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Right of Way - Power Lines Along Street

Right of Way


We maintain our right-of-ways using an integrated vegetation management system. The use of environmentally safe herbicides allows EnergyUnited to keep undesirable undergrowth from growing into power lines, which reduces the possibility of power interruptions. The herbicides used are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and applied by trained and licensed personnel.

We are proud members of the National Wild Turkey Federation and are proud of our commitment to a right-of-way program that is environmentally safe and protective of the wildlife found in our service areas.

Tree Trimming

EnergyUnited supports the importance of healthy trees while at the same time respecting the dangers that arise when trees are not planted a safe distance from distribution and transmission power lines. The goal of EnergyUnited is to prevent potential tree-related problems that threaten power lines. Our crews routinely inspect trees along the right-of-way corridors for potential hazards such as dead or leaning trees, or limbs that have grown into the power lines. Those trees are trimmed and/or removed if they pose a threat to the power lines.

Members may desire to have trees trimmed or cut which are in close proximity to EnergyUnited’s power lines. If in the opinion of EnergyUnited those trees pose a hazard to the lines, the member may request assistance from EnergyUnited in cutting or trimming. In situations such as this, the member may be responsible for the cleanup and removal of stumps. EnergyUnited is not responsible for trimming or removal of any trees located within the member’s service drop line. We will, however, lower the lines to allow the safe removal/trimming of the tree if notified two to three business days in advance.

EnergyUnited’s right of way program enabled us to achieve a reliability rating of 99.98% in 2018, one of the highest in the nation!

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