thomasville
Smith, Stevie W, Taylorsville
Smith, Tammy A, Lexington
Smith, Tammy, Mooresville
Smith, Tony R, Lexington
Smith, Tonya R, Lexington
Smith, Troy C, Thomasville
Smith, Trudy S, Lexington
Smith, Twila L, Cornelius
Smith, Valerie T, Mocksville
Smith, William Larry, Lexington
Smithey, Kathy Sue, Moravian Falls
Smithy, Kathy Sue, Moravian Falls
Smyre, Richard O, Harmony
Snell, Ronda K, Taylorsville
Snider, Bobby G, Linwood
Snider, David Grant, Trinity
Snider, Dawson, Liberty
Snider, Shane, Linwood
Snider, T V, Liberty
Snipes, Jerry M, Denton
Snotherly, Margaret, Lexington
Snow, Carolyn J, Statesville
Snyder, Sadie V, Liberty
Sober, Jerry, Yarnell, AZ
Soft-Lite Mintz, Bedford, OH
Soles, Randall, West Palm Beach, FL
Solid Surface Products, Cornelius
Sonderman, Robert W, Huntersville
Sopata, Mark A, Lexington
Soper, Wendy, Asheboro
Sorto, Marlon, Statesville
Soto, Luis, Troutman
Sotomayor, Raul, Charlotte
South, Marta, Pace, FL
Southard, Michael E, Statesville
Southarewsky, Alex, Greenville, SC
Southerland, Carolyn W, High Point
Southern Charm Inc, Kannapolis
Southern, Elizabeth, Thomasville
Southern, Harold Ray, Sandy Ridge
Southers, L D, Statesville
Southview Bpt Church, Statesville
Spalding, Steve L, Huntersville
Spangler, Veronica M, Statesville
Sparks, Joseph N, Statesville
Sparks, Slater G, Davidson
Spatco Environmental, Charlotte
Spaugh, James H, Mocksville
Speaks, Bradley, Asheville
Spears, Andrea, High Point
Spears, Bonnie L, Harmony
Spears, Susan T, Statesville
Speckman, Bonnie B, Granite Falls
Spectrix-Mta Llc, Tonawanda, NY
Speece, Debra Renegar, Hamptonville
Speer Jr, Grady L, Harmony
Speer, Donna H, Mocksville
Spell, Ruth N, Taylorsville
Spence, Sharon A, Huntersville
Spence, Terri Lynn, Trinity
Spence, Thomas, Statesville
Spencer, B R, Hickory
Spencer, Nancy G, Sandy Ridge
Spencer, W T, Walnut Cove
Sperry Van Ness/Mcmahon & Associates, Mooresville
Spillman, Richard, Clemmons
Spillman, Tracy, Cooleemee
Spindler, Joe, Cornelius
Spittle, Frank, Cornelius
Springer, David, Mocksville
Sprinkle, Landis, Huntersville
Sprinkle, Susan Helene, Lexington
Sprinkle, Wanda R, Mocksville
Spruiell, Danny, Wilkesboro
Spry, Cynthia E, Mocksville
Spry, Sharon D, Mocksville
St Clair, Doris Evans, Statesville
St Clair, Tom, Mooresville
St John Joel C, Troutman
Stacy, Michael D, Taylorsville
Stafford, Jerry, Cornelius
Stafford, Johana, Claremont
Stafford, Olivia B, Taylorsville
Staford, Ruth A, Statesville
Staggers, James, Coloma, MI
Staley, Janie S, Lexington
Stallings, George, Charlotte
Stallings, Jamie, Scottsdale, AZ
Stalvey, Benson, Lexington
Stamey Jr, Clyde A, Denver
Stamey, Debbie P, Huntersville
Stamm, Wade P, Huntersville
Stamper, Chris L, Denton
Stan-De-La, Taylorsville
Stanfill, Billy J, Mooresville
Stanford-Dalton, Mary M, High Point
Stanley, Connie Frye, Statesville
Stanley, Danny Allen, High Point
Stanley, Debra H, Winston-Salem
Stanley, Donna Brown, Statesville
Stanley, Donna W, Salisbury
Stanley, Virgie, Taylorsville
Stanley, Zachary, Thomasville
Stanton, Jim A, Statesville
Stark, S Walter, Mooresville
Starkey, Christie L, Statesville
Starnes, Teresa F, Claremont
Starnes, Todd C, Hickory
