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Capital Credits from EnergyUnited



Because EnergyUnited is a not-for-profit utility, when we make money beyond our operating costs, we return that money to our members in the form of “capital credits.”

Capital credits are allocated to each individual member based on how much the individual paid the cooperative during a particular period. Every member who has an account with EnergyUnited is a member of the cooperative. The amount of an individual capital credits refund depends on the length of time the member has been served by EnergyUnited and the amount the member has purchased from the cooperative.

In December 2022, EnergyUnited will return $3.5 million in capital credits to members who received service in 1991, 1992, 2001 or 2021. These credits will be refunded as bill credits to expedite the delivery process.

Unclaimed Capital Credits

Please review the latest list of unclaimed capital credits below. If you see your name or the names of family, friends or associates, please have them contact EnergyUnited at 1-800-522-3793. We appreciate your assistance in helping us ensure that everyone receives their capital credit benefit.


EnergyUnited Unclaimed Capital Credits
A’Thy, Scottodicarlo, Winston-Salem
Absher, Kenneth M, Statesville
Accent On Design Inc, Mooresville
Accu Wrap Mouldings, Ontario, CA
Acme High Performance LLC, Statesville
Adams, Carolyn J, Taylorsville
Adams, H L, Hickory
Adams, Herman J, Statesville
Adams, Jackie S, Lexington
Adams, Joseph W, Vinton, VA
Adams, Ronald Eugene, Millers Creek
Adams, Trip, Woodleaf
Adkins, Darrell C, Walnut Cove
Agee, Ethel, Stoneville
Agee, Leslie A, Stoneville
Ainslie, Gregory L, Huntersville
Air Products Group I, Cornelius
Akra, Brigitte, Troutman
Alexander, Joe D, Thomasville
Alfonso, Robert, Huntersville
Aliff, Diane, Hampstead
Allan T Shepherd Co, Richmond, VA
Allen, Mark C, Charlotte
Allen, Michael S, Statesville
Allred, Kenneth, Charlotte
Alltel Carolina Inc, Little Rock, AR
Almond, Lisa S, Rock Hill, SC
Alwran, Alta Lynn, Stanley
Amos, Ronald, Madison
Anderson Kathy/Jeff, Mocksville
Anderson, Charles H, Troutman
Anderson, John A, Huntersville
Anderson, John H, Stoneville
Anderson, June Bullins, Walnut Cove
Anderson, Sheila L, Statesville
Andrews, Chris, Huntersville
Angell Farm Inc, Mocksville
Angell, Rhonda F, Mocksville
Angello, Julie, Huntersville
Anjos, Jenniffer S, Statesville
Anntonys, Caribbean E, Charlotte
Anthony, Jessie Lee, Sherrills Ford
Antisdel, Michael R, Wayne, MI
Ardin Building, Statesville
Armentrout, Pam, High Point
Armstrong, Mark W, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Armstrong, Mark, Denver
Arnold, Daniel, Rutherfordton
Arrowood, Donald Ray, Troutman
Arundel, Cynthia, Mooresville
Ashley, Bonnie H, Statesville
Ashley, Dorothy M, Mocksville
Atherton, Michael A, Mount Holly
Atkinson Building Co, Lexington
Atkinson Realtors, Eden
Atkinson, David C, Twin Falls, ID
Atkinson, Yancy, Stony Point
Axtell, Donald, Lucedale, MS
Aycock, Sarah Bowers, Charlotte
Bach, Gary, Nashville, TN
Back, Mary M, Palm Bay, FL
Badgett, Gary, North Wilkesboro
Badin Lake Properties, Badin Lake
Bagley, William H, North Chesterfield, VA
Bailey, Michael R, Princeton, WV
Baity, Angela, Hamptonville
Baker, Charles H, Mishawaka, IN
Baker, Charles Michael, Lexington
Baker, Diane, Kannapolis
Baker, Edgar, Terrell
Baker, Gary B, Huntersville
Baker, Kathy, Mocksville
Baker, Kenney L, Catawba
Baker, Kristi, Claremont
Baker, Mary Charlotte, Huntersville
Baker, Pamela J, Trinity
Baker, Reed, Mooresville
Baker, Tommie Ray, Cleveland
Ball, Anthony, Huntersville
Ballard, Glenda Kay, Statesville
Ballard, Gregory A, Mooresville
Barber, Jeff S, Lexington
Barber, Marilyn, Statesville
Barber, Minnie P, Statesville
Barefoot, Mary D, Lexington
Barger, Jimmie L, New London
Barker, Daniel E, Denver
Barker, Joel B, Denver
Barkley, Shirley H, Mooresville
Barnett, Jimmy P, Mayodan
Barnett, Kathy, Hickory
Barnette, Janet C, Statesville
Barnette, Jerry W, Barium Springs
Barnette, R Darron, Hickory
Barnette, Richard W, Huntersville
Barney, Floyd F, Mocksville
Barocsi, Tammy L, Sherrills Ford
Barrow, Stephen A, Thomasville
Barth, Charles, Cornelius
Bartlett, James, Mocksville
Barton, Tammy B, Lexington
Basie, James A, Iron Station
Bates, Delmont, Clemmons
Baughman, Amy L, Mocksville
Beam, Sherry B, Statesville
Beard, John S, Hendersonville
Beatty, Boyd E, Yadkinville
Beatty, James, Mount Holly
Beaver, John A, Lincolnton
Beck, Carrie V, Lexington
Beck, Frances, Denver
Beck, Robert W, Spencer
Bedsole, Ronald, Welcome
Beeler, Chester W, Cornelius
Beeson, David L, Denton
Bell, Gary Russell, Franklin
Benge, Bethany E, Thomasville
Bennett, Eugene, Mocksville
Bennett, Marvin E, Statesville
Bennett, Shelia M, Kannapolis
Bennett, Tammy W, Conover
Benson, Jeremy, Enfield, ME
Bernesser, John, Cornelius
Berrier, David L, Lexington
Berrier, Paul Wayne, Clemmons
Berrier, Randy F, Winston-Salem
Berry, Jerry, High Shoals
Berry, Timothy, Trinity
Berube, Diane, Huntersville
Bey, Kathryn, Piney Creek
Bibey, Jeffrey, Walnut Cove
Biggs Virinia Wise, Lexington
Billings, Diane J, Southmont
Billings, Donald, Harmony
Billings, Patricia A, Traphill
Billings, Tracy H, Baldwin, MI
Bines, Mary E, Statesville
Bingham, Deborah G, Stony Point
Bingham, James Hugh, Lincolnton
Birkdale Apts LLC, Huntersville
Bishop, Lionel David, Denton
Bishop, Shirley D, Thomasville
Black, Richard Earl, Wilmington
Black, Sara D, Conover
Blackmon, Sandra, Randleman
Blackwelder, Joseph C, Denver
Blackwell, Kimberly S, Huntersville
Blake, Jimmy D, Mocksville
Blake, Robert F, Dobson
Blakley, Larry Lee, Taylorsville
Blalock, Chaytor M, Cornelius
Blankenship, Grady, Harmony
Blansett, James, North Wilkesboro
Blaylock, Andrea J, Cornelius
Blizard, Everette E, Lexington
Bloomfield, Lucinda, Cooleemee
Bloxam, Percy, Morehead City
Bodenheimer, Richard Allen, Thomasville
Boger, Johnny Lee, Mocksville
Bohannon Const Co, Winston-Salem
Boles, Ann, Welcome
Boles, Ronald Lewis, Taylorsville
Bondatti, Rhonda, Welcome
Bonen-Clark, Rick, Cornelius
Booe, Ronald, Mocksville
Boone, Robin, Lexington
Boovey, Dan C, Statesville
Borum, Fred M, Athens, WV
Bosch, Dawn V, Cornelius
Boshart, Vanessa L, Denver
Bost, Candy L, Mocksville
Bost, H B, Mooresville
Bost, Shane, Linwood
Bouknight, Fred J, Davidson
Bovitz, Mark, Sherwood, WI
Bowe, Dayton M, Huntersville
Bowers, Goldie, Lexington
Bowman Farms LLC, Roaring River
Bowman, Everette D, Statesville
Bowman, Gail M, Linwood
Bowman, Shelby, Taylorsville
Bowman-Const Vance, Hickory
Bowyer, Dennis, Kernersville
Boyd, J M, Walnut Cove
Boyer, Jeffrey, Huntersville
Boyle, Stephen, Huntersville
Brackens, Amanda J, Kure Beach
Braddock, Tim A, Statesville
Braddock, Tim A, Statesville
Bradford, Christopher, Raleigh
Bradford, Melissa, Huntersville
Bradshaw, Rickey Fox, Hiddenite
Brady, Kent B, Statesville
Bragg, Lori Lea, Quinwood, WV
Bralley, Ruth, Lexington
Branch, Terry Ellis, Advance
Branch, Travis W, Winston-Salem
Brandt, Donna Yetton, Chandler, AZ
Branton, Dorothy, Stanley
Brasel, Jean, Afton, MN
Braswell, Christopher, Marvin
