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For Immediate Release:

June 09, 2020

Media contact:
Maureen Moore
Communications Manager

EnergyUnited Donates $10,000 to Davidson County COVID-19 Response Fund

The EnergyUnited Foundation recently donated $10,000 to the Davidson County COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund.

The county’s COVID-19 Response Fund was established by United Way of Davidson County and will be used to assist partner agencies and those affected by COVID-19. The grant will help the most vulnerable populations receive critical financial and social service support during the crisis.

“We are so grateful for our partnership with the United Way of Davidson County,” said Debra Citta, EnergyUnited Foundation Administrator. “We know this donation will make a difference for so many people in Davidson County thanks to the United Way of Davidson County and its member agencies.”

The coronavirus pandemic has uniquely affected so many individuals and families. This donation will help mobilize the United Way’s member agency network to ensure families are able to stay in their homes, food banks are stocked, and critical services continue running.

“Thanks to the generous financial support of EnergyUnited Foundation, we’ve been able to provide much-needed financial assistance to residents of our community who have been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis,” said Erin Clark, president of the United Way of Davidson County. “We appreciate the commitment EnergyUnited has to helping the community.”

The EnergyUnited Foundation is a voluntary, member-funded non-profit organization supported by EnergyUnited’s Operation Round-Up program. Over 70,000 EnergyUnited members choose to participate in the program by ‘rounding up’ their electric bills each month. The maximum monthly contribution for an individual member with one account is 99 cents. Each of these small contributions are pooled together in a single fund managed by the EnergyUnited Foundation to support needy individuals, families, and essential nonprofit organizations that complete an application explaining the reason and purpose for their requested grant.

United Way of Davidson County Check Presentation

Pictured left to right: Maureen Moore, communications manager, EnergyUnited, Erin Clark, president, United Way of Davidson County; Kristie Hege, campaign director, United Way of Davidson County; Thomas Golden, chief strategy officer and vice president of energy services.

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