Starr, Dwayne, High Point
Stead, David G, Huntersville
Steadman, Gordon, Longwood, FL
Stec, Jeffrey, Mooresville
Steed, James W, Lexington
Steele, Ada M, Martinsville, VA
Steelman, Lillie Mae, Yadkinville
Steelman, Lori M, Statesville
Steen, Judy D, Kannapolis
Stegall, Raymond C, Denton
Steinbrenner, Karin, Charlotte
Steinmetz, Timothy, Charlotte
Stenger, David W, Cross Lanes, WV
Stephens, Eric S, Rural Hall
Stephens, Jeff D, Statesville
Stephens, Joseph Todd, Statesville
Stepp Sr, Michael L, Denton
Stepp, Rebecca A, Farmington, MN
Stergas, Tommy E, Kingston, OK
Sterling, Wayne E, Charlotte
Stern, Terri, Schaumburg, IL
Sterrett, Diane, Mooresville
Stetten, Ronald William, Madison
Stevens Sr, Ronald Wallace, North Myrtle Beach, SC
Stevens, Archie T, Taylorsville
Stevens, Kevin A, Charlotte
Stevens, Robert Edward, Lexington
Stevenson, David, Kernersville
Stevenson, Starlethei, Statesville
Stewart Jr, A L, Pilot Mountain
Stewart, Carolyn J, Eden, ID
Stewart, Heather, Huntersville
Stewart, James A, Lexington
Stewart, Kristin K, Linwood
Stewart, Lisa D, Statesville
Stewart, Natashia, Mooresville
Stewart, Norma Carol, Cornelius
Stillwell Village Hoa, Charlotte
Stine, Treva C, Greensboro
Stinson, Cynthia D, Mocksville
Stock Car Cafe, Charlotte
Stocton, Albert E, Concord
Stokes III, Alva M, Lexington
Stokes, Arlene L, Lexington
Stokes, Robert, Woodleaf
Stokes, Roger Lee, Winston-Salem
Stone, William E, Concord
Stormant, Christine, Wewahitchka, FL
Storrey, Lisa, Kernersville
Story, Rebecca, Lexington
Stott, Corrie, Denver
Stout, Jeffrey, Reno, NV
Stout, Marlene G, Lenoir
Stout, Susan L, Lexington
Stovcsik, Joseph R, Huntersville
Strachan, Norma, Concord
Straight, Shelly L, Greensboro
Strickland, Gwyn W, Taylorsville
Strickland, Todd D, Hanahan, SC
Strickland, Tracy Glenn, Denton
Strider, James Paul, Huntersville
Striplin, Richard A, Lexington
Strong, David, Winston-Salem
Stroud, Jerry S, Denton
Stryffeler, Daniel E, Huntersville
Stubbs, James H, Kernersville
Stukbauer, Kurt M, Mooresville
Stultz, Angela, Walnut Cove
Sturges, Wendy, Cornelius
Sturgill, Beverly, Taylorsville
Sturgill, Claude, Moravian Falls
Stutts, Jerry Wayne, Thomasville
Stutts, Mark A, Statesville
Stutts, Randall D, Statesville
Stutts, Robin M, Mooresville
Suggs, Ethel A, Mooresville
Suggs, Jason, Cornelius
Suggs, John, Huntersville
Sullivan, Mark P, Maggie Valley
Summer, Neal K, Davidson
Summerlin, Donna D, Lexington
Summers, Robbie Lynn, Randleman
Summey, Kimberly S, Statesville
Summit Properties, Huntersville
Sun Electric, Crystal Lake, IL
Sunday’S Child Inc, Cornelius
Suriano, Marie, Cornelius
Surla, Tiffany Marie, Denver
Surratt, Bonney N, Denton
Surratt, Ray, Denver
Surratt, Ronald H, Denton
Sutherland, Carlos E, Taylorsville
Sutherland, Jeannie, Taylorsville
Suttles, Chris, Winston-Salem
Sutton, Emma M, Lexington
Sutton, Jeana S, Lexington
Sutton, William R, Greenville
Svirchev, Alexander, Huntersville
Swaim, Patricia S, Mocksville
Swain, Robin L, Statesville
Swaney, Eric, Winston-Salem
Swann, Bryan S, Trinity
Sweeney, Joe S, Paynesville, WV
Sweet, Gary W, Harmony
Swift, Nancy J, State Road
Swiney, Randy R, Linwood