Brauninger, Elaine C, Statesville
Breedlove, Jerry D, Lexington
Brendle, Danny, New London
Brewer, C W, Mooresville
Brewer, Dan E, Mooresville
Brewer, Roger L, Welcome
Bridgeman, Richard D, Statesville
Briggs, John L, Holden Beach
Brigman, Vallie B, Lexington
Brinkley, Jamie N, Cornelius
Brinkley, Richard, Taylorsville
Britt, Jason V, Stanley
Britt, Tonya R, Statesville
Brittain, Stewart R, Taylorsville
Brock, Robin N, Mocksville
Brolin-Inc Robert, Mooresville
Bronson, Millie, Union Grove
Bronson, Stella M, Stony Point
Brooks, Agatha, Newton
Brooks, Barry, Lexington
Brooks, Luanne S, Mocksville
Brooks, Margaret F, Hickory
Brooks, Steven A, Stanley
Broome, James W, Cornelius
Broome, Sanford, Charlotte
Brown, Alice L, Belmont
Brown, Angie R, Troutman
Brown, Billy Joe, Mocksville
Brown, Brian, Huntersville
Brown, Daniel F, Denver
Brown, Iris, Cornelius
Brown, J D, Mooresville
Brown, James A, Germanton
Brown, James M, Taylorsville
Brown, Jeffrey L, Trinity
Brown, Joseph M, Kannapolis
Brown, Kenny, Advance
Brown, Lola, Mocksville
Brown, Mary Louis, Advance
Brown, Michael David, Huntersville
Brown, Misty Lee, Iron Station
Brown, Ray Quincy, Hiddenite
Brown, Richard Wayne, Summerfield
Brown, Robert Dale, Harmony
Brown, Stephanie, Mocksville
Brown, Tamra G, Linwood
Broyhill, Barry, Statesville
Brummel, Deborah H, Thurmond
Bryan Maly Kue, Huntersville
Bryant, Christy L, Linwood
Bryant, Donna, Holly
Bryson, Idaho, Salisbury
Buell, Thomas J, Huntersville
Buffin, Stephen, Huntersville
Bullins, Brenda Carolyn, Thomasville
Bullins, Harold D, Winston-Salem
Bullins, Karen L, Lawsonville
Bullock, Karen, Kernersville
Bullock, Wendy C, Statesville
Bunn, Kipp, Statesville
Bunn, William E, Charlotte
Burdette, Kimberly N, Statesville
Burgess, William J, Statesville
Burleson, Alan E, Stanley
Burnett, Larry W, Mocksville
Burnett, Robert, Advance
Burton, John David, Harmony
Burton, Karen W, Statesville
Bush, F Elizabeth, Mocksville
Bustle, Sandra D, Harmony
Butler – Mccall Ltd, Charlotte
Butler, Jackie Kerr, Stokesdale
Byerly, Frances, Lexington
Byerly, Georgia, Lexington
Cabarrus Const Co, Concord
Caddell, Graham, Denver
Cagle, Jimmie, Mooresville
Cain Acres, High Point
Cain, William, Mocksville
Calhoun, Kenneth J, Charlotte
Call, Renee C, Statesville
Campbell, Bonita P, Statesville
Campbell, Eula, Statesville
Campbell, Gary W, Huntersville
Campbell, John D, Statesville
Campbell, Kevin, Harmony
Campbell, Michael A, Iron Station
Campbell, Ronald, Statesville
Campbell, Scott, Denton
Campbell, Terry W, Lexington
Campbell, William W, Dallas
Canales, Lucia, Statesville
Cansler, John R, Advance
Canter, Susan, Winston-Salem
Canterbury, Carl E, Griffithsville, WV
Captor Electronics, Charlotte
Cardwell, Chris, Mayodan
Cardwell, Jimmy, Boomer
Carlson, Troy R, Charlotte
Carmel Contractors, Charlotte
Carnes, Steven, Franklin, TN
Carolina Drawers, Lexington
Carolina, Crossing Marine, Cornelius
Carpenter, Jane, Walkertown
Carpenter, Jerry, Taylorsville
Carrick, Kermit W, Thomasville
Carriker, Tony, Lexington
Carroll, H Lou, Statesville
Carter, Angela D, Huntersville
Carter, Bonnie, Madison
Carter, Helen S, Lexington
Carter, J Gregg, Newton
Case, David L, Lexington
Casey, Linda S, Statesville
Casey, William Cowan, Mocksville
Cash, Richard C, Statesville
Cashatt, Timothy E, Lexington
Casper, Kevin, Huntersville
Cass, Angie, Statesville
Cass, Craten W, Mocksville
Cassady, Barbara A, Hickory
Cassar, Monica H, Lexington
Casse Darren/Jennif, Hickory
Casto, Texanna C, Thomasville
Cauble, Beverly G, Mooresville
Caudle, Barbara, Greensboro
Caudle, Lorene H, Elkin
Caudle, Timothy G, Yadkinville
Causey, Leonard Junior, Trinity
Cavender, Orville H, Charlotte
Caviness, Shanna, Huntersville
Cazares, Gilberto, Stony Point
Central Telephone Co, Wake Forest
Central United Meth, Mooresville
Century 21 Realty, Denver
Chamberlain, Roger, Mocksville
Chambers, Clarence E, Statesville
Chambers, Debra Daye, Statesville
Chamelin, Steven, Kernersville
Champions Sports Prfm & Training , I, Cornelius
Chance, Walter, Mooresville
Chandler, Rhonda R, Statesville
Change-Ad Letter Co, Walnut, CA
Chapman, Geina, Stony Point
Chappell, Barbara J, Denton
Chappell, James E, Charlotte
Char-Meck Utility, Charlotte
Charles, Thomas, Stanley
Charter Communications, North Wilkesboro
Chatham, Earl, Hiddenite
Chatham, Roger D, Frederic, MI
Chesnut, Christy A, Winston-Salem
Childers, Eddie, Denver
Childers, James F, Mooresville
Childress, Charles D, Charlotte
Childress, Lee, Mocksville
Childress, Roxanne, Winston-Salem
Christopher, Richard, Statesville
Church Amy, Winston-Salem
Church James W, Lenoir
Clancy, Ricky A, Memphis, TN
Clapp, George D, Asheboro
Clark Pamela/Daniel, Taylorsville
Clark, James W, Gastonia
Clark, Jerry R, Sisseton, SD
Clark, Marquerite A, Salisbury
Claybrook, Michael J, Eden
Clayton, Crystal G, Statesville
Clewis, Doris A, Jamestown
Cline, Danny R, Statesville
Cline, David A, Statesville
Cline, Gena, Lexington
Cloer, Arthur W, Mechanicsville, VA
Cloer, Bernard R, Statesville
Cluff, Rodney E, Cornelius
Cobb, Daniel, Mocksville
Cobb, Everette, Denver
Cobb, Tracie, Charlotte
Cobb, William H, Huntersville
Cober, Marc W, Somerset, PA
Coble, Tina A, Thomasville
Coble, Tony L, Denton
Cochran, Jodie H, Clemmons
Coffey, A B, Taylorsville
Coleman, Brian K, Lexington
Coleman, Susan C, Charlotte
Colen, Gerda A, Lexington
Collectible, Brokerag, Huntersville
Collegewoods, Lexington
Collins, Charles G, Davidson
Collins, Harold E, Huntersville
Collins, Katherine D, Lexington
Collins, Rhonda, Danbury
Collins, Wm H, North Wilkesboro
Combs, Bobby E, Sunset Beach
Comeau, Sandra, Denver
Conley, Cecilia J, Union Grove
Conley, Marion, Winston-Salem
Connolly, E C, Frisco, CO
Connor, Bobby, Sherrills Ford
Connor, Von R, Mooresville
Conrad, Jerry, Winston-Salem
Cook, Becky J, Harmony
Cook, Cheryl, Lexington
Cook, Hazel S, Hamptonville
Cook, Lila Kaye, Lexington
Cook, Tony M, Denver
Cooley, John E, Lexington
Cooper, Vickie, Statesville
Cope, Larry G, Cooleemee
Cope, Michael Shane, Lexington
Cosey, Sherry, Statesville
Couts, Charles R, Altavista, VA
Cowboy Restaurant LLC, Cornelius
Cox, John D, Cornelius
Cox, Lawrence, Hickory
Crabtree, James R, Mocksville
Cranford, Roger W, Huntersville
Cranford, Tony Dean, Cooleemee
Crater, Sonny, Huntersville
Craver, Angela D, Lexington
Crawford, Donald K, Taylorsville
Crawley, David M, Huntersville
Crescent Resources, Charlotte
Crisp, Sandra V, Huntersville
Cristofono, Janice L, Statesville
Cromer, Franda C, Danbury
Cromer, Paul, Lexington
Crone, Michael, Denton
Cronland Hdwe & Bldg, Lincolnton
Crowder, Billy Lee, Galax, VA
Crump, Boyd, Lincolnton
Crumpler, Richard, Eden
Cuff, Steven M, Huntersville
Cullison, Quay M, Charlotte
Culpepper, Gary T, Davidson
Culton, Julian C, Los Gatos, CA
Cummins, George, Mocksville
Cusack, Howard W, Harmony
Cusick, Michael Dewayne, Indianapolis, IN
Dacus, Amy, Denver
Dale, Teresa D, Rockwell
Dallenbach, Robin, Greensboro
Daniels, Michael A, Lexington
Danny Arthur LLC, Mocksville
Darr, Milton C, Thomasville
Daves, Harold D, Huntersville
Daves, Harold D, Huntersville
David Tucker Const, Monroe
Davidson, Barbara A, Statesville
