Advanced Metering

Advanced Metering Technology Benefits Members

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As your local cooperative, EnergyUnited continues to look for innovative ways to operate efficiently, deliver reliable service and provide top-notch customer care. And to aid in these efforts, EnergyUnited has invested in automated metering infrastructure (AMI) technology or “smart” meters. This technology allows your electric meter to store usage, outage and voltage information and to communicate it back to our offices.

Of substantial benefit to our members, it is longer necessary for EnergyUnited to visit each property monthly to read your meter. Each meter is read electronically. Reading accuracy has increased and the need for estimated bills due to an inaccessible meter or inclement weather is nearly non-existent.

Using the smart meters, EnergyUnited has the capability of measuring usage at hourly and daily intervals. By having this information, EnergyUnited can help our members better understand their energy consumption and how variables such as weather affect their consumption.

These smart meters help us provide better service by improving our ability to quickly locate outage areas. Although the AMI system does not automatically notify EnergyUnited of a power outage at your location, it will help us determine widespread service interruptions. Once the restoration process is complete, the system will determine if power has been restored to individual meters or a group of meters.

The AMI system also records voltage and system load information, which is used to enhance power quality and increase reliability. It enables EnergyUnited to detect meter tampering and illegal use as well as remotely disconnect meters from our offices.

This is exciting technology for all of us, and we look forward to all that the program will bring to our members. At EnergyUnited we’re committed to building a smarter grid, making it faster, more efficient, and smart enough to handle challenges this century promises to bring. Supporting innovative technologies that make economic sense is just one way EnergyUnited continues to provide you with safe, reliable, and affordable power now and for years to come.

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