Swink Jr, Donald Ray, High Point
Swinson, Tommi Renee, Cornelius
Swope, Jeffrey F, Brodhead, WI
Sykes, John, Mocksville
Symons, Scott F, Campbell, CA
T & T Co, Statesville
T A Mebane Inc, Greensboro
T C Aubrey Inc, Lexington
Taha, Magdy, Asheboro
Talbert, Barbara H, Lincolnton
Talbert, Jeffrey L, Mocksville
Talbert, Michael Todd, Mocksville
Talley, Tony, Stokesdale
Tamson, Randy, Charlotte
Tanguay, Lynn, Newport, VT
Tannery, John S, Huntersville
Tanski, Douglas, Huntersville
Tartan Farm, Davidson
Tatum, Dorman D, Statesville
Tatum, Shante, Statesville
Tay’Vlle, Financial S, Taylorsville
Taylor, Betty, Mooresville
Taylor, Brad, Fairfield, OH
Taylor, Falenthia, Clarksburg, MD
Taylor, James R, Taylorsville
Taylor, James Ray, Statesville
Taylor, James, Spencer
Taylor, Jerry L, Huntersville
Taylor, Keith A, Statesville
Taylor, Kenneth S, Greenville
Taylor, Leona M, Madison
Taylor, Renee, North Wilkesboro
Taylor, Robert C, Walnut Cove
Taylor, Shirley G, Cornelius
Taylor, Stephen H, Lexington
Teague, Donald R, Thomasville
Teague, Janice S, Hickory
Teague, John H, Taylorsville
Teague, Lisa S, Lexington
Tedder, Merle, Clemmons
Templeton, Mae H, Statesville
Templeton, Margie L, Clemmons
Tenor Jr, Charles J, Statesville
Terrell, Diane G, Tobaccoville
Tesh, Brian Scott, Lexington
Tesh, Jonathan G, Lexington
Tesh, Oscar, Walnut Cove
Tessier, Jill Lynn, Davidson
Tessler, Kevin F, Sherrills Ford
Testa, Mark Alan, Tampa, FL
Testa, Michael J, Huntersville
Tester, Jackie, Wilkesboro
Tetter Jr, Howard C, Mocksville
Thacker, George, Glendale, AZ
Tharp, Rhonda L, Glen Allen, VA
Tharpe Jr, John, Charlotte
The Landings Hoa, Statesville
The Southside Companies, Belmont
The Upper Room, Cornelius
Therrell, Frank P, Stanley
Thigpen, Samuel C, Huntersville
Thomas, Carolyn, Caldwell, OH
Thomas, Cecelia B, Denver
Thomas, Charles L, Charlotte
Thomas, Cindy W, Statesville
Thomas, Connie S, Whitehouse Station, NJ
Thomas, Donald E, Richfield
Thomas, Doris T, Statesville
Thomas, Edward/Joyce, Galax, VA
Thomas, Greg, Huntersville
Thomas, Gregory, Huntersville
Thomas, John, North Myrtle Beach, SC
Thomas, Mary Ellen, Huntersville
Thomas, Tabatha A, Statesville
Thomas, Walter F, Southmont
Thomas, William H, Stokesdale
Thomley, Walter, Foley, AL
Thompson, Amy L, Concord
Thompson, Ashley A, Huntersville
Thompson, Brenda, Lexington
Thompson, Carl K, Statesville
Thompson, Danny R, Statesville
Thompson, Eugene S, Statesville
Thompson, Gina R, Cornelius
Thompson, Jeffrey Scott, Sherrills Ford
Thompson, Jesse W, Lexington
Thompson, Lynn H, Harmony
Thompson, Rebecca K, Huntersville
Thompson, Robert B, Asheboro
Thompson, Robert P, Mocksville
Thompson, Stephen S, Statesville
Thompson, Thomas M, Winston-Salem
Thompson, Tim E, Rockingham
Thompson, William Edward, Salisbury
Thomson, Michelle, Coatesville, PA
Thorn, Colleen, Cornelius
Thornburg, Charles E, Kannapolis
Thornton, Judith G, Huntersville
Threatt, Angela C, High Point
Thurman, Justin E, Lincolnton
Tibbetts, Kenneth M, Taylorsville
Tickle, Karen M, Lexington
Tierney, Kenneth F, Kernersville
Tierney, Kim, Lavaca, AR
Tiller, Terri E, Southmont
Tilley Estate, Ola E, Madison