Davidson, Rosetta, Stony Point
Davidson, Terell M, Mooresville
Davis, Christine, Cleveland
Davis, Clint M, Charlotte
Davis, Denise P, Taylorsville
Davis, Donald R, Statesville
Davis, Gene, Newton
Davis, Jeffrey T, Huntersville
Davis, Karen T, Marion
Davis, Nazretta, Lexington
Davis, Rhonda A, Statesville
Davis, Sherman J, Taylorsville
Davis, Willie G, Winston-Salem
Dawkins, Kenneth A, Statesville
Day, Jerry A, Troutman
De Angelis, Salvatore, Huntersville
Deal, Blake, Statesville
Deal, Larry, Davidson
Deal, Sylvia A, Statesville
Dearmitt, Thomas, Kearney, MO
Deas, Barry M, Mocksville
Debusk, Barbara H, High Point
Deemarc Landscaping, Cornelius
Dehart, Ann, Advance
Delinger, Sandra L, Cornelius
Dellinger, Kenny, Statesville
Dellinger-Bldr L C, Stanley
Delore, Robert, Iron Station
Delourmel, Georges, East Liverpool, OH
Dempsey, Sharon, Huntersville
Desch, Charles H, Mocksville
Destafino, Joshua A, Kernersville
Detchemendy, D J, Davidson
Dewitt, Regina L, Hamptonville
Diane, L Irby, Statesville
Diciuccio, Michelle, Hickory
Dickens, Chris M, Mocksville
Dickerson, Robert M, Walnut Cove
Dickerson, Tamatha Woodring, Taylorsville
Dill, Robert L, Clemmons
Dillingham, Norman, Advance
Dillon, Daryl W, Statesville
Dionne, Fredrick J, Mocksville
Dishman, Selena, Taylorsville
Dixon, Allen R, Troutman
Dixon, Charles, Denton
Dixon, Delbert, Richmond, KY
Dobson Bldrs, Charlotte
Dobson, Robert, Union Grove
Dockery, Charles S, Statesville
Dockery, Donna L, Welcome
Dodge, David, Bullhead City, AZ
Dodson, Tim S, Winston-Salem
Dolgner, Dan R, Denver
Domiter, Troy, Concord
Donahue, Terri V, Huntersville
Douglas, Deloris, Statesville
Douglas, Mark S, High Point
Douthit, Donald D, Davidson
Dover, Benjamin, Huntersville
Dowless, Dora, Lexington
Drake, Joe N, Monroe
Draughn, Kimberly C, Hiddenite
Drennen, Jill L, Akiachak, AK
Dress Barn, Spokane, WA
Drnek, Laurie, Ocala, FL
Drummond, Allana, Lexington
Duchaine, Robert C, Gardner, MA
Duckett, D I, Huntersville
Duckett, Floyd Lee, Lexington
Dufault, Jane P, Statesville
Duff, Robert, Huntersville
Duffey, Phillip R, Chippewa Falls, WI
Dugan, Joseph R, Huntersville
Duggins, Leonard Hayes, King
Duke, Debra L, Statesville
Duncan Nance, Charlotte, Sandy Ridge
Duncan, Cheria Fisher, Galax, VA
Duncan, David A, Indian Trail
Duncan, Teresa J, Huntersville
Dunlap, Connie, Mayodan
Durham, Tammy, Roaring River
Durie, Terry E, Thomasville
Dwyer, Robert S, Huntersville
Dyches, Eric, Huntersville
Dyson, Jacob V, Statesville
Eads, Michael T, Bypro, KY
Earnhardt, Rickey J, Denver
Earth Care Products, Boca Raton, FL
East, Kimberly L, Harmony
Easter, Lisa, Madison
Eaton, David, Waxhaw
Echo Construction Co, Charlotte
Edgell, Emery Ezekiel, Bradshaw, WV
Edmonds, Charles B, Huntersville
Edwards Pipeline Const Co, Stanley
Edwards, Myron L, Statesville
Edwards, Pam S, Lexington
Edwards, Robert Dale, Mocksville
Edwards, Ted A, Davidson
Eller, Ernest Lee, Lexington
Ellermor Associates, Davidson
Ellermor Associates, Davidson
Elliott, Brenda L, Statesville
Elliott, Michelle, Cornelius
Elliott, Robert, Cornelius
Ellis, Lee R, Statesville
Ellis, Wesley, Goldsboro
Ellman, Rich, Mooresville
Elson, Kelly A, Davidson
Embler, Rickie O, Thomasville
Emerald Chevrolet, Taylorsville
Emery, Everette W, Troutman
Ensley, Lavonne, Stanley
Eppley, Anthony W, Statesville
Erlandson, Tracey K, Taylorsville
Ervin, Norman, Supply
Estes, Evia D, Statesville
Evans, Alf N, New London
Evans, Danny S, Trinity
Evans, Joseph Shawn, Mocksville
Evans, Lenora R, Winston-Salem
Evans, Tina J, Walnut Cove
Evans, Troxler, Lexington
Everhart, Donald Lee, Spencer
F A C T Builders, Cherryville
Faak, Rudi, Mocksville
Falandysz, Nita, Mooresville
Fallar, Jeffrey E, Scottsdale, AZ
Farmer, Kimberly, Mayodan
Farrens, Audrey, Hiddenite
Faulkenbury, Andrew D, Kannapolis
Faunce, Penny, Clemmons
Faye Church, Sunset Beach
Fearing, Richard A, Statesville
Fearnside, Robert A, Huntersville
Federal Asheville, Statesville
Feimster, Tony A, Charlotte
Ferguson, Amiee D, Huntersville
Ferguson, George W, Stanley
Ferguson, Jeffrey K, Advance
Fields, Nancy, Thomasville
Fields, Norman H, Statesville
Figuly, Albert T, Huntersville
Finch, John D, Chicago, IL
Fine, Stacey, Charlotte
Fink, Harold T, Statesville
Fiori, Robert E, Morro Bay, CA
First Financial Savings Bank, Winston-Salem
Fisher, Phillip, Charlotte
Flanders, Bruce M, Huntersville
Flemming, Edwin H, Amelia Island, FL
Flickinger, Thomas A, Huntersville
Flowers, George W, Statesville
Floyd, Brenda G, Statesville
Floyd, Randy E, Thomasville
Flynn, Linda F, Salisbury
Foley, Bobby N, Mooresville
Forest City Land Group, Cleveland, OH
Forsyth, Rebecca J, Wooster, OH
Foster, Bridgett B, North Wilkesboro
Foster, Michael C, Cornelius
Foster, Patricia A, Cornelius
Foster, T Stephen, Mocksville
Fowler, Alfred O, Shelby
Fowler, Kim, Thomasville
Fowler, Lisa, Stanley
Fox, Daniel S, Statesville
Fox, Kim K, Hiddenite
Fox, Paul, Taylorsville
Fox, Richard D, Taylorsville
Frank, Gordon A, Davidson
Frasher, Elizabeth A, Pinnacle
Frasier, Daniel A, Denver
Fredrick R Kitchens, Taylorsville
Freeman, Raymond J, Mooresville
Freeman, Todd, Concord
French, Diane B, Ironton, OH
French, Vanessa R, Huntersville
Fritz, David, Huntersville
Frost, Cecil, Durham
Fruit, Grace E, Estero, FL
Fuller, Thomas R, Burlington
Gabbert, Jay, Cornelius
Gabbey, Patrick R, Thomasville
Gable, Ralph W, Charlotte
Gaines, Arthur, Lady Lake, FL
Gais Construction, Denver
Gais Construction, Denver
Galle, Jack P, Mocksville
Galliher, Mary L, Olin
Gallimore, Dennis, Walkertown
Gallimore, Geraldine, Denton
Gallimore, Kim Willard, High Point
Gallimore, Sandra, Southmont
Gammon, Donna G, Charlotte
Gann, Brylan, Kannapolis
Gann, John Kevin, Stokesdale
Gant, John H, Huntersville
Gant, Spencer, Huntersville
Gardner, Billy W, Thomasville
Garner, Cathy E, Mocksville
Garris, Jerry B, Huntersville
Garris, Kimberly B, Troutman
Gaynor, Mark S, Mooresville
Geiger, Bruce W, Statesville
Gen Electric Insp Se, Westerville, OH
Gennusa, Mary, Statesville
Gentry, Jennifer, Denver
George, Billy Jack, Avon
Gerbick, Donald, Cornelius
Geter, Julia A, Statesville
Ghant, Ernest R, Charlotte
Gibson, Jamie, Cooleemee
Gibson, Rita G, Mount Holly
Gibson, Tanya L, Winston-Salem
Gilbert Camp Jr, Burnsville
Gilbert, Joel M, Hudson
Gilbert, Wayne, Denver
Gilchrist, Robert, Lexington
Giles, Jeanette, Lexington
Gilreath, Mark A, Huntersville
Gioffre, John J, Huntersville
Glass, Jesse L, Statesville
Glidewell, Phillp, Winston-Salem
Glover, Adrian J, Catonsville, MD
Godfrey, Marshall L, Statesville
Godfrey, Marshall L, Statesville
Goehring, Clifford T, Aliquippa, PA
Goins, Nannie M, Madison
Goins, Walter, Mooresville
Goldome Credit Corp, Birmingham, AL
Gomez, Cynthia Cardona-, Taylorsville
Gooch, Trevor W, Lexington
Goodman, Angella D, Astatula, FL
Goodman, Earl, Concord
Goodson, Anna Ruth, Catawba
Goodson, Anna Ruth, Lincolnton
Goodson, Clive I, Winston-Salem
Goodson, Pamela K, Statesville
Goolsby, Billy Ray, Walnut Cove
Gordon, Patricia, Mooresville
Goroway, William, Iron Station
Gortner, Jim W, Monticello, GA
Gossett, Amy L, Charlotte
Goto, Maria Ida, Statesville
Gough, Nancy Parks, Advance
Goyet, Victoria L, Cornelius
Graham, Joseph Ray, Winston-Salem
Graham, Kim, Winston-Salem
Graham, Lori I, Colorado Springs, CO
Grant, Mark A, Statesville
Grasberger, Stephen B, Huntersville
Gray, Charles C, Chardon, OH
Gray, Dennie, Greensboro
Gray, Eddie S, Colfax
Gray, James, Stony Point
Green, Faye C, Lexington
Green, Gary M, Statesville
Green, James M, Newton
Green, James, Mocksville
Green, Ralph, Sunset Beach
Greene, Betty P, Davidson
Greene, Shannon M, Rocky Mount
Greenwell, Eric L, Mooresville
Gregg, Stewart, Lenoir
Gregory, Noah L, Olin
Gribble, Scheffney, Gastonia
Griffin, Lee, Lincolnton
Griffin-Const Co L J, Granite Falls
Grigg, J Michael, Siler City
Grogg, Ruth C, Lexington
Grose, Elmer O, Statesville
Grubb, Timothy E, Lexington
Guerrero, Luis P, Statesville
Guignon, Richard W, Statesville
Gunter, Mona L, Statesville
Guter, Steve, Charlotte
Hagan, Natalia, Mocksville
Hager M Diane/Lonnie, Huntersville
Hager, Gloria B, Statesville
Hailey, Samuel E, Lexington
Hale, Jack L, Acworth, GA
Halford, Samuel Craig, Taylorsville
Hall, Eleanor C, Stanley
Hall, Francis, Chicago, IL
Hall, John D, Greensboro
Hall, Mason D, Walnut Cove
Hall, Preston, Madison
Hamilton, Michael W, Statesville
Hammond, Faye L, Statesville
Hammond, Russell F, Pocomoke City, MD
Hampton, Deeann, Germanton
Hampton, Jimmy L, Huntersville
Hampton, Joan M, Stony Point
Hance, Tony D, Stanley
Hancock, Steve, Kannapolis
Hannah, Lyonel L, Troutman
Hansford, Michael D, Denver
Harbert, Brian, Greensboro
Harden, Wilbur D, Mooresville
Hardin, Ronald Lee, Huntersville
Hardy, Dorothy S, Mocksville
Harkey, Brody Lee, Denver
Harkey, W C, Denver
Harkleroad, J K, Ayden
Harrell, Victor H, Mooresville
Harrington, Dale, Taylorsville
Harrington, Sue C, Huntersville
Harris, Cathy D, Harmony
Harris, Crystal Stone, Statesville
Harris, Diane S, Hinton, WV
Harris, James L, Statesville
Harris, Toni L, Huntersville
Harrison, Steven C, Denver
Harrs, Donna L, Moravian Falls
Hart, Iantha, Spartanburg, SC
Hart, John G, Statesville
Hart, Susan H, Hamptonville
Hartman, Mark B, Cornelius
Hartsell, Julie, Cornelius
Hatchell, Johnny D, Monroe
Hatfield, Rebecca, Huntersville
Hatlestad, Brian, Barnsdall, OK
Hawn, Anna C, Haw River
Hayes, David E, Charlotte
Hayes, Ralph C, Huntersville
Hayes, Susan D, Winston-Salem
Haynes, Edith A, Kent, OH
Haynie, George, Albemarle
Heafner, Bonita B, Stanley
Heath, Michael, New London
Hebert, Regina M, Statesville
Hedgecock, Joe, Trinity
Hedgecock, Ricky L, Walkertown
Hedrick, Barbara D, Kannapolis
Hedrick, Ricky Lynn, Thomasville
Hefner, Garrett D, Taylorsville
Heiney, Mike, Asheville
Helfert, Thomas, Taylorsville
Helms, Roger D, Davidson
Henderson, John Shane, Statesville
Henderson, Paul L, Statesville
Henderson, Timothy J, Huntersville
Henry, Brenda S, Statesville
Hensley, Daniel J, Denver
Herman, Donnie R, Lexington
Hernandez, Lisa S, Stokesdale
Herndon, Carol, Salisbury
Hester, Jack G, Winston-Salem
Hester, Wendy C, Kernersville
Hickory Hill Golf, Mocksville
Hicks, Jonathan Lee, China Grove
High Rock Lake Campsites, Southmont
Hill, Kenneth Ray, Asheboro
Hill, Phillip Lee, Randleman
Hill, Regina L, Taylorsville
Hilterbrand, Wayne R, Lexington
Hilton, Bobbie W, High Point
Hilton, Norman, Lexington
Hite, Joseph, Tega Cay, SC
Hodge, Paul W, Huntersville
Hodge, Sharon W, Trinity
Hoffman, Mellie, Supply
Hoffman, Paul J, Rio Rancho, NM
Holbrook, Dan, Kannapolis
Holcomb, Donna, Winston-Salem
Holcomb, Dorothy P, Jonesborough, TN
Holdener, Yvonne V, Pasadena, CA
Holifield, Darlene C, Erwin, TN
Holland, Annie A, Sapphire
Holland, Joann, Union Grove
Holland, June, Harmony
Hollar, Billy G, Statesville
Hollar, Michael W, Taylorsville
Hollingsworth, Joe C, Lexington
Holly, Michael A, Huntersville
Holmes, Jimmy A, Davidson
Holt, Earl Timothy, Denver
Holt, Gary D, Chester, SC
Holyfield, Larry R, Huntersville
Homesley, William J, Denver
Honaker, Rena A, Clemmons
Honeycutt, Herbert, Jonesborough, TN
Honeycutt, Patricia, Denver
Hoots, Max T, West Jefferson
Hoover, Charles, Statesville
Hoover, Douglas, Archdale
Hoover, G L, Madison
Hopkins & Hopkins, Huntersville
Hopkins, Donna L, Cornelius
Hopkins, Jerry A, Denver
Hopkins, Louella, King
Hopkins, Michael L, Denver
Horn, Melissa N, Charlotte
Horne, Ann B, Lexington
Horne, Kenneth W, Stanley
Horne, Shannon L, Statesville
Horton, Sharon M, Statesville
Hough, Mitzi I, Statesville
Howard, Gary W, Huntersville
Howard, Jack, Mooresville
Howse, Wendy Harris, Harmony
Hoyle, Boyce A, Denver
Hoyle, Glenna M, Lexington
Hudson, Lorrene, Charlotte
Huffman, Margaret L, Huntersville
Huffman-Const Dan, North Wilkesboro
Huffstetler, Ronald, Lexington
Huggins, John H, Linwood
Hughes, Angela M, Lexington
Hughes, Robin R, Linwood
Hulbert, Ann, Denver
Hulin, Vickey J, Lexington
Humphery, Carlyle, Wilmington
Hunt, Brooks L, Wallburg
Hunt, Larry M, Asheboro
Hunter Realty Co, Hickory
Hunter, Clarence, Carrboro
Hunter, Edwin, Statesville
Hunter, Linda K, Denton
Husband, David, Winston-Salem
Hussain, Mary E, Taylorsville
Hutchens, Howard W, Mocksville
Hutchens, Patricia, Lexington
Hutchens, Roger D, Yadkinville
Hutchens, Tamara W, Troutman
Hutcherson, Alan, Lincolnton
Hutcheson, Marie C, Harmony
Hutter, Charles H, Statesville
Iamunno, Vincent L, Cornelius
Ickler Motorsport LLC, Poway, CA
Ikerd, Amy J, Salisbury
Ingram, Randy C, Archdale
Ingram, Ronald S, Winston-Salem
Inman, Joann, Linwood
Interiors By J Mark, Cornelius
Iredell Landfill Gas, Ann Arbor, MI
Irvan Enterprises, Mooresville
Isaac, Mary M, Statesville
Isenhour Produce, Statesville
Isenhour, Brenda S, Statesville
Isenhour, Gary R, Taylorsville
Isenhour, Gary, Winston-Salem
Ivey, Peggy A, Allisonia, VA
Jackson, James M, Sherrills Ford
Jackson, Randolph, Hiddenite
Jackson, Richard K, Huntersville
Jarrell, John P, Union Grove
Jarrell, Monica C, Lexington
Jarvis, Vivian, Lexington
Jeffrey P Watson Estate, Lincolnton
Jena, Eugene B, State College, PA
Jenkins, Cindy J, Statesville
Jenkins, Karl, Mooresville
Jennings, Shirley, Union Grove
Jennings, Susan M, Stanley
Jewell, Millicent H, Statesville
Jines, Sylvia H, Hiddenite
Joe Hedrick Realty Inc, Lexington
John Wieland Homes, Charlotte
John Wieland Homes, Charlotte
Johnson, Dave S, Latrobe, PA
Johnson, Debra K, Statesville
Johnson, Michael, Johns Island, SC
Johnson, Mildred C, Mount Mourne
Johnson, Roscoe, Lexington
Johnson, Shirley, Lexington
Johnson, Timothy R, Statesville
Jolly, Debbie, Taylorsville
Jonas, Glenn William, Hickory
Jones, Andrea F, Mocksville
Jones, Anne M, Statesville
Jones, Barbara D, Mooresville
Jones, Brenda, Eden
Jones, Hilda, Walnut Cove
Jones, James Lee, Troy
Jones, John, Huntersville
Jones, Kathy W, Mooresville
Jones, Parnell V, Torrance Cal,
Jones, Patricia, Statesville
Jones, Sabrina, Scotts
Jones, Sam G, Statesville
Jones, Shelby O, Lexington
Jordan, Anne F, Denver
Jordan, Kathryn E, Statesville
Joy, Scott L, Southmont
Joyce, Lynne Craver, Olin
Joyce, William, Madison
Joyner, Jesse, Mayodan
Joyner, Ruby C, Statesville
Justice, Paul D, Cooleemee
Kale, Gerald, Statesville
Kassman, Joyce, North Port, FL
Kauffman, Herman, Deer Lodge, TN
Keaton, John A, Mocksville