Tilley, Mark A, Rocky Mount
Tilley, Penny S, Madison
Tilley, Ronnie L, Thomasville
Tilton, Joseph, Mooresville
Time Warner Cable Forsyth Co, Winston-Salem
Tincher, Allen L, Lexington
Tingle, Randall, Lake Junaluska
Tingley, Ruth B, Mint Hill
Tinkle, Kena, Columbia, TN
Tip Top Farm, Trinity
Tippett, Farrell, Asheboro
Tipton, Glen, Taylorsville
Tober, Yvonne, Cornelius
Tobin, Michael A, Charlotte
Todd, Adrian M, Thomasville
Todd, Louise H, Thomasville
Todd, Woodrow G, Grand Rapids, MI
Tolbert, Claudia M, New London
Tolbert, Jimmy G, Winston-Salem
Tolbert, Julia B, Cleveland
Tolbert, Ronald, Bonita Springs, FL
Toler, Raymond, Trinity
Toliver, Thomas Roy, Madison
Tollie, Becky R, Lexington
Tolsma, Tiffanie, Huntersville
Tomlin, Robert G, Statesville
Toney, Tammy L, Lexington
Tonnesen, Kenneth, Taylorsville
Torrence, Annie, Statesville
Torrence, Dephine, Statesville
Torrence, Tonya S, Mooresville
Torrey, James L, Arden
Total Spine Specialist Inc, Charlotte
Towers, Joyce A, Cornelius
Townsend Stephen/Zen, Taylorsville
Townsend, Beverly, Huntersville
Townsend, Bruce, Huntersville
Traffic With Results, Cornelius
Trakas, Jean D, Mooresville
Travis, Eugene, Lexington
Travis, Jodie L, Clemmons
Treadaway, Jeffery M, Hiddenite
Trent, Angela W, Statesville
Trent, Todd A, Troutman
Trexler, Steven W, Lexington
Trexler, Tammy, Huntersville
Trexler, Wanda J, Colfax
Trexler, William A, Huntersville
Tri-South, Statesville
Tribolet, John, Winston-Salem
Trickie, Benjamin, Denton
Trickie, Genie H, Denton
Trimble, Tracey P, Hickory
Trincia Jr, Vincent A, Charlotte
Trinity & Faith Inc, Matthews
Trivette, Denise, Archdale
Trivette, Mechelle, Mocksville
Trotter, James D, Thomasville
Troutman Jr, Leon, Troutman
Troutman, James E, Concord
Troxel, Randy, Lexington
Troxell, Lee J, Clemmons
Truckers For Christ Inc, Taylorsville
Tsujimura, Toshihiro, Statesville
Tucker, Jim, Davidson
Tucker, Joel, Lexington
Tucker, Judith B, Statesville
Tucker, Mark B, Knoxville, TN
Tucker, Randall G, Huntersville
Tucker, Rhonda F, Stone Mountain, GA
Tucker, Roscoe C, Statesville
Tullis, Eric, Huntersville
Tulowiecki, Thomas, Huntersville
Tumis, Danielle D, Huntersville
Turbeville, Cornellia L, Lexington
Turian, Dana M, Charlotte
Turman, Katy, Cleveland
Turner Jr, Charles D, Woodleaf
Turner, Charles L, Kernersville
Turner, David D, Mooresville
Turner, Guy, Mooresville
Turner, James S, Charlotte
Turner, Jennifer Lee, Winston-Salem
Turner, Jerry W, Lexington
Turner, Roy R, Sandy Ridge
Turner, Traci L, Thomasville
Turpin, Mary Alice, Cornelius
Tysinger, Ronnie, Lexington
Tyson, Larry T, Lexington
Ubides, Martha Jj, Lexington
Uebler, Thomas J, Randolph, NY
Ullom, Shannon, Huntersville
Underwood, Faye D, Eden
Universal Services Inc, Winston-Salem
Upchurch, Dean M, Charlotte
Upton, Suzanne, Huntersville
Urbach, Linda, Sunapee, NH
Valdez, Maria E, Cornelius
Valle, Leobardo, Statesville
Value Brakes, Lawrenceville, GA
Van Epps, Robert W, Huntersville
Vance, Donald R, Kernersville
Vance, Michelle C, Thomasville
Vance, Tommy C, Lexington
Vance, Trudy F, Mooresville
Vandall, Luann, Mocksville
Vandemark, Lester M, Stony Point
Vanden Bussche, Susan Marie, Bluffton, SC
Vandenboonmen, Frank, Huntersville
Vandiver III, Robert A, Mocksville
Vandyck, Joseph G, Statesville
Vandyke, Aleta J, Mooresville
Vang, Lee, Fresno, CA
Vang, Pov, Claremont
Vang, Yang Poa, Statesville
Vanhoy, Charles M, Sophia
Vanpay, Richard, Cornelius
Varela, Pamela J, Florence, SC
Vargas, Anarosa, Statesville
Varljen Michael & Downer M, Mooresville
Varner, E Donald, Winston-Salem
Varner, Lavena H, Thomasville
Varner, Tina M, Statesville
Varney, Swanee R, Huntersville
Vasiloff, Helen, Davidson
Vass, Nikki Stofer, Denver
Vaughan, Robert S, Charlotte
Vawter, Velna B, Lexington
Velazquez, Israel, Salisbury
Venable, Randy, Winston-Salem
Vermillion, Kyle, Carthage
Vernon, Chester, Madison
Vestal, Retta Louya, Lexington
Via, Tony Wayne, Sandy Ridge
Vicente, Lisa M, New Port Richey, FL
Vicini, Daniel J, Huntersville
Vickers, Elizabeth, Advance
Vidal, Yvette, Summit, NJ
Viking Const, Charlotte
Vines, Joan H, Dallas, TX
Vines, Thomas, Elizabethton, TN
Vinn, Voeun, Lexington
Vlaich, Michael, Mooresville
Voda, Krista N, Huntersville
Vogan, Kimberly S, Mooresville
Vogler, Elizabeth, Mocksville
Vogler, Jeff K, Elkin
W R Holdings Llc, Cornelius
Waddington, Jeffrey, Mooresville
Wadel, Melissa, Cornelius
Wagner, Janet E, Welcome
Wagner, Jerry, King
Wagoner, Bronce, Taylorsville
Wagoner, James, Mocksville
Waite, Kim M, Cornelius
Wakeland, Eric, Mooresville
Waldrop, Danny, Huntersville
Walka, Jody, Jamestown
Walker, Barbara T, Mooresville
Walker, Debbie H, Thomasville
Walker, Gary, Taylorsville
Walker, Harold R, Farmville, VA
Walker, Jonathan Q, Statesville
Walker, Lisa J, Hamptonville
Walker, Lisa M, Union Grove
Walker, Neal, Taylorsville
Walker, Richard E, Statesville
Walker, Richard J, Bardstown, KY
Walker, Rickie B, Concord
Walker, Terry D, Thomasville
Walker, Timothy T, Davidson
Walker, Timothy W, Lincolnton
Walker, Webb, Yadkinville
Wall, James F, Wallburg
Wall, Nicolas P, Daytona Beach, FL
Wallace, Charles T, Clarksville, TN
Wallace, James L, Greensboro
Wallace, Judy, Lexington
Wallace, Linda, West Palm Beach, FL
Waller, Timothy Lee, High Point
Walls, Joseph, Mount Holly
Walls, Pat Hooker, Clemmons
Walser, Jeff, Thomasville
Walsh, Connie A, Fullerton, CA
Walsh, Vickie L, Lenoir
Walters, Greg, Wilkesboro
Walters, John Hubert, Denton
Ward Jr Estate, W L, Advance
Ward, Mildred, Huntersville
Ward, Roger D, Stony Point
Ward, Sandra S, Mocksville
Ward, Susanne, Huntersville
Ward, Walter E, Jonesboro, TN
Warfield, Ranelle Q, Charlotte
Warlick, Ted, Mooresville
Warner, Elmer J, Morenci, MI
Warner, Gary, Huntersville
Warner, James W, Lexington
Warner, Kathy N, Statesville
Warner, Sheila, Fort Mill, SC
Warner, Stephen, Fairview
Warren Jr, Charles, Huntersville
Warren, Brent, Taylorsville
Warren, Brian, Huntersville
Warren, Cathy, Huntersville
Warren, Clifford, Stony Point
Warren, Sandra, Hudson
Warren, Tiffany, Taylorsville
Warrington, Douglas, Kernersville
Washam, Ernest W, Charlotte
Watkins, David L, Trinity
Watkins, Debra L, Lexington
Watkins, Elizabeth Haynes, Statesville
Watkins, Myra Edwina, Cornelius
Watkins, Oma, North Wilkesboro
Watlington, Jane, Reidsville
Watson Electrical Const, Winston-Salem