Keen, Michelle, Huntersville
Keene, Patricia B, Stony Point
Keeton, Tammy L, Advance
Kelly, Kenneth L, Granger, IN
Kelly, Roger Ray, Statesville
Kendall, Carolyn L, Lexington
Kendrick, Michael Todd, Sandy Ridge
Kennedy, Douglas A, Stanley
Kennedy, Jerry L, Statesville
Kennedy, Walter E, Statesville
Kennerly Dev Co, Davidson
Kennerly Dev Co, Davidson
Kennett, Jean, Greensboro
Kenyon, Teresa, Ronda
Keough, Kerry, Christiansburg, VA
Kerley, Willis, Stanley
Kero, Ron, Bothell, WA
Kerr, Gary Len, Mooresville
Kerr, Lauren Elizabeth, Huntersville
Kidd, Phillip M, Mooresville
Kiger, Virgil R, Thomasville
Kilby, Regina, North Wilkesboro
Killian, Cindy H, Taylorsville
Kimmer, Gaye, Yadkinville
Kindred, John P, Cornelius
King, Belinda S, Statesville
King, Bobby R, Asheboro
King, Kathi, Thomasville
King, Mary, Kannapolis
King, Stephanie I, Charlotte
Kinnamon, Martin, Charlotte
Kipple, James, High Point
Kirk, William, Mooresville
Kirtland, Mark, Concord
Kiser, George, Harmony
Kiser, Jack L, Cleveland
Kistler, Clorene S, Statesville
Klein, Donald M, Greene, NY
Klein, Peter A, Charlotte
Knight, Brandon T, Statesville
Knowles, Leslie, Cornelius
Knowles, Nancy, Waxhaw
Knox, Anne W, Salisbury
Koger, John T, Fort Eustis, VA
Kolesar, Bonnie, Norris, TN
Koltz, Deneta H, Mooresville
Kone, King, Madison
Koontz, Betty J, Thomasville
Koontz, Walter, China Grove
Kowalski, Scott, Naperville, IL
Kraft, Michael L, Statesville
Krall, Frank W, Cramerton
Krause, Jeffrey P, Winston-Salem
Krause, Jennie Lynn, Corbin, KY
Kravontka, Mark, Trinity
Krieger, Tim, Statesville
Krug, Jennifer S, Huntersville
Kuhn, Larry R, Statesville
Kunz, Jeanette, Statesville
Kusmierz, Barbara, Cornelius
Kuxhausen, Tim K, Davidson
Kyle Hayes Farm, North Wilkesboro
Kyle, Marguerite, Cornelius
Kyles, Thomas G, Statesville
Lachance, Jon P, Statesville
Lackey, David B, Albertville, AL
Lackey, Kathryn W, Taylorsville
Lackey, Tina L, Lexington
Lacy, Dale, Morrisville
Lagle, William H, Mocksville
Lail, Kimberly A, Cleveland
Lail, Mitchell, Taylorsville
Laine, Terry L, Lexington
Lake Auto Parts, Davidson
Lake Norman Propane, Statesville
Lake Properties, Cornelius
Lake Ridge Hoa, Davidson
Lakeview Homes, Charlotte
Lamb, Christopher, Huntersville
Lamb, Timothy, Kissimmee, FL
Lambert, Angela N, Troutman
Lambert, Charles Fredric, Trinity
Lambert, E Jay, Beaufort
Lambert, Lisa Ann, Hickory
Lambert, Michael, Clemmons
Lambert, Zella B, Statesville
Lambert, Zella, Statesville
Lambeth, Charlie R, Lexington
Lambeth, David Joe, Lexington
Lambeth, Jerry W, Lexington
Lampley, Dwight, Winston-Salem
Lancaster, Tricia D, Statesville
Lane, Michael R, Cornelius
Laney, Michael B, Huntersville
Laney, Michael B, Huntersville
Langley, Roland Lewis, Lexington
Lankford, Wallace C, Linwood
Lash, Terry E, Mocksville
Lashmit, James H, Winston-Salem
Lasley, Chris, Lexington
Latham, Lorrie W, Lexington
Latter Day Saints Ch, Charlotte
Lawrence, Arthur J, Clemmons
Lawrence, Craig J, Union Grove
Lawrence, Edward Lee, Sophia
Laws, Vickie L, Lexington
Lay, Harold S, Henderson
Leake, Kathy, Germanton
Leary, Robert J, Lexington
Leblanc, Linda L, Statesville
Leblanc, Linda S, Statesville
Ledford, Ann, Mooresville
Lee, David B, Cornelius
Lefler, William S, Fort Mill, SC
Lemmings, Donald Lee, Lexington
Leonard, Darlene D, Lexington
Leonard, Dorothy V, Lexington
Leonard, J Neal, Lexington
Leonard, Jennifer, Lexington
Leonard, John David, Welcome
Leonard, Myrtle C, Lexington
Leonard, Patrick Wayne, Lexington
Leonard, Shauna M, Mocksville
Leonard, Susan A, Linwood
Lepore, Nancy, Davidson
Lesh, Lisa S, Denver
Lester, Jason S, Panther, WV
Lester, Ronnie, Trinity
Lester, Vadia M, Lexington
Levan, Anthony G, Charlotte
Levan, Cynthia S, Hiddenite
Lewis & Clark Realtors, Winston-Salem
Lewis, Kathy S, Statesville
Lewis, Kristina, Concord
Lewis, Michael S, Wayside, WV
Lewis, Sandra, Mocksville
Lewis, Tommy, Taylorsville
Liberty Ministries, Mooresville
Liddle, Eric S, Statesville
Lindquist, Lee B, Huntersville
Linger, Marie E, East Bend
Link, James M, Cooleemee
Lipe, Christopher D, Troutman
Little, David L, Wilmington
Liu, Qing, Huntersville
Livengood, Sarah R, Cooleemee
Liverpool Owners Assoc Inc, Huntersville
Livingston, Ruby S, Taylorsville
Loar, Charles A, Statesville
Lockhart, Jay D, Mocksville
Loflin, James R, Salisbury
Loflin, William A, Caddo Mills, TX
Loftis, Greg, Cookeville, TN
Long, John S, Statesville
Looney, Roger, Hiddenite
Lotus 28 Inc, Mooresville
Loudermelk, Nettie B, Taylorsville
Louia, Michael, Thomasville
Lovejoy, Rita K, Troutman
Lovell, Becky B, King
Lovette, Brian, Clemmons
Lovette, Charles Jame, Wilkesboro
Lowder-Morris, Patricia, Lexington
Lowe, Jeff, Hill
Lowery, Ganniga B, Charlotte
Lowman, Mark, Hickory
Lowrance, Christopher, Statesville
Loy, O C, Lexington
Lucia, Glenn M, Newport, VT
Lunsford, Regina J, Denton
Lynch, Donna D, Charlotte
Lynch, Minnie, Mocksville
Lynn, David, Kernersville
Lyons, Jeffrey, Charlotte
M I Homes, Charlotte
M I Homes, Charlotte
Mabe, Kimberly E, Lexington
Mabe, Lora, Mocksville
Macmahan, David, Huntersville
Maddox, Bertha, Kannapolis
Madison Village Hoa, Cornelius
Madison, Michael M, Harmony
Maintenance, Masters, Olin
Malloch, Nelson C, Mooresville
Maness, Ruby, Asheboro
Marean, Corrie, Cornelius
Marion, Bobbie, Thomasville
Markham, Dan, Huntersville
Markle, Patricia V, Harmony
Marlow, Yates, Statesville
Marlowe, Shelia A, Linwood
Marrs, Miranda M, Mocksville
Marshall, Beth Anne, Rusk, TX
Marshall, Briggie, Danbury
Marshall, Elisha, Mooresville
Marshall, John R, Huntersville
Martin, Carla S, Ponca City, OK
Martin, Daisy V, Clifton, SC
Martin, J L, Lexington
Martin, James F, Rainelle, WV
Martin, Joan, Huntersville
Martin, John William, Walnut Cove
Martin, Robin A, Wilmington
Martin, Teresa, Eden
Martz, Margaret A, Akron, OH
Mashburn, Linda, Lexington
Mason, Paula W, Statesville
Massey, Vernard, Mocksville
Mast, Marlene, Concord
Matherly, Monica, Detroit, MI
Mathers, Robert, Concord
Matney, Raymond, Mooresville
Matthews, Rocky L, Yadkinville
Matts Chicago Dog, Cornelius
May, Dennis F, Statesville
Mayfield, Jeremy, Mooresville
Mayhew, Scott, Stony Point
Mays, Alma H, Taylorsville
McAlister, Coaley R, Belmont
McAlisters Deli, Fort Collins, CO
McBride, Judy C, Welcome
McCaa, Barry, Rock Hill, SC
McCall, Nelson F, Winston-Salem
McCann, Kathleen, Troutman
McChargue, Robert H, Laurinburg
McColl, Bryan, Lexington
McCollum, Jay, Reidsville
McCoy, Bruce, Scarbro, WV
McCoy, Sheree L, Statesville
McCullough, Larry, Suffolk, VA
McCutcheon, John W, Welcome
McDonald’S, Statesville
McDowell, Mary C, Troy
McDowell, Ray, Denton
McGee, James L, High Point
McGehie, Angela M, Jamaica, NY
McGuire, Robert Dean, Kernersville
McGuirt, Tommy E, Stanley
McGwier, J Phillip, Charlotte
McJunkin, James E, Statesville
McKenzie, Leo J, Salisbury
McKeon, Sean R, Huntersville
McKinley, James, Charlotte
McKinney, Brandon, Stanley
McKinney, Brenda, Lexington
McLaughlin, Michael, Cornelius
McMahan, Anna C, Lexington
McMahan, Keith B, Thomasville
McManmie, Julie A, Kannapolis
McNeill, Carlos, Statesville
McReary, Cindy, Huntersville
Meadows, Burnice, Yadkinville