Watson, Bradley Lynn, Taylorsville
Watson, Connie J, Statesville
Watson, Dorothy L, Hiddenite
Watson, Jane D, Salter Path
Watson, Kelly L, Belmont
Watson, Ruby F, Trinity
Watson, Shawn P, Statesville
Watson, Thomas A, Davidson
Watts Jr, Jerry Lee, Stony Point
Watts, Anthony Joel, Thomasville
Watts, Jay, High Point
Watts, Nicky L, Huntersville
Watts, Ovida, Mocksville
Watts, P D, Taylorsville
Waugh, Darrell, Dallas
Waugh, Gayle M, Charlotte
Waugh, Palmer, North Wilkesboro
Waugh, William Rodney, Statesville
Weakley, Richard Patrick, Winston-Salem
Weatherford, Donna, Cornelius
Weatherman, David C, Huntersville
Weatherman, Joann P, Statesville
Weaver, Barbara J, Cornelius
Weaver, Harry, Charlotte
Weaver, Lorene S, Statesville
Weaver, Teresa C, King
Weaver, Thomas E, Thomasville
Webb, Phillip, Thomasville
Webb, Terry, Cornelius
Weber, Robin C, Statesville
Webster, Michael, Hiddenite
Weeks, Norma B, Statesville
Weisner, Chris E, Lexington
Weisner, J Brent, Concord
Weiss, Amy, Buffalo, NY
Weiss, Mark, Las Cruces, NM
Welborn, Dewey D, Harmony
Welborn, Joyce, Statesville
Welborn, Michael S, Statesville
Welborn, Peggy, Moravian Falls
Welborn, Terri, Yadkinville
Welch, Annie E, Madison
Welch, James Windy, Mayodan
Welker, Dennis N, Huntersville
Wellborn, Benny, Millers Creek
Weller, Debra J, Tehachapi, CA
Wellman, Foy L, Statesville
Wellman, Jack D, Stony Point
Wells, Lisa, Prospect, KY
Wells, Melvin C, Auxier, KY
Welty, Paul, Clemmons
West, Ben D, Knoxville, TN
West, Brian Wade, Charlotte
West, Debra, Cornelius
West, Fletcher M, Lexington
West, Fred, Charlotte
West, John W, Mocksville
West, Karen M, Denver
West, Larry E, Mocksville
West, Stephen, Kernersville
West, Tabitha Elaine, Lexington
Westmoreland, J L, Troutman
Westmoreland, Pat J, Mooresville
Wetherell, Audrey, Lexington
Wetzler, James, Salisbury
Wheatcraft, Stephen E, Statesville
Wheaton, Tom J, Huntersville
Wheeler Estate, Robert Leon, Taylorsville
Wheeler, Jean H, Lexington
Wheeler, Regina J, Huntersville
Wheeler, Timothy L, Salisbury
Whitaker, Dennis Ray, Ada, OK
Whitaker, Donna, Winston-Salem
Whitaker, Jason W, Yadkinville
Whitaker, Kimberly S, Trinity
Whitaker, Tina L, Cornelius
White, Benjamin T, Daytona Beach, FL
White, Betty G, Statesville
White, Chad E, Mooresville
White, Clyde R, Statesville
White, Daniel, Huntersville
White, Frances A, Mocksville
White, Garland, Stanley
White, Gina M, Statesville
White, Ingle, Concord
White, Katherine L, Huntersville
White, Matthew Allen, Statesville
White, Nicholas H, Taylorsville
White, Ronald L, Huntersville
White, Timothy C, Elkhart, IN
White, Tonya Lynn, Cornelius
White, Yvonne Marie, Kernersville
Whitehead, Danny, Huntersville
Whitehead, Kevin G, Wake Forest
Whitener, Henry E, Maiden
Whitener, Michael M, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Whitener, Robert L, Statesville
Whitener, Trudy Power, Mooresville
Whitfield, John E, Burlington
Whitfield, R L, Winston-Salem
Whitley, Alan, Yadkinville
Whitley, Steve, Maiden
Whitlock, Russ L, Mocksville
Whitman Sr, Roy L, Lexington
Whitman, Alex, Dallas, TX
Whitman, Sheri, Lexington
Whitney, Sean, Troutman
Whitson, Bill, Taylorsville
Whitson, Terry, Lexington
Whittaker, Linda M, Mocksville
Whittier, Marsha J, Cornelius
Whittle, Patsy, Belmont
Whittlesey, Cliff C, Mooresville
Whitworth, Margaret V, Stony Point
Wicker Jr, Carl D, Astor, FL
Wicker, Lawrence E, Trinity
Wickline, April G, Sandy Ridge
Widener, Larry, Lexington
Widenhouse, Amy, Huntersville
Wike, David Michael, Taylorsville
Wike, M L, Huntersville
Wilborn, Anthony E, Taylorsville
Wilcox, Rachel, Huntersville
Wiles, Ernest J, Statesville
Wiley, Frederick P, Statesville
Wilkes, Mary M, Concord
Wilkins, Chris J, Davidson
Wilkins, Judah L, Kingsport, TN
Wilkins, Nancy K, Lexington
Wilkinson III, George D, Flagstaff, AZ
Wilkinson, Hillari Q, Bridgeport, WV
Wilkinson, Robyn, Mooresville
Willard, Bobby E, Walnut Cove
Willard, Karen B, Mocksville
Willard, Michael E, Yadkinville
William And Runge Inc, Cornelius
William, M Ligon, Walkertown
Williams III, Frank Raymond, Huntersville
Williams Sr, J C, Myrtle Beach, SC
Williams, Allen, Lexington
Williams, Charles D, Cleveland
Williams, Danny Ray, Stony Point
Williams, Frank Wayne, Lexington
Williams, Gary T, Troutman
Williams, Geoff, Cocoa, FL
Williams, George D, Randleman
Williams, James Alfred, Mooresville
Williams, James B, Taylorsville
Williams, Jamey, Reidsville
Williams, Jeanette, Lexington
Williams, Jimmy, Wilkesboro
Williams, Karen E, Newton
Williams, Kenneth Ray, Yadkinville
Williams, Pamela W, Statesville
Williams, Paul, Cornelius
Williams, R Tally, Union Grove
Williams, Richard L, Lexington
Williams, Russell B, Sherrills Ford
Williams, Samuel C, Raleigh
Williams, Sandra, Lexington
Williams, Steve, Madison
Williams, Stuart L, Saint Louis, MO
Williams, Todd A, Denton
Williams, William, Mc Leansville
Williamson, James M, Cornelius
Willis, Caroline, Woodleaf
Willis, Kenneth, Reidsville
Willoughby, Genevieve, Gulf Breeze, FL
Wilmoth, James Ricky, Mocksville
Wilson Jr, Billy C, Walnut Cove
Wilson Jr, Fred W, Concord
Wilson Jr, George F, Advance
Wilson, Cathy, Statesville
Wilson, Charles, Charlotte
Wilson, Donna, Kannapolis
Wilson, Espie C, Cleveland
Wilson, Jeremy, Huntersville
Wilson, John Wayne, Lexington
Wilson, Junetta, Denton
Wilson, Kari, Lexington
Wilson, Robert L, Stoneville
Wilson, Russell, Taylorsville
Wilson, Sandra Chapman, Fayetteville
Wilson, Sandra, Aliso Viejo, CA
Wilson, Stephen E, Asheboro
Wilson, Stephen L, Basking Ridge, NJ
Wilson, Terry A, Huntersville
Wilson, Wanda S, Stony Point
Wilson, William Harold, High Point
Wilson, Yolanda S, Huntersville
Wimbish, James R, Lexington
Wimbush, Russell, Bastrop, LA
Winfree, Herman, Greensboro
Winn, Adam Michael, Wakefield, MA
Winslow, Anthony J, Cameron
Winston, Clarence, Lexington
Winston, Tony M, Charlotte
Winters, Julene, Wilmington, DE
Wise, Nanette Campbell, Statesville
Wise, Robert Keith, Mocksville
Wise, Susan, Davidson
Wishon, Arnold, Mocksville
Wishtischin, Patsy A, Hiddenite
Witherspoon, Jamie, Statesville
Witherspoon, Teresa D, King
Wittie, Paul, Huntersville
Woldman, Kenneth L, Pompano Beach, FL
Wolf, Vicki D, Scranton, AR
Wolfe Jr, Michael Y, Davidson
Wolfe, Barry, Mocksville
Wolfe, Gertha, Statesville
Wolsky, Richard, Kihei, HI
Wolyniak, Joseph S, Mooresville