Medlin, Danny, Huntersville
Meetze, Grover, Davidson
Melton, Ray, Lexington
Menius, Ritchie L, Kannapolis
Meriwether, Beth C, Spotsylvania, VA
Merkel, Lewis J, Davidson
Meyer, Bernice B, Mocksville
Meyers, Joanna, Huntersville
Michael, F L, Lexington
Michael, Lee A, Lexington
Michanna Inc, Charlotte
Mid South Comm, Statesville
Midgett, Michael, Manteo
Mikeal, Jerry L, Lenoir
Milks, Charles L, Madison
Miller, Aquila, Huntersville
Miller, Carol Leigh, Lexington
Miller, Ginger P, Mooresville
Miller, Heather D, Statesville
Miller, Irene, Taylorsville
Miller, Jamie L, Lexington
Miller, Louis Lyndon, Trinity
Miller, Solomon D, Welcome
Milligan, Lance, Statesville
Mills, Bonnie, Statesville
Mills, Joe, Kannapolis
Mills, Mindy, Charlotte
Millsaps, Michael T, Statesville
Millsaps, Sabrina D, Union Grove
Mitchell, Clay Tucker, Huntersville
Mitchell, Danny, Stony Point
Mitchell, Suzanne, Clemmons
Moats, Lester, Hickory
Moltrup, Timothy B, Gastonia
Monk, Samuel C, Huntersville
Monroe Groves, Charlotte
Moody, Willard, Lexington
Moon, Robert, Lexington
Mooney, Johnny C, Mount Holly
Moore, Cynthia D, Statesville
Moore, Dennis Delaney, Madison
Moore, Linda G, Hiddenite
Moore, Linda M, Harmony
Moore, Rhonda L, Onalaska, WI
Moore, Roy B, Alexis
Moore, Thomas A, Troutman
Moore, Thomas H, Mooresville
Moore, Tony R, Statesville
Moore, William S, Denver
Moorefield, Gertrude, Stokesdale
Moores, Judith Anne, Charlotte
Moose, Amy L, Statesville
Moose, Diane, Charlotte
Moose, Penny L, Lexington
Mora, Rudy A, Albany, GA
Morgan, Curtis R, Salisbury
Morgan, Eddy, Cornelius
Morrell, Jani M, Buellton, CA
Morris, Jim S, Huntersville
Morris, Larry E, Stanley
Morris, Robert E, Charlotte
Morrow, Howard, New Castle, DE
Morrow, Larry L, Mooresville
Morton, Eddie D, Huntersville
Morton, James Roger, Statesville
Moses, Sherald E, Stony Point
Moss, Sam B, Anderson, SC
Mounts, Kenneth Ray, Lexington
Moyer, Maureen, Rock Hill, SC
Mt Zion Um Church, Charlotte
Mtrsp Train Ctr Inc, Mooresville
Mueckler, Michelle, Milwaukee, WI
Mullis, Allen, Hamptonville
Muncy, David, Cornelius
Munday, Joel A, Statesville
Murakoshi, Tatsuya, Statesville
Murdock, James H, Taylorsville
Murdock, Phillip G, Huntersville
Murphy, Donna M, Statesville
Murphy, Mary I, Cornelius
Murray, C J, Denver
Murray, James R, Stoneville
Myers, Amber D, Lexington
Myers, Ruth Waller, Mocksville
Myers, Tommy F, Kernersville
Nance, Donna B, Mooresville
Nardoni, Donna G, Statesville
Nautilus Fitness Cen, Cornelius
Neal, Jerry W, Denver
Neal, Tonya L, Athens, WV
Nedelciuc, Florin, Cornelius
Neitzke, James D, Huntersville
Nelson, Chad B, Mooresville
Nesbit, Melody N, Statesville
Nespora, Sona, Huntersville
Newcomb, Brian, Greensboro
Newnam, Mary L, Harmony
Newsome, Bryan O, Charlotte
Nichols, Marissa C, Harmony
Nichols, Ronald, Mooresville
Nicholson, Gary L, Matthews
Niswonger, Katherine, Statesville
Nixon, Michael, Charlotte
Nodine, Larry E, Troutman
Noel, Richard, Van Buren Twp, MI
Nofziger, Lowell E, Mooresville
Norkett, Joe, Iron Station
Norman, Angela V, Lexington
Norman, Martha J, Salisbury
Northgate Street Limited Partnership, Charlotte
Nuckols, Steve, Huntersville
O’Brien, Terry, Statesville
O’Neal, Jason B, Statesville
O’Neal, Mildred R, Mocksville
Oakridge Acres, Stanley
Odendahl, Ethel, Mocksville
Ogren, Carl, Huntersville
Ohlson, Charles, Cornelius
Oliver, David C, Denver
Oliver, Shirley H, Cornelius
Ondesko, Joseph W, Hickory
One Norman Sq Apts, Carrollton, TX
Orr, Larry J, Huntersville
Orr, William Robert, Southmont
Orrell, Shirley A, Statesville
Orrell, Shirley A, Statesville
Ortz, Michael A, Cornelius
Osaka Japanese & Chinese Res, Cornelius
Osborne, Brittin S, Cooleemee
Osborne, Jeffrey, Statesville
Osborne, Vickie Lynn, Lexington
Osmon, Herbert E, Winston-Salem
Ostwalt, Linda, Mooresville
Overcash, Relata, Mooresville
Paces Contractors, Charlotte
Padilla, Ralph M, Davidson
Palmer, Dennis L, Huntersville
Palmer, Kimberly S, Huntersville
Palmer, Rhonda A, High Point
Pankratz, Carol B, Canandaigua, NY
Paradis, Marcia, Denver
Pardue, Donald H, Harmony
Parker, Danny, Lenoir
Parker, Kenneth L, Statesville
Parks Realty, Statesville
Parks, Christine, Charlotte
Parks, Cynthia, Dallas
Parks, William Eric, Iaeger, WV
Parsons, Charles D, Mocksville
Paschall Construction Co, Eden
Patrick, Charles R, Rossville, GA
Patterson, Diwatha A, Statesville
Patton, Billy N, Union Grove
Patton, Bradley, Huntersville
Paxton, Cathy L, Cornelius
Payne, David R, Southmont
Payne, Larry Wayne, Mooresville
Payne, Michael S, Candler
Peacock, Ted Wayne, Harmony
Pearson, Jerry Wayne, Taylorsville
Pegg, W W, Colfax
Pender, Jerry, Louisville, KY
Pennell, Bobby Jean, Taylorsville
Pennell, Leon, Taylorsville
Peoples Federal Bank, Thomasville
Perkins, John, Davidson
Perner, John C, Atlanta, GA
Perry, William, Winston-Salem
Peters, David G, Statesville
Petrakis, Gus, Danbury
Pharr, Amy E, Statesville
Phillips, Charles A, Louisville, KY
Phillips, James C, Lexington
Phillips, Judy K, Lexington
Phillips, Stella P, Sophia
Pickett, Barbara J, Winston-Salem
Pierce, Darrell Wayne, Durham
Pierce, Julianne, Knoxville, TN
Pigeon, Nicole, Huntersville
Pigg, Mark A, Astoria, IL
Pine Hill Church, Johnson City, NY
Pisani, Kenneth, Charlotte
Pittman, Kenneth J, Beaumont, MS
Pitts, Tammy R, Hickory
Pitts, Tommy, Hickory
Plyler/Wellman Prop, Cornelius
Plyler/Wellman Prop, Davidson
Poelman, James S, Mc Grath, AK
Pointer, Ramona M, Mooresville
Poling, Connie, Statesville
Pond, Jerry W, Pineville
Poole, Harvey L, Charlotte
Pope, Margie B, Statesville
Pope-Bldr E Wayne, Statesville
Poplin, John H, Albemarle
Porter, Feb C, Cleveland
Porter, Gary W, Troutman
Porter, Sidney L, Lowgap
Poteat, Nellie, Hickory
Potter, Cheryl M, Statesville
Potter, Jc, Welcome
Potter, Martha, Lexington
Potts, Ethel Coble, Denton
Powers, Timothy N, Cornelius
Powers, Timothy, Belton, MO
Preece, Judson W, Seattle, WA
Prendergast, Mark L, Statesville
Pressley, Richard, Advance
Prevost, Lisa C, Lexington
Price, Tim L, Eden
Pritchard, Angie, Tobaccoville
Pritchard, Melinda, Stony Point
Privette, Chris K, North Wilkesboro
Prock, Paul, Thomasville
Pugh, Michael D, Trinity
Pulte Homes, Charlotte
Puskas, Belinda, Mooresville
Qasem, Cathy, Lincolnton
Queen, Mitchel D, Archdale
Quick, Daniel A, Mount Holly
Quiroz, Paula M, Greensboro
Rabozzi, Robert M, Huntersville
Rainbow Auto Wash, Cornelius
Ramseur, Requal S, Statesville
Ramsey, Guy E, Mooresville
Ramsey, Sherman A, Lexington
Ramsey, Shirl R, Cornelius
Randall Homes Inc, Matthews
Rankin, Marie B, Statesville
Rankin, Patricia Ann, Statesville
Ratliff, Bryan K, Denton
Ratliff, Willard, Kimper, KY
Rausch, David M, Saint Paul, MN
Ray, Lois H, Statesville
Rcs Mobile, Winston-Salem
Reagan, Dana S, Huntersville
Reaves, Gina, High Point
Redding, Joseph C, Huntersville
Redfear, Bernard, Mooresville
Redmon, Bobby, Statesville
Redmond, Angela M, Union Grove
Reed, Chrystal L, Mooresville
Reed, Linda A, Mocksville
Reed, Thomas M, Union, VA
Reich, David L, Lexington
Reiss, Daniel Glenn, Davidson
Renfro, Ray, Taylorsville
Rexrode, Byron, Morganton
Reynolds, Christopher, Huntersville
Reynolds, Peggy F, Cornelius