Womack, Charles A, Catawba
Womble, W Scott, Summerton, SC
Woo, Michael, Matthews
Wood Tracy/Michelle, North Wilkesboro
Wood, Barbara, Mount Holly
Wood, Curtis E, Mocksville
Wood, Hester, Lawsonville
Wood, Jeff S, Mooresville
Woodall, Howard Pete, Linwood
Woodard, Jack E, Harmony
Woodard, Rod C, Charlotte
Woodard, Terry, Madison
Woodburn, William H, Lexington
Woodie, Madge E, Statesville
Woodie, Shelby Crocker, Vinton, VA
Woodruff, Steven, Cornelius
Woods, Glenn C, Rocky Mount
Woods, Johnny C, Trinity
Woods, Tony D, Winston-Salem
Wooldridge, Robert F, Tavernier, FL
Wooten Jr, Woodrow B, Cornelius
Wooten, Annie P, Yadkinville
Wooten, Dwight, Harmony
Wooten, John W, Cornelius
Wooten, Loy, Stanley
Workman, Bertha I, Denton
Workman, Jack A, Advance
Workman, Jean H, Thomasville
Worley, Debbie, Lexington
Worley, Sheena Stamey, Taylorsville
Worthington, Steven, Lexington
Wray, Tammy, Thomasville
Wrench, Douglas W, Huntersville
Wright, Kenneth, Madison
Wright, Michael D, Harmony
Wright, Paul G, Madison
Wright, Rodney D, Huntersville
Wright, Thad F, Pflugerville, TX
Wright, Thomas M, Troutman
Wright, Wes G, Asheville
Wright, Willena, Maiden
Wright, William J, Germanton
Wyatt, Arlene H, Walnut Cove
Wyatt, Hilda E, Statesville
Wyatt, Leo, Columbus, OH
Wyatt, Mayford K, Harmony
Wyatt, Nancy L, Statesville
Wyatt, Timothy W, Denver
Wyrick, Florence, Danese, WV
Yang Vang Waky, Milwaukee, WI
Yanusz, Anna K, Stokesdale
Yarborough, Clyde, Lexington
Yarbrough, Timothy K, Statesville
Yarbrough, Vertie J, Lexington
Yarbrough, Victor D, New London
Yates, Edward Lee, Mocksville
Yates, Eric S, Tazewell, VA
Yates, Jerrold, Belvedere, SC
Yeager, L D, State Road
Yelton-Motts Jina, Davidson
Yoder, Andy S, Deer Lodge, TN
Yoder, Gina D, Huntersville
Yontz & Son, Winston-Salem
York, Elizabeth I, Taylorsville
York, Mattie, Lexington
York, Shelley L, Kannapolis
Younce, Barbara Jean, North Wilkesboro
Young, Ashley G, Lexington
Young, Berkeley, Huntersville
Young, Betty L, Cornelius
Young, Cindy R, Huntersville
Young, Cynthia K, Lexington
Young, Cynthia L, Cornelius
Young, Dawne M, Denton
Young, Douglas D, Charlotte
Young, Dwight M, Wilmington
Young, Fay, Linwood
Young, James C, Lexington
Young, James W, Charlotte
Young, Mamie N, Mooresville
Young, Michael B, High Point
Young, Sarah W, Statesville
Young, Timothy, Huntersville
Young, Tracy E, Cornelius
Youngblood, Robert L, Trinity
Youngdahl, Belinda J, Winston-Salem
Younger Coleman/Lana, Wilkesboro
Younger, C V, Union Grove
Younger, Mark A, Columbia, MO
Younger, Redmond L, Union Grove
Youngerman, John, Monroe
Younts, Debra W, Thomasville
Younts, Johnnie, Lexington
Younts, Mary L, Lincolnton
Yourse, Calvin, Madison
Yow, Robin R, Peachland
Z L Metz Homes Llc, Huntersville
Zaccagnini, Gary, Kalamazoo, MI
Zajac, Paul S, Davidson
Zangardi, James M, Huntersville
Zarybnicky, Robert R, Mooresville
Zech, Ben, Mount Holly
Zheng Bin, Huntersville
Zimmerman, Ingrid, Huntersville
Zipadelli, Gregory C, Mooresville
Zipadelli, Scott Paul, Huntersville
Zomick, Peter, Huntersville
Zornow, Tiffany, Belmont
Zulman, Colleen T, Cornelius
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