Rhew, Betty H, Carolina Beach
Rhudy, Doug, Huntersville
Rhudy, Doug, Huntersville
Rhyne, Al, Hiddenite
Rice, James, Davidson
Richard, Deborah, Stanley
Richardson, Audrey C, Boomer
Richardson, Toni D, Stanley
Richie, Mark E, Charlotte
Riddle, Donald, Statesville
Ridge, Edwin, Thomasville
Ridings, Robert, Mocksville
Riley, R Andy, New Bern
Riley, Terri, Cornelius
Rinck, Ylvin J, Lincolnton
Ringelberg, Kelly Jo, Richfield
Ritchie, Elizabeth T, Salisbury
Roach, Joyce K, Lexington
Robbins, Terrie L, Winston-Salem
Robert J Brolin-Home, Huntersville
Roberts, Franklin K, Statesville
Roberts, Howard R, Cornelius
Roberts, Lonnie R, Lexington
Roberts, Revonda L, Troutman
Roberts, Ricky M, Statesville
Roberts, Ronnie L, Ayr, IN
Robinson, Dale, Statesville
Robinson, Deborah, Wilkesboro
Robinson, Mark A, Charlotte
Rocchio, Robert A, Yulee, FL
Rochelle, Helen, Hickory
Rockland Homes Inc, Kernersville
Rodger, R Mark, Statesville
Rogers, Benny L, Iron Station
Rogers-Cannon, Vivian, Mooresville
Root, Meranda M, Summerfield, FL
Rosas, Renard, Huntersville
Roseberry, Roy, Lexington
Rosemund, Robert E, New Smyrna Beach, FL
Rosenbaum, Thomas D, Huntersville
Ross, Angela M, Houston, TX
Ross, Brad, Denver
Ross, Pamela L, Huntersville
Rothberg, Alan, Fruita, CO
Rowe, Derrick, Catawba
Rowe, Derrick, Catawba
Rowe, Wendell, Athens, AL
Rowland, Julie M, Rocky Point
Rubert, Mary Lou, Statesville
Rubright, Clint W, Huntersville
Rudisill, Donald C, Denver
Rufty, Carole, Taylorsville
Rumfelt, Mark, Gillette, WY
Runaldue, Johnathan D, Cornelius
Rushing, Angela G, Penn Yan, NY
Sae/American, Charlotte
Saimohan Raj, Prasoona Yadama, Chicago, IL
Saleeby, Joy, Linwood
Salmons, Dale E, Thomasville
Salvatore De Angelis Estate, Charlotte
Salyers, William R, Archdale
Sampson, M A, Harmony
Sams, Larn David, Asheboro
Sanchez, Esteban L, Mocksville
Sanders, Harold, Mocksville
Sanders, Rachelle, Troutman
Sandlin, Judy Lane, Mocksville
Sapona Villas, Lexington
Sasser, H Jearl, Proctorville, OH
Saul, Edward, Lexington
Saulsberry, Jeff, Statesville
Sawyer, Teresa B, China Grove
Sawyers, Veronica J, Germanton
Scales, Charles E, Eden
Scarborough, Leonard, Deltona, FL
Scharver, Susan Marie, Denver
Scheidegger, Donna, Creve Coeur, MO
Schiele, William, Onalaska, TX
Schneible, Raymond N, Huntersville
Schodorf-Bldrs W H, Charlotte
Scholl Builders, Charlotte
Schotte, Douglas M, Troutman
Schriber, Angela L, Lincolnton
Schriver, Merritt L, Huntersville
Schultz, Robert P, Mc Cormick, SC
Scott, Mark A, Mocksville
Scott, Robert L, Statesville
Scotts, Samuel G, Statesville
Scrivner, Debra K, Charlotte
Scruggs, Jeff C, Cornelius
Scruggs, Vernal C, Mooresville
Sealey, Thomas J, Lexington
Searcy, Bruce, Walnut Cove
Sears, Donnie L, Catawba
Sears, Kirk P, Wheaton, IL
Sechrest, Steven, Mooresville
Security Builders, Statesville
Seebach, Adrienne, Denver
Seifert, Marla W, Charlotte
Sellars, Linda Kay, Walnut Cove
Sellers, Amanda P, Lexington
Sexton, Donald Eugene, New London
Seyller, Claire F, Mooresville
Shaprio, Nicole L, Cornelius
Sharpe, John Avery, Fayetteville
Shaver, Larry G, Harmony
Shaver, Patty S, Mocksville
Shaw, Glenna M, Statesville
Shaw, Tommy E, Lexington
Shaw, Tommy, Lexington
Shearer, James E, Denver
Sheets, Neil, Dobson
Shelar, Deborah R, Macon, GA
Shelby, John, Advance
Shelton, Ronald B, Madison
Shelton, W Ray, Madison
Shepherd, Renee, Lexington
Sherman, Jack I, Asheboro
Sherrill, Donnie E, Statesville
Shields, Chris, Spring Hill, TN
Shimokobe, Yoichi, Mooresville
Shinn, Robert T, Mooresville
Shippee, Scott K, Denver
Shirley, Howard, Huntersville
Shoemaker, Dwight, Statesville
Sholtis, Eugene J, Denver
Sholtis, Kevin, Jamestown
Short, Sam S, Kernersville
Shrewsbury, Carl, Harmony
Shrewsbury, Nancy, Bristol, VA
Shumate, Michael G, Lexington
Sidden, Flora L, Denver
Sides, Ervin C, Winston-Salem
Siebenhaar, John P, Trinity
Siekierski, Jason E, Huntersville
Signature Lighting Inc, Cornelius
Simerson, Bonnie, Mocksville
Simmons, Joe L, Pilot Mountain
Simmons, Joseph, Troutman
Simmons, Wilma M, Statesville
Simpson, Everett L, Trinity
Simpson, Jeff J, Lexington
Sims, Jefferson M, Charlotte
Sink, Barry Craig, Southmont
Sink, Billy F, Lexington
Skaggs, Beth A, Lexington
Skeen, Jonathan Donald, Denton
Skeen, Ronald H, Denton
Skidmore, Kimberly, Denver
Skinner, Lisa William, Taylorsville
Slate, Brian, Statesville
Slater, Doris L, Walkertown
Sloan, Rhonda L, Thomasville
Small, Cathy, Taylorsville
Smith, Alice L, Lincolnton
Smith, Bretta L, Linwood
Smith, Daryl, Denver
Smith, David T, Huntersville
Smith, Dianne G, Cornelius
Smith, Dicie H, Dallas
Smith, Donna A, Salisbury
Smith, Eva Mae, Rose Hill
Smith, Geneva R, Winston-Salem
Smith, George W, Statesville
Smith, Gleata Lynn, Lexington
Smith, James O, Lexington
Smith, Jerry Lee, Walnut Cove
Smith, John R, Kernersville
Smith, Joyce D, Marble Falls, TX
Smith, Kenneth J, Lexington
Smith, Linda H, Advance
Smith, Lois A, Davidson
Smith, Lori A, Statesville
Smith, Mary D, Lexington
Smith, Melvin T, Winston-Salem
Smith, Robert, Mooresville
Smith, Ronald David, Clover, SC
Smith, Sandra A, Statesville
Smith, Sandra, Kannapolis
Smith, Sarah C, Winston-Salem
Smith, Terry Strange, Germanton
Smith, Terry, Madison
Smith, Thomas C, Davidson
Smith, Thomas P, Goldsboro
Smith, Valeria L, Walnut Cove
Smith, Virginia Frances, Cooleemee
Smith-Const Hobart, Charlotte
Smyre, Teressa D, Harmony
Snider, Bobby, Lexington
Snider, Brenda, Stony Point
Snider, Jerry Bryan, Cornelius
Snider, Margaret P, Greensboro
Snow, Barton M, Mooresville
Snyder Eric/Susan, Huntersville
Solomon, David J, Concord
Soper, Frank S, Cornelius
Sor, Ly, Lexington
Sorey, James, Charlotte
Southerland, Bobby W, Chesterfield, VA
Southern Door Interiors, Mooresville
Southern Homes Const, Advance
Spangler, John S, Statesville
Sparks, Shawver B, Lexington
Speaks, Carla, Kernersville
Speas, Lisa K, Cornelius
Specaliti Industrial, Statesville
Specialty Pizza LLC, Greensboro
Spencer, C Frazier, Indianapolis, IN
Spencer, Robin S, Denton
Spera, Lynn N, Statesville
Sprint, PCS, Leesburg, FL
Sprint, PCS, Leesburg, FL
Sprint, PCS, Leesburg, FL
St Clair Nancy C, Taylorsville
St Clair, Curtis Gray, Olin
St James Group, Greensboro
Stafford, Donna H, Lexington
Stafford, Melissa, Davidson
Stafford, Nellie, Linwood
Stamper, Joseph S, Stanley
Stanford, Judith, Cornelius
Stanley, Richard, Statesville
Stanton, Jeffrey J, Lawndale
Starnes, Linda D, Hickory
Staruch, Audrey G, Greensboro
Steele, Loretta A, Lexington
Steelman, Carrie, Newton
Steinwell, N, Charlotte
Stepniewski, Andrew, Huntersville
Stevens Racing Prod, Mooresville
Stevens, John A, Supply
Stevenson, Corene R, Charlotte
Stevick, Kathleen F, Solon, OH
Stewart, Sylvia, Mocksville
Stilwell, Gary, Stanley
Stokes, Jacqueline A, Maiden
Stoner, Lester, Troutman
Streetman, Terry E, Clemmons
Streit, Erick, Pfafftown
Strickland, William T, High Point
Stuart, Bryce A, Potomac, MD
Subedi, Dinisha, Cornelius
Suits, Thomas, Lexington
Sullivan, Daniel W, Concord
Sullivan, Patrick L, Owasso, OK
Sullivan, Timothy P, Lexington
Summers, Melissa, Statesville
Summers, William A, Statesville
Sutherland, Brenda K, Statesville
Sutherland, James E, Union Grove
Sutherland, Tina, King
Swaim, Tonia Jeanette, Hiddenite
Swan, Gary A, Advance
Swanger, Cynthia, Dallas
T C Const Co Inc, Charlotte
Talbert, Jennilee, Taylorsville
Talbot, John C, Concord
Tallent, William B, Denver
Tanner, Gerald A, Huntersville
Tardiff, Audrey, Harmony
Tate, Archie William, Lexington
Tate, Troy N, Lexington
Taylor, Annie B, Woodside, NY
Taylor, Hugh N, Granite Falls
Taylor, Peggy G, Stony Point
Taylor, Raby P, Salisbury
Taylor, Shelton James, Hickory
Taylor, Walter L, Elon
Teachout, David C, Statesville
Teague, Jimmie L, Mocksville
Tedford, Randall, Taylorsville
Teross, Young, Troutman
Terry, Donnie, Walnut Cove
Terry, Robert E, Huntersville
Terry-Const Steve, Vale
Tesh, Bill, Huntersville
Testerman, Steve, New London
Tetiva, Steven, Mocksville
Tharp, James, Denver
Thatcher, Donald C, Mooresville
Thatcher, Donald C, Mooresville
The Mcalpine Company, Charlotte
Thibault, Ken, The Villages, FL
Thomas, Joe A, Statesville
Thomas, Keith M, Huntersville
Thomas, Leenora, Linwood
Thomas, Michael, Taylorsville
Thompson, Alice F, Winston-Salem
Thompson, Douglas L, Linwood
Thompson, Eddie, Gastonia
Thompson, Jody, Taylorsville
Thompson, Mike, Mooresville
Thompson, Monica, Kannapolis
Thompson, Robert B, Bidwell, OH
Thompson, Shirley Diane, Mocksville
Thorpe, Wanda K, Statesville
Thurm, Joel A, Davidson
Tilley, Vanessa Byerly, Hillsborough
Tilly, Alan David, Huntersville
Tippett, Kenneth A, Winston-Salem
Todd, Jason M, Winston-Salem
Todd, Stephen R, Statesville
Tolbert, Jackie R, Mount Airy
Tomlin, Tracie, Troutman
Tomlin, Wesley N, Statesville
Tonsor, Thomas James, Connelly Springs
Torres, Amarylis, Salisbury
Torres, Gloria, Lexington
Town & County Disct, Cornelius
Town Homes At Birkdale, Charlotte
Tracy M Elks, Trinity
Trevina, Cindy O, Reidsville
Triad Bank, Kernersville
Triangle Const Inc, Lexington
Trivette, Denise C, High Point
Trivette, Jeff G, Lexington
Trollinger Real Estate, Asheboro
Trotter-Co William, Charlotte
Trotter-Corp William, Charlotte
Troutman, Glenda L, Lexington
Tucker Randy/Lisa, Taylorsville
Tucker, Bldr, Lincolnton
Tucker, Orle, Mooresville
Tucker, Richard A, Mount Mourne
Turner, James B, Lake Mary, FL
Tuttle, James Russell, Westfield
Tysinger, Teresa P, Greensboro
Tyson, Nathan L, Mocksville
U S Dept. Of Hud, Winston-Salem
Uherick, Gary L, Schnecksville, PA
Ulmann, Nancy, Mount Pleasant, SC
Underwood, David, Trinity
United Inter Const, Winston-Salem
Upright, John M, Mooresville
Valvo, Susan J, Winston-Salem
Van-Hart Thomas H, Statesville
Vanbuskirk, Helene, Albemarle
Vandossen, Craig W, Huntersville
Vandyke, Mary Lynn, Stanley
Vanhoy, Charles Larry, Greensboro
Vanhoy, Laura G, Yadkinville
Vannoy, Jeff D, Lexington
Vanover, Nancy N, Lexington
Vanscoy, Curtis L, Cornelius
Vantorre, Gene, Clemmons
Varhola, Arthur, Mooresville
Varner, Renee, Asheboro
Vass, George S, Statesville
Vaughn, Caroline, Winston-Salem
Vernon Richard/Karen, Clemmons
Vestal, Robert Allen, Stokesdale
Via, Earl J, Welcome
Vico Heating & Air, Mocksville
Vines, John Keith, Fuquay Varina
Virtue, William J, Locust
Voncannon, Elaine, Denton
Vore, Robin Ann, Kathleen, FL
W P Hardware, Oak Ridge
Wade, Jeff, Mooresville
Wade, Lynn, Kernersville
Wagoner, Christine D, Hays
Wagoner, Gabriel, Millers Creek
Waites, Raymond W, Charlotte
Walker, David R, Thomasville
Walker, Jonathan C, Cornelius
Walker, Lawrence C, Camden, SC
Wallace, Clifton, Kannapolis
Wallace, Richard M, Cramerton
Walls, Frankie, Mocksville
Walsh, Link F, Orange Park, FL
Walters, Joseph E, Taylorsville
Ward, Boyd, Johnson City, TN
Ward, Kay G, Concord
Ward, Oidman, Cornelius
Warner, William D, Huntersville
Warren, Wade Eugene, Taylorsville
Warren, Wilma D, Statesville
Warrick, Vicky L, Clemmons
Waterhouse, Jon, Union Grove
Watkins, Vincent G, Cornelius
Watkins, Vincent G, Cornelius
Watson, Jeffrey P, Pleasantville, OH
Watson, V S, Denver
Watts, Arthur T, Huntersville
Waugh, Wayne, Statesville
Weathers, Valrie, Taylorsville
Weaver, Gladys Y, Lexington
Weaver, Susanne, Winston-Salem
Weaver, Teri, Huntersville
Webb, Jeffery L, Disputanta, VA
Webco, Chagrin Falls, OH
Webster, Cartherine C, Mooresville
Weed, Peter, Salisbury
Weeks, R R, New London
Wegrich, Drew, Cornelius
Weil, Alfred C, Micco, FL
Welch, Wade D, Huntersville
Welling, Harold, Denver
Wellman, Anner B, Statesville
Wells, Deborah, Walnut Cove
Wells, Earl E, Charlotte
Wells, Eugene C, Troutman
Wentzky, Lisa R, Mooresville
Werme, Teresa D, Concord
Wesson, Jim R, Cornelius
West, Robert L, Mocksville
Westmoreland Construction, King
Weston, Randy D, Greensburg, PA
Wheeler, James, Cornelius
Whelan, George M, North Wilkesboro
Wher-Rena Boat Sales, Cornelius
Whitaker, Michael T, Hamptonville
White Advertising In, Merrillville, IN
White, Amy, Holly
White, Billy D, Statesville
White, Jane, Statesville
White, John David, Thomasville
White, Lawrence A, Mocksville
White, Patricia M, Huntersville
Whitener, James M, Taylorsville
Whitt, Barbara Tunnell, Welcome
Wiechart, James A, Statesville
Wike, James Monroe, Taylorsville
Wike, James Monroe, Taylorsville
Wike, Matthew W, Cornelius
Wilcox, Tommy A, Pinnacle
Wilder, Linda, Marion, IN
Wiley, Ken, Huntington, WV
Wilkerson, Cathy Funk, Lexington
Wilkins, Daniel L, Fort Myers, FL
Williams, Barry, Mocksville
Williams, David, Huntersville
Williams, Donna S, Winston-Salem
Williams, Edward D, Troutman
Williams, Elizabeth, Hamptonville
Williams, Harry S, Goode, VA
Williams, Jesse, Mooresville
Williams, Kenneth Wayne, Walkertown
Williams, Kivett, Denver
Williams, Leslie D, Hiddenite
Williams, Mark, Sherrills Ford
Williams, Marvin, Lexington
Williams, Nisbet C, Mount Holly
Williams, Pam D, Statesville
Williams, Patty H, Claremont
Williams, Rusty K, Mount Mourne
Williams, Thelma, Denver
Williams, Wanda L, Statesville
Williamson, Allen, Harts, WV
Williamson, Gary, Asheboro
Williamson, Johnny W, Randleman
Williard, Joe, Kernersville
Willis, Teresa H, Mooresville
Wills, Rodney K, Huntersville
Wilson, Bonnie, Clemmons
Wiltshire, Jessica, Denver
Winchester, Sylvia L, Trinity
Winemiller, Mark D, Stanley
Wishon, Harrison L, Lexington
Withers, Carolyn Kay, Mocksville
Wolfe, Clyde, Statesville
Wood, Cynthia A, Denver
Wood, Dennis Junior, Lexington
Wood, Harmon Lee, Mocksville
Wood, Robert F, Rock Hill, SC
Wood, Sherry E, Lexington
Woodard, James H, Denver
Woodrich, Kevin J, Charlotte
Woods, Debbie, Walnut Cove
Wooten, Rhonda Felts, Harmony
Wrenn, Ron E, Lexington
Wrenn, Vicky S, Olin
Wright, Brian O’Neil, Mocksville
Wright, Kenneth D, Olin
Wright, Larry G, Lexington
Wright, Mark C, Saint Albans, WV
Wrigley, Cathy, Huntersville
Wyles, Ted C, Huntersville
Yancey, Michael Lynn, Vale
Yarbrough, Frank, Lexington
Yates, Ralph Allen, Statesville
Yerton, Jennifer, Mount Holly
Yoder, Anne M, Statesville
York, Shelley C, Thomasville
Young, Larry A, Denver
Young-Oyebade Theresa, Troutman
Younts, Avery, Lexington
Younts, Eric M, Cornelius
Younts, Larry Grant, Lexington
Younts, Timothy H, Lexington
Yow, Randy, Taylorsville
Zech, Ben, Mount Holly
Zortman, Daniel F, Huntersville
Zumpano, Angie M, Thomasville
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